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Top Labour Politician covered up child rape by Top Tory Politician Sir Peter Morrison

Peter McKelvie has given me permission to publish a letter he sent to a senior Labour politician on 3rd August. No reply has been received as of today (8th August). The politician’s name has been redacted for the time being.
Dear (name redacted)
I am a retired Child Protection professional and the person who contacted Tom Watson, MP, in September 2012, as a result of which he asked a PMQ on 24th October 2012 regarding a paedophile ring with links to No.10, a question which led to the Metropolitan Police setting up Operation Fairbank/Fernbridge, which I ‘m sure you will be aware is both ongoing and rapidly expanding following significant witnesses at long last coming forward to tell the truth about the alleged appalling collusion of senior politicians of all the main political parties in the alleged abuse carried out by their colleagues.
I was sickened to the stomache when I first heard Edward Heath’s Chief Whip, the late Tim Fortescue’s account on Michael Cockerell’s 1995 BBC documentary of how Whips covered up criminal activity by MP’s towards young children and I don’t need to tell you the revulsion I felt towards our political masters having worked with sexually abused children over a 30 year period when I heard of how the Whips ran the Dirt Book system.
I was very pleased to see the BBC Newsnight team show the Tim Fortescue interview again on 7th July this year because survivors of abuse now have more strength, belief and courage than politicians are going to be braced for. Time is on their side and this time they will not go away until they get the answers they deserve.
I wrote to David Cameron on 16th September 2013 asking him to set up an independent body to examine the allegations of abuse by elite groups within the Establishment and said ” It would be better if you led such an exercise before it is forced upon you by public demand. THE LATTER WILL HAPPEN IN TIME “
Not only did people power win the day on the demand for an independent inquiry but it further demonstrated to politicians that survivors and their supporters would not accept token gestures such as the appointment of puppet figures to lead such an Inquiry.
My reason for writing to you is very specific.
You will be aware how the evidence against Peter Morrison has become much more specific in recent months culminating in a statement by Barry Strevens, Mrs. Thatcher’s personal bodyguard that he warned her that Morrison was ” involved in sex parties with under-age boys “
Graham Nicholls, who ran the Chester Trades Council when Morrison was Chester’s MP, wrote the following :- 
” After the 1987 General Election, around 1990, I attended a meeting of Chester Labour Party where we were informed by the agent, Christine Russell, that Peter Morrison would not be standing in 1992. He had been caught in the toilets at Crewe Station with a 15 year boy. A deal was struck between Labour, the local Tories, the local press and the Police that if he stood down at the next election the matter would go no further. Morrison walked away scot – free. “
An Independent Inquiry will need to examine this alleged scenario in forensic detail.
For the last 2 years I have been working closely with a very trusted, committed and dedicated team of retired police officers, investigative journalists and child protection managers and we will do everything in our power to assist and support survivors to get the answers as to who colluded over the horrific abuse they suffered at the hands of powerful individuals.
Survivors have shown enough faith in some of our group to disclose historical abuse that they have felt too frightened to talk about for decades.
It is through my work with this group that I have now received from 3 seperate sources an account of an alleged role that you personally played in the cover up over Peter Morrison’s rape of children and young people which he allegedly carried out in the full knowledge of senior politicians of all main parties.

This is the gist of the allegations :-
” A British Aerospace Trade Union Convenor said a member said he was raped by Peter Morrison as a child  – the Convenor went to the National HQ of the union who put it to Labour front bench. (name redacted) was saying that the Tory Front Bench had been approached. “
This I’m sure you will agree is very specific.
A second and third source confirms these allegations and it is alleged that these conversations first took place at a 1993/4 Xmas party hosted by the Welsh Parliamentary Labour Party.
I would like to give you the opportunity to address these allegations as they implicate you in a very serious cover up of the rape of a child.
Obviously I have no way of knowing whether the statements of other people are true but I will certainly present the allegations to the Independent Inquiry and demand that everyone involved is interviewed on oath.

