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Hampstead cult child abuse scandal

Click for Optionsby  Jacqui Farmer@Hampstead Research.

A friend of Hampstead Research rote to ask me why I was so sure that the “Hampstead cult” exists: I thought I’d share it here.
(If you are a survivor, this may be triggering.)
(A cult = a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.)
Dear M,
Why am I so sure there is a “Hampstead cult”?
First, the children’s testimony. There is no doubt in my mind that they are telling the truth. Both of them, separately and together, repeatedly corroborate each other’s evidence when they tell us that they are members of a ritually abusive cult based in Hampstead. How could children of that age, who do not even watch television, know what a cult was and how to describe its (typical) workings in such detail unless they were in one?
These are not children who have been coached, either. Their speech is spontaneous. They are relieved to be unburdening themselves of the unnatural acts in which they have been forced to participate. Tragically, they now believe that there is a glimmer of hope. To see them coached, watch their retraction statements; the little boy just cannot get it right about the babies he did not kill.
The children credibly, consistently and intelligently describe the workings of a hierarchical cult of which they are forced to be members. They state that their father is its head and refer to a “religion”. There is inter-generational incest: just as their grandmother and father abuse them, they report, they will go on to abuse their own children. The practices they describe – killing and eating babies and drinking their blood – sound almost impossibly bizarre and incredible but unfortunately they are all-too-real. Canadian ritual abuse therapist Alison Miller tells us that blood drinking and cannibalism, on the basis of beliefs that there is “power in the blood” is not uncommon within these inter-generationally incestuous cults. Her book gives a few survivor testimonies that substantiate the Hampstead testimony:
There’s something on the ground he has to hurt, between him and the man who stands in front of him. There’s a man behind him, too. Large hands wrap around his to help hold the knife. The insides of his hands sting from the pressing……
The priest picked up the sacred athame and placed it into the hands of the little friend. Holding her hand in his he raised her hand and with one swift thrust pierced Miranda’s heart……
We can’t tell our friends or the people who don’t go to our church….. We can’t tell them about our special ceremonies like the sex stuff and giving baby and children’s hearts to the priest and drinking blood from the special Christ cup….
Sacrificing animals, babies and other humans is good, it gives power (“power in the blood”). People who become beasts and tear the bodies apart feed on the blood and eating flesh is good (Luciferian belief).
The very sane and convincing Dejoly Labrier, survivor of a Satanic group in the US military explains (2 mins 55),
Parts of their bodies were put in the grinder to feed the feast, to feed the people that were in the cult and give them power. There was blood drinking, there was cannibalism of the babies that were used …..there’s a belief that if there’s blood and there’s cannibalism, if there’s eating of human flesh and that’s done in a ritual then there’s building of power – they become very powerful.
So I do not find this at all difficult to believe. In some countries human foetuses are consumed – we recently saw them on sale from Planned Parenthood. In 2014 the UN reprimanded the UK for the numbers of children being trafficked, in particular to London for abuse in rituals. But by whom? Ritually abusive cults, surely!
These cults are not uncommon, indeed they have grown to the extent that they are causing us a problem: in 2014 the Dundee-based charity Izzy’s Promise reported receiving up to five phone calls a day from ritual abuse survivors seeking help. Melanie Shaw, currently exposing the blood drinking and ritual abuse that went on in Nottingham’s institutions, tells us that this problem is “everywhere”. July 2015 saw convictions for ritual abuse and blood drinking in Norfolk and allegations are surfacing of Satanism at Haut de la Garenne. So the facts, too, support the children’s testimony.
In 2012 Dr Linda Stalley wrote in a report on the Satanist abuse of children in the UK:

The scale of victimisation and abuse by gangs and groups is unknown…..The National Missing Persons Bureau has reported that approximately 200,000 people go missing each year. It is well known that within groups engaged in ritual abuse activity, births of babies are often not registered, therefore an estimation of the numbers involved is extremely difficult to obtain.
Some idea of the scale of the problem could be gained by an assessment of the numbers of adults who seek help at a later date, but many of these individuals are not recognised due to the lack of awareness by conventional services.
Dr Stalley is not the only expert who informs us that lack of awareness of these cults is a serious problem. A recent survey of ritual abuse survivors found that “awareness was poor” (Matthew and Barron 2015). One reason these cults and their practices are not more ingrained in our consciousness is that their proliferation is a relatively new, post-WWII phenomenon. After the war, it seems, Nazis, occultists and governments combined to research these practices and they spread out. For example, it has been suggested that they increased in Australia with the arrival of European immigrants during and after the War.
Alison Miller tells us that these cults/groups almost always work alongside government groups and organised crime syndicates. The children describe this scenario perfectly. We hear about drugs, baby trafficking, the making of child sex abuse and snuff movies in empty buildings provided by an estate agent; their translation and international distribution. When the children describe these activities it is not likely that they understand that they are describing highly lucrative organised crime syndicates. And Dr Stalley could be describing Hampstead when she writes:

Satanist ritual perpetrator groups are composed of individuals who often have professional jobs in the police, legal and social services and local authority. Satanist groups also frequently include members who are freemasons. There is deliberate intent to have members in different spheres of influence in order to maximise the security of the group and to gain social respectability for individual participating members.
Alleged members of the cult include police officers and Cafcass employees, a local (Green Party) politician, teachers, doctors and a firm of solicitors. It is possible that one of the investigating officers is a Freemason.
On to the behaviour of these people: not one person who is supposed to have distinguishing marks has come forward. Not one. Even though the cult was so upset about the allegations it appealed to the Ham and High newspaper! Even though the cult was so upset they shouted in the street at two people and had the police pay a visit to warn one of them off! Even though the cult was so upset by Hampstead Research they called in Web Sherriff (never a real lawyer, mind). Even though the cult felt so harassed they had activists arrested and issued death threats. Their vicar could have ended the matter once and for all by taking off his shirt; instead he chooses to take offence and waste public money taking someone to court.
Then there has been the cult’s reaction to HR. Not one person answered my letters inviting them to clear their name. Instead, my email address was illegally hacked and passed on to another cult member. Not one person has protested their innocence, not one defence has been mounted – nor, importantly, one defence of others “wrongly accused”. Instead, we see Hoaxstead as a testament to the fact that we are dealing with Satanists, using the same tactics that were used when cults were being exposed back in 1998 (Caloff, 1998)!

So my verdict is guilty. So guilty, in fact, that I don’t know why I’m even writing this piece. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a Hampstead cult.

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UK Police and Prosecution service use fear and harassment to Silence Chris Spivey and stop freedom of speech

The Prosecution of Chris Spivey.

