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Statement of resignation by former Derby and Met Officer

Good Police officers   forced  to leave  corrupt Police Forces like

 the Met  and  Derbyshire

Statement on Resignation

Date: 24th of March 2014
With deep regret, I have just resigned from the Metropolitan Police Service (‘the MPS’).
I am giving several weeks notice, effectively one week for every complete year of service at this time, plus two to conclude the allegations of misconduct. I had intended to resign after the meeting in any case, but disturbing developments have brought this forward.
This has not been an easy decision and has certainly been made with no jerk of the knee.
I am very proud to have served the public, in the Office of Constable, since the 10th of May 2004 – first at Derbyshire Constabulary then transferring to the MPS on the 9th of October 2009 – even though my service could by no means be described as having been an easy ride.
My experience led me to see just how flawed the whistleblowing system is, how it fails, but also to firmly believe that no police officer should normally resign or retire while subject to any misconduct investigation; but the circumstances are such that I have no choice.
The decision has not been rushed, and I have given the MPS countless opportunities to set our relationship straight; I have also had to weigh, somewhat extraordinarily, the public interest and the impact such a decision may have on me.
This resignation arises directly from my treatment as a result of making disclosures in good faith and in the public interest.
In 2012 I publicly raised concerns over policing, police reform, statistical manipulation, the Olympics and lobbying. I made a permanent record of these concerns in one place, a book, the proceeds of which were destined for and donated to a charity supporting bereaved police families. The result of this was a gross misconduct investigation which had a significant impact upon my work, health and family life.
My family and I have had to live under this threat while the MPS pursued it, yet even so I carried on acting in the public interest, resulting in my being effectively bullied at New Scotland Yard and, in the end, with my sparking a parliamentary inquiry into crime statistics which has had a significant national impact. In the wake I had to watch senior officers deny it was happening, but I couldn’t reply as I’d been warned that it could result in further discipline. Worse still, Essex Police were sent to my home under the Trojan banner of welfare, concluding themselves that they had been sent to rattle our cages. To add insult to injury, it was then conceded that, in fact, what I had said was a truth that needed to be heard.
Having fought through delays and procedural irregularities in the proceedings before this, and having won the argument of bias, I was then informed that a review had been carried out and the gross misconduct dropped. I had to hear via a reporter, on open social media, that this happened after an external force had reviewed the determination of gross misconduct. I had pleaded for external scrutiny from the outset, had hard won an independent panel against the wishes of the MPS.
The situation has had a significant impact on my health, but there has been no real consideration for me. My management has been highlighted as a conflict of interest, driven by questionable motives, and left me subject to open threats of discipline and performance procedures for damage the MPS has caused.
Throughout the misconduct process it has been denied that there were any senior level discussions about me, or policy deficiencies relevant to my case. It was discovered on the 19th of March 2014 that significant material does indeed exist. On discovering this, and immediately serving it on the misconduct meeting Chair, the reaction from the MPS has been aggressive; implying that I am the person whose integrity is in question for trying to discover the truth, and threatening me with potential discipline for defending myself.
It is impossible for me to see how I could ever trust the MPS again, that is something which is permanently destroyed. I have held out for as long as I can but enough is enough: the camel’s back has been broken with a sledgehammer.

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A Customs Officer, Cabinet Minister, Elm Guest House, child trafficking, child porn trade and the Official Secrets Act

The Government is  abusing the Official Secrets Act to silence a Customs Officer preventing him naming publicly a former cabinet Minister involved in child sex abuse.  They  are also using the same lame excuse to stop the Officer giving further details of the  politicians involvement.   The officer seized child sex video's and child porn  on the 6th of August 1982  from notorious paedophile Russel Howard Tricker.  The Government then buried this evidence and  seem to have  classified the child pornography as secret.  In any event the  cover-up continues and the Official Secrets Act is being used to protect elite paedophiles and criminals involved in child sex trafficking and the child porn trade.

