Friday, 25 March 2016

Now its illegal in the UK to have compassion. Police, CPS and Courts all in conspiracy to destroy Love

Today a court in Liverpool found two women guilty of the heinous crime of assisting the homeless community by the terrible crime of sharing food…
Ironically they were ordered to serve community service… for providing a much needed community service
streets kitchen
According to one comment on Facebook:
They’ve been found guilty of breaching a dispersal order under s35 of the Anti-Social Behavior, Crime and Policing Act 2014. It’s quite a new piece of legislation, but it’s application today does not bode well for future protests. A dispersal order can be granted where there are two or more people in the area engaged in the offending behaviour, and where the officer authorizing the order believes that dispersing them will reduce the likelihood of members of the public being harassed, alarmed or distressed.
It is an insanely broad power for the police, and one I am sure we will see in much more common use over the coming years
streets kitchen
Update on sentencing: Kim got 40 hours community service, £713 fine, and a £60 surcharge. Amanda got a tag from 10pm to 8am, a £713 fine, and £60 surcharge
This is in the City that just weeks came together to celebrate the life of a young man cruelly dying before his time due to the easily preventable cause of ‘homelessness’
#NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets: Liverpool Volunteers plan memorial service for homeless man who tragically died last week
We will update as soon as we can with latest developments
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  1. This is really disgusting don’t we teach our children to be kind and share to one another and not to critasize each other for being difrent when is being kind a crime!
  2. There can only be a crime if there is a victim.
    As there is no victim in this case, this ruling is defective.
    Be brave girls!
  3. So sad and angry. How much more will it take for people to stand up and be counted. POXY Politicians and POXY legislation. WE don’t need them or it.
    • Very interesting indeed… The very idea that such a law should be used in this way is worying and dissgracefull. I asume that a Merseyside Police officer must have made the arest and his seargeant must have suported the idea of charging them. I find such an attitude dissgracefull and moraly reprehencable. I would even go so far as to say…. APPEAL, I do not believe that a crime has been committed in this case. Except, posibly, unlawfull prosecution by Merseyside Police. I would like to know more.
      • In fact… The CPS have some answering to do… Three points must be considdered by the CPS in order to bring a prosecution… There must be a reasonable beliefe that a crime has been committed… There must be a realistic likelihood of conviction… & it must be in the public interest to proceed with prsecution…. It falls down on, at least, one of these criteria… It is NOT in the public interest to prosecute.
  4. This is crazy. The criminal justice system has long been used against people who are poor, homeless or in need of support. Now it is being used against those who wish to support the poor and the homeless.
  5. I cannot believe this is happening. What on earth are we coming to. We all need to band together and go out firstly in support of these two lovely, caring ladies and secondly to feed the homeless. Lets see how many people can be prosecuted for caring about their fellow men and women. We seem now to be living in a police state the like of which has never been seen in this country.
  6. What the hell is this country coming to when people are fined for caring about those less fortunate than themselves…who is making the new rules..not someone who has ever gone without that’s for sure. How can it be a crime to help someone, absolutley beyond comprehension…I dread to think what will be brought in next. Well hats off to the two ladies who cared enough to help others, you should be very proud, it’s nice to see there are people out there who do. I just cannot believe this is what happens to those who help people less fortunate than themselves…it’s a mad world!!!
    • This story is false. These women were convicted of throwing sandwiches to a group who had illegally occupied a building. Those inside than caused lots of damage to the interior. The women were not convicted for feeding homeless people.It is a shame that Streets kitchen choose to publish false stories when there must be many true stories which would support their cause.
      • I do not know enough about the background of the case to say wether this is correct or not… However, even if they were providing food to protesters or homeless people who had ocupied a building, I can’t see how feeding hungry people is a crime. It would be necesary to know the full nature of the ocupation or protest first to even begin to considder any possibility that a crime might have been committed. It is not ilegal, in it self, to ocupy a building. Also, even unruly prisoners and/or protesters, must be fed. Even feeding a known criminal is not a crime. To feed ANY hungry person is to provide humanitarian aid.
  7. It is up to the individual if they kindly want to help the homeless not the government.
  8. When was it illegal for one human to share food with another, surely feeding someone is a basic human function.. Shame on the the police that arrested these women, god help you if you fall on hard times
  9. Only in this country can you be prosecuted for feeding your own people, you just couldn`t make it up
  10. This just beggars believing,how ludicrous. Surely the Church of England must bring all its power into getting this law over turned. Good samaritans being fined for coming to the aid of another who was in need.
  11. Appalling! Disgusting! These two caring women were caring for people who should never go hungry in a civilised, democratic society.
  12. I think this is a disgrace! Also in Liverpool we have hundreds of huge houses EMPTY. We could house so many of the homeless.
    Something needs to be done to help the homeless it’s so sad when this is happening in our city
  13. I thought the law was created by politicians elected by the majirity to protect the vulnerable. What a mockery this makes of our laws and political system Its a joke when it is misused like this to harass compassionate people. These directives come from above putting pressure on services that could be doing more meaningful work. #stick it to the tories
    • This government was NOT elected by any majority! Only a third of the nation voted the Tories in. Two thirds, and therefore the majority of the population, did NOT want this government, whose track record clearly demonstrates they do NOT care for the vulnerable!
  14. The Police should not be able to use this Law against Charity workers. Too much unnecessary power in the wrong hands.
  15. Given that Tesco’s have said they will be giving food to homeless shelters, soup kitchens and food banks, will they be subject to this anti-social behavior act too ?
  16. This is madness and is like some futuristic novel featuring the badlands. Even the horrible Big Society ( in which unskilled volunteers are encouraged to deliver services once provided by skilled public sector workers) has been compromised by this ludicrous law.
  17. So which court found these ladies guilty of this heinous law? What have the local population done in response? What have the trade unions, the Labour Party, the Citizens Advice people DONE in response? If their conviction is not CHALLENGED by the people’s protectors and forgive me if I offend anyone here but the Unions and Labour are the only friendly ports of call I see open to these ladies. Has representation been made to either the unions or the Labour Party because this law is plainly unjust?> You have my contact details now and I would want a reply please.
  18. The fact we kicked a woman from power for trying to enforce the Poll Tax, yet run shitting ourselves, despite what horrendous criminal injustices and abouae of trust, that corrupt bastion*rd Cameron does. Shows just how pathetic we really are as now. Even to the extent, allowing this utter injustice go nationally unchallenged.
    The people of Liverpool, shame on you to sit in silence!!!
  19. This is what the Police in the UK are now all about:, enforcing statutes on their assumed employees who can be financially raped under the same legal personality for the benefit of the Corporate Law Society members as beneficiaries. Its time folk got wise to the law
    Regards statutory due process, most of the time these bandits do not even adhere to their own rules – Don’t make it easy for criminals to steal from you.
  20. How bloody ridiculous .Usually I support the police but this is going too far . The judiciary should hang their heads in shame . Morons
  21. Don’t deport them to Botany Bay Nsw got set to pass laws with 5000 fine and or 7 year jail for peaceful protest of gsg mining etc
  22. Morally right but legally wrong…what a mess. These two ladies should be proud for having decent values and integrity. The imposition of these fines is outrageous.
  23. Jesus had better not turn up in Britain at the moment. Feeding 5,000? Telling people to love their neighbour? It took three years for him to be crucified in Palestine, today in the UK he wouldn’t last that long. Shame on us. Does anyone admit to actually voting Tory now?
  24. This is the Tories starting their ethnic cleansing program to remove us peasants from society. They’re starting with the homeless and vulnerable and will work their way up from there. Speak out now while you still can and remember the words of the great Martin Niemöller…
    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
  25. The injustice these two women have suffered is appalling, but also this is very sinister and extremely worrying. Any and all legal demonstrations can be “dispersed” (how, exactly?) at the police’s whim. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  26. I find this unbelievable!! It IS NOT a CRIME TO CARE!!
    This is just a Dictatorship power trip! UK gone mad!!
    Sack the corrupt judge/Police and whoever did this to caring folk!
    Stop fucking about!! People need to eat, people need warm, homes, it’s NORMAL!!!!! NOT CRIME!!!!!
  27. Hi all
    Can some one provide us with more detail on this story and perhaps a court record source.
    Kind Regards walker
  28. What baffles me is how the Clown Prosecution Service let it get to court. If such a case was “in the public interest” then I am a Dutchman.
  29. SO Liverpool Police come out with some ridiculous story about WW 2 unexploded bombs to distract people from this story ?
    What do you think ?
    They are perfectly capable of lying to cover themselves , and a little bit of Fear Porn is good to frighten the public with.
  30. this is a really serious sentence these women have been given – tagging? £700 pound fines? Is anyone trying to identify a pro bono lawyer to appeal – there are really serious civil liberty issues here – Has anyone made Amnesty aware of the sentence?