Christopher Spivey is about to learn the hard way that the evil ones hate when you call them unpleasant names.
Chris Spivey is learning the hard way that the evil ones hate their lies being exposed.
August 19th, 2015.
The Prosecution of Chris Spivey.
Who is Chris Spivey?
Chris Spivey is a British online journalist responsible for most of the writing on the popular Chris Spivey the World Put Right website. An irreverent and coarse blast of truth in the face of wicked minions of the British Establishment.
What has happened?
Chris Spivey was recently convicted in a British court of the crime of Harassment in relation to his investigation into the alleged killing of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London in May 2013.
I  have read all the mainstream media coverage on this case that I could find, and the Crown Prosecution Service media release yet in all honesty the specific nature of Spivey’s crime is completely unclear.
The prosecution of Chris Spivey appears to have been a completely cynical manipulation of the law in order to persecute an individual who speaks numerous uncomfortable truths about the British establishment and to serve as a warning to others.
It is clear that part of the case against Chris Spivey relates to material posted on his website and the views he expressed about the Woolwich incident.
The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) states that:
“The prosecution’s case was that the combination of the postings, containing a mixture of grossly offensive remarks about the Rigby family, upsetting assertions surrounding the murder, and the publication of details of two of the family’s homes, could not be justified under freedom of speech”
A Breach of Chris Spivey’s Human Rights.
Regardless of what happened in Woolwich there is no doubt that any prosecution that uses the fact that Spivey expressed contrary opinions as part of the evidence is completely unacceptable and represents a breach of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the EU Human Rights Charter as these unambiguously proclaim the right to freely express political views.
The EU Charter states in Article 10 that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.”
Article 11 is more explicit
“Article 11 Freedom of expression and information
1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.
2. The freedom and pluralism of the media shall be respected.”
If Britain’s corrupt and fetid leadership do not support the central tenets of the EU Charter they should explain why this is the case and begin immediate steps to withdraw from the EU and the United Nations. The British legal system is clearly operating in a manner that is at odds with the fundamental tenets of human rights as stated in both the EU Charter and the UN Declaration. Declaration of Human Rights.
A Flawed Process.
Another extraordinary disqualifying fact is that there is no evidence that any of the alleged victims of the harassment made any attempts to curtail Spivey’s activities although the prosecution alleges these acts took place over almost a year.
There are a series of routine actions that are taken in order to curtail perceived harassment that come prior to criminal prosecution. None of these steps appear to have been taken in this case. It remains entirely unclear who or what prompted the police action.
It is also worth noting that the alleged victims did not appear before the court, all the evidence tendered was provided by the police who were the only witnesses.
Spivey was thus convicted without his counsel having the opportunity to question the witnesses against him in another clear breach of all legal norms and traditions, and a denial of natural justice.
If the alleged victim was so upset by Spivey’s claims why did the alleged victim take no action to curtail Spivey’s actions or simply ignore Spivey’s posts which had no material impact on her whatsoever and no realistic prospect of doing so?
Let’s assume that the Woolwich incident was authentic and that Spivey is wrong.
What is the harm done? No-one was being threatened, no-one was being harassed at all. Rigby’s mother claims she was living in fear for weeks after Spivey claimed the event was a hoax. If this is the case that is deeply regrettable but nothing Spivey ever wrote or did EVER gave any reasonable grounds for the perception of threat. None.
The fact that Spivey is right, undoubtedly correct in the broad claim that Woolwich was a stage-managed and fabricated bit of psychological warfare against the people of Britain does not even matter. Even if Spivey was completely wrong, the prosecution would still be malicious, politically motivated and illegitimate
The absurdity here is completely obvious. Do you think the woman with the shopping may have gone the other way home perhaps? Look at the
The absurdity here is completely obvious. Do you think the woman with the shopping may have gone the other way home perhaps? Look at the “killers” right hand.
There is in fact no possibility whatsoever that the Woolwich incident was an authentic terrorist attack or anything of the sort. Analysis of the Woolwich event, even crude preliminary analysis makes it absolutely clear that there is no way known that this is anything more than a Benny Hill standard piece of street theater constructed and executed extremely poorly in full public view.
Woolwich was made for TV, with multiple cameras filming multiple takes, terrible special effects and a c grade cast of players.
The way to prove Woolwich manufactured is very simple. Watch it.
Woolwich killers being shot charging police,extended footage
Note that there is no blood present and that all the blood we see on the “killer” at all times has been digitally inserted. Something that is hard to miss because it also all disappears at certain stages of the event.
There is no good part of the story, none.
This is from the mainstream coverage of the case. The digital job was clearly very rushed and terribly shoddy. The lack of paint on the clothing was a major blunder. It is absurd.
This is from the mainstream coverage of the case. The digital job was clearly very rushed and terribly shoddy. The lack of paint on the clothing was a major blunder. It is absurd.
The bad actor delivering the silly speech with the digitally inserted blood on his hands.
The terrorist killer who throws down his knife as he runs at the police and leaps through the air theatrically and positions himself halfway across the road where he moves his legs to cover the spot cues the handlers have left at the spot.
Oh dear! The chaps and chapettes of special effects had a short nap. These are the real hands of the man.
Oh dear! The chaps and chapettes of special effects had a short nap. These are the real hands of the man.
Empathy and commonsense.
Imagine yourself on a street where a man has just been butchered by jihadist nutters who are standing in the street armed with knives and firearms. You are out shopping in your local area, you eave the supermarket and you are  waking home and you notice a dead body lying in the street and two large men prancing about with weapons.
Do you walk down that street, past the dead body in the middle of the road, past the knife wielding “blood spattered” large men ranting in the street or do you think you might walk home down a different street?
That’s right, you walk home down a different street. Except in Woolwich, where numerous shoppers walk blithely past the “blood spattered” knife wielding man and the body in the road.
It is hokum. Pure hokum.
Another “bystander” wanders past during the Woolwich farce.
The British Establishment Press.
There were a number of pieces in the corporate media regarding this case. Not one of them contained a single word of truth. It was both predictable and shocking. There was not a word about the possible implications for free speech in the conviction. Not a word.
All I would say to the members of the British Press is that your souls are in great danger and I hope it was worth it.
But I suspect that you may come to regret the way you have sold your soul to the forces of darkness and evil.
The choices you have made will resonate forever and one day you will reap what you have sown. I hope you understand what you have done.
Links to the genuinely nauseating, mainstream articles on this case are at the very bottom of the page.
The legitimacy of a  Government that has acted utterly cynically and made a further mockery of the rule of law in staging this event to frighten the people and cause them to hate and fear Muslims surely has to be questioned
Where does the public interest sit in staging these events?
What on earth gives the Government, or part of the Government the idea that they have the right to lie to people and terrify them with lies?
This evil little stunt has genocidal implications when Britain’s behavior over thepreceding decade is examined alongside the Woolwich stunt. This was an evil thing to do and it is truly so sad that we have been reduced to this pitiful state at any point in time let alone the present.
A Pattern.
For decades British Intelligence have been in the game of manufacturing terrorism in order to terrify and control the population. Whenever a villain has been required, they have obliged.
Staging this event was a very silly and wicked thing to do, but on the big scale of things, compared to some of the other things they have done, this is nothing. Quite literally. But if the perpetrators think they are going to prosecute their way from scrutiny for conducting this silly hoax they are completely incorrect.
They are about to discover the opposite is true.
Counter tactics.
The publication of addresses, while in no way or manner in my opinion constituting harassment, may be unwise in future. This appears to have been the element that enabled this dirty game of political prosecution to be played. It was the one fact that has been used to weave a grotesque lie around.
If this is the ploy that is being used to implement Cameron’s oft stated ambition of tyranny it might be counterproductive to publish personal details of alleged crisis actors and other perceived accomplices to the hoaxes and/or false flag events in future in order to prevent the corrupt Establishment from using this technique as a means to persecute and criminalise truth-tellers.
When Soivey published those details, the intent was to investigate and solve the case. To unmask the deception. What seems to have that Chris Spivey did such a good job investigating Woolwich that he managed to discover the real identities of some of the faux players. The Woolwich perpetrators panicked at this, had to protect their lie and prevent possible weak links from being shamed into confession and this was the motive for the prosecution in my opinion.
We Know who are the real criminals and the Day of Reckoning awaits.
Chris Spivey’s real crime? He correctly identified some of the real life names of certain players in the farce.
There was no threat to anyone but they clearly felt the need, or saw the opportunity to send a message.
At this point the prosecution seems a desperate attempt to prevent the truth emerging. The decision to prosecute Spivey was a miscalculation that in time will backfire severely on the perpetrators. .
If Spivey is imprisoned, as is at least possible (unthinkable but apparently possible) his case will become a very big cause very quickly and one consequence of that will be a major increase in public interest in alternate theories and a massive upsurge of interest in the Woolwich incident.
The Precedent is Clear.
Do not think for a second that any of the things that have been done to Spivey cannot be done to you.
If this utter travesty and grievous miscarriage of justice is allowed to stand, the very institutions of British Justice will have been proven to be under the control of the most virulent, fascistic and evil elements of the New World Order project.
If Chris Spivey can be prosecuted for voicing a controversial opinion on the internet, anyone can be prosecuted for expressing any view on the internet or anywhere else.
Truth will clearly be no defense.
Therefore every possible political and legal effort must be made to overturn these heinous and unjustifiable convictions and to establish a precedent that ensures that such vindictive political prosecutions are never allowed to happen again.
I would encourage anyone with the ability to be in Essex on the morning of August 27th to attend the Essex District court and offer support to Chris Spivey. If not,  make a phone call, write a letter. Be polite and firm. Do not let these people destroy your hard won liberty. DO SOMETHING! Enough is enough.
This is a test. This is a moment that cannot be allowed limply to pass. People need to make their feelings known in a civilised and dignified way and more importantly, a whole series of legal actions need to be taken against the British Government in every possible jurisdiction, from Europe, to the UN, to the local British courts until every element of these convictions is destroyed.
Full Woolwich Terrorist Attack (Was Censored By British Government)
UK Woolwich eyewitness describes attack by Muslims on Help for Heroes TShirt wearing man
HUMANITY vs INSANITY – #48 : STFU … or we’ll take your kids! Ian R Crane Chris Spivey
The British Prime Minister has repeatedly stated the intent to criminalise the very mention of the Big lies that define our age. This should be viewed as no less than a proxy claim of responsibility. Cameron’s handlers are especially concerned about London 7/7 and 911. I wonder why?

