Thursday, 30 May 2013

Macur to hold public meeting in North Wales about child abuse

Mrs Justice Macur  is to visit North Wales   with the review team to  hold a public meeting

She is offering  to see interested people  in Private on the 18th of June


Those who have provided evidence have received the following letter:_


Thank you for your interest in the work of the Macur Review, which is progressing well.

Mrs Justice Macur is keen to hear from as many individuals and organisations as possible and would like to let you know that we will shortly be holding a public meeting in North Wales, to provide local people with an opportunity to identify the Review team and to provide any additional information relevant to the Macur Review terms of reference.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday 18 June and will be held at the Ramada Hotel in Wrexham, to provide a neutral venue in a location with good transport links. The event will be attended by Mrs Justice Macur and members of the Review team. There will be two sessions; one starting at 12:30, the other at 18:00 when the Judge will say a few opening words, but in keeping with wishing to hear views, she will otherwise be very much in listening mode. Given the sensitivity of the issues covered by the Review, we would like to offer attendees a private appointment by prior arrangement if this would be preferable. Please contact Marie Colton at the address /contact details below if you are interested in considering this option.

There may be some local media coverage of the meeting, but Mrs Justice Macur is clear that she is not holding a press conference.

We do appreciate that you may not be available to attend given the pressures on your time. However, should you wish to provide any relevant information in addition to that already submitted, this can be sent either by email to<> or by post to Room TM 10.02, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Update on Operation Pallial North Wales child abuse investigation

Operation Pallial recently received an email, via a third party, from someone asking why some people were told about the Public Report being published in advance of April 29, while others with an interest in abuse in North Wales had not been contacted. We do not have a reply address to respond directly to the person, so felt it might be useful to share more generally what we are doing to keep those currently in contact with us, as victims or witnesses, informed. We thank those who have agreed to share this message with others who may be interested in Operation Pallial and we hope it also reaches the original person who contacted us.

Message from Ian Mulcahey, the police officer in charge of Operation Pallial.

While I am not able to confirm personal details of any individuals who may or may not have been contacted by members of Operation Pallial, for obvious reasons, I would like to share with you the basis on which we currently share or issue information.

Firstly, no information was provided to any victims in advance of the arrest of a man in Suffolk, as it would not be appropriate to announce police action publicly before it had taken place. We did issue a media release after the arrest and again after the man had been interviewed, to confirm that he was being released on bail while we continue to investigate.

As an investigation, following consultation with a number of organisations who represent or support victims, we were encouraged to provide victims who had come forward to Operation Pallial with advanced access to the Public Report on Progress, which was published on April 29.

We contacted everyone who had come forward to report abuse to us since November last year and informed them, in confidence, of the date and time that the report would be made public and how they could access and read it a few hours in advance if they wished to do so.

We have received positive feedback from victims, who appreciated being given advanced warning of the publicity generated by the report, together with an opportunity to see it; rather than hear extracts reported in the news media and online. 

We were not selective in informing only a few of those who came forward; in fact we reached the vast majority of individuals in the week before the report was published.

If anyone feels, as a group or individually, that they would like more engagement with us, I would be happy to discuss this. Alternatively, you can approach the Children's Commissioner for Wales, the NSPCC, Victim Support or the Chair of North Wales Police's Independent Advisory Group and discuss your needs with them. All of these organisations and individuals meet regularly with myself and other members of Operation Pallial and we welcome feedback on all aspects of the investigation, including our communications.

We will continue to keep victims and witnesses as informed as possible throughout the investigation. Clearly there will be occasions, such as arrests, where this will not be possible.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Mulcahey,

Detective Superintendent, Operation Pallial

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

So many Survivors of State child abuse are prosecuted by the Police for speaking out whilst their abusers go free

Kaz  a veteran fighter for justice for herself and other survivors of state sponsored  child abuse has been threatened with prosecution if  she does not  keep quiet.  Kaz  is not alone   several  other survivors from Skircoat Lodge, Halifax   have also been threatened with prosecution.  The police and CPS  are trying to protect their  abuser Malcolm Osric Phillips from coming to trial.    To achieve this the police have to silence his victims.  Halifax is now currently operating under the Yewtree banner.

The threat of prosecution is sadly not an empty one. There is a long list of victims and whistle blowers who have ended up  being maliciously pursued by the police and charged by the CPS.    Even when abusers are prosecuted they receive derisory sentences whilst the same judge gives heavy sentences to any victim  or whistle blower accused even of  a minor offences.

When it comes to systematic state sponsored  child abuse the Police use their power to silence victims and whistle blowers  by inventing charges against them.  Whilst wherever they can they protect the abusers  and   the lucrative child porn network .
The criminal justice system is  now so corrupt  and in the hands of  those without any respect for justice. It is now  used  as a tool of oppression  against the vulnerable.   Only those who can afford to pay privately for legal help  have any chance of proving their innocence because the state has endless resources to  use against the poor. Legal Aid  has devolved into a farce  where it only ' appears'  that the accused has an opportunity  to defend themselves.  Juries need to wise up to the States tactics.

It is the corruption of the criminal justice system that allows  child abuse victims who complain to the police  to be threatened with prosecution if they do not shut-up.

One victim who shared her  experiences on Kaz's   Blog  Is also suffering from persecution for speaking out. Her is her story:-

"As some are aware, a friend of mine has chosen in the past to share some of her experiences, very bravely, with the use of this blog.
Today she has found the courage to do so again with her take on Police Attitudes  toward historic Child Sexual Abuse.

Why I wont engage with pallial

November last year was a scary time for me, emotionally and physically and mentally. One Sunday morning I logged onto the BBC website, and there it was, the breaking news of the scale of abuse in North Wales Children's Homes. I was at first shocked that finally it was out there, and upset at the same time because I knew what lay ahead.