Thatchers cabinet 1983 Morrison, Brittan, Whitelaw  all known paedophiles 

Exaronews revealed  today they had received information from a customs officer named as Maganlal Solanki.  The Officer had seized a  child sex video at Dover back in 1982 involving a cabinet minister. Leon Brittan  was at that time Chief Secretary of the treasury. He became Home Secretary in June 1983. In November 1983 Geoffrey Dickens MP presented the first Dossier on the child sex trade to Home Secretary Leon Brittan. It has since  allegedly 'dissapeared', The last known copies were stolen by Mathew Pike of  Holyhead and Robert Ostler of St Albans in 2012 from Andrea Davison who formerly worked  with Customs.  The thieves stole the documents  on behalf of corrupt Yorkshire Police Officer  and CPS Prosecutors who now hold them.

The seized  child sex video along with other child sex abuse material was in the possession of notorious paedophile Russel  Howard Tricker.  All this  child sex evidence was handed by customs to M15 who immediately buried it.  Tricker was not prosecuted and no further action was taken.   A victim of child sex in Amsterdam is familar with the tapes and says one  showed british children who could ordered by clients for sex abuse.  The video  showcased 34 boys who had been smuggled from Care Homes in the UK to Amsterdam and were for sale to rich paedophiles.  No doubt  like the Dickens Dossiers these videos  will have been lost!!

Tricker admits he was a friend of Peter Glencross the manager of Spartacus International. Spartacus was a pedophile publishing organisation linked to Elm Guest House and snuff videos.  Tricker also admitted being a long time associate of Warwick Spinks another notorious paedophile. Police in Amsterdam  secretly taped Spinks offering to supply a snuff video where a 10 year old boy was murdered. Nothing was done. Spinks had been running a successful mail order child porn illegal business in Brighton before he moved to Amsterdam  where  he extended his business to trafficing in boys  as young as 10 at first from London.  With friends John Gay and Lee Tucker they sold Welsh boys into clubs on Spuistraat and then used the profits to invest in making child porn and snuff videos.  Alan Williams was also an integral member of the group. Spinks was released early from prison in the UK last May  and returned to his lucrative business. No proceeds of crime order for these criminals who make fortunes from the sexual abuse of innocent children.  All these men are involved with Russell Howard Tricker who in turn is also associated with Glencross and John Rowe  Known by elements within the Met to have been prime movers in the change of usage of Elm Guest House from a gay to a paedophile brothel.  All five men were members of PIE – the Paedophile Information Exchange .

Tricker's role was to traffic  children for the child sex trade for English paedophiles going to the Netherlands.  British children  sometimes runaways from  abusive children's homes were trafficked   by coach to Holland  where the laws were liberal.  Holland also became the home of the Paedophile Information Exchange when it became more difficult  to run PIE in the UK after questions  were raised by Geoffrey Dickens MP.



Tricker has been protected ever since and regularly returned to the UK where he entertained  families by playing a German Spy  in "War Weekends"  held at the Bluebell Tailway Borehamwood

Russell Tricker, a former private school teacher who was
convicted of child sex offences in the UK, used his job as a
coach driver to ferry suitable boys from London”.

Nick Davies of the Guardian wrote that:- 
After speaking to paedophiles and their victims and to police
and social workers in Britain, Holland and Germany, we have
uncovered the inner workings of an international paedophile
ring. Its roots spring from Amsterdam, where, in the late
1980s, a group of exiled British paedophiles set up a colony.
Taking advantage of Dutch tolerance towards sexual behaviour,
they exploited the freedom of the gay community in the city as
cover to enact their fantasies and to make money from them.
One of the first to do so was Alan Williams, the ‘Welsh Witch’,
who already had a vicious history of abusing boys in south Wales.

“It was the British who formed the hard core of the new
industry: Stephen Smith, who had helped to found the
Paedophile Information Exchange, fled there to avoid
imprisonment in England; Russell Tricker, now aged 58,
a former private school teacher who was convicted of
child-sex offences in the UK, moved to Amsterdam, where
he used his job as a coach-driver to ferry suitable boys
from London; Tricker’s friend, John Broomhall, opened a porn
shop on Spuistraat and was caught with more than a thousand
copies of videos of under-aged boys; Mark Enfield, now aged 41,
sold a video of himself abusing a drugged boy; Andrew Prichodsky,
now aged 50, jumped bail in England on the eve of his third trial for
child sex offences”.