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Edward Heath, the yachting and boating community and how they rape, torture and murder children off-shore

Article from the amazing Cathy Fox who pieces together how the yachting and boating  community  fits in with Britain's  epidemic of  child abuse.  The world is watching as day after day it is disclosed how the rich and powerful preyed on vulnerable children supported by the organs of the British State. Rape , torture and murder were all supported  and facilitated by Police,Courts and Parliament. 
By Cathy Fox 
This post is to highlight the abuse of children and its connection to boats, yachts, ships, narrow boats and sometimes water related activities.
Abuse happens on various types of boats from narrowboats used as houseboats on canals to sea going yachts. Boats of course have advantages for abusers. They can be a venue for abuse with the captain having almost absolute power over his crew.
Boats are also means of transport – which can be used for carriage of pornographic books, tapes, images or even children and boats can cross more easily across borders without going through customs.
Boats are away from immediate interference of police, or authorities. Indeed it is often confusing which authorities even have jurisdiction if any or supervisory capacity over children. International waters,  children from several countries,  holidays in a private capacity are complicating factors.  In the Azimuth Trust case the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Social Services Inspectorate had to be called upon, whereas it would normally be a local authority or Child Protection Authority.
Boats can also be a means of dispose of bodies of victims.
Azimuth Trust- Dr Roderick Morrison Fraser and Michael Johnson
Adventure and Education Afloat was formed March 1989. It is not clear whether it changed its name, or merged to form Azimuth Trust in either 1989 or 1990, with Morris Fraser and Michael Johnson and John Lambeth as founders. The newsletter was called Sea Borne and often contained naked boys. The magazine was sold to other paedophiles.
Four summer cruises were held from 1989 – 1992. The last one finished prematurely with Johnson being arrested after parents of boys on the cruise complained to an Azimuth Trustee who had alerted the Council.
Azimuth was also the English offshoot of Ecole en Bateau. Dr Morris wrote an article for Society at Work extolling the virtues of independent living for children on the boat holidays and they advertised in “Education Otherwise” for Home Schoolers and the Times Education Supplement.
Johnson owned schooner, Grace O’Malley, with his wife Elizabeth but by 1994 was being held by a bank to which Johnson owed money.  Also they had a 32 foot Gaff yawl “R” and 42 foot schooner “Mary Bryant”. [3]
Johnson sailed to France 1986, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. Assaults on boys aged 11 and 9 took place on cruises to France, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Scilly Isles and the Outdoor Centre (St Justs) [3]  Fraser also travelled to abuse children in other countries, including America, Turkey, Holland and Denmark. [74]
Johnson and Fraser had contact with paedophiles Charles Napier, Peter Righton, Terence Waters, Leo Kameneff and others. Only Michael Johnson was charged and jailed for abuse from Azimuth Trust, despite evidence of more child abusers in a network. [3]
Leonid Kameneff / Kamenev Leonid Kameneff was a psychotherapist and set up Ecole en Bateau in 1969.  Between 1969 and 2002, more than 400 boys and around 60 girls took part, leaving their families for long journeys, some of which lasted over a year as an alternative to mainstream education [39].
The first complaint was in 1971 and subsequent complaints made in the 1990’s. Kameneff was imprisoned for two months in Martinique. Released, he took flight into international waters before being arrested in Caracas, Venezuela in 2008. He was extradited to France a few months later, and indicted for rape and sexual assaults on minors under 15 years. In 2012 in a rare ruling, the French state was found guilty of “denying justice” to the complainants by taking so long to bring a trial, and was ordered to pay large sums in compensation to the alleged victims. There were three boats, the “Karrek Ven” a fishing vessel, the “Paladin” and “Bilbo”.
Kameneff was sentenced to 12 years in jail. The two co-accused were Bernard Poggi (also Poggi-Vérignon), 60, sentenced to 6 years. Himself abused as an 11 year old by Kamenev, who was then his teacher, Poggi returned as an instructor on the boat aged 20 and started to abuse boys then. Jean-François Tisseyre, 58, who also worked on the boat, received a suspended sentence of 5 years.  Their co-accused, a former student who was a minor at the time, was acquitted [21] [40] 
Kameneff appears to have written a book “the court read several excerpts from a book published in 1979, when Leonid Kamenev told in terms sometimes very raw sexuality of young people on board” [41]
Most of this paedophile network is still at large. [43a] [43b]  More information from @snowfaked mostly: You Tube Kameneff [23] Paris Match [21]    Telegraph [42]  Azimuth Trust was linked to French ‘boat schools’ paedophile ring [43] Pédocriminalité et déni de Justice à Saint Malo [43a] Pédocriminalité et déni de Justice à Saint Malo autotranslate[43b]
Edward Heath 
[This is a brief guide to Heath and boats. There will be a vast amount of information not covered, and any relevant material or links will be welcomed in confidence if desireable.]
Heath owned 5 boats called Morning Cloud.  Morning Cloud I date of launch 1971, II 1973 , III 1975 , IV 1977, V 1979. His wikipedia entry states. “Heath was a keen yachtsman. He bought his first yacht Morning Cloud in 1969 and won the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race that year. He captained Britain’s winning team for the Admiral’s Cup in 1971 – while Prime Minister – and also captained the team in the 1979 Fastnet race. He was a member of the Sailing Club in his home town, Broadstairs.”[90]
There is also an wikipedia entry for Morning Cloud [97]. In 24 hours before Sept 3 1974 two Morning Clouds sank in the same storm [53]. Morning Cloud had been sold in December 1970 to Stewart Benest of Jersey, who renamed it “Nuage de Matin”[30]. She was sunk off Gorey Castle, Jersey, on 2 September 1974, after the seas took her from her moorings [53] [56 p527]. Gorey Castle is close to Haut de la Garenne.  The second boat that sank was Morning Cloud III off the coast of Sussex, in which two people died [53][94] The bow section was restored and given to Arundell, Heaths old house [94] [78].
Michael Shrimpton has spoken several times about Ted Heath’s child abuse, his yacht, and child murder and Haut de la Garenne in Jersey [1] [75] .
An ex resident of Haut de la Garenne Childrens Home claims he saw children from the home being taken on to Heaths yacht and came back crying [81]. There have been allegations that 11 boys left on Heaths boat and only ten returned when he went out with Savile. This was reported to the police with a Jersey Senator but nothing was done. Read direct from witness Lindas blog [83] or via the corporate oligarch owned media  [76] [77].
Heath was a member of Broadstairs Club [34] near where he was born in Kent.
broadstairs yact club
For Broadstairs Sailing Club from which I learnt so much
The Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble , (between Southampton and Portsmouth) was where Sir Edward and his crews put together their sailing strategies which led to his success in winning, inter alia, the Admiral’s Cup in 1971 [92].
His boats were built specially for him.  Morning Cloud 1-4 were designed by Sparkman and Stephens. 2 and 3 were constructed by Lallows (Isle of Wight) [97] [92].  ‘New Morning Cloud 4 by Camper and Nicholson boatyard at Gosport, Hampshire, England. [99] [97] 
He appeared to very much frequent the Solent, Hamble, Gosport and Isle of Wight area with forays to Burnham on Crouch.
He obviously visited many boat clubs, this picture below being at Royal Channel Island Yacht Club which is at St Peter Port in Guernsey. A Jersey Evening Post report from July 1976 documented one of Sir Edward’s visits to the Island to promote his autobiographical book  “Sailing: A Course of My Life”. He attended a dinner in St Helier (Jersey), where he was welcomed by then Advocate Helier Mourant and Bill Challinor, commodore of the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club. [95] 
Heath at Royal Channel Island Yacht Club at St Aubyn July 1976
During a speech, Sir Edward, who died in 2005 aged 89, is reported to have said: ‘According to your Deputy Bailiff [Peter Crill], people in Jersey are engaged in one of two things – sailing or crime.’ ! [95]
In a statement at the begining of August 2015 the Jersey force said: ‘The States Police can confirm that they are aware of the UK Independent Police Complaints Commission investigation into historical corruption allegations relating to child sexual abuse in Wiltshire. ‘Sir Edward Heath does feature as part of Operation Whistle, currently investigating historical allegations of abuse in Jersey.’ No one had come forward before  Lenny Harper was wrongly sacked and he is worried that it may distract from the rest of the inquiry [227]
Heath, a child abuser who attended half a dozen meetings of the Paedophile Information Exchange meetings [116] at Westminster, had a luxury top floor apartment at the Waters Edge Hotel in Bouley Bay owned by his friend Mike Wavell [115]. Heath moored his boat off the cliffs in Bouley Bay [115].
Wavell later became President of the Defence Committee, in charge of Jersey’s police force. His 2011 obituary is here [118]. @StuartSyvret has tweeted “Mike Wavell is said in survivor circles to have been a child-abuser. Additionally and to my own knowledge, Wavell ran adult nursing homes where patient’s were abused  including a terminally ill woman who was raped by a psychopath male rogue nurse.”
In addition Jimmy Savile, the prolific child molester is said to have rented ‘The Reef Villa’. “It was in Bouley Bay but not at the ‘The Water’s Edge Hotel’ or their chalets. It was a small rental villa just up the hill past the chalets and tucked in beside the cliff pathway. Very private and all that. ” [117] Possibly the Reef View Villa is meant, which is now in the grounds of the Undercliff Guest House, and only about 100 metres from the Waters Edge Hotel [119]. Hopefully someone who is able to use the maps properly can provide a photo of a map with all these places marked on as my link is not very good [120]
As though to get the their excuses in first the photo below was captioned “Ted Heath at the helm of Morning Cloud. It has been alleged that he anchored the yacht outside Jersey waters and therefore beyond the Island’s jurisdiction” [95]  It is not clear how far their jurisdiction goes.
9958021The photo below with Anthony Churchill and Heath is possibly on the Isle of White. It is from this article [85]
Heath also opened the Racing Officers Hut at Creeksea Sailing Club Burnham on Crouch in Essex. [91]


