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Rolf Harris charged with indecent assault and making child pornography

LATEST August 29, 2013. Rolf Harris Charged: 9 counts of indecent assault and 4 of MAKING INDECENT IMAGES OF CHILDREN. A TheDuckShoot SCOOP.

After several interviews under caution, British police arrested Rolf Harris on March 28, 2013.
Rolf Harris Arrested by Operation Yewtree
Rolf Harris Arrested by Operation Yewtree
Harris, who in the past has come under fire for racist comments about aborigines, is known in underworld circles to own images of underage, sexually abused children. Police, however, have not confirmed this.
The British police, having covered up, ignored and refused to believe child abuse victims for decades are now hunting down the paedophiles. Operation Yewtree, set up in the wake of revelations that the dead serial abuser Jimmy Savile abused underage boys and girls, raped teenagers and had sex with corpses over a period of fifty-years. This investigation has discovered many sex crimes far beyond Savile, and the Harris arrest has nothing to do with the Savile case.
Rolf Harris, an Australian living in England is the latest, but there are many more in and out of the entertainment business. Will the police arrest high profile politicians and members of the Royal family? Will they arrest their own? Then there is the police and members of the judiciary who have conspired to cover-up these heinous crimes, will they be charged?

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BBC  Rolf Harris Charged

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High Court toady of the Government says OK to intimidate and terrorise woman and kids at Airport

Today the high Court ruled that  its OK  to detain a woman and her three children at an airport under the Terrorism Act and then prosecute her becasue she  resisted being physically searched.  What happened to common sence and decency?   Silvie lives in the UK with her children but is actually a French National.

It may have been reasonable for the police to question  Silvie when she had arrived home  about her husband who has been detained in France.  Although we all know that the real terrorists are Governments not individuals.

Why did the polie  want to forcibly strip search a lady  and interrogate her, without a lawyer, for 9 hours. Why a search was necessary when everyone knows you cannot get on a plane without being fully inspected.

What sort of Country has the UK become. Is it now a country  that persecutes EU  citizens remorselessly and uses every possible means to intimidate and subdue them.?  Warrick  Spinks paedophile who sold children into the sex trade was released this month after being on the run for 15years because the Court could not violate his rights.   Silvie Beghal was branded a criminal and had her life ruined by the Court  because she would not allow police officers to intimidate her.

 Silvie Beghal is a Muslim lady   who  lives in the UK with her three children  she went to Paris with her kids. What happened to her when she returned to the UK is a quite shocking.

She was detained, forcibly (with violence) searched and interrogated. All this under the Terrorism act although she is not nor has ever been suspected of any involvement in terrorism.

 Because she did not roll over and hope to die but was a brave and plucky lady the Police charged her  and destroyed her life. The British establishment then  ruthlessly persecuted her and her  family simple because she did not agree to be manhandled  stripped and interrogated for hours.

Silvie was seeking a legal declaration that her human rights were violated when she was prosecuted after refusing to submit to an interrogation under anti-terrorism laws at an airport.
Mother-of-three Sylvie Beghal was stopped and questioned, even though she was not "suspected" of being a terrorist.
east midlands airport

Sylvie Beghal was returning to the UK from a visit to Paris
Police officers said they needed to speak to her regarding her "possible involvement" in acts of terrorism.
In what is believed to be the first legal challenge of its kind, Mrs Beghal's lawyers argued this week at London's High Court heard.that the entire process of stopping and questioning people "without reasonable suspicion" breaches the European Convention on Human Rights.
They said it was significant that Mrs Beghal had no right of access to a lawyer while being questioned and was being put under direct compulsion to provide information.
The court heard she indicated she would answer questions after the arrival of her lawyer, but the police chose not to wait.
When her lawyer arrived after her questioning had finished, the officers did not seek to ask her any more questions in the lawyer's presence, three judges were told.
Mrs Beghal, a French national living in the UK, arrived back at East Midlands Airport with her children on 4 January 2011 following a visit to Paris but was not formally detained or arrested.
She was stopped at the UK Border Agency desk but refused to co-operate with questioning by Leicestershire police officers acting under powers given by schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 (TACT).
Mrs Beghal asked to consult with a lawyer and for an opportunity to pray.
After being given time to pray, police officers told her she could telephone her lawyer after she was searched. The prosecution initially accused her of physically resisting the search.
ukba east midlands

