Monday, 27 August 2012

British Justice Protects Peadophiles but Persecutes the Innocent

 This is an article from the Mail on Line reproduced below.  It is not possible to improve on the sentiments.

A notorious paedophile won his appeal against extradition to the US yesterday.
Shawn Sullivan was reprieved by the same court that ruled Asperger’s sufferer Gary McKinnon should be sent to America despite evidence he may kill himself.
The 43-year-old Sullivan, who was on Interpol’s most-wanted list, is now free to walk our streets without supervision.
Shawn Sullivan
Gary McKinnon
Warped: Notorious paedophile Shawn Sullivan, left, won his appeal against extradition to the U.S. yesterday.  The same court ruled that Asperger's sufferer Gary McKinnon, right, should be sent to America despite evidence he may kill himself
High Court judges said a sex offenders' programme in Minnesota may have breached his human rights.
Last night Gary’s mother, Janis Sharp, condemned the decision.
‘It’s a scandal this man has had his extradition refused by a British court, while my son who has been declared unfit for trial and at extreme risk of suicide by a Home Office-approved expert in assessing risk is still waiting,’ she said.
‘Ten years have passed waiting for his trauma and torment to come to an end.’
David Bermingham, who was extradited to the US as one of the NatWest Three and has since written a book on extradition titled A Price to Pay, said: ‘This case reveals at its starkest the idiocy of our extradition laws.
‘It is shocking we continue to see a string of extradition cases of ordinary British citizens who have ostensibly none of the human rights that are now being invoked for a heavyweight criminal.’
The UK cannot boot out Sullivan, who is a joint US/Irish citizen, because of his EU citizenship and his marriage to a Briton – a senior Ministry of Justice official he met in jail.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Assange will start Broadcasts again on Russia Today

Julian Assange will  start  broadcvasts again on the channel Russa Today.

A celebrity before his legal troubles  the diplomatic Row caused by the British threat to Storm the Euadore embassy  had made Julian a Star,

The editor in chief of RT [Russia Today], Margarita Simonian, said

“I spent an hour with him and we concluded that when all that is over, and I hope it ends soon, we will certainly resume cooperation with Assange,”

Margareta Simonian said she recently visited the Ecuadorean embassy in London to speak with Assange, whom she found “fit and well, jovial, at ease.”
RT, the public television channel broadcast in English, A the editor in chief of RT [Russia Today], Margarita Simonian, rabic and Spanish around the world, has already broadcast 12 programmes presented live by Assange who interviewed leading personalities.

We look forward to  Julian Assange resuming his broadcasts and look forward  with anticipation for more information  on the mysterious spy Andrea Davison.

Friday, 24 August 2012


Police Assange tactics revealed

Police have been instructed to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange "under all circumstances" should he leave Ecuador's London embassy.

BRIEF - EQ. Embassy brief - Summary of current position Re Assange.
Action required - Assange to be arrested under all circumstances.
He comes out with dip. immun., as dip bag, in dip bag (risk to life) in dip. vehicle. - ARRESTED.
Discuss possibilities of distraction. ...

Latest ITV News reports here

Assange arrest tactics spotted on officer's clipboard

The police instructions over Julian Assange's arrest were seen on a document held on a clipboard being carried by an officer in central London.
Assange police instructions
Sections of the document have been pixilated due to sensitive information. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Police told to arrest Assange 'under all circumstances'

Assange police instructions
The brief on Assange's arrest was spotted on an officer's clipboard. Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Press Association Images
Police have been instructed to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange "under all circumstances" should he leave Ecuador's London embassy, including if he was granted diplomatic immunity by the South American country or came out in a diplomatic bag.
The instructions for the tactics to bring in Mr Assange, including the possibilities of potential distractions, were captured on a police clipboard by a photographer.
Sweden wants to extradite him to face questioning over rape and sexual assault allegations.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Anonymous Bring Down UK Gvt Websites to support Assanage

 Well done to Anonymous the British Government only understand force.

Anonymous has  brought down British government websites in protest at the handling of Julian Assange's bid to avoid extradition to Sweden.
The self-styled hacktivist group targeted the websites of No 10 and the Home Office early on Tuesday under what it called "Operation Free Assange".
Hackers said they had also brought down websites belonging to the justice department and Department for Work and Pensions in the attack.
Anonymous vowed to continue targeting government websites as the diplomatic temperature around the WikiLeaks founder continued to rise.
The online DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks, which also hit sites in Sweden, came as the Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa warned Britain that attempting to enter his country's embassy in London would be an act of diplomatic suicide.
Speaking on state television as the standoff continued, Correa said: "I think it would be suicidal for the United Kingdom. After that, the diplomatic premises of [the UK] in other territories could be violated all over the world."
Downing Street has said it is committed to seeking a diplomatic solution with Ecuador over the standoff. William Hague, the foreign secretary, has made it clear Britain is obliged to extradite Assange to Sweden to face questioning over allegations of sexual misconduct, which he denies. Assange fears being transferred to the United States if he travels to contest the allegations.
The WikiLeaks founder has been in the embassy in Knightsbridge since mid-June and on Sunday addressed crowds of supporters from the balcony. The speech, in which Assange took aim at the US and UK governments, has proved to be a rallying cry for Assange's online supporters.
One Twitter account with 145,200 followers which is linked to the loose-knit group on Tuesday tweeted a picture of a man wearing an Anonymous mask, holding aloft a "Free Assange" poster outside what appeared to be the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Another Anonymous Twitter account, which has 281,000 followers, tweeted during the Free Assange attacks: "We're living in oppressive times. Sadly there's no other option than fighting even if that means being outlawed”
The UK Government are under pressure from all sides because of  what David Ike Calls the Fascist State they have inculcated.
Julian Assange and Andrea Davison were forced to seek asylum because the British Government  has a war on whistleblowers.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Sat 25 Aug: Free Manning! Stand for Assange! Two Vigils