Yours sincerely
Peter McKelvie

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Pedophile Janner dies conveniently before trial

Paedophile Lord Janner Dies Aged 87

Child abuser Lord Greville Janner of Braunstone has died only 9 months after requesting in writing that he continue to sit in the House of Lords. He had spent the last 25 years avoiding justice for the crimes he committed against young boys and has died just four months before a ‘trial of the facts’ which was set to conclusively demonstrate that Greville Janner was a sick child abusing bastard.
Sources familiar with the ‘trial of the facts’ had told The Needle that about 100 witnesses were due to give evidence against Janner and that the evidence was overwhelming.
Questions will now be asked about whether Leicestershire police and the CPS conspired to protect Janner by failing to prosecute him earlier and whether the delay as a consequence of the DPP Alison Saunders original decision not to prosecute Janner earlier this year allowed Janner to escape justice one last time.
Greville Janner was scum. Those that protected him are scum, and those who are friends of his and wish to eulogise his passing are also scum.
Only Janner’s victims deserve sympathy.
Once again, the Establishment can breath a sigh of relief, knowing as they do so that the sick perverted crimes documented by the conclusive prosecution case against one of their own, will remain out of the press.
Lord Janner, the former Labour peer ruled unfit to stand trial over child sexual abuse allegations, has died.
He had been suffering from dementia and died peacefully at his home on Saturday aged 87, his family said.
The peer had been accused of 22 counts of sex offences against boys – allegations his family denied.
A “trial of the facts” set for April will no longer take place. A lawyer representing alleged victims said they had been denied justice.
Liz Dux, who represents six alleged victims, said: “This is devastating news for my clients. They have waited so long to see this case come before the courts, to be denied justice at the final hurdle is deeply frustrating.”
The Goddard inquiry, which is examining child sexual abuse claims, may now examine the allegations, the BBC’s Tom Symonds said.
It had set aside the case while it was being dealt with in the courts

Thursday, 10 December 2015

How Spooks,Government, Media,Judges,Courts and Prosecution work together to jail activists all staged for State propaganda

SECRET documents reveal a State conspiracy to jail innocent men.  The documents sensationally revealed in Parliament yesterday implicate ex Tory prime minister and suspected serial pedophile SIr Edward Heath. In a conspiracy  with  spooks and senior cops who all colluded to secure convictions against the 'Shrewsbury Pickets'. 
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The government has cited national security concerns as the reason it cannot release classified documents that could help overturn convictions against 24 builders, including jailed pair Ricky Tomlinson and Des Warren. National Security is a common excuse used  by the failed UK State to hide its criminal activities against the people of the United Kingdom.
But as the world thinks about 'Human Rights Day' we consider  those activists in the UK who have recently  been set-up by the State . These modern activists should have their cases reviewed immediately.  It is utterly wrong for justice to be delayed  by 40 years as with the Shewsbury Pickets.  
To allow Miscarriages of justice against activists to stand  and not be investigated, allows corrupt governments to set-up more and more activists and cover-up these heinous Human Rights abuses.