Heath is getting alot of attention as to whether he is a child abuser or not.   As Stuart Syvret points out, a more basic and fundamental question in the face of such allegations, is  “Does it appear that law-enforcement and other state agencies have acted unbiasedly – have acted lawfully – in investigating such claims?”  The authorities knew about Heath and Savile but covered it up [101].
Lenny Harper Police investigator of Haut de la Garenne said: “Savile chose his victims with great care; vulnerable and often troubled youngsters many in care homes. If they complained they were labelled troublemakers, or brutally put down. We know from court cases and statements made to my team [during the 2008 inquiry] that children in Jersey care homes were ‘loaned out’ to members of the yachting fraternity and other prominent citizens on the pretence of recreational trips but during which they were savagely abused and often raped.”  [44] [52]
Paul Every was the commanding officer of Jersey Sea Cadets [[4]s64]  who was arrested as part of Operation Ore for serious crimes against children but not suspended by the Jersey Sea Cadets. “I eventually had to go to London and threaten to stand at the gates of the Sea Cadet HQ and disclose to individual parents before they took action.”
It was alleged that Jervis Dykes, a teacher at Victoria College abused children in the naval section of the Combined Cadet Force and on sailing trips around Jersey and to Greece. It was also alleged he took the boys to St Helier Yacht club at the same time that senior police officers were there. CI de la Haye stopped officers going to the club to make inquiries without him being present. The Detective also remembered interviewing the Deputy Headmaster and being told by the Deputy Head that Dykes had assaulted the boys as “payment for the time he provided in taking the boys sailing.”  The officer also revealed that one of his supervisors was a close personal friend of the Deputy Head.  Another officer remembers that this supervisor had at least one child at the college. [[4] s66-70]
For some time, Legal Advisor Laurence O’Donnell and I had been concerned at the difficulty in prosecuting paedophiles in cases of historic abuse.  This had been exacerbated by difficulties over the case of **** ****, who was the commanding officer of the Jersey Sea Cadets and who was also a senior civil servant in the Chief Minister’s office.  He was arrested as part of the national “Operation Ore” where the FBI had netted thousands of suspects who had used their credit cards to pay for internet sites involving child pornography.  He was one of a number of senior Sea Cadet officers arrested for serious sexual crimes against children.  After his arrest he had not been suspended from Sea Cadet activities and because of my concerns for the safety of the children involved, I disclosed the information about his arrest to the Sea Cadet authorities.  Among the sites he had searched on his computer were a number involving “naked sea cadets” and other child pornography sites.  The Sea Cadet authorities in Jersey were not responsive, telling me that a man “is innocent until proven guilty.”  I eventually had to go to London and threaten to stand at the gates of the Sea Cadet HQ and disclose to individual parents before they took action….This was even more of a concern than it would have normally been as the Head of CID was also an officer in the Jersey Sea Cadets… Allegations were being made against Dykes that he abused children whilst on outings of the Combined Cadet Force (Naval Section) or on sailing trips around Jersey and to Greece.  Dykes was later convicted of a number of indecency offences.[49]
The police investigation into Haut de la Garenne began in April 2006 after an investigation into abuse within the Jersey sea scouts [50] Care leavers have reported being taken to people on boats.
satanjerseysunseasunseasatanThe above are stills from “Sun Sea and Satan”, a documentary by Bill Maloney of Pie ‘N Mash Films on child sexual abuse in Jersey and is essential viewing [51]
Dyana Maloney, Bill Maloney’s sister, was brought to Haut de la Garenne, Jersey on a sailing trip in 1986 [[51] 45.00 mins] from a childrens home in Britain. She financed the making of the film and was found dead not long afterwards.
Witness 195 of the Jersey Historical Abuse Inquiry tells of a visitor, described as a “well-dressed smooth-talker“, who began began violently sexually assaulting him [228][229]. He said the assaults continued for more than three years, most Saturdays, and at various locations around Jersey, including at sea on the man’s boat.
Jimmy Savile’s child sexual abuse was prolific and much is public. He visited Haut de la Garenne [121]. He was a friend of Heath, he was believed also to stay at Reef View Villa[117], near where Heath stayed at the Waters Edge Hotel and was on Heaths boat when a child was reported missing from it [83].
Savile at Haut de la Garenne
Neil Hocquart was born in Jersey, as was his ally Nick Rabet. They were child abusers who both killed themselves in custody. Rabet in Thailand and Hocquart in custody in Ely, Cambridgeshire, 1991, after being found with hundreds of paedophile videos. He had grown up in care in Norfolk and was taken to Guernsey, where he became the “cabin boy” of a sea captain, before returning to Britain to recruit children for the paedophile ring[122].
Rabet worked in Islington, two other Jersey-born social workers also worked in Islington. One arranged sailing trips to Guernsey; the other sent children to Rabet’s centre. Both were accused of abuse [211].
A police inspector’s body was washed up on exclusive beachfront after he ‘jumped off a ferry’ around the time of the Jersey care home investigation [71] In a comment on the article it says that Neil Munro was alleged to have been investigating the yachting community, following claims that children from Jersey care homes were being loaned out to wealthy yachtsmen [211].
Prosser visited Haut de la Garenne. He was part of the same paedophile network as Bonner Pink [see later], and he owned a childrens holiday home in Wales where children were sent from Portsmouth childrens homes.
Variety the childrens charity of Jersey was started in 1968 at the The Waters Edge Hotel []. As detailed previously the hotel was owned by Mike Wavell who is said in survivor circles to have been a child abuser. I have no information that the Variety Jersey has had any connection with child abuse. In the last decade or so Variety Jersey have launched ‘Spirit of Variety’ sailing catamaran and ‘Spirit of Young Variety’ fishing boat. They replaced the ‘Spirit of Variety’ with ‘ The Vernon Lilford Spirit of Variety’, which is a bigger catamaran and better equipped for wheelchair bound sailors [123].
Bloggers from Jersey are FreeSpeechOffshore [101] Voice for Children [102] Rico Sorda  [103] , Bob Hill Jersey Blog [125] and Leah Goodman is the US journalist who was banned from Jersey for reporting about the child sexual abuse [104]
Away from Jersey..
Lord Montagu of Beaulieu [All page numbers are from his autobiography [46]]
Lord Montagu’s name appears alongside child sexual abuse as he was prosecuted in 1953 for having underage sex with a 14-year-old Boy Scout at his beach hut on the Solent, a charge he has always denied and which he was acquitted [48]. He maintains he was innocent but he states Kenneth Hume was behaving mildly indecently towards another scout. (Kenneth Hume was Shirley Basseys husband. Basseys father incidentally was also a child abuser). Montagu also claims that many years later, a scout who was there told him that accusations arose from the scouts out boasting each other about their experience and the scoutmaster overhearing [p135].
So, Montagu’s story is that he was not a child abuser, but he does mention that he turned a blind eye to his friend, Hume who was.
Montagu was arrested again in 1954 and charged with performing “gross offences” with an RAF serviceman during a weekend party at the same beach hut. He was imprisoned for 12 months and he blamed a deep vein of antihomosexual prejudice, from Home Secretary Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, the Lord Chief Justice Rayner Goddard, and Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Sir John Nott-Bower who was convinced of a homosexual conspiracy. Sir John swore he would tear the cover of all filth spots [p98]. In Oct 1953 the Sydney Daily Telegraph reported there was a Scotland Yard plan to smash homosexuality.
Within weeks of his incarceration there was a debate in House of Commons led by Bob Boothby and Leo Abse (both now believed to be child abusers) which led to a committee of Inquiry led by John Wolfenson, called “The Departmental Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution” [p124].
As well as the infamous beach hut and land on the Solent, Lord Montagu owns Beaulieu River – banks, bed and all [46 p6]. He also owns a maritime museum at Buckler’s Hard, with a nearby marina, and the river harbours over 200 moored yachts [46 p9] [47]. Lord Montagu is the Commodore of the Beaulieu River Sailing Club [46 p20]. He was also vice commodore of the House of Lords Sailing Club [p203].
Montagu mentions a trip on his motor yacht once with Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones to the Isle of Wight, [p275]  when Jones was trying to lay low after drugs charges. He also mentions taking Roy Orbison out on the Solent on his yacht.  Montagu’s daughter [p103] used his motor launch Cygnet in June 1997 for her wedding. Montagu no doubt had access to many boats and his aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Forster also owned a motor yacht Mirama [p20]. Diana Dors mentions going on his boat in her memoirs []
Montagu was an extremely well connected man, having been to Eton, and being in the House of Lords. He had links to paedophile Lord Mountbatten [p132] who asked him to go to Broadlands to meet members of his committee set up to investigate the security of prisons. Montagu was famous for his fancy dress balls, and Mountbatten was a guest at his first in 1963 to mark the opening of the Maritime Museum [p278] and again at his Great Gatsby Ball in 1974 to cebrate Montagus second marriage. Montagu also remembers other parties including one at Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes. He was also known to Margaret Thatcher [p229], and friends with Long Longford [p 134] [p207] Many people are mentioned in his autobiography which is worth a read for people wishing to make connections between people and paedophiles.
Ralph Bonner Pink MP owned an ex lifeboat called Ambler kept in Emsworth Harbour and was a member of Emsworth Sailing club [31] [32].  (An odd incident happened, which I mention in passing, at Emsworth Sailing Club in 2014 in which a retired naval captain drove his car at the club and set it alight and was charged with arson [33] )
In England Bonner Pink MP took his boat on the Beaulieu River and to the Montagu Estate, as well as to Portsmouth Harbour. When his daughter Jannella was young they went for two weeks each summer to Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight except when they went to France. In France they went to Honfleur and Barfleur, in Normandy and visited Bayeaux [32].
Bonner Pink knew Edward Heath and Peter Prosser, child abuser who also went to Haut de la Garenne as well as of course as Heath and Savile [32]
Clifford Luton founded the North Sea Cruise Association, Ashley Rd Park Street, Poole, Dorset in 1964  [11] He was a BBC Northern Ireland correspondent. He was investigated for being in a child abuse network with Morris Fraser and Nicholas Reynolds. He was thought to have links to the Azimuth Trust and was investigated, but no charges were brought. He was skilled yachtsman, with 28 foot boat Sarah Jane.  [11] [18]
Rev. Jan Knos was a child abusing vicar who owned a barge and two ocean-going yachts at one time [20].  He died in jail of a [suspected] heart attack, waiting for trial on 28 charges of gross indecency and indecent assault against underage boys and girls [20]. He was going to be named by Geoffrey Dickens in Parliament, until Dickens was warned not to by Bernard Wetherill the speaker. Dickens helped in private prosecutions because it appeared that local police in Hull were protecting him. The police had decided not to prosecute, and that decision was taken in Hull but they wrongly said it was a CPS decision[19]. See also [38] [37]