“Dutch police estimated there were 250 paedophiles involved
in the production of child pornography in Amsterdam with an
unknown floating population of child sex tourists from all over
the world - and it was the British who formed the hard core

“ (In) Amsterdam Tricker was part of the English group
of organised paedophiles which included Warwick Spinks.
In this group was Derek Brown, who had spoken about a
snuff movie made about the sexual abuse and murder of
14 year old Jason Swift in 1985, for which a Small number
of the group was convicted. Brown was convicted in the
Netherlands in 1989 for making child porn videos using Dutch
and Moroccan children, and his friends Mark Enfield, who
was also an accomplice in the murder of Jason Swift, but
has never been questioned”.

It was a friend of Trickers  John Rowe  who suggested the use of Spartacus Magazine  to advertise Elm Guest House.  Rowe also organised trips to Holland for the Monday Club, Rowe  and Tricker trafficked boys to Holland for the sex trade. 


The same sick  story emerges at every turn. The evidence against politicians , police officers, judges, senior civil servants is always seized by MI5. the Police or Special Branch and buried.  Then anyone who knows about it has to wait at least 30 years to talk about it or risk prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.   Now Camerons government, with all their 'Camouflage Inquiries' into child sex exploitation. have gone that step further and are using the Official Secrets Act to prevent  embarrassing disclosures about the child sex trade from officials.

This on-going cover-up is wearing a bit thin. We all know what your doing, we all know your involved. We no-longer trust  the stooges you put at the head of your inquires like Macur  and Francis Oldham and Waterhouse.   We no-longer trust discredited Police forces to investigate  the abuse of children  in children's homes and their  use for the child sex and porn trade.  We no-longer trust politicians of any party to care about vulnerable British children,  they only care for their own vain glory and fraudulent expenses claims

What we need is Customs Officers like  Maganlal Solanki and Police officers like Lenny Harper and Politicians  like Tom Watson and Stuart Syvret to take charge of all these inquiries and investigations.  We need the whistle-blowers to  head investigations into the child sex trade  only then will we get to the truth.