As someone who has been through the care system my experience of sexual abuse is different from yours, my abusers were paid to take care of me, as well as sexually abusing me, they physically and mentally abused me also. My abusers all knew each other and protected each other. As a 12 year old I had worked that out. I accept abuse is abuse, rape is rape, if you haven’t been in care, you wont have been made available to paedophiles, and when you were older and you felt brave enough to confront not only what happened to you, but to inform the police, they disbelieve you. The Police in my opinion in 1999 starting point was that your lying, that your to damaged to be believed. Add to that, what people like me have been saying since the 1960’s this abuse was organised, wide spread, and as our abusers told us, we would never be believed., I knew I was the victim of state sponsored child abuse, because the authorities knew and did nothing about it, therefore my abuse was expected.  I was told in 1999, when one of my abusers was still alive, that as I had been given cigarettes by one, this legally was judged to me a contract between us, he had paid me for raping me, I was 12 years old. So I then, for me any justice would have to wait, attitudes would need to change, and maybe the law itself would change. So when I read those headlines that Sunday, I thought the time had come.

So I did what  I was advised to do and contacted my Local Police Force to report yet again the abuse I have experienced. They didn’t see it as a priority and I respect that to them its is not, but I feel with the ramifications of my abuse each day, I have learnt that you have to wait for justice and a chance to be heard. An appointment was made for an officer from Warwickshire Police was made to come out to my home and interview me. Im a well educated product of the system, what our  abusers forgot was that we grow up, and despite they best efforts I manage to live a reasonably normal life.

On the evening the police attended my property, I was interviewed by a policewomen with the interpersonal skills of  idiot.  When I detailed my abuse whilst in the care of Byrn Alyn, the response I got was ‘that happened to you?’ I felt I had to defend myself. If that wasn’t bad enough when I further detailed other abuse, I told that my chances of prosecution were none, that the CPS didn't act on these cases, they were a waste of police time, and I was wasting my time. The Police women asked my partner how I was coping, did she think I was fit for a police video interview. When I challenged her on what she was saying to me, she told me she was telling me as it was. It was all about putting me off making a statement. This was a very upsetting experience, and the filth was asked to leave.  Even though I was given an incident number, Warwickshire Police have never contacted me to take this further. I did speak to the Officers Sargent, even though the officer took no notes she managed to write about 6 pages. Apparently according to the officer I had previously made allegations about my time at Bryn Alyn, I hadn’t, that I do know. For me this was my final opportunity to get justice, I had previously tried and failed.  Here we go again I thought, if its previously been investigated why bother? You know what, all this made me feel that I would rather kill myself than ever deal with people like that again. Well done Warwickshire Police, your service to me was immense. Like I have said, they have never come back to me about this.

Being ex byrn Alyn, I pushed the issue and after a period of recovery after the Warwickshire police incident I contacted operation Pallial. After a quick are you reporting sexual or physical abuse, I advised that whilst one of my abusers was based at Bryn alyn in wrexham, I was at Cotsbrook Hall in Shropshire. This home was named in the Waterhouse Report. They took my details and told me that I didn’t fall within there remit. They told me they would forward my details to West Mercia Police. Very quickly, after less than half an hour West Mercia Police called me, asked me specific questions, who when, any witnesses, can anyone else confirm this etc etc, West Merica advised me that I either needed to go to Telford Police Station to make a statement. I advised that Telford and Shropshire were not my favorite places and I declined, they said they would be in touch with my local force to arrange an interview.

Great the professional people from Warwickshire, don’t waste you time, we don’t believe you, you ex care scum bag. The scum from Warwickshire called me to make an appointment for me to go in to make a statement, I was advised I would be interviewed by trained people. I advised I wanted to take legal advise as from what I was being told, I would be involved in multiple investigations, spanning Coventry to North Wales, anything upto three different Forces, indeed, technically an incident took place whilst on an outward bound course in Cumbria, would that single incident be dealt with my Cumbria Police?

I decided against at that point making any allegations about my time at Bryn Alyn, for me the real damage lay elsewhere. I advised Warwickshire Police about this, they phoned me almost daily to make a statement. I was told that I needed to sign a statement stating that I at this time didn’t want to proceed, but when ready I would. This was not a nice meeting, I was told that the Police had chanced, they were not the same police they were in 80’s. This I found is statement to be very ironic. Same old, same old if you ask me. The following day West Mercia police called me, I was shopping and the police man was prising information from me, it hard they just keep on asking, keep on pushing answers out of you, demanding names, so they can have the full details for when they do interview me.

The following day, I was arrested by Warwickshire Police! I am currently being maliciously prosecuted for something I can prove I didn’t do. My abusers will never face justice, or even a police interview. They got away with killing a 12 year old (metaphoric), and they are still killing the same 39 year old, slowly and with complete contempt. Simply by being in care, my rights were and still are very much less than anyone else.  What Warwickshire Police have done is to undermine me and my credibility, simply because they value their public image more than protecting vulnerable children. My Abusers are still out there, and because just one was based in North Wales, and I was abused in Shropshire, I don’t come under Pallial.

E has now been told she cannot get legal aid to assist her through these charges falsely laid by her ex employer, as her money gets paid into somebody elses bank account (she has no account in her name) and that her financial assessment is taken from the bank records at the time of application.
Legal representation is estimated to reach £1000 for a day in Crown Court, that is without any prep work etc.
She finds herself facing the mercy of the Courts this Friday, undefended as things currently stand.

Free the Telford One!!!