Veterans for Peace UK have called a vigil for Bradley Manning on Saturday 25 August at the US Embassy in London that will then continue to join the ongoing vigil for Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy. See the VfP call out here.
PFC Bradley Manning is back in court on Tuesday 28 August for another pretrial motion hearing.
Location: 24 Grosvenor Square, London, Mayfair, London W1A 2LQ
Nearest tube: Bond Street
The vigil will be followed by information exchange.
3pm: Proceed to the Ecuadorian Embassy
Those gathered will then proceed on foot to the Ecuadorian Embassy, just over a mile away.
Route: Park Lane, South Carriage Drive, Sloane Street, Hans Crescent.

Stand for Assange!
4pm: Join the Vigil at the Ecuadorian Embassy

Julian Assange has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy for over two months. Although he has been granted asylum in Ecuador, Britain is currently refusing him safe passage out of the country and he still faces the threat of extradition to Sweden. Sweden refuses to guarantee that Julian will not be forwarded on to the US.
Location: 3 Hans Crescent, London SW1X 0LS
Nearest tube: Knightsbridge

Monday, 20 August 2012

David Ike Calls for the UK Government to stop persecuting Andrea Davison

 Headlines today on David Ikes website  are  The Silencing and Persecuton of Andrea Davison in Fascist Britain.

Andrea is belived to be  seeking Political asylum in Ecuadore  along with Julain Assange.

The Goverment have been persecuting her now for nearly  three years  after  stealing everything she ownes in a swoop in January 2010.   The orchestrated the raid to steal thousands of doucments on arms to Iraq and documents about pedophiles in the Police force and the former Conservative Government.

She was also deprived of the right to pay for legal advise or assistance by a restraint order and struggled without any help.   Three months before her trial she was granted  legal aid and the Court, against her will,  appointed the form of solictors  Garstangs of Strand London.   If she did not accept Garstangs then the Court would not allow her any legal advise and she would have to fund  collecting evidence and witnessess statements herself.

 Court appointed Garstangs worked  well for the corrupt prosecution and helped  to set-up the  client who did not want them but could not refuse them.

Everyone is trying to piece together exactly  what happend to this brave  woman who risked her life to expose  that the Conservative Government were selling arms to Iraq  As I find out more I will blog it.

Fascist Britian indeed where a brave womans human rights can be ignored and she can be persecuted relentllessly by a state with endless resources whilst she is deprived even of legal advise from solictors of her choice.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Interpol has announced that its Red Notice  for Julian Assange is still active. They are dedicating their  website  front page to make sure the world knows.  This is  clearly a political statement. The Western worlds police forces have been hijacked by a political elite who will brook no opposition.

The Interpol front page Red notice proves  the  Western World is engaged in a Political conspiracy to bring down anyone who dare to be a freethinker or whistleblower.   Julian is wanted  for allegations that he 1) did not use a condom when he his girlfriend said she wanted one.  2)  after a night of passion his second girlfriend woke up to find he was loving her again.    Come on guys this is NOT rape.  He was going out with both of them at the same time and they are obviously miffed. Easy meat for those who want to silence Assnage.

Powerful  corrupt Governments  with endless resources will stop at nothing to silence those who oppose them

16 August 2012

INTERPOL Red Notice for Julian Assange remains in force
LYON, France – INTERPOL confirms that its Red Notice, or international wanted persons alert, issued for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at Sweden’s request in November 2010 remains valid.Confirmation that Mr Assange’s Red Notice status remains in force follows Thursday’s decision by authorities in Ecuador to grant asylum to Mr Assange, two months after h...
1 / 6

INTERPOL Red Notice for Julian Assange remains in force

INTERPOL operation leads to arrest of mastermind of multimillion Euro car smuggling ring

Saturday, 18 August 2012


The international diplomatic row over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was escalating as Ecuador  increased its  support  from its  South American neighbours.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has warned UK authorities not to enter the country's embassy in London, saying that to do so would amount to a violation of international law.
Speaking during his weekly address in the Ecuadorian capital Quito, Mr Correa said if UK authorities did enter the Ecuadorian embassy, it would "destroy" all diplomatic ties between the two countries.

In the UK the  Argentina Embassy sent a  selection of cakes, including the national dish empanadas  to their counterpatrts in the Ecuador embassy. A source at the Ecuadorian embassy declined to say whether Julian Assange hadpartaken of the cakes. Argentina and Ecuador look set to lead the Americas in condeming the United Kingdom Government.