Neo Nazi groups and far right and far left run by MI5

Interesting incite into neo nazi groups by SImon Tomlin
SImon was part of the far right movement before uncovering the real agenda  so has first hand experience.
The question is not if MI5 officers have been involved with running neo-Nazi agents but rather how long they’ve been doing it for?
The evidence is clear, British spies have handled Nazis and Fascists since before WWII and this unholy alliance continued through the years of the British Movement and until 1997 with the use of Combat 18 leader Charlie Sargent.
For at least three years, MI5 had control of C18 and its leader Sargent, who gave the spooks tips on planned bombing campaigns designed to provoke a race war.
MI5 agent Charlie Sargent
Sargent and his State pseudo-gang immediately turned their murderous violence on the British National Party. This was the fundamental reason why I quit the BNP in January 1995.
It was impossible to fight a war against the State and run successful counter-infiltration operations with people who wouldn’t have known how to spot a plant if they fell over one. John Tyndall was no exception to this rule and in November 1993, he refused to deal with the undercover SDS officer and Searchlight Agent in situ at the BNP HQ.
It was no surprise that C18 started to behave in exactly the same manner as the British Movement. Gordon Jackson and Danny Tolan waged the same internecine conflict with the British Movement against Blood & Honour until Ian Stuart was killed in September 1993.
Within weeks of Ian Stuart’s shady death on the A52 in Derbyshire, Alistair Bulman emerged as the frontrunner to take over Blood & Honour and almost immediately the internal conflict came to an end, only to be replaced with another threat from Sargent and C18.
Bulman entered the far Right of course through the British Movement tunnel, heavily infiltrated by Special Branch and Searchlight Magazine. It is also unsurprising that Sargent also entered the far Right through the British Movement and served under Tolan in south London.
All of these leading figures entered other far Right groups through the sinister State-run British Movement and the most notorious infiltrator of the lot Ray Hill followed exactly the same route.
The British Movement was not so much a breeding ground for neo-Nazism but rather a fertile swamp for the State to infect other nationalist groups with infiltrators. The ultimate goal of which was to smash all forms of disestablishment political activism.
Sick animal Micky Lane, who led the British Movement after Danny Tolan
Sargent may well have saved countless lives by foiling a C18 bombing campaign but his career before 1994 was largely criminal and when he became an agent for MI5, his career was entirely criminal, resulting in the murder of Chris Castle.
MI5 recruited a criminal and merely helped to criminalise him even further. Sargent’s crime wave was sponsored and tolerated by shadow government and this allowed Sargent to think he was untouchable. He was genuinely stunned when arrested for the murder of Castle.
But Sargent avoided premature death by keeping his mouth shut about MI5. Whereas Jackson bragged about his Special Branch sponsors and died of a drugs overdose on 17 October 1995 at HMP Featherstone.
Hollywood 'Nazi' Alastair John Bulman
Searchlight agent Tim Hepple also entered the BNP and C18 through the British Movement and it has to be argued if that organisation has ever produced a genuine political activist?
The British Movement or BNSM has never achieved anything and its members have spent most of their time fighting other far Right groups – classic disruptive action tactics of the State. The objective is to destroy movements from within by fostering tribal warfare, which weakens anti-establishment organisations.
My own direct experience of the British Movement is one born in a bloodbath on 20 January 1990 when several of its boneheads kicked me to within an inch of my life. Of course none of those ‘heroes’ would fight me then or now in single combat but in a gang they become superheroes.
British Movement activists are among the lowest form of trash in society and therefore no surprise they should be the perfect proxies for MI5 and Special Branch. Evil thrives in its own company.
The crimes committed under the umbrella of State protection are entirely the responsibility of HM Government. If agents working for the State carry out crimes, then the Government is responsible for the crime wave.
It is impossible to give an exact number for crimes committed by neo-Nazi proxies working for the State but thousands of crimes have been carried out, particularly of a violent nature. Sargent went too far with cold-blooded murder but many others have escaped prosecution for GBH and attempted murder.
The State is not protecting anyone with this criminal rampage but the ultimate objective is to keep far Right and far Left groups divided, weakened and ultimately under control and as such no real threat to the status quo.
Criminal trash like Benny Bulman and Micky Lane are perfect examples of State proxies and they don’t seem too bothered about sharing female lovers either – all will be revealed in due course.
My advice to anyone considering joining these groups is don’t do it because they are riddled with State informants and agents, they have never achieved anything, will never succeed and are being used only as useful proxies or idiots.
Events over the last few weeks in Ukraine have shown the amoral depths to which the West is prepared to sink by funding and supporting Right Sector neo-Nazis.

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Paedophile cover-up's Kieth Vaz Corrupt Police and Politicians

Paedophile Cover-ups: Corrupt Police and Politicians 

 Written by a Former Police Officer struggling to Challenge the Police Reform Act 2002 which silences whistle blowers.