 And one  pertinent comment

Wow, I am sickened to hear what you have been through and kind of surprised to find that some of it is similar to what happened to me. I reported abuse in 2008 and was treated like dirt and within a year was a criminal after 28 years of clean record and having never done anything wrong.
I have been ruined, because I reported abuse. I am sorry that they did this to you as well. I know the nightmare of cover ups and police corruption and I hope that you get justice. Don't give up.

 read more

 Child abuse solicitors  for Skircoast Lodge

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Judge Niclas Parry freed pervert calling paedophilia an unhealthy interest

Another nonce walks free from court. When are our Judges going to protect us from scum? north wales  asks blogger 

We could have told the blogger there was no chance  with paedophile lover Judge Niclas Parry
Elfed Williams
Elfed Williams
A SCHOOL bus driver who exposed himself to a 16-year-old passenger and kissed another teenage girl on the neck has been spared a jail term.
<respond_button adunit=”4″ buttontype=”2″ title=”North Wales bus driver who exposed himself to teen spard jail” id=”1″>On another occasion Elfed Lewis Williams, of Denbigh Road, Llanrwst, produced a camera and tried to put it down a girl’s top and slapped another teenager on the bottom a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court heard.
The 62-year-old admitted three charges of sexual assault and one of outraging public decency and was given a three year community order.
Prosecutor Sion ap Mihangel said the most recent offence happened in June near Trawsfynydd.
He said the 16-year-old girl had got onto the bus and saw Williams sitting in one of the front seats with his trousers down to just above the knees. She then fled from the bus.
Interviewed later by police he claimed he had injured himself closing a zip earlier at Llandudno and during the journey to Trawsfynydd had become “uncomfortable” and needed to put cream on his groin.
Williams had already been charged with three offences of sexual assault.
Mr ap Mihangel said the first assault happened in June 2010 when a 16-year-old girl was in a car driven by Williams.
He said: “During the journey he tried to put a camera down her top. Later during the journey he stroked her leg.
“The second offence occurred in May last year. The same girl got onto the bus and Williams tried to get her to expose more of her breasts.
“He left his seat on the bus and came up behind her, kissed her neck and touched her leg.”
A 15-year-old girl had had her bottom slapped by Williams as she walked off the bus, the barrister said.
“She did not think much of that at first and considered it a joke. But after discussing it with others realised it was not appropriate behaviour,” he said.
Sentencing, Judge Niclas Parry said: “This is a worrying case. You clearly have an unhealthy interest in adolescent girls. You manipulated your position of trust to take advantage of young girls and shows you are unable to control your sexual urges.”
The judge ordered Williams be supervised by probation officers for the next three years and must attend a sexual offenders course.
Williams was also handed a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) which bans him from speaking with girls aged 16 or younger in “a sexual or inappropriate” manner. He must also not seek to befriend or associate with girls aged under 16.
He was also ordered to sign the sexual offenders register. Both orders will last for five years the judge ruled.
Duncan Bould, defending, said he had pleaded guilty to the offences and had lost his job as a bus driver.
“He realises he will not be working with children any more,” he said.

Survivor of North Wales Child Abuse comes forward for the first time in a plea for justice

 One of our readers comes forward leaving a moving comment on:-


Nic Parry on the Sgorio set
Paedophile loving Judge Niclas Parry as BBC radio Presenter

"I was in Clwyd hall school and was abused by two male members of staff was bullied also by a mr Williams who became headmaster, I was bullied and abused for several years,,,, yet these convicts get silly punishments because they were government approved, myself I have not had a successful place in life, as im to defensive of myself in life as no-one was defensive of me during school life.... things were so bad when I turned 16 I changed my name by deed poll (and i'm now 47), so nothing would come back to me!, but now I see this and think its about time I came forward and help try and reconvict certain people, on behalf of all the poor lost souls who took there life because of there traumas,,, ( LET US ALL PRAY AND FIGHT FOR THE LOST SOULS THAT THEY ARE IN PEACE NOW)....I'm sorry im late with this but I've only just come across this problem, and thought I should voice my concerns..... the convictions that were given by the so called judge should be looked into as they were too lenient, maybe he was involved some way, as o know a father who hit his kids once and got 18 months sentence ,, so this was once , yet the abusers was constant for years and get silly sentences
anyway if theres anyone from 1972 to 1978 who would like me to contact them please leave email here and I'll contact you... please leave opinions regards mysterious"

The system that has protected paedophiles for decades whilst it pursued victims for minor offences has to be broken and it is only by survivors coming forward that this will be achieved.

If survivors prefer to use our e-mail to contact each other in confidence please do so. We will put you in touch with each other.

For sample of sentences given to peadophiles  read Steven Ryder who made and distributed child pornography and sexual abuse of animals is freed by the Appeal Courts


Why was convicted paedophile Warwick Spinks left free for 15 years to abuse more children

In November 2012, the murderous, paedophile fugitive Warwick Spinks was captured after 15 years on the run and imprisoned. He was living openly in Czech Republic. But for Spinks the Police did not seek his return by the simple use of the   European Arrest Warrent.

 Spinks was  caught on secret camera offering to supply a video in which a 10 year old boy was killed and another  featuring the horrific abuse of a young boy.

When Spinks was sentenced in 1995 at Lewes Crown Court for a string of offences against under-age boys, the court heard how he drugged a 14 year old boy and 'sold him' to a gay brothel in Amsterdam.

So why had it taken the authorities so long to recapture him when he was a well-known figure in the Czech Republic and hardly appeared to be in hiding?
Why had he been allowed to escape in the first place?
Could it be that, as evidence was emerging of a large-scale VIP paedophile ring, the UK government wanted him under lock and key to ensure his silence?
Could it be that Warwick Spinks has information that could blow the lid on who’s really involved in the horrifying organised child-abuse, snuff films and trafficking that’s taking place to satisfy VIP filth?
According to reports, Spinks is linked to the notorious Elm Guest House.
We sincerely hope Operation Fernbridge officers are questioning Spinks about what he knows.
Why wouldn’t they?

 Most wanted: Warwick Spinks, a violent paedophile who was on the run for 15 years, has been arrested at Heathrow Airport after he was found in the Czech Republic

” A team of detectives in Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Unit is investigating historic allegations that powerful individuals linked to Buckingham Palace, the Conservative Party and the legal profession routinely abused children at the three-storey property in the early 1980s.”
” The most infamous alleged visitor to Elm Guest House was Warwick Spinks, a violent paedophile who in 1995 was jailed for a series of sexual offences on boys, including serious sexual assault at knifepoint, taking a child without lawful authority and taking indecent images of children. Lewes Crown Court heard that he had he drugged a 14-year-old boy and “sold him” to a gay brothel in Amsterdam.”
Nick Davies first reported on scumbag Spinks in 2000:
” We have uncovered an international paedophile ring whose roots spring from Amsterdam, where, in the late 1980s, a group of British paedophiles set up a colony, exploiting the freedom of the city’s gay community as cover to make a business of their fantasies.
One of the first to do so was Alan Williams, the “Welsh Witch”, who already had a vicious history of abusing boys in south Wales. Williams arrived in Amsterdam in 1988, aged 21, and soon set himself up as the manager of a gay brothel called Boys Club 21 at 21 Spuistraat, near the central station.
Across the road at number 44, another British paedophile, a chubby Londoner named Warwick Spinks, then aged 25, was running a similar club called the Gay Palace.
Both clubs had a legal business, running a bar and offering the services of adult male prostitutes.
But Williams and Spinks had much crueller interests. Williams had fled to the Netherlands after being convicted in Britain of indecent assaults on boys.
In Amsterdam, he boasted of the day in south Wales when he had seen a 10-year-old boy on his bike, grabbed him, raped him, and, when he cried, strangled him.
From Boys Clubs 21, he organised the importing of boys from Cardiff and London, inflicting intense violence on any who defied him.
Spinks had been running a mail order pornography business from Brighton, before he moved to Amsterdam, where he pioneered the trafficking of boys as young as 10 – first, from the streets of London, and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, from the poverty of eastern Europe.
Having brought them to Amsterdam, he used these “chickens” himself, sold them into the brothels or through escort agencies and put them in front of the camera.
Some resisted, some ran away, but most were made to comply through the removal of their passports and doses of drugs and violence.”
A paedophile informer called Terry made these horrific claims:
“One boy had simply been shot through the head, Terry said: he had been causing trouble and had been executed in front of several paedophiles.
Another, he believed, had been thrown into one of the canals.
But the one about whom he spoke the most was a boy who had been tortured and killed in the most painful fashion in the course of producing a pornographic video.
Terry said he had seen most of the video himself and had vomited before he could reach the end.
The few detectives who specialise in the investigation of child abuse invariably say the same thing about “snuff” movies: they have often heard of them, sometimes pursued them but never found one.
The videos remain one of the great unsolved mysteries of the burgeoning underworld of international sexual exploitation.”
“Soon, other informants were offering more detail – each new fragment of the picture a little more alarming than the last.
One man, who was close to Alan Williams, said he had seen Warwick Spinks selling a special video for £4,000.
It showed a boy whom he thought was only eight or nine years old being sexually abused and tortured by two men.”
Spinks made the following claims to undercover police officers:
I am good at picking up stray chickens… I have been all over the world, I’m an international slut.”
He described how he picked up boys in Dresden, in Bratislava in the Czech Republic, and in Poland where, he claimed, they cost only ten pence.
All those chickens with no money, ” he chuckled.
In London, he said he was particularly keen on the hamburger bars around Picadilly Circus.
And he was full of excitement about Hastings.
The chickens down the coast are very bored, they have got no money, they are not streetwise like Londoners and they spend all of their time in arcades… ”.
Why was Spinks given a reduced sentence for his crimes?
Why was Spinks able to escape from a low-security bail hostel?
Why was Spinks allowed to spend 15 years living freely in Europe?
Why was Spinks rearrested only when VIP abuse allegations have gained so much publicity?
Why do the authorities want Spinks silenced?
As Spinks himself said to an undercover officer:
I know I’m a fat old queen, but I get away with it.
I get away with murder.”
Isn’t it about bloody time we found out why?

Reblgged from the Coleman Exerience

Met Police launch nationwide child abuse investigation into Catholic order

 New Child Abuse Inquiry Launched are abused children finally going to get justice?

Over the last two weeks the Met Police Child Abuse Investigation Command  has been  secretly running a new investigation into alleged child abuse involving former schoolboys who went to primary and secondary  schools run by the Roman Catholic Salesian Order in England and Scotland.
Some 23 alleged victims have already contacted in one of the biggest operations since Operation Yewtree  which involved  Jimmy Savile and Operation Fernbridge investigation into sexual abuse at Elm Guest House in Barnes – including tracing people who had left the country for Thailand.

 National child abuse hero Graham Wilner: Picture reproduced courtesy Rory Wilmer Photography
Hero Graham Wilmar

The full story is revealed today in The People ( and Exaro News( ). It is known to involve at least 30 victims and 20 priests and teachers, some of whom are now dead, and stretching back some 50 years. Some of the figures were prominent members of the Order which was set up in London in the late nineteenth century and now stretches world-wide.
The impetus for the new investigation comes from one former pupil of  a Salesian school, Graham Wilmer, who was sexually abused himself, and has tirelessly and heroically  campaigned for a full-scale police investigation into the order for decades.
He now runs the Lantern Project ( in the Wirral  which counsels victims of child sexual abuse and has managed to pass to the police 50 names of victims and abusers, some of whom had left the country.
The extraordinary decision to launch the investigation was finally prompted – after three false attempts – by a former pupil of a London Salesian school who was a senior colleague of Commander Peter Spindler, now at HM Inspectorate of Constabulary. He knew of the abuse in the order and directly contacted Spindler. His intervention led to Spindler launching the inquiry and the contacting of  victims. (See )
The Scotland Yard codename for the exercise is Operation Torva.
One of the schools where abuse by staff was alleged to have taken place was a Salesian College in Battersea, south London. Famous pupils there include Catherine Tate  who attended the sixth form and Lord O’Donnell, the former cabinet Secretary, who was head boy.
The Met Police said: “The Metropolitan Police takes allegations of sexual abuse very seriously regardless of when they took place. All allegations when reported will be recorded and investigated and where possible evidence will be put before the court in order that offenders will have to answer for their actions. Officers from the Metropolitan Police have been engaging with members of the Lantern Project in order to work in partnership to encourage those who have suffered abuse to come forward.
Graham Wilmer said: “It is a matter of great comfort to us that the response we have had, when talking to the police, has always been very positive, and no one should be concerned about how they will be treated if they report abuse to the police. I would urge any one who has been abused in a Salesian school, or elsewhere, to come forward and make contact with the police in the first instant.
“It has always been a matter of real concern to me that, up until the Jimmy Savile case, it has been very difficult to get justice for victims of sexual abuse, as nobody really wanted to know. Now, everything as changed, and the police, the DPP and the CPS are actively encouraging victims to come forward and seek help.
However, there is still no sign from government that they will provide the funding necessary to support survivor groups, such as the Lantern Project, without which the support that victims who come forward desperately need, will simply not be there.”
The police are taking calls  from victims on 101 or 999 and victims can also contact the Lantern Project on 0151 630 6956 if they don’t want call the police to report child abuse in the Salesian Order.