Peter Clulow had access to young boys during maths lessons and he preyed on them during sailing trips aboard his boat The Saraband [58]. The prosecution said: “The defendant had been a music teacher at Haberdashers’ Aske’s for 23 years, but left in 1985 following an allegation by two fourth form boys that he had indecently touched them while on his boat during the summer holidays. Notes from the school show he initially denied the abuse but the two boys amazingly had taken an audio recording device on board that captures some of the comments made by the defendant.[58] He taught sailing at the school. Clulow filmed at least one boy touching himself. [59]
Fred Talbot Both of Talbot’s victims, said to be 14 or 15 at the time, were assaulted on school canal barge [probably narrowboat] trips in the Cheshire area in the mid-1970s. Each boy was abused by Talbot as they slept in a partitioned area [22].
Unknown VIP Abusers The specialist Met team had traced a group of men using rent boys from the notorious “Chicken Rack” at London’s Piccadilly Circus. They had built up a bundle of intelligence from their HQ near King’s Cross station in central London, tailing suspects to hotels, public loos, private homes and even boats on the Essex coast. A member of the team said they knew they had “unearthed a minefield” leading to the heart of the establishment [35].
Daniel Bryant
bryant2In 2013 Daniel Bryant finally admitted 10 indecent assaults against 5 boys committed between 1969 and 1985. He had been a policeman with Devon and Cornwall Police for more than 20 years before he finally retired on grounds of ill health in 1994 after a third complaint of child sexual abuse. Complaints had first began in 1987, when the victim was told that the allegations were uncorroborated, even though a ­second lad had also alleged abuse. Even after reports of child abuse Bryant continued as a PC in Devon and Cornwall Police’s juvenile bureau when authorities referred children to him for counselling.
Bryant was founder member of the Devon and Cornwall Police Surf Life-saving Club, which operated until the early 1990s.  After leaving the Police, he was also a national volunteer with Surf Life-saving GB. He was the chairman of the rescue commission of the International Life Saving Federation of Europe.  He was even awarded a British Empire Medal for his youth work. In 1991 Bryant was one of two North Devon police constables to take part in a 128-mile Nijmegen March endurance walk in Holland, raising money for the RNLI. [15] [16] [17]
It appears as though the Devon and Cornwall Police covered up Bryants child abuse, and Bryants record as well as other enablers need checking to see if they helped cover up the Azimuth Trust child abuse network which was around at this time.
Basil Elliston took a 15 year old pupil to the International Boat show. He was a keen yachtsman and made his moves on sailing trips he organised [13]. In 1986 the magistrate and headmaster of North London School jailed for 5 years for 9 offences of indecent assault against boys [14] It was heard that he often persuaded boys to play fantasy games involving nude canings, bondage and ice cold baths.
Ken Rabone Camden Council took over Stockgrove Park School in 1989.  In 1992, following the insistence of Camden education director Peter Mitchell, a new headteacher was appointed. Ken Rabone, a man with no experience in dealing with emotionally disturbed pupils, was given the job. He failed to tell his interviewers that he had a criminal conviction for assault with an offensive weapon. The situation deteriorated dramatically in November 1992, when an anonymous letter was sent to the education director alleging that Mr Rabone and his wife had engaged in unacceptable practices on a canal boat activity trip. [24]
Mervyn Dyer between January, 1 1969 and December 31, 1972, committed acts of indecent assault on a regular basis on at least one boy at St Mary’s Junior Sailing Club, Gosport. A victim finally reported him when an adult and after taking a child protection course at the club where he was abused. [63]
Charles O’Neill and William Lauchlan committed numerous child abuse incidents in Irvine, Falkirk and Skelmorlie in Ayrshire as well as Alfaz del Pi, in Benidorm. They used a boat to dump a body of a woman they had killed in the sea off Ayrshire to help hide the child abuse [68]
Devryn Griffiths, 34, who lives on a barge on Macclesfield Canal, Cowbrook Lane, Bosley, admitted four counts of taking an indecent photograph of a child. He asked for 14 similar offences to be considered.[69]
Three apparent police suicides within 4 days. As mentioned in the Jersey section, a Police inspector’s body washed up on exclusive beachfront after he ‘jumped off a ferry’ around the time of the Jersey care home investigation [71]. It is not mentioned in the article but Neil Munro was alleged to have been investigating the yachting community, following claims that children from Jersey care homes were being loaned out to wealthy yachtsmen. Another policeman Richard Fuller was a member of the Royal protection team. [211]
Thomas Hamilton – Dunblane
Thomas Hamilton is best known for being the perpetrator of the Dunblane Massacre, as determined by the Cullen Report whose download link is here [114]. The transcript of the inquiry is also useful []. However the Cullen Report leaves many unanswered questions, and even Lord Burton an ex Grand Master himself, acknowledged there could have been a cover up with masonic links [127] [126].
A good source for research is the book Dunblane Unburied by Sandra Uttley [100a] which appears now to not be easily available. The pages numbers with references to boats are from Dunblane Unburied by Sandra Uttley listed at reference [100b]. Raw information on boats is therefore included in Appendix 1, and this section goes into more detail than usual.
From the information extracted from Dunblane Unburied [and placed in Appendix 1]  Hamilton probably had 3 boats, consecutively. A speed boat called Lady Sheila, then a 26 foot cruiser, name unknown with an inboard engine which he sold. The third was a large 40 foot cabin cruiser called Tropical Winter which was bought cheaply for about £5,000 from the police and which was destroyed by a gas cylinder exploding for which he received £36,000 from the insurance.
He used the boats to transport boys to summer camps which lasted up to 6 weeks on Inchmoan Island in Loch Lomond. In 1998 he was found to have insufficient lifeboats for the number of boys. There were many complaints of various abuses at these camps, mainly physical, but some sexual. He also was on a barge with some boys [p38]
The boats enabled him to make police contacts Michael Mill, Anthony Bushnell and Donald Cowan, some through the Central Scotland Police Diving team. He was also friends with other police who knew about the boat eg William MacDonald. Hamilton allowed friends to use his boat in his absence.
Hamiltons paedophilia is not as well known as his shooting. Cullen admitted in his summary that Hamiltons “previous conduct showed indications of paedophilia”. This is a dimunition of the true situation.
In the Inquiry Cullen had received a Report on Thomas Hamilton from Professor David J Cooke, Head of Forensic Psychology for the Glasgow Health Board and Professor of Forensic Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University. He also had 3 Reports from Dr JA Baird Consultant forensic Psychiatrist at the State Hospital Carstairs containing a psychiatric assessment of Thomas Hamilton. Both expressed the view that Thomas Hamilton demonstrated paedophilia. Cooke suggested he had many characteristics of sexual sadism.
Hamilton had masses of photographs of boys in trunks over the walls of his house, as well as many videos featuring semi naked boys. [5.48]
Many parents had reservations about Hamiltons attitude to the children and his physical disciplining of the children some of which were reported to the police. Hamilton’s Scout Warrant was withdrawn in 1974, with the County Commissioner stating that he was “suspicious of his moral intentions towards boys” [113].
More evidence that Hamilton was a paedophile which will be dealt with in a future article on Dunblane, this article will address Hamiltons boats and where they link with boys.
Cullen in his report chose to dismiss one major incident that a witness said happened on Hamiltons boat, of penetration of his rectum by Hamiltons fingers, detailed in the following pages of the Report.
Many documents from the inquiry are not set to be released for 100 years with no adequate explanation.
One possible reason for a cover up in the Cullen Inquiry and Report according to Norman Bassett written in Dunblane Unburied is that Thomas Hamilton was a procurer of young boys for paedophiles at Conservative Party Central Office [p96]. Another is the abuse of boys at Queen Victoria School Dunblane, and its link as a school used by the Ministry of Defence, its many Freemasonry links and that Hamilton was known to be a frequent visitor to Queen Victoria School. An ex housemaster blew the whistle but was investigated himself and only recently has it been added to the Scottish abuse inquiry [127] [128]. Lord Burton claims a link to the Speculative Society which has as members Cullen and other member of the Judiciary.
Reference- The Scum Category Dunblane  [126]
Lord Mountbatten was a notorious, prolific and violent child abuser, of which little has come out yet. The nearest perhaps that it has got to the corporate press is Richard Kerr stating that Mountbatten was involved with abuse at Kincora [106] This article will concentrate on Mountbattens association with boats.
Mountbatten served as commander of the 1st cruiser squadron in the Mediterranean Fleet and, having been granted the substantive rank of vice admiral on 22 June 1949, he became Second-in-Command of the Mediterranean Fleet in April 1950. He became Fourth Sea Lord at the Admiralty in June 1950 and attended the funeral of King George VI in February 1952. He then returned to the Mediterranean to serve as Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Fleet and NATO Commander Allied Forces Mediterranean from June 1952. Promoted to the substantive rank of full admiral on 27 February 1953, he attended the coronation of the Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953. Mountbatten served his final posting at the Admiralty as First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff from April 1955 to July 1959, the position which his father had held some forty years prior. This was the first time in Royal Naval history that a father and son had both attained such high rank. He was promoted to Admiral of the Fleet on 22 October 1956. [107]
Mountbatten’s  arranged the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Dartmouth Royal Naval College on 22 July 1939, taking care to include the young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret in the invitation, but assigning his nephew, Cadet Prince Philip of Greece, to keep them amused while their parents toured the facility. [107] Mountbatten became mentor to Prince Charles.
Even in Mountbattens death it is speculated that the 15 year old “crew member” from County Fermanagh who was also killed on the fishing boat Ambler was in fact an abused child.[]
Jimmy Savile
Savile was buried at an angle of 45 degrees to fulfil his wish to “see the sea” in a cemetery at Scarborough.
Michael Burke regretted not pushing him off a boat [109] but a Captain did throw him off a boat, albeit onto land not into the briney. Savile was accused by a couple of abusing their 14 year old daughter on the Canberra, flagship of P&O fleet. The Captain quizzed Savile, believed the parents and not Savile, and confined him to his cabin for the rest of the trip until Gibraltar and then threw him off  [111] [110]
It is believed he worked for and frequented Cunard after this and cruised with them until 2011, the year before he died. He was known as a big friend to Cunard who were going to arrrange a sail by of his coffin in Scarborough, until the child abuse revelations broke into the corporate media after his death [112].