Having secured an emergency meeting of the Organisation of American States over what Ecuador says is Britain's threat to invade its embassy in London to arrest Assange, Quito is pushing for similar meetings of the Union of South American Nations, the left-leaning Alba association of Bolivarian states and the UN. On the agenda for the OAS meeting will be both Ecuador's claims that the UK has threatened the principle of "inviolable" status of its embassy in the UK and demands that the UK grant "safe passage" for Assange out of the UK.
The debacle  follows an arrogant  letter from the UK Foreign Office to Ecuadorean authorities, warning it believed it had a legal basis to arrest Assange in the embassy. Thus the UK threatened  to breech International law and diplomatic law.
The US, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago opposed the resolution, but 23 members voted in favour of the meeting. There were five abstentions and three members were absent. OAS secretary general José Miguel Insulza said the meeting would be about "the problem posed by the threat or warning made to Ecuador by the possibility of an intervention into its embassy".
He added: "What is being proposed is that the foreign ministers of our organisation address this subject and not the subject of asylum nor whether it should be granted to Mr Julian Assange. That will be discussed between Great Britain and Ecuador. The issue that concerns us is the inviolability of diplomatic missions of all members of this organisation."
The UK is currently spending around 1 million pounds a day to surround the embassy  outside and place officers inside the  shared parts of the  building. Is the arrest and persecution of one man worth that to the British Authorities and the British Tax Payer?
Is it worth having every British embassy in South  and Central America  loose their diplomatic immunity. Someone thinks it is worth it so what are they trying to hide?
The internet is buzzing with rumours. Some say that the British Government and the Police are really trying to get to  Former British Spy Andrea Davison who is believed to still be in the  Embassy,  What is clear is that no-one  will confirm or deny she is in there.

Friday, 17 August 2012


 The Americas  with the exceptions of the USA, Canada  and Trinidad  are to have a meeting to discuss Britian's appaling arrogance. Britian  beleives it  can make   or brake international law  as it sees fit whilst the rest of the world dissagree.   If a soverign state grants asylum to an individual that  decision should be respected by other States.

The Organisation of American States (OAS) has called a meeting of foreign ministers for August 24 to discuss the stand-off sparked when Ecuador granted asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
Twenty-three countries voted on Friday for the resolution proposed by Ecuador to convene the meeting at its Washington headquarters to discuss Quito's stand-off with Britain over Assange. The US, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago voted no.
The vote was taken at emergency talks to discuss the Assange case.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange ... diplomatic tensions over granting of asylum by Ecuador. Photo: Reuters
Assange, a 41-year-old Australian national, took refuge at Ecuador's embassy in London on June 19 to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over alleged sexual misconduct.
Ecuador granted diplomatic asylum to Assange on Thursday, triggering a diplomatic row with the British government, which angrily insisted it would still move to extradite him and threatened to storm the embassy,

The Americas as a whole  and Argentina in particular are fed-up with the overbaring arrogance of the British Government. Britian shows scant regard for Human Rights  and has  a  corrupt sophisicated legal system  which can be used to target anyone it considersd a threat,

Julian Asange although granted asylum by Ecuador is still holed up in the Embassy because the British say "we do not accept Diplomatic  Policitcal asylum"

Julian Assange may not be alone in the  embassy.  British citizen and former British spy Andrea Davison who's friend ' spy in the bag' Gareth Williams was murdered in 2010 is also in seeking asylum.

More links emerge between Julian Assange and Andrea Davison as it is revealed Andrea has been feeding Julian’s network  with intelligence for over 4  years. She was deeply committed to helping expose corruption and spent most of her life in this pursuit. She was a major witness in Lord Justice Scotts Famus Inquory into Arms to Iraq  she is an expert on Biological weapons like Dr Kelly.  Andrea and Julian hated the Iraq wars and the huypocracy of the Brtiish and US Governments.

Will Ecuador up the stakes and now grant asylum to a British National.  The American Nations will no doubt be discussing this on August the 24th.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


The British Government when faced with the prospect that their quarry Julian Assange would escape their clutches threatened to brake all international agreements and diplomatic law  and storm the Ecuadorian Embassy.
The British  are being  shown up for the bullies they are.  Julian Assange is one man  who has been granted asylum by a sympathetic  South American Nation. Who have shown that they do not fear the old toothless bull dog just because they have nuclear weapons. Weapons currently deployed of the coast of Argentina where the British bullies seek to threaten the Argentinean Government into giving up their clear sovereignty of the Malvinas.
South  American Country’s are just jokes to the British  Bullies who believe they are above international law

Last night  the  British  increased   the police presence around the embassy and warned Ecuador they could  withdraw the embassy’s diplomatic protection if they did not surrender Julian Assange.

 Ecuador claimed Britain had threatened to “storm” the building, which would have “significant implications” for countries around the world. This aggression was  condemned as a “complete intimidation” by Ecuadorian officials.

In a separate statement, WikiLeaks condemned the “menacing show of force” by police and said any transgression against the “sanctity” of the embassy would be a “shameful act”.
Mr Assange himself said: “I am grateful to the Ecuadorean people, President Rafael Correa and his government. It was not Britain or my home country, Australia, that stood up to protect me from persecution, but a courageous, independent Latin American nation.

“While today is a historic victory, our struggles have just begun. The unprecedented US investigation against WikiLeaks must be stopped.”

As to  the former spy  and arms to Iraq Investigator  Andrea Davison’s  asylum application  Ecuadorian officials refused to comment.  

