Maurice Kirk is the oldest prisoner in HMP Cardiff. Here we visited Melissa Laird with Maria, a serious victim of false imprisonment and other fraudulent white collar crimes.
  • In Maurice’s age bracket is Robert Green in HMP Perth.
Maurice has tried to help Gloria and Chiwar Musa as McKenzie Friend.
  • Robert has been helping Anne Greig‘s campaign for justice for her daughter and brother.14 04 21 Free Robert Green
Gloria and Chiwar Musa had their five children taken in April 2011 by Haringey Council.
  • Since then their sixth child was taken, returned and taken again;
  • Their seventh child was born in HMP Holloway and taken at birth – despite Sir James Munby’s judgement re Baby M R of 2003 about the right to breastfeeding.
Melissa Laird was in the next cell to Gloria in HMP Holloway.
  • Melissa was deported to the US ‘without reception’ on 12 September so that her son could be kept for adoption by Barnet Council – asJohn Hemming MP reports on his blog here;
  • Gloria was transported to HMP Send where her prison conditions are just as horrendous, unjust and inhuman as Melissa and Gloria have experienced them in HMP Holloway.
Christopher Booker, who has written 14 articles about the Musas and 2 about Melissa wrote this for Easter in The Telegraph: