Thursday, 8 November 2012

Will Channel 4 name Freemason Superintendent Gordon Anglesea as paedophile

Channel 4 news said they will broadcast tonight outing a senior North Wales Police Officer who abused Children at Bryn Estyn Children’s Home.

Will it be former North Wales Superintendant  Gordon Anglesea, named  innumerable times by victims until  they were silenced by the Courts.

Gordon Anglesey is a freemason  believed to belong to an all Police lodge in Llandudno which has been linked to gang  sex rape  of a young girl.  Retired Derby and Birmingham  Detective Sergeant Raymond Ketland was  convicted of  raping the child  and  he  told the court   he had been introduced to the child sex ring by another Mason.  This is believed to be Gordon Angelsea.  But the North Wales Police refused to look for  the missing Paedophile.

Their is a link between paedophiles in the Derby and North Wales Police. Mick Creedon Chief Constable of Derby has been very active in protecting paedophile Police Officers

DS Raymond Ketland  formerly of  Derby Police

The Waterhouse Inquiry  presided over by retired High Court Judge  Waterhouse forbade the victims and the Press to name Gordon Anglesea.  The Tribunal's leading counsel Gerard Elias QC is a mason but he did not reveal the fact at the hearings. Elias is a member of a powerful judicial-political lodge called Dinas Llanda. Neither did Elias mention his hefty fee for  the cover-up of  child abuse by fellow masons and others which  was over £3 million of tax payers money. Now that is real fraud.

Anglesea  also sued  broadcasters and Private Eye who had named Gordon Anglesea as a child abuser.  This evil paedophile won hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages whilst the child victims were discredited by the Court.  After all they were not freemasons, police officers or judges.

So another High Court Judge made a Court Order forbidding the naming of Superintendant Gordon Anglesea as a Paedophile.

The Courts long  ceased to be places where citizens could get justice they have become a rich mans club where the guilty are protected and the innocent convicted.

And it goes on

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