It looks as if  Ecuador is the first nation to stand up to the British Bullies.  As Europe sinks into poverty and anarchy the rise of South America with its new social stability looks set to set the standard in Human Rights and liberty  for the world

Monday, 13 August 2012

The shocking story of Paul Watson another person fleeing persecution

Last week, Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, forfeited his bail and fled Germany after being held there under house arrest for 70 days. In the following message he explains his actions:
To my friends and supporters, I am presently in a place on this planet where I feel comfortable, a safe place far away from the scheming nations who have turned a blind eye to the exploitation of our oceans.
The German government said I betrayed their trust by leaving Germany, yet they had already betrayed my trust. The German politicians had made up their minds politically before the German court had made a decision, and during the time I was held in Germany, the Japanese negotiated with Germany to file for an extradition order to Japan on fabricated evidence provided by former Sea Shepherd Crewmember, Peter Bethune.
In 2010, the Japanese ship Shonan Maru #2 deliberately rammed and destroyed the Ady Gil, nearly killing 6 people. The Japanese captain was not even questioned, damages were never paid, no charges were filed and they took the Ady Gil captain, Peter Bethune, back to Japan where he cooperated to provide false evidence to the Japanese Coast Guard to blame me for the boarding actions, despite the on-camera documentation that I specifically advised against the boarding by Bethune.
We have cost the Japanese whaling industry tens of millions of dollars and in October 2011, they were allocated a war chest of some $30 million in misappropriated Tsunami Relief Funds to combat Sea Shepherd. With that money they have increased security at sea, filed civil suits in the US Courts against us, and they have researched just where we might be vulnerable.
And the one possibility they found was a decade-old incident that occurred in Guatemalan waters in 2002. This charge simply involves obstructing a Costa Rican long-liner with water hoses. It was an action that occurred with permission of the Guatemalan government and it was against a fully documented illegal shark-finning operation that was also filmed for the award-winning documentary film, "Sharkwater". It was against a vessel that only a year before had been convicted of shark-finning in the waters of the Galapagos National Park Marine Reserve, where our vessel the Sirenian had helped to apprehend them.
Japan had previously tried to have me arrested by Interpol for the Bethune incident but Interpol refused their request for a 'red' notification, allowing them only a 'blue' notice, meaning that countries could report my movements to Japan but could not arrest me.
In December, the President of Costa Rica met with the Prime Minister of Japan. I had attended the Hamburg Film Festival in November 2011 without being arrested in Germany. In March I traveled to Spain and France without incident. Yet in May of 2012, I was arrested in Germany on an extradition warrant from Costa Rica. And what I found was that Costa Rica, like Japan, had issued an Interpol notice and Interpol at the end had dismissed the request.
Germany however, a country without an extradition treaty with Costa Rica or Japan, decided to apprehend me on what they described was a bilateral agreement with Costa Rica. This, of course, caught Japan's attention and they began negotiations to apply directly to Germany with a request for my extradition. That request by Japan was approved by Germany on July 23rd, 2012. I was alerted to this by reliable sources on July 22nd.
With Costa Rica, I had the evidence on film and with two dozen witnesses I was confident that I could win the case against the allegations of the shark finners. My only concern was that Costa Rica would then hand me over to Japan. For with Japan, there is the absolute certainty that once in Japanese custody, I will never be released.
That certainty meant that there could only be one option: I made the decision to depart Germany immediately.
I find it absurd that in all the years I have been campaigning for the protection and conservation of marine life, where I have not caused a single injury to a single person and have only interfered with illegal operations as defined by international conservation law, that Japan can make accusations against me after destroying a two-million-dollar vessel, injuring a crewmember and almost killing five others.
I am very disappointed with the German government. For me it is obvious that the German government conspired with Japan and Costa Rica to detain me so that I could be handed over to the Japanese. For me it is clear that they made the political decision to turn me over to the Japanese even before a court decision was made. All the German people that I have met were supportive of the work I do. I did not meet a single critic in the streets, in the courts, in the media or at any of the events and presentations that I attended. Even the police and members of the court were supportive.
I am very thankful for the support that I received in Germany and especially from the sympathetic sources that provided me with the information about the decisions made and the impending political decision to accept the Japanese demand to extradite me to Japan, once a court decision would be on their desk.
This was never really about Costa Rica. It has been about Japan all along.
We have confronted the Japanese whalers for eight seasons and we have humiliated them at sea and more importantly we have frustrated their illegal profiteering from the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
This is not about justice; it is about revenge. It is about a small group of dedicated volunteers opposing an economic super power and a multi-million-dollar whale poaching operation in a whale sanctuary. It is about speaking truth to economic and political power.
Costa Rica and Germany have simply been pawns in the Japanese quest to silence Sea Shepherd in an attempt to stop our annual opposition to their illegal whaling activities.
I know the whale killing poachers of Japan will continue to exploit all avenues to find a way to stop me. I have, however, eluded them once again and I will continue to try and keep a step ahead of them, no matter what risks and costs have to be made.
I can serve my clients better at sea than in a Japanese prison cell and I intend to do just that. In December, our ships will sail forth for the ninth campaign to oppose the outlaw Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The campaign will be called Operation Zero Tolerance and we will risk our ships and ourselves yet again in the effort required to stop these pelagic bandits in their remorseless slaughter of the gentle giants of the seas.
Thank you for your continued support,
Captain Paul Watson
Also yesterday, at the commencement of a court case between Pete Bethune and Sea Shepherd over US$500,000 which Bethune alleges is owed to him, Bethune released a statement, with his side of the story of his explusion from Sea Shepherd. In part it reads:
I sacrificed a year of my life to Paul and the [Sea Shepherd Conservation Society], including five months locked up in a maximum security prison in Japan resulting from actions I took under the captaincy of Paul. He then expelled me from SSCS whilst I was in jail and their treatment of me publicly and privately since then has been a disgrace. The Japanese at least treated me with dignity and respect. Sea Shepherd in contrast has treated me like a used condom, throwing me away once I'd served its purpose.