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham blew the ‘Shewsbury Pickets’ case wide open by exposing previously unseen documents in a parliamentary debate on the historic injustice.
The explosive contents could help clear the names of the 24, nine of whom have since died, over four decades after the 1972 strike over pay and safety.
Mr Burnham said: “The documents I have revealed can only lead us to one conclusion — the Shrewsbury 24 were the convenient scapegoats of a government campaign to undermine the trade unions and the victims of a politically orchestrated show trial.”
They include a memo, marked “secret,” which proves the security services helped make the infamous Reds Under the Bed TV documentary.
The programme, which linked the workers to supposed communist infiltration of the Labour Party, was shown on the very night that the prosecution concluded their case against the pickets.
The memo was sent to a senior Foreign and Commonwealth (FCO) official by the head of the Information Research Department, which Mr Burnham described as a “covert propaganda unit” operating within the department.
It said: “We had a discreet but considerable hand in this programme. Mr Wyatt was given a large dossier of our own background material. It is clear from internal evidence in the programme that he drew extensively on this.”
Another memo reveals that knowledge of this smear campaign went all the way to the top.
After the programme was shown, then PM Edward Heath was sent a transcript of Reds Under the Bed.
Mr Heath replied: “We want as much of this as possible.”
A further note from the PM’s parliamentary private secretary alludes to a “new unit” which Mr Heath hoped was “in being and actively producing.”
“There we have it,” Mr Burnham told stunned MPs.
This is the same Prime Minister Edward Heath being posthumously investigated by Police for the rape and murder of children from care homes.
“The security services were helping to make a TV programme that was not just nakedly political in its aims of damaging the Labour Party. But in the case of the Shrewsbury 24, a programme that was prejudicial to their trial.
“The government were complicit in making that happen.”
Other documents unearthed by the Shrewsbury 24 Campaign reveal how then Tory home secretary Robert Carr directed police evidence-gathering.
A note from a meeting between chief constables and the prosecutors shows some inconvenient witness statements were destroyed.
It said some were “destroyed after a fresh statement had been obtained” because the first statement was taken “before officers taking the statements knew what we were trying to prove.”
That could be connected to a letter from the attorney general to Carr in January 1973 advising him that there was “no evidence of violence of damage to property” at the pickets.
Labour MP Ian Lavery, chair of the party’s trade union group, said it proved the case was a “miscarriage of justice organised deliberately by the state.”
Even Policing Minister Mike Penning, who refused to reopen the case in October, was stunned by the evidence. He congratulated the campaign for unearthing the documents, but bought time by saying:” I don’t make instant judgments.”
And who presided over the Shewsbury trial none other than Government Stooge, notorious Freemason, and corrupt judge Sir Maurice Drake. Drake also presided over the libel trial of North Wales Chief Superintendent Gorden Anglesea.   The top Police office who raped children from Children's homes and and then sued the newspapers and magazines who revealed the truth. Drake helped Anglesea illegally collect  £375, 000 in damages and helped the State cover-up the  truth about  VIP child abuse for decades.  Angelsea was protected by another senior Judge, friend of serial Pedophile Sir Greville Janner,   Sir Ronald Waterhouse.  Drake also jailed three innocent men for the murder of Carl Bridgewater.     And to top of his career he jailed for life an innocent Jeremy Bamber  for the murder of his family.   Of Course Drake is dead  and lived well all his life  from his criminal fraud on the tax payer. His family happily inherited  the blood money and live in St Albans 
Ludovic Kennedy said ‘most of the spate of miscarriages of criminal justice that have occurred during my lifetime have been the consequence of police corruption and judicial naivety; the police in giving false evidence to secure convictions against those they have deluded themselves into thinking are guilty and the judiciary in invariably accepting their word in preference to those of innocent defendants.’
But Actually it is worse.  If Queens Counsel's  and senior Judges are really stupid  t and unable to see truth from fiction hen they  should not be allowed to sit in judgment over anyone. If they are not stupid how can they fail to see the elephants in the living rooms. How can they fail to see innocence which countless untrained people find no problem in seeing.  They  spend their whole working life in the Courts and I can confirm they know how corrupt the system is. They could not fail to know. There is only one  reason they go along with such evil  and that is because  they are morally bankrupt and utterly corrupt.
Corrupt Judges lead to kangaroo Courts  where defendants have no chance against  the well funded State trio of Judge, Prosecution and Police all working together to deny them even a vestige of justice 
How do Corrupt judges 'get away with their crimes' ?  They are intelligentplausible, educated, move in the right circles. Their  psychopathic  tenancies mean they are incapable of empathy or compassion  and being elitists they dismiss the plebeian notion that  that suffering of the common man is of any importance. 
Builders’ union Ucatt acting general secretary Brian Rye said about the Shewbury Pickets  “In the 21st century — if this is truly a democratic country — its citizens are entitled to know why innocent men were sent to prison more than 40 years ago, under a trumped up, 19th-century law.”
Shewsbury Pickets official website

Jermany Bamber  whom Drake sentenced to  full life term knowing he was innocent
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