Jimmy Savile was given a Green Beret by the Royal Marines [238] and there were claims of abuse at the prestigious Royal Marine Commando Training Centre at Lympstone, East Devon [132] . Seven Royal Marines acted as Jimmy Saviles pall bearers at his funeral[238].
See the Jersey Section for Saviles activity on Jersey.
Peter Howells, was involved in a particularly effective honey trap. He owned a theatrical agency for children, with offices in London and Amsterdam. It was called Bovver Boots. Howells is a convicted paedophile who has also been named in police statements by children from Hackney in north London who say that they were abused, photographed and filmed. Dutch police who visited Howells’ houseboat on Prinzengracht in Amsterdam found the walls papered with obscene photographs of young boys. [64]
Frank has since told British police that Spinks and his friends were involved in producing films in which children were raped and killed. Edward, too, was close to Spinks and Frank at this time. He claims to have seen five videos which were produced by Spinks and Frank and Frank’s boyfriend, in which young boys were abused and murdered. There is one particular video which he has described for Network First with terrible clarity. There was a man, he says, “who was allowed to do anything he wanted” to a boy. They were on a boat and, he says, he saw the boy choke to death while being orally raped by the man: “There was sound on the camera. You could hear the waves slapping against the side of the boat, you could hear noises of water fowl in the background, you could hear the boy gagging, you could hear the man grunting [64]
Abuse on Cruise Ships
There is greater risk of sexual assault at sea than an american city and cruise lines are not legally obliged to report sexual assaults of children, or any crimes for that matter!  Information is therefore hard to come by on sexual assaults at sea, but one method is from court cases. This is a list of some sexual assaults at sea, 2009 – 2012 from Cruise Junkie site, some of which are child sexual abuse. [62]
Paul Trotter was a play area supervisor and he was jailed for 4 years in 2012 for spanking boys aged 7-13 and filming it, and possession of other indecent images. He did this on Cunard cruise ships Queen Victoria, the Queen Elizabeth and the Queen Mary.[105] [61]
Another method abuse happens is by crew using key passes to enter rooms when parents have gone to their evening meal.
There is good information on cruise boats and child abuse here [60] and hence how to avoid it.
Royal Navy and ex Royal Navy Abusers
Despite being common, buggery was an offence in the Royal Navy. Henry VIII made it a capital offence and in 1627 it was specifically made a hanging offence.  As for child abuse, a sailor in 1757 was given 500 lashes for buggering a boy and a Lieutenant William Berry was hanged in 1807 for the same offence. The author concludes that whatever may have gone on beneath the poop deck, sex with boys at sea was never openly tolerated in the Royal Navy, let alone made a fixture of the officers’ mess [6]. There are some books referenced on this subject on that link.
“A ‘peg-boy’ is a young male who prostitutes himself to homosexuals; ‘peg-house’, a homosexual brothel. There is an unsubstantiated story that boys in East Indian peg-houses were required to sit on pegs between customers, giving them permanently dilated anuses.” [6] It is interesting that this is East India and possibly linked to the times of the East India Company, the worlds first Corporation.
The Navy been 500 years collecting “intelligence” which then was converted into mind control techniques at Tavistock which can be used to manipulate children into being raped. [237]
The following are some examples of child molesters that are or have been in the Royal Navy. It is not comprehensive nor a random sample.
However they do raise the question of whether the people that join or experience the armed forces or in particular the Royal Navy have a higher prevalence of being child abusers than the rest of the population.  Is there something intrinsic about being in the Armed forces, Royal Navy, taining, being on a ship or the trauma of war or PTSD that is a factor in a higher level of child abuse?
Frank Beck the child abuser who named Greville Janner, spent nine years as a Royal Marine, serving in Borneo and Aden and attaining the rank of sergeant. He was honourably discharged. [207] More information and sources on his child abuse and link to Janner are here [240]
Vincent Savile, an elder brother of Jimmy Savile who was also a child abuser was in the Royal Navy [239]
Former Royal Navy sailor Alan Stewart was jailed for eight years for abusing three boys over a 26-year period.[133]
Able Seaman Christopher Britnell told others online that he was interested in children aged 7 to 17, and was found with a number of bestiality images [134]
Warrant Officer Tony Jacka, 50, was unmasked as a paedophile after boasting to other sex offenders about his crimes online.[136]
Former Chief Petty Officer Geoffrey Rooney of Plymouth, Devon, was sentenced to 14 years in prison for a series of horrific sex crimes against children.[137]
Former Royal Navy submariner Vernon – jailed for five-and-a-half years for sex attacks on a child [139]
Cmdr Tom Herman was cleared and had been “foolish” to visit websites featuring girl models, some as young as 11, wearing G-strings and garters and exposing their buttocks[140]
Peter Stokoe, who used to serve in the Royal Navy was jailed for nine months for 15 charges regarding possession of 4,236 pictures and videos of children aged between seven and 12 being sexually abused.[141]
Serial paedophile Matthew Rawe has been jailed for 19 years after he befriended three different families so that he could abuse their children  [142]
Paul Kidd was leading a secret double life as a serial child abuser who molested a string of boys over a 30 year period.[143]
A former Royal Marine commando John Sharp covertly filmed female colleagues taking their clothes off in a changing room has been jailed for 22 months.[144]
A Royal Navy sailor Leading Seaman Andrew Lomax escaped a jail sentence today after admitting downloading indecent images of boys while serving as part of a protection force on board an oil platform in the Persian Gulf.[145]
David Bennett, of Harecastle Avenue, Talke, pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault of a child under 13; five offences of causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity; and one offence of causing a child to watch a sexual act. Bennett undertook nine tours of Northern Ireland while in the Royal Navy and received the General Service Medal [147]
David Anderson, Royal Navy lieutenant, admitted two offences of sexual activity with a child and attempting to pervert the course of justice and was jailed for two and a half years by Judge Simon Carr at Exeter Crown Court.[148]
A NAAFI worker Shaun Sparrow convicted of having child pornography on board a Royal Navy aircraft carrier has been spared jail.[150]
Justin Hayward on long-term sick leave from the Royal Navy, admitted three counts of making indecent images of children and two of possessing them and was given a three-year community order and told to attend a community sex offender’s programme. [149]
A former submariner Peter Dawson who raped a primary schoolgirl while babysitting 15 years ago has been jailed for seven years.[151]
A high-ranking Royal Marine Lieutenant Colonel Russell Paul could be thrown out of the Armed Forces after he was convicted of voyeurism for spying on a schoolgirl with a mirror at a public swimming pool.[152]
Former Royal Marine commando John Sharp – who was jailed for four years in 2001 for abusing two children – recorded the women stripping out of their uniforms.[153]
Richard Kemp, 53, an odd job man at the Royal Navy Submarine museum in Gosport was convicted of killing Camilla Petersen at Winchester Crown Court. He was convicted of indecent exposure in 1970 and later spent eight years at Broadmoor hospital for sexually assaulting children.[154]
David Claydon dismissed from the Royal Navy for committing gross indecency on a male colleague taught a seven-year-old girl how to pleasure him a court heard. [156]
A paedophile sailor Able Seaman Christopher Britnell has been sacked from the Royal Navy for possessing indecent images of children and animals. [157]
John Goode ex Royal Navy sailor corrupted the girl when she was just 12 and bribed her with sweets and tobacco before paying her £30 a time for sex.[158]
James Launce former petty officer in the Royal Navy was given a suspended prison sentence in 2012 at Plymouth Crown Court when thousands of child abuse images were found.[159]
Less than a year after former marine Stephen Salmon was jailed over a string of sex assaults on a child he has admitted carrying out attacks on two other girls. Salmon, who served on the Royal Yacht Britannia for Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s honeymoon, denied attacks in the 1970s on a girl called Natalie when she was aged between seven and 12 but was found guilty.[163] Former Royal Navy sailor Christopher Wilson (24) arranged to visit the girl’s home in Devon when he knew her mother was out and they had sex despite a nine year age difference. [164]
A former Royal Navy sailor Keith Anderson who repeatedly raped two young girls has been jailed for seven years and four months.[165]
Royal Navy veteran Christopher Beardmore downloaded thousands of indecent images of children for his sexual gratification. He used his laptop to access pornographic sites and search for children over a three-year period [166]
Mark Luscombe was snared after asking an American officer – posing as the father of an 11-year-old girl – to assault his daughter live via webcam for him. He ‘paid’ for the request with around 50 images depicting the abuse of children. The former ground worker, who was applying to join the Royal Navy, was sentenced to a total of five years behind bars this afternoon[167]
A widower Jim Dargavel who held an open house for teenagers where he supplied them with alcohol and cigarettes has been jailed for five years for abusing two boys. Michael Davies, a retired lieutenant commander in the Royal Navy was a character witness andsaid: “He is a very decent caring individual who wants to help people.” .[168]
A sailor Anthony Newman who sexually abused two young boys 20 years apart has been jailed for 14 years.[171]
Terrence Joseph Walker ex Royal Navy was a registered sex offender who was convicted in 2007 at Warwick Crown Court of five charges of indecent assault on a female under 14 and five offences of inciting a child to commit an act of gross indecency.[172]
Retired Limerick prison officer Harry Daly ex British navy has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for the repeated abuse and rape of his daughter over 10 years in what she described as their “house of doom”.[173]
Disgraced Lieutenant Commander Frederick Gerrell was found with more than 11,000 images and nearly 300 moving pictures of child pornography on various computers and discs.[174]
Former Royal Navy Keith Bannon admitted 11 offences of possessing indecent images and two of extreme pornography.[175]
Royal Navy petty officer Paul Opie, aged 36, used his mobile phone to shoot short video clips of the female crew as they used a shower block on the quayside at the HMS Drake naval base in Plymouth.He admitted seven offences of voyeurism at the Naval base and eight unrelated offences of making or possessing child pornography.[178]
Stephen Freedman, who worked at Merchant Taylors’ in Crosby and in the Royal Navy section of the school’s Combined Cadet Force for more than 20 years, admitting 18 counts concerning thousands of sick images of children being abused, along with hundreds of videos, and images of people having sex with animals.[179]
A ROYAL Navy diver James Mitchelmore had so many indecent images of children on his computers that police gave up counting has avoided prison.[180]
Ex Royal Navy Wayne Stephenson, admitted sexual assault and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. Today the 34-year-old is beginning two years in jail after it was revealed how the pair exchanged numerous messages over the Internet.[181]