Norm Scarth is an 86year old war veteran  he was born in 1926 and went to war in 1943 at the tender age of 17 to fight for liberty and justice and freedom from oppression
Now at an age when most men are wondering what  to leave to their great grandchildren   Norman has been forced to flee the United Kingdom in fear of persecution by the State.
Why would any country persecute an old man ?  Almost no country would  but the united kingdom is a Police State and Police States cannot tolerate anyone who steps out of line.  And Norman Scarth  did not  fight  all his life to  kow tow to a police State and their corrupt judiciary.
Norman has been a candidate three times in UK parliamentary elections - in 1997 at Chesterfield (receiving 202 votes), in 2007 at Sedgefield and in 2008 at Haltemprice and Howden. In Sedgefield, police were called to move him when he campaigned outside a supermarket.[1] In Haltemprice and Howden he came joint last with 8 votes.[4] He stood on an anti-crime platform and argued that "modern surveillance methods were as bad as the Nazis'". Norman  with his years of experience saw what would become of his beloved country and what ill fate would befall her people if the current regime were to be allowed to remove personal liberty and human rights.
Norman Scarth has also stood for his own Anti-Crime Party in local elections in Bradford, first standing in Bingley in 2007.[6] He was first arrested for shouting through a loudhailer outside a polling station in 2008  when he challenged the election result, in which he received 66 votes, with the election commissioner.
Scarth was the plaintiff in the case Scarth v. United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR 33745/96) that resolved that private hearings in small claims arbitration at county courts breached Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.[10] Civil Procedure Rules introduced in 1999 avoided further breaches. Wining a case in the Human Rights Court meant to the State that Norman was now on a hit list.
AT the age of 74 In 2001 Norman  Scarth was sentenced to six years in jail for threatening  a court bailiff with a chainsaw with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm.  This case was totally contrived  and Norman  knew  that the then burgeoning police state  was going to try to silence him. He spent four years in jail and two years in a psychiatric hospital, which he explains  was part of a conspiracy against him.
Torturing and tormenting  and old man and using the legal system to try to drive him insance became the preferred method of the UK Police State.
In July 2011, Norman  Scarth, who represented himself, was sentenced to six months imprisonment for contempt of court for recording a court hearing and for "contempt for all lawyers and judges". In September an appeals court reduced the sentence to 12 weeks less one day and he was immediately released. Lord Justice Pitchford stated: "Having had the benefit of information about the background, which was not available to the judge and could not have been since Mr Scarth refused to take part, we are quite satisfied that the public interest is not served by the continued imprisonment of this 85-year-old man without in any way reflecting upon the correctness of the decision made by the judge at the time", adding, "He is an unusual individual in that the nature of his personality disorder means that he is not one of those who is likely to see the error of his ways and, to use technical language, purge his contempt."
Following  his release he was again arrested  for giving out leaflets  and the corrupt State  and Judiciary  again were  going to  imprison  this aged  war veteran. A press release by his supporters read

 PRESS RELEASE from The Article 6 Group:
The arch-criminal Norman Scarth has fled the country to escape British Justice (now there’s an oxymoron for you!)   He has spread terror throughout West Yorkshire with his leaflets, grown men & women afraid to leave their homes for fear of attack.  Innocent people have sometimes been caught in the crossfire & have been seriously traumatised as a result.  A crack squad of West Yorkshire Police had been brought together & given all the resources they needed to nail this most dangerous man.  They finally did so, & in a Manchester court on 23rd February expected to be rewarded by seeing him put back behind bars for a very long time!  However, with the cunning of Carlos the Jackal he disguised himself as an old man and escaped from under their noses at the very last moment.  Manchester District Judge Taff put a Fatwah on him – ‘Wanted, Dead or Alive’ – preferably dead.  He is believed to have fled to Euroland or some such place.  Interpol have been alerted & there is a world-wide search for this most dangerous man.  People are warned not to approach him as he is thought to be armed to the teeth with leaflets. 
NOTETHAT is how the twisted minds of the Quislings who now rule Britain would describe Norman Scarth.   The nation praises as Heroes those who served on the Arctic Russian Convoys in the fight against Fascism, Norman Scarth being one of only 200 of those men now left.  Some will say he is MORE of a Hero now for daring to speak the truth about the Quislings who have achieved by stealth what Hitler failed to do by force, turning Britain into a ruthless, lawless, murderous & merciless Orwellian Police State, a country where speaking the truth is a criminal offence.  ESPECIALLY telling the truth about the rotten apples within the judiciary.  And we all know what happens to the rest of the apples in a barrel if the rotten ones are not removed!     
Dame Janet Smith was given the task of heading the Inquiry into the killings by Dr. Harold Shipman.  In her Report she identified a ‘Culture of Fear in the National Health Service’, whereby nurses & junior doctors were afraid to voice their suspicions about Shipman because they were in fear of the consultants, thus allowing Shipman to kill many more after he should have been stopped.  That ‘Culture of Fear’ goes much wider than just the NHS: it runs throughout the nation - people afraid to blow the whistle about crime in high places because they fear suffering the same fate as Andy McCardle.  Or indeed that of Norman Scarth who suffered 17 years of persecution before being forced to flee the country of his birth, the country for which he fought in World War II;  the country in which he worked honestly & hard all his life – harder than ever since he set out to expose the Judicial Mafia & other Quislings.  The shame is not so much that such evil, treacherous, treasonous people run the country, but that the British people allow it to happen!
Norman Scarth at the Age of 86 is living on the charity of people who know it is wrong to persecute anyone for their political beliefs let alone an old man.  Britain is an evil empire