When I first joined the Merseyside Police I could never have imagined in my worst nightmare that I would hear and experience something I am going to relate to you now.  It was so disturbing I feared making it Public due to the fear of being labelled a Crank.  That does not mean that I was not continually working through and ultimately battling against the system to try and get it resolved.  The evil truth, and that is the only way I can put it, “Evil” is that the system is purposely designed to allow it to continue.
Following my training I was pulled aside by an Inspector who had an unusual talent for summing individuals characters up.  He apparently saw in me someone who would be totally unprepared for some of the Cultures that can be found inside Merseyside Police.  He was concerned I would be all too eager to challenge anything that I perceived to be unjust.  In short he gave me a warning.
“If you ever see or hear anything that you feel is wrong never make the mistake of approaching a Local MP or Councillor.  They strike-deals with the Chiefs that if they hear anything negative about the Force they will not challenge it.  The Chief in return for this Manus Manum Lavat agreement do not look closely when reports come in of their conduct!  Always remember when an officer takes on the Force he is also taking on corrupt politicians!”
I could never have guessed just what that deal-striking helped to cover-up.
I witnessed the bullying of officers who dared to complain of anything.  I saw many things, then when I deployed to Speke Police Station in South Liverpool I witnessed something that made it impossible for me to ignore what was going on.  On lates, about midnight.  I was in the Front Office updating logs when two colleagues came in and one looked like he going to start crying.  He was not going to start crying, he was raging. “I’m f**king fed up covering-up paedophile councillors!”
He did not mean he was doing the covering-up he meant every time he stopped a certain councillor who was cruising around the Speke area late at night with a young boy in his car and he put his suspicions on the NICHE system it was immediately blocked from going to investigation by the Force Incident Manager.  Note, he had not stopped this councillor once, he had stopped him on several occasions.  Therefore, the councillor was very confident his behaviour would not be investigated.
It was then I learnt that I was not the only one to be given a warning not to approach any local MPs or Councillors, the vast majority of officers had been told the same thing.  I decided I would test this and contacted my Local MP Maria Eagle and this where it gets disturbing.
I did not immediately say to Maria Eagle, “Guess what, a suspected paedo is cruising your patch!”   I started by telling her the nasty reality of what can go on inside the Merseyside Police.  Which I will explain in future logs, just to say it is nasty stuff, really nasty.  Maria’s response, when I could get one, “I’ll write a letter!”  The Force would respond basically telling her to keep her nose out of if and she would never challenge that.  I asked her on multiple occasions why she backing down at the first fob off.  She has never once explained why.  Then to my horror a photo of Maria Eagle standing with the Area Commander outside Speke Police Station with big buddy smiles is being posted on Maria’s website.  I will repeat,  I was not giving her little bits of throwaway gossip, I was revealing disturbing facts.
Her absolutely disgraceful response proved the warning the Inspector had given me was valid advice.  But there was no way I could keep silent when it came to children being put at risk.  I voiced my concerns toSir Hugh Orde, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers.  I have never received a response.  Then suddenly I was facing disciplinary action.  Great, I could bring it up in my disciplinary hearing, then something would have to be done.  Wrong!  The ACC who was hearing the disciplinary Colin Matthews put a time bar on what I could ask to be clarified.  One of the things I needed clarifying was a statement made bySgt Tracy O’Hara.  That is very interesting to note.
Sgt Tracy O’Hara is the Chair of the Gay and Lesbian Support Network at Merseyside Police.  I took exception to the fact she was encouraging Gay males to join the Force then if they were unlucky enough to suffer homophobic bullying she would abandon them to it.   (let me stress some Gay Officers never experience homophobia, it’s the luck of the draw if they are placed with the wrong block.  Human nature is bigotry will be found somewhere everywhere)  We got into a heated argument and I accused her of being a Promotional Prostitute who was selling her own kind down the line to climb the ranking ladder.  In one big outburst I blurted out that I was not convinced she was not fully aware of the paedos.  I could not have said to a worse person, the Bosses would soon know I was on to it.
When the PSD compiled my disciplinary file they by mistake included a memo from Tracy O’Hara in which she discusses being in a meeting involving the TRUE Team.  During that meeting I was discussed and Tracy uses these words,
“This could compromise the situation for all of us!”
What?  Just how is my talking about homophobic bullying and paedophile covering-up compromising the members of the TRUE Team?  That is an explosive slip up on O’Hara’s part.  It is who she is saying it to that is scandalous.  The Head of the TRUE Team at the time was ACCPatricia Gallan.  That is one step away from a Deputy Chief Constable.  And Gallan did not pull O’Hara up on daring to suggest she and others in the Force could be compromised by those issues being discussed?
That is what I wanted to ask during my disciplinary but ACC Colin Matthews would not allow me to.  I appealed against this in front of the Police Authority (Made up of Local Councillors) and when they asked Matthews to explain his actions he responded with, “No Comment!” and they accepted that as valid reply.  Interesting to note, when I asked the Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy for all the paperwork, none existed.  Luckily for me and unfortunate for Jane Kennedy I had kept the copy of the memo sent by Tracy O’Hara and refused to give it back to the PSD when they demanded it.
But what happened when I reported the deal-striking to Jane Kennedy, the IPCC, the Home Office and a plethora of MPs.   I could make this blog run into War and Peace if I named everyone that knows it is going on and has done nothing.  Enough to say, why am I having to write this Blog?
But I will tell you about the Crime Panel who is suppose to keep Jane Kennedy on her toes.  When Jane Kennedy was first elected as PCC for Merseyside the Crime Panel made a point of stating that they did not believe she would hold the Force and Chief Constable to account or be open and transparent with the Public.  Yet, they ignored my complaint that she was refusing to ask the IPCC into to investigate the deal-striking after the Force had blocked me doing so with the Police Reform Act 2002.  I sent multiple requests for a response only for me to be told that the Crime Panel had heard my concerns BUT
The deal-striking issue had been left out because they were sure I could appeal elsewhere.  No I cannot, I called their bluff and asked them where I could appeal to.  Could not tell me, then reluctantly informed me they would put it to the Sub Crime Panel.  Silence again, I still have not heard anything else.  The Crime Panel is made up of Local Councillors and is headed by Mayor Joe Anderson who championed Jane Kennedy standing as PCC because, to use his words “She will be loyal to Labour!”
Not once has Joe Anderson ever shown any concern or interest in the information on deal-striking.  I challenged Joe Anderson to agree to have his name run through NICHE to show he was an upright citizen.  Never responded.
And here is the rub in the issue.  If the Government and Select Committees were genuine in their claims to challenge paedophilia and general corruption they would all agree to having their names run through NICHE, but none will.  You can be a prolific offender and never get a criminal record.  You have to be charged first and some people have nice little deals going with their Forces to ensure that does not happen.
The truth is MPs are fully aware there is deal-striking going on not just between Merseyside Police and local MPs and Councillors, it happens in all Forces.
Well before you were reading about Savile, PIE etc I was warning of those kind of things happening.  You will hear Keith Vaz MP voice his shock and horror over Rochdale and how inefficient the IPCC is.  What the Right Honourable Keith Vaz will not say publically is that on multiple occasions he ignored my pleas for help when Maria Eagle was doing absolutely nothing and to this day continues to refuse to raise the issue in Parliament.
I will continue with this in my next blog when I discuss the Parliamentary Administration Committee and its claims to be wanting to help Police Whistleblowers.  As they say in all the best pantomimes,
“Oh no you Don’t”

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Report on child abuse says 'Take seriously what they say'

“Finlayson-Newman Report”: Listen – Take Seriously What They Say (1993) Lothian

lothian cc230792
City of Edinburgh Council have released the “Finlayson-Newman Report”:
Listen – Take Seriously What They Say (1993)  [1] authored by Alan F Finlayson and Alison J Newman, for John Chant, the Director of Social Work, Lothian Region. This was in response to a Freedom of Information Request [2].
The report was originally published in September 1993. It is  a “Review of present and planned arrangements for responding to complaints from young people in care with recommendations for further action” .
It was made in response to comments by Lord Caplan at the close of the trial of William Hogarth in July 1992. Hogarth was a residential care worker of the Social Work Department and was found guilty of 6 charges of assault over 7 homes and 3 childrens homes.
The council also say that “Within the text there is regular reference made to “Shrubhill”. This is in fact Shrubhill House which was the headquarters of Lothian Regional Council’s Department of Social Work at the time the document was written.”
At present I have only skimmed the Report I will update this post, on further reading. Any summary or comments on the Report to place it into context would be gratefully recieved.
Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers.  National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog.
This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email
Links, Hyperlinks and References
[1] Finlayson-Newman Report: Listen – Take Seriously What They Say (1993)  authored by Alan F Finlayson and Alison J Newman [1] prepared for John Chant, the Director of Social Work, Lothian Region
[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog
cathyfox the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

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Simon Tomlin author of 'Terror Gang'  has waged a war for 24 years for justice against police corruption in Derby, and Nottingham.  Last week he was arrested by the Nottingham police for harassment of Police Officers.

The inherently corrupt Derby and Nottingham Police seems to have a special relationship with Special Branch and M15 for whom they carry out raids on 'dissidents'  and seize evidence of corruption against Police and Politicians. 

Good people are targeted whilst criminals involved in organized crime are protected by Derby Police chief Mick Creedon on orders 'from above' .
Public Enemies: DCC Alan Goodwin and CC Mick Creedon
By Simon Tomlin  website
The ‘reputation’ of Derbyshire Police will never recover whilst haunted by the ghost of collusion with British Movement leader Danny Tolan and his evil neo-Nazi footsoldiers.
Their collusion continues to this day as Chief Constable Mick Creedon plays the game of burying his head in the sand but the truth is out and the police cover-up has FAILED. They raided me 10 days after I had dropped the final payload in the public domain.
24 years of lies, smears and threats has amounted only to crushing defeat for Derbyshire Police. The current calamity could have been avoided if CC Creedon had ordered the truth revealed, issued a public apology and paid me compensation but instead he elected to cause yet another war.
Of course it was not CC Creedon’s decision alone to provoke a war, he was aided and abetted by the Home Office, his ACPO accomplices, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and of course the incurably corrupt Special Branch.
E-FIT of Danny Tolan between 1990-1994
It takes a particularly sick person to protect an evil gangster like Danny Tolan but that is precisely what the Metropolitan Police and Derbyshire Police have done since before my attempted murder in January 1990.
To this day Calamity Creedon protects the British Movement gangsters who left me for dead with serious head and facial injuries. Their attitude is that I should have died that night and the corrupt police and neo-Nazis still want me dead but they’d need a professional for that job, cowardly amateurs will fail.
I must remind readers at this point that I am the victim, not one of the aggressors but the malefactors are treated like saints. Whereas the treatment handed out to me by the police since 1990 is tantamount to that of an abused stray dog. Do any of these evil bastards think that I will ever forgive them?
There will be no peace treaty with the forces of corruption and pure evil. The malefactors have all escaped justice because the legal system is run by gangsters who wouldn’t know the truth if they tripped over it.
So I want to assure the enemy that this war never ends until justice is done and there will be no walking away from the battle under duress of threats and fabricated allegations of ‘harassment’, which is their latest malicious fantasy.
I told Officer 0625965 – known only by a code number, with a West Yorkshire accent – on 13 March at a police station in Nottingham that I would not allow the malefactors to escape justice. I do NOT care about their lives, I care about as much for their feelings as they care about mine, nothing.
In 24 years I have not had a credible explanation from the police, not a word of sympathy, no apology, just threats, smears, abuse and more threats. I am NOT backing down to this organised criminal gang, they will have to kill me to stop this anti-corruption campaign.
But one vitally important aspect of my arrest came when I was being released on police bail. Officer 0625965 said I had a “photographic memory” and with this admission is the fact he agrees that what I told him in interview is true.
The two-hour interview was conducted in the presence of my solicitor Reema Alan and I was completely honest on a wide range of relevant issues, particularly the IP’s string of relationships with senior neo-Nazis but exposing this fact constitutes ‘harassment’ in her warped, politicised imagination.
Officer 0625965 admitted I have a “photographic memory” and that means he cannot turn around now and say I was lying. Total recall means just that and the “Nazi ground sheet” has no credibility whatsoever as a witness.
Happily, before the interview commenced, Officer 0625965 admitted my arrest was ordered “from the top” and that the investigating officers would be known by code numbers only to prevent their names becoming public property. All very Stalinist or entirely in keeping with similar practices in Nazi Germany.
There is no doubt CC Creedon played an instrumental role in my arrest and his subordinate DCI Jim Allen had already tried and failed to lure me into an ambush in August 2013. But obviously I’m not as dim as the police.
There is no doubt also that the IPCC will conduct another whitewash into the two complaints because this cover-up now has official backing from the Home Office.
Theresa May of course hates the fact that I exposed Tories funding the British National Party and Alan Clark’s monthly dinners with former BNP leader John Tyndall. My enemies are terrified of the truth, they are the original hate gang and I will NEVER back down to them.
Quite apart from which fact, HM Government is now funding and supporting neo-Nazi proxies in Ukraine. Collusion with pure evil is now official Government policy.
Backing the Russian position against the corrupt, degenerate, bankrupt West is the best decision I have ever made because only President Putin is leading the fight against neo-Nazism and their sinister puppet masters.
I feel privileged to be part of this battle, now assuming historic proportions.
Former Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark had monthly dinners with former BNP leader John Tyndall in London. This fact was covered repeatedly in Spearhead Magazine in the early 1990s.
Former Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark had monthly dinners with former BNP leader John Tyndall in London. This fact was covered repeatedly in Spearhead Magazine in the early 1990

Monday, 24 March 2014

83 year old and disabled Grandma B has been forced to flee the UK

Barbara Hofschröer is an 83 year-old, disabled great-grandmother. She has been subjected to a sustained campaign of abuse, which is now into its fifth year. Her abusers include ranking officers of North Yorkshire Police, the senior management of the City of York Council and local politicians of all parties. 
Lord Maginnis of Drumglass has kindly raised her case in Parliament (please see: 
) but the Home Secretary is refusing to act to stop these corrupt officials from plundering her assets.