Former Royal Navy serviceman John Shill who downloaded hundreds of child porn images escaped a jail sentence on Monday at Lincoln Crown Court.[182]

Former Royal Navy sailor Alan Stewart was jailed for eight years for abusing three boys over a 26-year period.[183]
A Gulf War veteran Former Royal Navy communications engineer Andrew Mein was gaoled yesterday for two-and-a-half years after being found guilty of possessing almost a quarter of a million images of child porn downloaded from the Net. [184]
Norman Laven ex Royal Marine admitted indecency with a child between August 1976 and June 1979. He  resigned after the crimes were reported to the Navy and they informed Dorset Police but said it is a mystery why the then 32-year-old was not charged at the time.[186]
Ian Whitaker, 66, of Drake Close, Tyne Dock, South Shields, was a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy when he repeatedly abused two girls in the late 1970s and early 80s. He was jailed for 18 months [185]

A Navy veteran Michael Thomas Hilton who was jailed for 15 years for sordid sex attacks on a little boy has had an appeal against his convictions rejected by senior judges. [187]

A FORMER police officer Royal Navy veteran and ex-Gloucestershire police officer Geoffrey Poole who had sex with a 16 year old girl after grooming her while he was commanding a Naval Training Corps for youngsters has been jailed for 15 months.[188]
A former Royal Navy Officer Gordon Scott MBE, who admitted to storing hundreds of child porn images on his laptop computer has been told he will not go to jail [189] 
Former Royal Navy sailor Mark Butler covertly videoed four children on his mobile phone in jewellery, record and shoe stores, a court heard.[192]
A MARRIED man John Noble with a distinguished career in the Royal Navy repeatedly exposed himself to schoolgirls over 18 months, a court heard.[193]
A FORMER Royal Navy aircraft carrier flight deck director Derek Lawrence has been jailed after police found thousands of child porn images on his computer.[194]
A former Royal Navy commander has been given a two-year supervision order after flashing at young girls and downloading pictures of child pornography. Craig Gilmour resigned from the Navy after the allegations were made, admitted four charges of indecent exposure as well as 19 charges of making indecent images and a further charge of possessing 359 indecent images of underage girls at earlier hearings.[195]