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bus Driver Sacked for eating a Grape

 Bus Driver Sacked for eating a grape  read Peter Mullen in the Telegraph.
I am just about fed up of living in a police state. Today’s paper reports that a bus driver has been sacked for eating a grape in his cab. Now let’s be clear on the heinousness of his crime. He did not grievously abuse the grape. His devouring of it was not a racially aggravated snack. He just sat there in his cab and swallowed a grape, with no malice aforethought. And for this he was dismissed from his employment. What will become of his wife and children?
How in God’s universe could there be any possible justification for this sacking? Health and safety, that’s what. The commissar for transport – aka the poor fellow’s employer in the bus company – excused the action on the grounds that “the safety of our passengers is our top priority.” Look, Mr Bus Boss, that driver did not get out the Primus stove and sit there at the wheel cooking himself a full English breakfast while his hapless passengers were plunged to their untimely deaths over a precipice owing to his neglect.
He ate a grape – a bloody grape: whether of the white or red variety I know not. Let’s be clear. It wasn’t even a fermented grape. There is no suggestion that the poor sod was over the limit. It might have been a piece of chewing gum. Would that have incurred the same penalty?
It is long past the time when we should have pulled the plug on this sort of nonsense. And don’t think I’m making a fuss over something trivial. When I use the phrase “police state” I mean it to be understood in its full force. Totalitarianism begins by circumscribing the very minutiae of daily life. Or, as St Thomas Aquinas said, “Evil is banal.” Give the lad his job back. Sack the commissar

Britians are being persecuted by the State and living in a state of fear. When you leave  the once glorious isles of Avalon where druids talked to trees  you brath a sigh of relief.   No-0ne will convict you for crimes that are not crimes and never were crimes out side of Britain.  Wahat is wrong with the British people that they go along with the Police State I tell yu what wrong  they are all afraid all scared that they will loose their homes and their property and thoer liberty if they dare step out of Line.

The jury systmen that has protected ordianary people rights for so long  has been hijacked by the police state. The prosecution pick the jury and if they find  anyone innocent  then it will not be long be3fore they are picked up by the police and end up in the dock.

Britian is on the rocks.


The British Government are re-inforcing the Police State in the UK where the police have powers which the Stasi only dreamed of.  The last time the POlice had such power they qwere called the Gestopo. Political dissent is now ruthlessly stamped out  and anyonw who's political beliefs may cause a problem are being weeded out and set-up using the increasing power of the Police. 

The British government announced Thursday that it would mobilize an additional 3,500 troops for security duty at the Olympics, bringing the total number of soldiers, airmen and military police deployed for the event to a staggering 17,000, far more than are currently deployed in the imperialist war in Afghanistan.
The combined total of 49,000 uniformed personnel—17,000 troops, 12,000 police and 20,000 or more security guards—exceeds the size of the expeditionary force Britain contributed to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It is the largest single mobilization of British security forces since the Suez Crisis of 1956.
The target of this display of military force cannot be a handful of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists allegedly seeking to attack the showcase event, as the government of Prime Minister David Cameron claims. The scale of the mobilization is entirely disproportionate to the potential threat of Al Qaeda-linked groups, whose last significant attacks in Western Europe were the suicide bombings of mass transit in Madrid and London in 2004 and 2005.
The British government is mobilizing more than three times as many regular troops as the Bush administration did in 2002 for the Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City, Utah, which began only six months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and four months after the US invasion of Afghanistan.
The selection of weaponry belies the claim that small-scale or “lone-wolf” terrorism is the main concern. Why then patrol the skies over London with supersonic Typhoon fighter jets? Why deploy anti-aircraft missile batteries on rooftops in densely populated neighborhoods in east London, where the firing of heavy weapons is more likely to cause civilian casualties than any terrorist strike?
Why bring the largest ship in the British Navy, the carrier HMS Ocean, equipped with 40 attack helicopters firing rockets and heavy machine guns up the Thames? The last deployment for this warship was in the 2011 NATO attack on Libya.
Despite the nonstop barrage in the British and American media over the threat of terrorism, the police state atmosphere surrounding the London Olympics has far more to do with the increasingly tense state of class relations in Britain and the increasing resort by the imperialist powers to military violence around the world.
The Olympic Games are being held only a few miles from neighborhoods where mass rioting against police brutality and devastating poverty and unemployment erupted last August, after the police killing of an unarmed father of four. From Tottenham, rioting spread to cities throughout the country, with the Cameron government, the opposition Labour Party, and the corporate-controlled media all denying there was any social reason for the unrest. The official response to the rioting was massive repression and assembly-line prosecution of alleged rioters, who were summarily sentenced to long prison terms in court proceedings that made a travesty of justice.
Earlier this year, the Daily Telegraph reported that soldiers from the elite Third Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, blooded by years of deployment in Northern Ireland and Afghanistan, were conducting training exercises in Kent for future riot situations in Britain, including potential flare-ups during the 2012 Olympics. The newspaper concluded: “Defence sources have confirmed that if violence were to return to British cities, especially during the Olympic Games, the Paras would be ‘ideally placed’ to provide ‘short-term’ support to police forces around the UK.”
The total bill for the 2012 Olympics is approaching 10 billion pounds—itself an insult to the British working class, which faces nonstop cuts in jobs, wages and social programs, including education, the National Health Service and old-age pensions. Of this staggering figure, at least half is categorized as “security-related,” including 1.1 billion pounds for the police alone, and 4.4 billion pounds for the military and intelligence services.
Cameron’s Home Secretary, Theresa May, in charge of internal policing, has boasted of creating a massive intelligence database and setting up a special center “now producing and disseminating national Olympic threat assessments.”
The “threats” are not so much of violence as of political opposition to the austerity policies of the British government. May said that security had been heightened against “encampment-style protests inside Olympic venues” and that police would respond swiftly to “remove encampments and equipment.” The Metropolitan Police, for example, have stockpiled tens of thousands of rubber bullets, compared to a supply of only 700 before last August’s riots.