By David  Henke

Monday, 20 May 2013

Masonic cover-up and how Gerald Elias QC protected masons in the Judiciary and the Police

How did the Waterhouse inquiry protect paedophile Masons and Police and Judges  easy appoint a fellow Mason Gerald Elias QC to lead the Inquiry team. 

In 2004, Rhodri Morgan, the First Minister of the Welsh Assembly, said that he blocked Gerard Elias' appointment to counsel general because of links to hunting and freemasonry.

The Tales of the three Barristers
Two flourished — they became QCs. One has been honoured by the Queen, the other has made his name in major public inquiries.

Both are members of an important legal lodge in Wales.

The third prospered but was never made a QC. He believes this was because he refused to join the lodge.
He took his fight to the European Court of Human Rights but failed.
IT’S 1973. For five years Roger Everest has been a barrister at the chambers at 34 Park Place in Cardiff.
Everest is invited by his clerk Ken Gorman to join a new masonic lodge that’s being set up. It’s to be called Dinas Llandaf.
One of the founders of the lodge, Eifion Morgans, is a barrister who will later become head of chambers at 34 Park Place. Morgans is already a past master of another Cardiff lodge, Shir Gar.
ROGER EVERESTThe barrister believes his decision not to join a masonic lodge prevented him from being appointed a QC.
The barrister believes his decision not to join a masonic lodge prevented him from being appointed a QC.
Another founder is solicitor Sir Norman Lloyd-Edwards who had been a Tory councillor in Cardiff for many years.
Today he’s the Grand Master of the masonic province of South Wales. He stepped into that role in 2008 just as he retired from being the Queen’s man – Lord Lieutenant – in South Glamorgan.
Other well-known Tory members of the lodge have included Stefan Terlezki, MP for Cardiff West between 1983 and 1987 and Gwilym Jones, MP for Cardiff North and a junior minister in the Welsh Office from 1992 to 1997.
Everest decided not to join Dinas Llandaf. Ken Gorman warned him his advancement at the Bar would be affected.
Two other members of the chambers were happy to join the lodge. They were Winston Roddick and Gerard Elias.
When Dinas Llandaf opened for business the first master was the solicitor and Cardiff Tory councillor Julius Hermer.
In 1984 Gerald Elias was made a Queen’s Counsel – a promotion to the inner circle of barristers allowing the letters QC to be added after his name.
It’s called “taking silk” after the material in the gown a QC wears in court. Being a QC opens the way for a barrister to become a judge and with it the eventual possibility of a knighthood.
Roger Everest couldn’t help noticing that there was a masonic connection in Elias’ appointment.
The man who had an important say in appointing QCs in Wales, Mr Justice Leonard, was then presiding judge of the Wales and Chester circuit.
Elias’ appointment was made by the Queen on the advice of Lord Hailsham, then Lord Chancellor, but on the recommendation of the Presiding Judge of the circuit.
Mr Justice Leonard was a mason.
(He was also infamous as the judge in the 1987 Ealing vicarage case where he handed down shorter sentences for rape than for aggravated burglary.)
Two years later, in 1986, it was the turn of Winston Roddick to “take silk”.
Elias and Roddick are well-respected advocates who would no doubt have been awarded silk without any masonic connections.
However, Roger Everest claims that Eifion Morgans, who died in 1987, told him that their advancement was made easier by the fact the two barristers had met Leonard at masonic functions.
Roddick became master of Dinas Llandaf in 1983 and was followed a year later by Elias.
GERARD ELIAS QCDid his membership of Dinas Llandaf accelerate his appointment as a QC?
Did his membership of Dinas Llandaf accelerate his appointment as a QC?
In 1997 Elias was appointed lead counsel to the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal.
A year later Winston Roddick was appointed Counsel General to the National Assembly for Wales.
On his appointment, he resigned from freemasonry and has never rejoined.
In 2003, when Roddick’s term of office came to an end, Roger Everest was intrigued to note that the man nominated for the £140,000 a year job by the Civil Service Commissioners in London was … Gerard Elias QC.
However, First Minister Rhodri Morgan, a Labour politician with an ardent anti-masonic reputation, put his foot down.
Morgan said “I did not register any over-riding objection to the shortlist, although I did comment on the fact that one candidate, subsequently recommended for appointment by the panel, was a prominent freemason.”
“I was, however, prepared to waive my concern on this issue, noting that the candidate was prepared to resign from the freemasonry, as did the previous general counsel on appointment.”
“When the permanent secretary advised me of the recommendation from the panel and I read the full papers, I became aware of information not previously available to me that the recommended candidate was also a board member of the Independent Supervisory Authority for Hunting.”
Elias had joined the board of the Independent Supervisory Authority for Hunting ISAH. Another member of ISAH was Sir Ronald Waterhouse, the former High Court judge who chaired the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal of which Elias was leading counsel.
The First Minister vetoed the appointment because “I judged that the legal advice of a Counsel General prominently associated with these two controversial issues would not carry the necessary stamp of untramelled authority throughout the Assembly.”
THE DINAS Llandaf Lodge meets five times a year in Cardiff. The entry in the 2009-10 South Wales provincial yearbook names 34 of the current membership of 40. They are:S R Adam • A A Attard • F G Bottarini • G Bull • D Davies • J A Davies  • G Elias, QC • B M Etherington • S Evans • K T  Flynn, OBE • F A Green • P M M Grimson • J Hermer • E Howells • P S R Jamison • F A Jones • G A Jones • Gwilyn H Jones • G J Jones • M S  Lewis • K P Malloy • P R Marshall, OBE • W G D Morgan • P A L Mount • N H B Payne • P G Powell • J W  Reed • Neil J Richards • J W Richards • N J Richards • J S Sidoli • C M Williams • P M Williams, OBE • C E Yandell
DINAS LLANDAF, Lodge No 8512
THE LODGE meets five times a year in Cardiff. The entry in the 2009-10 South Wales provincial yearbook names 34 of the current membership of 40. They are:
S R Adam • A A Attard • F G Bottarini • G Bull • D Davies • J A Davies • G Elias, QC • B M Etherington • S Evans • K T Flynn, OBE • F A Green • P M M Grimson • J Hermer • E Howells • P S R Jamison • F A Jones • G A Jones • Gwilyn H Jones • G J Jones • M S Lewis • K P Malloy • P R Marshall, OBE • W G D Morgan • P A L Mount • N H B Payne • P G Powell • J W Reed • Neil J Richards • J W Richards • N J Richards • J S Sidoli • C M Williams • P M Williams, OBE • C E Yandell
Elias hit back saying he had never been to a hunt and had joined ISAH because of his disciplinary expertise in cricket. He had offered to resign from the organisation – and freemasonry – if it was felt there was any conflict of interest.
He denied that he was a “prominent” freemason and said he had not been an active mason for seven years.
This statement was made in March 2004. This suggests that he gave up being an active mason in 1997, the year when the public hearings of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal began.
Rebecca Television checked the Dinas Llandaf entries in the provincial yearbooks. In every year Elias is shown as a subscribing past master of the lodge which meant that he continued to pay his dues and remained a mason. He is still listed in the 2009-10 edition.
Elias accepted the First Minister’s decision to veto his appointment but added: “Whether … the First Minister’s personal objections to my appointment are proper considerations, either as a matter of public law, or even as a matter of fairness and justice to a candidate, I leave for others to judge.”
Roger Everest tried to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights but the Secretariat refused to hear it.
Rebecca Television e-mailed Gerard Elias about Everest’s claims. He did not reply.
We asked Rhodri Morgan to comment. He told us he didn’t want to talk about the issue.

