Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bus Driver Sacked for eating a Grape

 Bus Driver Sacked for eating a grape  read Peter Mullen in the Telegraph.
I am just about fed up of living in a police state. Today’s paper reports that a bus driver has been sacked for eating a grape in his cab. Now let’s be clear on the heinousness of his crime. He did not grievously abuse the grape. His devouring of it was not a racially aggravated snack. He just sat there in his cab and swallowed a grape, with no malice aforethought. And for this he was dismissed from his employment. What will become of his wife and children?
How in God’s universe could there be any possible justification for this sacking? Health and safety, that’s what. The commissar for transport – aka the poor fellow’s employer in the bus company – excused the action on the grounds that “the safety of our passengers is our top priority.” Look, Mr Bus Boss, that driver did not get out the Primus stove and sit there at the wheel cooking himself a full English breakfast while his hapless passengers were plunged to their untimely deaths over a precipice owing to his neglect.
He ate a grape – a bloody grape: whether of the white or red variety I know not. Let’s be clear. It wasn’t even a fermented grape. There is no suggestion that the poor sod was over the limit. It might have been a piece of chewing gum. Would that have incurred the same penalty?
It is long past the time when we should have pulled the plug on this sort of nonsense. And don’t think I’m making a fuss over something trivial. When I use the phrase “police state” I mean it to be understood in its full force. Totalitarianism begins by circumscribing the very minutiae of daily life. Or, as St Thomas Aquinas said, “Evil is banal.” Give the lad his job back. Sack the commissar

Britians are being persecuted by the State and living in a state of fear. When you leave  the once glorious isles of Avalon where druids talked to trees  you brath a sigh of relief.   No-0ne will convict you for crimes that are not crimes and never were crimes out side of Britain.  Wahat is wrong with the British people that they go along with the Police State I tell yu what wrong  they are all afraid all scared that they will loose their homes and their property and thoer liberty if they dare step out of Line.

The jury systmen that has protected ordianary people rights for so long  has been hijacked by the police state. The prosecution pick the jury and if they find  anyone innocent  then it will not be long be3fore they are picked up by the police and end up in the dock.

Britian is on the rocks.

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