JULIAN ASSANGE granted Asylum

Julian Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy since June and is expected to be granted Asylum next week.

Equator a small and beautiful Andean Nation will be Julian's his new home.

There is no news of the asylum application of the equally controversial ex spy Andrea Davison.  Peter Eyre has written a series of articles about  Andrea but it is difficult to know how much is true and how much is false because it was well known Andrea sued Peter Eyre  over libel and won  never the less  here is  a link to  the articles  as they are interesting

Julian Assange is maligned in Eyre's articles as a CIA asset. But CIA Assets do not get arrested or persecuted in the way Assange and Davison have been; sometimes assets like Bin Laden are taken out but never arrested.

What is certain is that both Julian Assange and Andrea Davidson are innocent and they have started what will no doubt become an avalanche of  people in the UK seeking political Asylum to escape the Police State Britain has become.

Mr Assange, 41, who was born in Townsville in 1971, lived on Magnetic Island with his mother Christine. He has described growing up on the island as being akin to "Tom Sawyer."
Islanders are hosting a picnic at Picnic Bay on Sunday, to voice their support for the freedom of information fighter and have made a decision to erect a statue in his honour.

They will also discuss plans to erect a monument to Mr Assange, to mark his childhood island home, and as a symbol of his battle for truth and justice.
Local activist David "Crusty" Herron, who in the past has floated the idea of Wikileaks-inspired public urinal in the past, believed a proper monument was still a good idea.
"He's an award-winning journalist, who has shown the little bloke that he can't be pushed around," he said.

When Julian has been granted Asylum by Equator how will he actually reach his new home? That has yet to be seen.  Will Julkian and Andrea be dining together soon with a Andean View

Thursday, 9 August 2012


The prosecution Barrister Felicity Gerry who claims to be a Human Rights Barrister set-up Andrea Davison incollusion with  Derby Police officers.   It is belived that the Derby and Nottingham police blackmailed Gerry because of the Mark Kennedy  Ratcliff  power station case.

Gerry is an expert lier and deciever and when she was chosen to prosecute the Ratcliff power station activists by Notthingham and Derby  Police  through skillful lies and deception she  had all the  environmental activists convicted in 2010. 

If it were not for  undercover cop Mark Kennedy's confession to the convicted activists  that he was not Mark Stone fellow activist  but really Mark Kennedy on active duty  for the  Police  then the activists   would not have been able to Appeal their convictions.

Following Kennedy's confession in 2011 in the Appeal Court  it emerged that Felicity Gerry had lied to the Court and withheld evidence from the Defence.

 see Daily Mail

Felicity Gerry  did not care what lies she told  to get the activists convicted because she was already embroiled  deeply in cover-ups  and easily blackmailed.   She lives in Bedford with her husband and three children and is said to be involved with paedophiles.  How much  senior officers in the  Derby police are involved with or support  her activities is unclear  but Gerry is often chosen to defend paedophiles, but prosecute activists and whistle-blowers. She claims to be an expert of sex crimes and has written a book about sex.  Well that says it all. A touch of the Peter Righton!

 Gerry who knew that Mark Kennedy was an undercover cop lied to the Court.  If it were not for  undercover cop Mark Stone/Kennedy  coming clean and admitting he had set up the Ratcliff  Power Station Activists then  all the activists  would have remained convicted. With all the consequent losses and difficulties that piles upon people convicted of a criminal offense.

Felicity Gerry  did not care what lies she told  to get the activists convicted because she was already embroiled  deeply in corruption and easily blackmailed.   She lives in Bedford with her husband and three children and is said to be involved with paedophiles.  How much  senior officers in the  Derby police are involved with or support  her activities is unclear  but Gerry is often chosen to Defend paedophiles and prosecute activists and whistleblowers.

 A commission was set-up to investigate  the Mark Kennedy affair  and her role .  Gerry  lied to the commission saying she knew nothing about her own witness Mark Kennedy  being an undercover cop.  Gerry  lied in order to escape a long prison sentence.