Thank you to  Rebecca Television 2010 and 2013
A version of this article was published in April 2010.

Lets stop child stealing in the UK

 Sabine McNeill  has  launched  a petition  to  Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK  that non-UK MEPs want to take further in Brussels, as soon as 2,000 signatures are reached

 So lets help get those 2000 signatures.

  The UK is the ONLY State in the WORLD that gags parents whose children have been taken by Social Services. 2. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to permit forced adoption. 3. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to allow Punishment without Crime, i.e. the taking of children by Social Services from parents who have not committed any criminal offence. 4. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe taking children for emotional abuse and “risk of emotional abuse” – on the basis of predictions from overpaid 'experts' that one day parents just might harm their children. 5. The UK is the ONLY State in Europe to censor conversation between parents and children in care. Children are left wondering what they have done wrong, as parents are forbidden to explain the situation, or discuss the court case in any way. Phrases such as “I love you and I miss you” are also forbidden under the threat of contact being stopped immediately if the parents “transgress.” 

 Stop Forced Adoptions in the UK

Why this is important

While legally kidnapping is an international phenomenon, Forced Adoptions are unique to the UK. When 2,000 signatures are reached, they will be taken to MEPs.

This petition aims to stop all institutions involved in covering up these destructive practices, greatly helped by the Secrecy of Family Courts and a Judiciary that is independent from Government.

Over 1,000 children per month are put into 'care' in the UK. Generally against the will of parents and grandparents. Most of them are foreigners. Only a small percentage actually gets adopted.

An estimated 10,000 children went missing according to a report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Runaway and Missing Children:

The UK is the only country in which parents are 'gagged' and threatened with prison, if they speak out. In 2006, 200 prisoners were in prison due to the family courts. Hearings are carried out in secrecy, at times not even open to the media.

Although ratified on paper, the UK does not implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child or Article 8 of the European Human Rights Act, the right to family life.

More on what's unique in the UK on "Punishment without Crime":

Background information:

For the normal non-believer, this is your induction:
Mainstream Media Overview – quite a lot of articles that didn’t make a difference:

Our Portfolio of Nine Cases that we submitted to the Education Select Committee when it investigated child ‘protection’:

For the experienced cynic, this is your analysis:
Child snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups:

For the person who can be convinced by Statistics:
• The Money:
• The Kids:

From victims and their supporters who signed the online petition
• The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW:
• and added these marvellous comments:

Legally Kidnapped:
Forced Adoption:
The Independent - The untold story of gagging orders:

What is worst: babies are taken at birth, without mothers getting a chance of proving their parenting skills, or, even worse, in prison. Foreigners and immigrants are targeted – at a loss to understand and with hardly any chance of ever seeing being a family again.

Furthermore, it has become politically correct for homosexual couples to adopt children.

The motivation of Social Services tends to be money in a multi-billion industry that leaves broken hearts and damaged lives behind: parents, often falsely imprisoned, and children who will later use Facebook to find their roots and heal their feelings of abandonment.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lambeth Police raped and tortured children in Police cells to profit from the child sex trade

More and more evidence is surfacing  that  the Police are seriously involved in the use of children for the lucrative sex trade.  The public have been conned for decades into believing the British Police are above reproach, whereas the truth is they are seriously compromised by a growing and protected rogue element involved in organised crime and the child sex trade.

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In November 1997 the South London Press reported the finding of a sex dungeon complete with manacles , chains , bedding and a sleazy red light in Lambeth High-Security Police Head Quarters in South London. The civilian staff who leaked the story were suspended and Officers from Scotland Yard’s Criminal Investigation Bureau were called in.
Police Custody Suite
Police Custody Suite

From the copious amounts of child pornography found at the Police Station, it was soon realised that Children from Lambeth Care Homes were being taken to the Police Station for sexual abuse, rape and use in child pornography. It is believed several senior Police Officers were renting out Children and using the Police Station as a brothel.