    Let me know if it hasn’t – I will do what i can to help
  31. This is wrong and the chief of police needs to be brought to task for allowing it to go to court, this isn’t prosecution to protect the public!, . There is only one way to deal with this, that is to write for clarification of the the case, pass it over to our legal brothers and sisters in Christ and condemn this to every mp and church member.
    Imagine ken if it was you and I giving food to the homeless and this happened! This law, It must be redefined this not breaking Gods law to care for the weaker members of society.
    Where there is unjust law there is no law at all.
    Every decent scouser would condemn this.
    But doesn’t it seem that the application of this law is suspicious and that there is a hidden agenda here?!
    Don’t let this go silent, post it in everyone’s fb.
  32. Until we take back power, this will remain forever thus…
    Although the ‘movement’ is growing, it does so mostly ‘virtually’… Our opponents represent the most powerful on Earth… They have control of the intel, drones, governance, infrastructure, ‘welfare’, energy, economics, even our ‘armed forces’ are sworn to ‘obey the governance of the day’… Time to rise up ….
    … Or submit to conditioning and go under. To do so, will mean the end of humanity, one way or another….
  33. This will NOT stop me giving food to the homeless. As an OAP I can’t give money but anything else makes ME happy. The gratitude I’ve received when I’ve given and shook their hands has also been a benefit to my mental health.
  34. I am absolutely dumbfounded that these 2 women got to court at all, what is the matter with this country that 2 women should be penalised with such hefty penalties for helping the homeless. the judiscial system has gone to the dogs. The police are just bullies and no wonder people dont want to go to them about anything if they are going to be treated in such a heinas fashion.. this is becomeing a POLICE STATE
  35. This government, the Merseyside Police and the local council are an absolute joke. 2 people out doing good by giving food to the homeless and the get arrested and fined…all this while politicians give themselves a huge pay rise, claim expenses on their “2nd homes” for shit like light bulbs and cleaning their duck pond. I salute these 2 ladies and if I had the money I’d pay their disgusting fines. I hope those councillors and judges that sanctioned this feel good about themselves because 99% of the public think they are a disgrace.
  36. We all need to be told much more about this strange business. On the face of it someone appears to have lost all sense of reason. Quite a worrying situation as we stand.
    • Sadly as I mentioned in my earlier post this story is absolutely untrue. It ill becomes this site to post such selective reporting.
  37. Hi , I just wondered can we set up a crowd funder to pay the fines ? I have put this in Idea on my FB wall and several people have said they would contribute?
  38. The women “threw” sandwiches over a police cordon, to protesters in a politically motivated, illegal occupancy of a building awaiting restoration in Liverpool City centre.
    True, lots of the protesters were homeless, but the occupancy was a political stunt, to progress their political goals.
    The dispersal order was in place to prevent the disorder the occupancy was causing from spreading and the Police acted to prevent this.
    These were not homeless people without the opportunity to obtain food, this was political activists not wanting to leave the illegal occupation of the former Bank of England building, knowing they would not get back in.
    The women arrested were supporting the occupation by trying to pass them food.
    The police can, and do, make mistakes. This wasn’t one of those occasions.
  39. It’s true -this isn’t quite “prosecuting these women for running a soup kitchen” – but it doesn’t alter the fact that they have been meted out draconian punishment for taking part in a protest about homelessness.
    It’s unwise to mislead the public about the detail of cases like this – the left always have to be squeaky clean with our stories because the right have the capacity to rip us to shreds – but this is still a very bad story
  40. What a waste of the courts time and typical of petty burocracy in this country. It is alright for the likes of that Choudry to stand up and preach his bile but two ladies doing some good is wrong, the world has gone bloody mad!!
  41. Shower offers dickheads they were trespassing on private property. Forced entry to the bank clashed as breaking and entering. Fickle twats who pays for the damage caused?? Why defend them knobheads
  42. This is a total disgrace but typical of this shirt government is there a way we can arrange a whip round to pay these caring ladies fines
  43. On the face of it this sounds dire, but there isn’t any explanation of what actually happened. The police must have argued that some kind of offence had been committed and it would clearer just how unjust this was if we knew what events took place that the legal system has judged and acted upon in the way that has been reported. I’m afraid this piece, which is the only information I have, doesn’t provide enough of a picture of the issue. Of course, no one looking after other folk should be mistreated, so what actually happened please?
  44. Appalling, but this happens quite often in the USA so it just shows that the UK is following with police arresting people for helping the homeless. Appeal girls and good luck ☺