So it was easy for the Derby Fraud Squad to blackmail Gerry into setting up the innocent sick  old lady  Andrea Davison.

Andrea Davison was well known for her work investigating arms to Iraq  and Iran  and had risked her life to stop  children and adults being blown to smithereens in the Middle East. She also had a long history of investigating child abuse and was a well know whistle-blower and friend of Geoffrey Dickens MP.

Known for her Compassionate nature Andrea could not be further removed from the hard headed  sex loving barrister Felicity Gerry.  But as is the case in a corrupt Country it is the evil women  who  are protected by society whilst the gentle and kind are destroyed.

Gerry helped to destroy the life of a working class old lady who had spent her life helping others  so  that she  Gerry could escape justice.   But Justice comes eventually to those who do evil

I escaped persecution to come to country the world believes has a just and fair legal system only to find it is a country of deep hypocrisy where the innocent are set-up by the State who have endless resources to silence  those who tell the truth,


Andrea Davison who risked her life to expose arms to Iraq and paedophilia in England and Wales has been wrongly convicted  by the British Government.


Like activists and whistle blowers before her  she was targeted by the State for political reasons. The State spent an estimated 1 millions pounds and 2.5 years pursuing an older  lady,  who even given what she was convicted of had harmed no-one at all.  She is believed to  have been providing intelligence to Julian Assanges network before she was arrested as the Mastermind in an international fraud  early January 2010.

Claiming Andrea  was  the Head of a criminal network  gave  the Derby Police,  headed by DC Stephen Winnard,   the excuse to search her home  in North Wales.   This was a ploy   to seize from her thousands of documents on arms to Iraq and Iran  and  documents which  name paedophiles in the police and the government.  They also wanted to silence  a   lady who, working secretly with the press,  had all but brought down the last Conservative Government.

Fearing Andrea may challenge the legality of their haul  of documents the Derby Police  obtained  a Restraint Order against   Andrea by  lying to a Judge that she was  the Mastermind  of the International Fraud.  This Restraint Order prevented her  paying for legal advise or assistance  and Legal Aid was refused. So from March 2010 until just before her trial in July 2012  Andrea was denied any legal  advise or assistance. This is strictly against the European Human Rights Law.  They even kept the Restraint Order in place following the trail and conviction of 13 of the real fraudsters in June 2011.   See full details f the fraudsters on this blog.
The fraud is on-going and the fraudsters are living openly  in Thailand, The Police  have not pursued or even  interviewed the men who are still engaged in this on-going  Fraud.

The prosecution Barrister Felicity Gerry who claims to be a Human Rights Barrister  was  brought in to set-up Andrea in collusion with  the  Derby Police officers.   It is believed that the Derby and Nottingham police blackmailed Gerry because of the Mark Kennedy  Ratcliff  power station case.

 Gerry who knew that Mark Kennedy was an undercover cop lied to theCourt.  If it were not for  undercover cop Mark Stone/Kennedy  coming clean and admitting he had set up the Ratcliff  Power Station Activists then  all the innocent activists   would have been convicted and jailed.

see Daily Mail

Felicity Gerry  did not care what lies she told  to get the activists convicted because she was already embroiled  deeply in cover-ups  and easily blackmailed.   She lives in Bedford with her husband and three children and is said to be involved with paedophiles.  How much  senior officers in the  Derby police are involved with or support  her activities is unclear  but Gerry is often chosen to Defend paedophiles and prosecute activists and whistle blowers. She claims to be an expert of sex crimes. Well that says it all!

A body  was set-up to investigate  the Mark Kennedy affair  and her role .  Gerry then  lied to the commission saying she knew nothing about her witness Mark Kennedy  being an undercover cop.  If she had not lied she  would have been given a long   prison sentence.
So it was easy for the Derby Fraud Squad to blackmail Gerry into setting up the innocent older lady  Andrea Davison.

The Solicitors Garstangs  of London were appointed by the Court against Andrea's will  and they failed to call any of her defence witnesses or present her volumes evidence proving her innocence to the jury.  Important evidence to prove her innocence had been seized by the Police and they failed to make disclosure of this.   The jury were not told about the thousands of documents on arms to Iraq and evidence of a Paedophile ring  that were seized  by the police or the numerous Human Rights abuses Andrea had suffered at the hands of the Police and the State.

In August of the  year of her arrest in January 2010  her friend and neighbour  'spy in a bag'  Gareth Williams was murdered in London by the same people who may be  out to silence  Andrea.

Even after persecuting Andrea for nearly three years  they  could not find any evidence that she has caused anyone any loss, or had harmed anyone and there was no complainant.  For example one of the crimes she  received a 2 and a half year sentence for was stealing a passport from the passport office. This was her own passport which she paid for. The passport office had put a 6 instead of an O in her date of birth and she has  not complained.   How could a jury convict someone of theft for stealing their own passport?  they should have realised the police were clutching at straws and had no real evidence against her if they were forced  to charge her with stealing her own passport.

She is  now  seeking Political asylum  the same as Julian Assange  and believed to be  in  Ecuador  or in the Embassy.

I escaped Palestine to come to a country the world believes has a just and fair legal system only to find it is a country of deep hypocrisy where the innocent are set-up by the State who have endless resources to silence  those who tell the truth,