Ms Beghal refused to co-operate when she was stopped at the UKBA desk
At 9.30pm she was taken to a room for an examination under Schedule 7 and asked to provide reasons for her journey, where she stayed in Paris, whom she had met or visited and how her travel was funded.
She was also asked whether she had a criminal record and about her knowledge of the French-Algerian community in Leicestershire, her use of vehicles, the languages she spoke and her current and past employment.
She failed to provide answers to most of the questions, indicating she would only answer questions after her lawyer arrived.
She was subsequently charged with wilfully obstructing a search, assaulting a constable and wilfully failing to comply with her duty under Schedule 7 to answer questions.
The first two charges were eventually dismissed in December 2011 after the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence and Mrs Beghal pleaded guilty to the third charge.
She did so after District Judge Temperley, sitting at Leicester Magistrates' Court, refused her request to stay the charge as an abuse of process, and the case was referred to the High Court.
Ms Beghal's counsel Matthew Ryder asked three senior judges - Lord Justice Gross, Mrs Justice Swift and Mr Justice Foskett - to rule Schedule 7 "incompatible" with the human rights convention.
Mr Ryder argued Schedule 7 violated the right to liberty (Article 5), right to a fair trial (Article 6) and Ms Beghal's right to protection for her private and family life (Article 8).
Mr Ryder also argued the prosecution was an unjustifiable interference with Ms Beghal's "right to free movement" within an EU country as an EU national.
Louis Malby, appearing for the Crown Prosecution Service, told the judges that Schedule 7 empowered officers to question a person entering or leaving the country if they "appear to be a person who is, or has been, concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism".
Any person being questioned was under a legal duty to give the officer any information in his or her possession that was requested.
Arguing that Mrs Beghal's rights had not been breached, Mr Malby said: "The ability to stop and examine passengers at ports is an essential tool in the protection of the public from terrorism."
Mr Malby said Mrs Beghal was given an opportunity to consult with a solicitor in advance of questioning, and it was agreed that a telephone consultation took place.
But a solicitor would have had no purpose at the actual questioning, other than as an observer to ensure proper procedure, as Mrs Beghal was under a legal obligation to answer the questions put to her.

Here is a link to the Judges judgment      Look at how smug they are. How would they feel if it was their wife and kids put through a 9 hour ordeal of intimidation and force?

Edward Snowden Spoof Twitter account @eJosephSnowden fools thousands

@eJosephSnowden Is Not Edward Snowden—But Who's Behind The Account?

No, people, the PRISM leaker is not tweeting. @eJosephSnowden is the work of an Internet satirist with apparent ties to Anonymous.

The Spoof twitter account  now stands at over twenty five thousand followers and many people have been fooled.  Would be nice if  the account  said somewhere it was a spoof.

@eJosephSnowden Is Not Edward Snowden—But Who's Behind The Account?

 Various influential types in the digital-privacy space have declared @eJosephSnowden a fake—including Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who won Snowden's trust and broke the PRISM story last month. Yet the satirical account has 25,000-plus followers, which suggests it still foolinga lot of good people.   But his tweets are satirical and over the top.

The real Edward Snowden is not in a position to sue the satarist  for defamation being an ansylum seeker in Russia  and the real Edward is taking the parady of himself  with humour.

So who is @EJosephSnowden?

The account is actually controlled by a writer at the Internet Chronicle, a site which mixes the obscene satire like Encyclopedia Dramatica with the fake-news coverage of The Onion to cover topics of interest to hackers and Internet-rights activists.
Going by the name "Ed Snowden," in a blog post last month about the twitter account titled "SNOW JOB: Being Edward Snowden," the account holder writes that he was inspired by the "too-impulsive media environment" in creating the account.
"Too-impulsive media environment" may be the wrong way to describe this Twitter fascination.
"To anyone who understood the implications of Snowden’s claims, the very existence of a Twitter account at all should have seemed impossible and thereby ironic," writes Ed Snowden, who describes the tweets themselves as a "cartoonishly radical caricature of the e-dissident."
A case of people seeing what they want to see? Sure. 

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North Wales Child abuse business empire Paedophiles were left with the proceeds of their crimes against innocent children

A few weeks ago the police seized a computer with details about  Bryn Alyn Community and its finances.  Seized from a victim of child abuse. The police obviously think that the victims have not lost enough.

She said  that "I have taken the measure of posting all this as the police still have not got the information from my hard drive which they seized several weeks ago.

Below we feature the publication

 Whereas the abused children received little or nothing those who set-up a system where children were abused and sold as sex slaves and used in child pornography for decades  make a fortune.   No proceeds of crimes in North Wales for paedophiles who made fortunes over the bodies of innocent children.

They still own 50 acres of prime land

Anyone who wants to can contact  " HBJW Law LLP  who say

"We are a firm of soliciotrs helping a number of victims of abuse. we would welcome contact from any people who may be able to provide witness evidence etc.

01633 262848"

  Curtesy of  Bryn Alyn Victims

Bryn Alyn Community. Some missing pieces Updated.

Kenneth White's and David Russell Evans.


  • 70's - Bryn Alyn Community established, with ken white sr as financial and david evans as secretarty
  • 70's - dr kedney and dr roberts are attached to the Community from their local practise in wrexham (just round corner from trevor street)
  • 80's - ken white and david evans accused of physical and indecent assault respectively. both take non-residential care positions to avoid investigation. - fact as stated by Waterhouse.
  • 80's - lynn williams accused of sexual impropriety with a resident of another children's home. (possibly bryn melyn near Bala)
  • 80's / 90's - stephen elliot and ken white jr make directors.
  • 90's - police investigation starts in june 91
  • 90's - medical records start to vanish for residents
  • 90-91 - lynn williams pressures 4 girls to have abortions and fails with 5th girl, before mutually agreed resignation.
  • 91 - paul eccles replaced lynn williams as deputy of gatewen hall
  • 91 - ken white replaced paul eccles as deputy of gatewen hall - back to residential care!
  • 95 - John Allen signs over Co. and shares and BA to ken white sr for money, car, house and villa
  • 95 - kedney keeps the yatch
  • 95 - pentre saeson reverts to ken white sr in lieu of pension
  • 96 - pentre saeson became prospects for young people - mentally ill children 8-21 -under stephen elliot (after bersham hall) cant find bill of sale for pentre saeson.
  • 97 - Bryn Alyn Hall finally closed
  • 97 - ken white junior inherited the lot when ken white senior died.
  • 97 - prospects opened a home in chester run by ken white jr
  • 97 - oasis care ltd is set up by david evans and ken white - social work with residential. mentally disabled 8-21 yr old, and elderly.
  • 98 - ken white and david evans open a nursery on BA land
  • 2012 - nursery closes.

ken white lives, with his wife, in bryn alyn hall, which is registered as an Hotel under Alyn Lodge ltd - hotels and other accomodation.

there are a total of 9 companies registered at alyn lodge, ponte y capel lane, gresford, as well as several more offsite.

david evans is a registered director of 14 actively trading companies at thee moment, half of which are registered at the Hall

ken white jr is a director of 8 companies - 7 trading at the moment. all registered at the Hall
Bryn Alyn Hall 25th November 2012 ©Snifferdog Publishing

circumstance? or dodgy?

prospects school which is in pentre saeson offers mechanics on the curriculem - david evans owns legacy service station (rhos) ltd - maintenance and repair of motor vehicles.
they also offer horse riding - ken white has 10 - 15 horses on the 50 acres attached to bryn alyn.

dodgy as hell!

prospects house the children across wrexham in 10 houses, a total of 27 beds.
so thats 2-3 kids per house. that to me sounds like unvetted foster parents.