We wish to force the Home Secretary to restore the rule of law to North Yorkshire.

Why is this important?

Grandma B's case is the tip of an iceberg. Corrupt officials and politicians are systematically targeting vulnerable, old people and plundering their assets.

North Yorkshire Police are also up to their necks in covering up for Jimmy Savile.

Nobody in North Yorkshire can possibly be safe until this rampant official corruption is dealt with.

For more about the story, please google: "The Abuse of Grandma B"
Sign this petition please  go on make a difference

Friday, 21 March 2014

Dr David Kelly another target for the cover-up squad

Dr David Kelly by Robert Lewis - Dark Actors: The Life and Death of Dr David Kelly is fantasy fiction in an effort to cover-up the truth. It concludes that Dr Kelly did commit suicide  because  of the circumstances  of his life "This could well have put Kelly in a position where he would have been facing the loss of his job, his reputation and even jail time – something he may have decided was too much to put his family through."
This is the hypothetical reason Lewis claims is behind Dr Kelly's suicide.

This could well have put Kelly in a position where he would have been facing the loss of his job, his reputation and even jail time – something he may have decided was too much to put his family through.”  politrixgames  comments:- 
So Dr Kelly thought “suiciding” himself, without a note of explanation, (yet dies of “heart failure”) would be less traumatic for his family…than losing his Job and having the respect of the nation for standing against Govt. warmongering spin …really? A lame and disingenuous conclusion that would only appease Govt./MI6 and Guardian apologists, me thinks.
Someone who’s a world renowned expert on, and has access to, lethal biochem materials, decides he’ll make use of “26″ painkillers which would have resulted in a slow and incredibly painful death, possibly, by kidney failure, if the strength was sufficient, not heart failure. The autopsy, if carried out professionally, would have evidenced kidney failure, which it didn’t, as he died before this process had sufficient time to run it’s course (up to days for many suicide cases)… and so he cuts a minor artery crossways, as opposed to along the length, that no one has ever died from and left a paltry amount of blood spilled before it coagulated, a spill later reported by paramedics to be added to, post mortem, at the scene of death.
This official story describes a man who knows exactly what can kill a person, instantly, has full access to the labs in which such lethal compounds are created and stored, leaves the family home “To go for a walk” to a known masonic ritual meeting place, apparently is planning to kill himself by the “evidence” of taking along a pack of painkillers and a tiny pocket fruit knife, is fully aware that a suicide without explanatory note will leave the world asking questions, and stymying closure for his family, has recently stated to a friend his sense that there are “Dark Actors” out there …..and so saves his family from distress (from the outside chance of temporary incarceration) by topping himself?.
This book is Satire, an insult to inquisitive intelligence, and for every reason on earth, grounds for a fresh & full public enquiry. You’ve wasted the price you paid for Lewis’ apologetic gloss of the Dr Kelly story and again your conclusion of the motive for his alleged suicide is uncharacteristically lame. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that this book is the only report you have ever read re. Dr Kelly along with recent MSM stories that prepares for the 10 year anniversary of this case. It’s not just about “did he or didn’t he kill himself” but the subsequent failure of the medical inquiry and Govt. inquiry to address the anomalies that contradict the official story. The astonishingly poor whitewash of an inquiry over the extremely controversial circumstances around his death is what has created a ten year long furore that remains to this day. This book offers nothing to appease the unresolved issues , I sincerely wish it had.
This is not some lightweight topic to pick up and play with. We now have available ten years of research into this matter, that any rational and reasonably intelligent individual could see requires a complete independent inquiry.The recent Guardian articles and Lewis’ book is clearly damage control as July 17th draws near. Your “piece” doesn’t serve you or the case Tom and this is no slur upon yourself whatsoever. There are far more important matters at stake. History will question this case along with those who were involved, including the players who sought to cover up the obvious.