Paedo Sex Dungeon

Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll ( who later went on to convict the Stephen Lawrence killers ) was put on the case and he soon started following up leads. However when his leads led him to politicians, including at least one who was a Lambeth Labour Councillor and is now an MP, he was taken off the case and put on disciplinary charges.
DCI Clive Driscoll - taken off the case.
DCI Clive Driscoll – taken off the case
However before his removal DCI Clive Driscoll had discovered that all 25 of Lambeth’s Childrens’ Homes had been run by a large paedophile network for over 20 years.
Ex-Lambeth Councillor John Mann MP
Ex-Lambeth Councillor  John Mann MP demanded an Inquiry 
There were around 50 Children who had entered Lambeth Childrens’ Homes and never been seen again by their families.
The leader of Lambeth Council at the time was Ted Knight (Labour) who was a close friend of Margaret Hodge (Labour) who was leader of nearby Islington Council. It is believed that Children were “traded” between Lambeth and Islington Councils.
Manacles similar to those found in Lambeth Police Station

When Councillor Anna Tapsell, who had campaigned against the sexual abuse of Children in Lambeth Care Homes and Police Stations for over twenty years, complained about Driscoll’s removal she was visited and “warned off” by a senior Police Officer.
Councillor Anna Tapsell was threatened by senior Police Officers.
Councillor Anna Tapsell was warned off by a senior Police Officer.

The Metropolitan Police set up a five year investigation, and as is usual in Britain three low level paedophiles got a couple of years in jail for minor sex offences. The major players all got clean away to continue their “activities“.
Police detain a youth – was he sexually abused or used for Child pornography at the Station?

The Police claimed there weren’t any links between the Lambeth and Islington paedophile rings, but I found some glaringly obvious ones within five minutes. Abraham Jacobs was convicted in 1986 for his part in a paedophile ring that specialised in picking up run away Children in Piccadily Circus to provide for the sexual abuse by BBC Executives and Labour Party Politicians.
Ex-Deputy Leader of Islington Council Jack Straw MP and “friend”.

Abraham Jacobs had worked at both Islington and Lambeth Care Homes and was known to Margaret Hodge, Jack Straw and Ted Knight.
Ex-Leader of Islington Council Margaret Hodge MP.

Another link is Michael John Carroll. He was one of the paedophile “fall guys” from the Lambeth Care Home Scandal – this is a quaint British tradition where small time paedophiles get convicted of minor sex offences and all enquiries are then closed in to the bigger picture.
Michael John Carroll convicted Child rapist.
Convicted paedophile Michael John Carroll  today.

Even though Carroll had been a relatively low paid Council Employee, on his release from prison he bought The Grade 2 Listed Hand Hotel on Church Street in Chirk ( just outside Wrexham ) for £725,000 cash. The Crest Hotel in Wrexham is usually linked to the Wrexham Child sex abuse scandal, but The Hand Hotel was also conveniently close to Wrexham  in North Wales.   North Wales childrens Homes were also used as a ready supply of innocent children for the child sex trade and regularly ferried to London for VIP parties in venues like Dolphin Square 
Hand Hotel near Wrexham bought for £725,000 cash by Carroll following his release.

Another link is Jason Hoyte a convicted paedophile and Police informer. He had been warned off by Police from hanging round Islington Care Homes and had somehow avoided a CRB check and obtained a job as a Youth Worker with Lambeth Council. He was sacked in 2006 after being caught grooming Children for BBC Executives on a Council run Youth training scheme, he tried (and failed) to sue Lambeth Council for unfair dismissal. He was jailed in 2009 for 9 years for sex attacks on, and grooming of, young Children.
Already convicted paedophile Jason Hoyte received a further 9 years.
Already convicted paedophile Jason Hoyte received a further 9 years.

On January 31st 2011 a Police Constable from Lambeth Police Station, Jordan Janssen, was sentenced to a total of 12 months in prison at Southwark Crown Court, by Judge Debra Taylor, for making and distributing Child pornography. This was a result of an outside Police Force catching Janssen emailing Child pornography to a man in Scotland. It is not known how much of this Child pornography was made at Lambeth Police Headquarters. Janssen has refused to reveal the identity of other Police Officers involved.
Lambeth Police HQ - how many other British Police Stations have paedo sex dungeons?
Lambeth Police HQ – how many other British Police Stations have paedo sex dungeons?

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Oxford child abuse scandal proves Police cover-up of child abuse is not historic

  Oxford child abuse scandal proves Police cover-up of child abuse is not historic

The Police and the Crown Prosecution Service continue to conspire to together to protect child  sex trafficking rings.  Isn't it about time we had a complete over hall of the criminal justice system? The Abusers were all Asians and the victims were all native  English,Irish and welsh girls but the crimes were part of organised crime and these children were exploited for profit.

Oxford child sex abuse ring: senior officials will not resign over failings

Thames Valley police's Sara Thornton and Oxfordshire council head Joanna Simons to stay in posts despite investigation errors