I have taken the measure of posting all this as the police still have not got the information from my hard drive which they seized several weeks ago. 

See North Wales Abuse Uncovered for the Waterhouse Inquiry

I went back to Bryn Alyn Hall on Saturday 20th April and saw a single storey building in the process of being renovated.
My recollection of this building is that it contained the woodwork room and another couple of classrooms.
As we walked around the outside of the building, I could see paperwork in the windows, both loose sheets and files/folders.
The building looked as though it had been out of use since Bryn Alyn shut in 1997.
As we walked further across the driveway and round towards what is signposted as "Alyn Lodge" I noticed a distinct lack of horse.
What had been 10-15 horses in November was down to a meager 2, despite the warm weather.
Further round towards the footpath down to Wilderness, I noticed a lot of fencing was being replaced and a huge bonfire had been built, burned and was again in construction, as wheelbarrows of rubble and paperwork from the building were being dragged across the drainage ditches.

Warwick Spinks dubbed the pied piper of paedophiles released by UK Court so he can abduct rape and murder children

Spinks kidnapped and sold children for sex. He boasted to detectives that he sold snuff videos of children raped and murdered on tape.

A British Court in 1995  gave him 7  years prison sentence  but an appeal court reduced this to 5 years. Only five years for kidnapping  and selling children into the sex trade?   The he absconded  and has been living happily in Czechoslovakia until November last year.   So despite the European Arrest Warrant  the British left Spinks to terrorise the children of Czechoslovakia for  15 years.

Spinks was so well protected that he made the mistake of flying back into Heathrow. Spinks was shocked that he was arrested  but was assured by his lawyers that he wold soon be free to return to his property empire in Czechoslovakia.

This month  another British Court has freed him.  SPinks can go back to  abducting, raping and murdering children with the blessing of the British criminal justice system.

A VIOLENT child sex predator recaptured following an international manhunt quaffs champagne on a luxury boat — after he was freed by a loophole.  

The Sun reports

Evil Warwick Spinks, dubbed the Pied Piper of Paedophiles, was extradited from the Czech Republic in November after 15 years on the run.

The Mail reported

He should have then served the last 18 months of his five-year jail term. But when he was caged back in 1995 the law only allowed officials to make offenders serve part of a sentence before automatically freeing them.

That loophole was closed for absconders last year but it cannot be enforced retrospectively.
So officials had to free Spinks FOUR MONTHS after his recapture.
The pot-bellied paedo, who now calls himself property tycoon Willem van Wijk, celebrated his freedom and 49th birthday with a bash for 14 pals, including toyboy Vladimir, 34.

The Sun watched as he:
SIPPED champagne with pals at a luxury floating restaurant.
UNWRAPPED creepy presents including an edible thong.
WRITHED with male go-go dancers, saying: “You’re only as young as the boy you’re feeling.”
CAVORTED starkers in a glass-sided plunge pool with a Slovak lad in front of other perverts.

A source said: “Spinks should be behind bars. Many people in Prague were shocked to see him back so soon acting as if nothing had happened. He is cocking a snook at British justice.”
Spinks was first identified as a dangerous child abuser in 1992. He divided his time between England and Amsterdam, introducing sex tourists to young boys.

He told one undercover cop he could arrange sex with boys in Germany, Prague and Poland for as little as 10p. He was also secretly taped offering to supply a “snuff” video in which a boy, ten, was killed for kicks.

In 1995 he was jailed for seven years at Lewes Crown Court, East Sussex, for several offences against underage boys.

His sentence was cut to five years on appeal but when let out on licence in 1997 he fled the UK, violating his probation conditions.