AN EX-SCHOOL governor Andrew Davies has been jailed for three months after admitting having an “utter addiction” to child porn with 52,200 images – some stored under loft insulation [196]

Dr Ruthven, who downloaded the 5,000 child porn picturesimages at his parents’ house in Flixton, Trafford, said in 2002, during a tour of duty on a submarine, he was driven “stir-crazy” by the conditions.[198]
Derek Devine who once set fire to a Royal Navy ship, killing a crewman, later molested three young girls after being released on parole from his life sentence, a court heard.[197]
NAVAL nurse is today behind bars after being caught with thousands of indecent photographs of children on his computer. Anthony Byrne, pleaded guilty to a total of 23 offences relating to the distribution and possession of indecent images of youngsters.[200]
Douglas Harrison  ex Royal Navy was convicted on Monday at Plymouth Crown Court of four counts of indecent assault, one of indecency with a child and one of attempted rape.[201]
A FORMER Royal Navy sailor Aaron Emmett has been jailed by Plymouth Crown Court after admitting having unprotected sex with a girl aged 14.[202]
Christopher Bennett who recently left the Royal Navy after 31 years collected hundreds of pornographic pictures of children, a court heard.[203]
A CHIEF Petty Officer in the Royal Navy will be dismissed from the service after admitting a string of serious sexual assaults against a young girl. Raymond Laundry, aged 47, was sentenced to four years and 32 weeks in jail for the sexual abuse, which spanned three years.[204]
In August last year former Navy man Yusef Khan was convicted of performing two lewd acts at Costa coffee shop in Cribbs Causeway. He was given a three-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, with two years’ supervision and an order to continue his counselling until 2015.[205]
Jeremy Pepper former Royal Navy chief petty officer has been jailed for two years after using the internet to try to have sex with a child.  [209]
Joseph Richard Davey, 64, admitted 16 sickening sex offences, including rapes, against two children, the youngest of whom was only four when the abuse began. The former merchant seaman, was given the open-ended sentence.[226]
Merchant Navy and ex Merchant Navy abusers
The former Merchant Navy seaman Anthony Joy admitted accessing 161 images of child sex abuse, 10 of which were at the second highest level of four, and 73 extreme pornography images – some involving sex with a dog. He escaped jail. [160]
A FORMER Merchant Navy seaman Derek Clark  who downloaded 10,000 child pornography from the Internet has been jailed for 18 months. [161]

A 72-year-old former Merchant Navy seaman John Michael Kendrew has been jailed for 10 years after being found guilty of a series of sex attacks on teenage boys more than 30 years ago.[162]

David Iggo former chief officer in the Merchant Navy was caught with nearly 500,000 images of children being sexually abused has been jailed for more than four years.[216]
Alan Johansen ex merchant navy who sexually abused two young girls – was jailed for two years today.[220]
Michael Hazelwood ex merchant navy has been jailed for sex offences committed against a young girl more than 35 years ago.[224]
Kirk Jobson ex Merchant Navy whose historic abuse “haunted” the life of one of his two victims has been jailed for four years.[210] 
A Naval seaman Christopher Carey, Merchant Navy who served in Iraq has admitted downloading pornographic images of chidlren from the internet. [221]
A FASHION photographer Alan Hart ex marine engineer in the merchant navy had more than 15,000 sick child porn images on his computer.[225]
Royal Family and the Navy
Several members of the Royal Family have been in the Royal Navy.
The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip served in the Royal Navy from 1939 to 1952, seeing active service throughout the Second World War. He is Admiral of the Royal Yacht Squadron. In 1948 the Island Sailing Club gave the Dragon Bluebottle to Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh as a wedding present in which he competed at many regattas including Cowes week. It was on the Duke of Edinburgh’s request that, in 1962, the royal family should buy Bloodhound, a 63ft Camper and Nicholson on which he cruised extensively with Prince Charles and Princess Anne.[236]
Prince Phillip and young Prince Charles
The Prince of Wales Prince Charles  also served in the Royal Navy and also trained in the Royal Air Force.
The Duke of York Prince Andrew served for over 20 years as an officer in the Royal Navy before leaving the Service in 2001. He flew as a second pilot in Sea King Helicopters on anti-submarine and transport duties during the Falklands conflict in 1982.
Lord Mountbatten has been covered in a previous section.
Appendix 1  Information on Boats from Dunblane Unburied by Sandra Uttley
Hamilton at the age of 25 owned a 40 foot motor cruiser. He appears to have bought it for £5,000 from a friend in Central Scotland Police. Within 3 years it was destroyed by a gas cylinder exploding on board and he received a payout of £36,000 from the insurance company. William MacDonald, a former policeman with Central Scotland Police and his wife went sailing with Hamilton as did Katherine and Ewan Anderson. During the 1970s Hamilton met members and formed relationships with the Central Scotland Police Diving team at Loch Lomond – Michael Mill (who became Chief Inspector) and Anthony Bushnell. [p19,20] Mr Mill was an acting Chief Inspector in the Police.
Mills gave evidence that Hamilton also owned a small speed boat called Lady Sheila, before he then purchased another boat, a large cabin cruiser called Tropical Winter. The boat caught fire on the Strathclyde side of Loch Lomond and drifted over to Balmaha Bay and sank just off Inchmoan island. Mill as a member of the underwater unit had to help retrieve it in one of their weekly visits to Loch Lomond. [p27,28]
Mrs Haggers son, on camps for boys on Loch Lomond was thrown off a boat without a life jacket into the water, despite his terror of water. Hamilton had made her son take all his clothes off, had taken them from him and made him put shorts on.[p57]
Nothing was documented by Cullen about the boat, which was seized by police and given or sold to Hamilton, without record of payment. Apparently there was no complaint about the boat being seized from its owner. A boat was seized by Strathclyde police on Loch Lomond, which is a rare thing in the uk. Normally there is a trial and only seized if connected to the proven crime and then sold by public auction. Why was the valuable  boat sold without auction to Hamilton and the boats owner never complained? Was it blackmail? [p105, 106]
William McDonalds evidence. Hamiltons Boat with an onboard engine on Loch Lomond kept at Balmaha 27 foot. That was sold and he got another one which went on fire. [p127, 128]
Donald Cowan Police sergeant with Central Scotland Police went with the MacDonald family to Hamiltons boat on one or two occasions when Hamilton was not there.[p127, 128]
Parents took their children in July and Aug 1998 to Balmaha Boat yard where children were taken by boat to Inchmoan Island and met by Hamilton. Only one boat which was used to fetch supplies from mainland. [p175]
Children stayed between 1 and 6 weeks on the island with Hamilton. During this time a number of incidents occurred when children were assaulted by Hamilton as punishment for misbehaviour or failing to perform exercises to expectation. Boat examined by police and found to have insufficient life jackets. All children were wearing black swiming trunks [p175]
Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.

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[89] Round the Island Race organised by Island Yacht Club (IOW) Even during his term as Prime Minister, The Rt. Honourable Sir Edward Heath KG, MBE, MP was a keen supporter of sailing. He won the Round the Island Race four times; three of them in consecutive years in the early 1970s on “Morning Cloud II” and “Morning Cloud III”. In 1980 he took the top trophy once more in “Morning Cloud IV”. The Gold Roman Bowl has only been won twice by women – Mrs Tobin on “Barbar” in 1954 and Julia Dane on “Glass Onion” in 1982.
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Anonymous said…I think that the supposed suicides of three policemen within a few of days of each other around the time the Jersey story broke is also highly suspicious. Although not mentioned in the link Neil Munro was rumoured to have been investigating the yachting community after allegations of children from the Jersey homes being loaned out to wealthy yachtsman. Another policeman Richard Fuller was a member of the Royal protection team. I personally think this could have something to do with Lord Mountbatten as well, who was reported to have been involved with the abuse at Kincora boys’ home in Ireland. It’s also been alleged that a second cousin to the Queen was involved in a paedophile ring that involved Thomas Hamilton, the Dunblane killer. Could that be Mountbatten again? There was also a photograph published in a paper which showed Jimmy Saville leaving the Jersey home, which has now disappeared out of circulation, and in the link below it mentions Saville’s possible connection to Mountbatten.
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