Phone hacking claims
Thames Valley police chief constable Sara Thornton is to stay in her post despite criticism of the investigation of the Oxford sex trafficking case. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA Wire
Senior officials have chosen not to resign over a catalogue of failings and missed opportunities which left a sex trafficking gang in Oxford free to exploit young girls for many years.
The chief constable of Thames Valley police, Sara Thornton and the chief executive of Oxfordshire county council, Joanna Simons, said they would stay in their posts despite criticism over the scandal.
The police investigation into the trafficking gang that operated in the backstreets of Oxford to enslave girls as young as 11 and sell them for sex, is continuing. Detectives are investigating more than 50 men and are urging young girls who might be victims to come forward.
On Tuesday seven men from Oxford were convicted of 43 offences of rape, child prostitution, trafficking and conspiracy to rape after a three-and-a-half-month trial in which six victims gave harrowing evidence of repeated sadistic abuse. Police believe more than 50 girls have been abused and prostituted by the men over many years.
The police and social services had several warnings about the activities of a group of men in Oxford as far back as 2006, including at least six complaints from victims. But no one put the intelligence together and there were no successful prosecutions.
A serious case review is underway into the failings by the authorities which is being led by David Spicer, a barrister and vice-chairman of the British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (Baspcan).
Thornton, who became chief constable in 2007, said on Wednesday she would not be stepping down.
"I think the focus for me is on driving improvements into the future," she told BBC Radio 4.
She said the cases were originally looked at individually when girls came forward to make complaints. She said: "I don't think we understood the extent that the abuse was systematic and it was organised. It was only when we sat down, pooled our information with that of the social workers, that we began to piece together the picture which explained what was happening in terms of this criminal network in Oxford."
Simons admitted that the council and others should "take enormous responsibility" for what happened.
She said she had asked herself some "very hard questions" but would not be resigning.
Barnardo's said a survey in England and Wales showed just 15 out of 56 known police investigations into child sexual exploitation in 2012 had so far resulted in prosecutions.
Anne Marie Carrie, chief executive of the charity, said: "Our services know all too well the difficulties involved in getting cases of child sexual exploitation to court but these shocking statistics starkly demonstrate just how hard it is.
"From talking to sexually exploited children around the country, I know the courage it takes to seek a prosecution.
"If we want victims to have confidence in the law, it is vital that justice is done and that we work together to bring about more successful prosecutions for these crimes."

Seven men have been convicted of a horrific catalogue of rape and sexual offences against young girls in and around Oxford.
Between them guilty of numerous offences: Akhtar Dogar, Anjum Dogar, Kamar Jamil, Assad Hussain. Bottom: Mohammed Karrar, Bassam Karrar and Zeeshan Ahmed.
The horrors inflicted on  children, over many years and while the authorities did nothing, are truly sickening. One girl, named Girl D in court, told how she was injected with heroin and sold to groups of Asian men for what she described as "torture sex".
Repeatedly raped by Mohammed Karrar, and prostituted by him, when she became pregnant she was forced into a backstreet abortion, branded with Karrar's initials, she said "He was branding me so that if I ever had sex with someone else, people would know I was his."
Jurors were told that Karrar "felt he was entitled to have sex with her when he wanted and in whatever manner he wanted."
Girl A attempted to return to her care home - only for a career to refuse to pay her taxi fare, leaving her to be driven back to Oxford where she was raped. She complained to police twice, and a medical examination revealed she had been subjected to "forceful sex" but no-one was charged.
It is believed that there may be over 50 victims, children subjected to a horrific ordeal no child should ever have to suffer.
Catastrophic failings by police and Social Services allowed this nightmare to continue for years, all because white liberals were more interested in covering up for Pakistani paedo's than defending their own people! A school support worker told the court that nine out of ten social workers knew that children were being groomed and abused by Asian men.
One girl told police that Mohammed Karrar had sexually assaulted her in 2005.
Three more victims came forward the following year including one who claimed to have been raped, abused, sold for sex, and treated "like a piece of meat". Karrar was interviewed but released without charge.
A 14 year old was spotted running from a guesthouse wearing only a towel after being beaten and raped by the gang, who had also injected her with drugs and urinated over her. No charges were brought.
Operation Bullfinch, the police investigation in child sexual grooming in Oxford, continues - more arrests have already been made as further sickening details of horrendous child abuse are revealed.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Investigation into Cyril Smith and child abuse dropped or what?

Police deny dropping Cyril Smith investigation

Date published: 13 May 2013
Following a news report that claimed Greater Manchester Police have have dropped their investigation into sexual abuse of boys by Cyril Smith, Detective Chief Superintendent Mary Doyle of GMP has issued a denial.

DCS Doyle said: "To say that we have abandoned our investigation into allegations concerning the late Sir Cyril Smith is misleading and inaccurate.

"From the outset, we have always stressed that if anybody wished to come forward and make a complaint, GMP would record this to recognise the abuse that victim has suffered.

"We have publicly said just how important it is for victims that any such abuse is recognised because as Sir Cyril Smith is deceased, no criminal prosecution can be brought against him.

"Since last year, we have only had a very small number of people come forward to report any abuse by Sir Cyril Smith, and we have had no new reports since then.

"We are still actively investigating the incidents reported to us."

Investigative news organisation 'Exaro' made the claim the investigation had been dropped and added: "The move by Greater Manchester Police is bound to trigger accusations by victims of the ex-MP for Rochdale of an establishment cover up. It contratst with Scotland Yard's decision to carry out a comprehensive investigation into Jimmy Savile, the ex BBC star and paedophile."
UPDATE 14/05/13

Nick Fielding, the reporter responsible for the Exaro story that GMP has dropped their inquiry into Cyril Smith, has contacted Rochdale Online and has the following to say:

"Let me reiterate that as far as one can see there is no ongoing police inquiry into allegations that the deceased MP was involved in sexual abuse of young boys. This was confirmed to me by GMP press officer Stefan Jarmolowicz, to whom I spoke on at least three occasions and questioned on this subject in detail. This is what he told me: "I don't think there is an inquiry. We have interviewed a number of people in relation to claims of sexual abuse. There is no plan to reopen it (the inquiry)".

Even today, in the statement issued today by GMP, DSC Mary Doyle can only say that: "From the outset, we have always stressed that if anybody wished to come forward and make a complaint, GMP would record this to recognise the abuse that victims has (sic) suffered. We have publicly said just how important it is for victims that any such abuse is recognised because as Sir Cyril Smith is deceased, no criminal prosecution can be brought against him."

Of course, GMP will act if someone comes forward to make a complaint, but this is very different from the statements made on 27 November last year when ACC Steve Heywood first publicly stated that the force was running an inquiry into Smith ("Greater Manchester Police has now assumed overall command of the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse made against the late Sir Cyril Smith."). In fact, despite similarities with the case of Jimmy Savile - who was the subject of a joint Metropolitan Police/NSPCC inquiry - GMP refused the services of the NSPCC, who offered to set up a dedicated phone line in Manchester to take calls from the public.

Having failed to prosecute Smith on at least three occasions, GMP should not be surprised that few people have come forward to speak to police about allegations of sexual abuse.

Nick Fielding
Exaro News