Spinks was tracked down in Prague in 2000 running sex tours for paedophiles. But he evaded justice and was finally extradited last November, a coup hailed by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

It had branded him “one of the most notorious and violent offenders we have ever dealt with”.
The Ministry of Justice refused to comment last night. But a source admitted Spinks’s release was “embarrassing”.

In Prague, where the age of consent is 15 and prostitution is legal for over 18s, vile Spinks aims to take advantage.
He told our undercover man: “I fully intend getting old disgracefully.”

Trail of a brute

THIS stark timeline tracks the years of Spinks’ sick trail of terror across UK and Europe:
1992: HE is quizzed by London cops on links to Euro paedo rings. He fixes sex with boys for tourists in Holland and offers to sell sick torture films.
1993: A LAD of 14 says he was raped at knifepoint and sold to a Dutch brothel after Spinks lured him into his home in Hastings, Sussex.
1995: SPINKS is jailed at Lewes, Sussex, for offences including drugging and kidnapping the 14-year-old boy and committing sex acts on him.

1997: DESCRIBED as “one of Britain’s most dangerous paedophiles”, Spinks is released from prison on licence and immediately flees.

1998: THE fiend sets up an agency in Prague after flitting between boltholes. A warrant is issued when he is spotted in the Canaries in 2001.

2012: SPINKS is finally flown back to the UK and arrested at Heathrow. But he is freed in 2013 and returns to his old haunts in Prague.
November 2012
Warwick Spinks arrest: Child sex attacker back in prison
Horrifying back catalogue of abuse led to his nickname ‘the Pied Piper of Paedophiles’ after bragged he could arrange sex with young boys for as little as 10p
A violent child sex offender who fled the UK and went on the run for 15 years is back in jail after being arrested in the Czech Republic.
Warwick Spinks, 48, was arrested at Heathrow after being flown from Prague on Thursday, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) said.
He was also caught on secret camera offering to supply a video in which a 10 year old boy was killed and one featuring the horrific abuse of a young boy.
CEOP said Spinks was convicted in 1995 at Lewes Crown Court of numerous sexual offences against boys in Hastings.
He was jailed for seven years, reduced to five years on appeal in 1996.
His offences included serious sexual assault at knifepoint, taking indecent images of children and taking a child without lawful authority.
International investigation
He was released on licence on condition that he was not allowed to leave the UK without permission.
He breached the conditions in 1997 and was recalled to prison, but went missing.
Following extradition from the Czech Republic he will serve the 18 remaining months of his sentence.
His arrest followed an international investigation involving officers from CEOP, the Metropolitan Police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca).
Spinks was arrested by Czech police in August 2012. He had been using numerous aliases , including Willem Van Wijk and William Spinks, CEOP said.
Febuary 2000
Fugitive paedophile who runs package tours for perverts to prey on children
A PLOT by Britain’s most wanted paedophile to run child-sex holidays for perverts has been smashed by the Sunday People.
Evil Warwick Spinks is cashing in by organising “package tours” for sicko clients to prey on teenage boys.
We tracked down runaway Spinks, 35, to the Czech capital of Prague, Europe’s new perverts’ paradise.
The brute BOASTED how he used the Internet to lure men from Britain and the rest of Europe by promising tours of pick-up bars and providing apartments where the sex beasts could take youngsters.
Spinks fled Britain three years ago – breaking conditions of parole – after his early release from a jail term for drugging and kidnapping a 14-year-old boy who he SOLD to a gay brothel in Holland.
The fiend – described by police as one of Britain’s most dangerous paedophiles – was also suspected of masterminding an international paedophile ring and being involved in “snuff movies”. He faces instant arrest if he returns home.
Spinks BRAGGED to our investigators – posing as sex tour operators: “In Prague, a boy will spend the night with you for 400 Kronas, less than pounds 10. Just put the men on a plane and leave the rest to me. I can provide accommodation, transport and the personal touch.”
The Sunday People has put paid to Spinks’s sick scheme by blowing his cover. We can reveal today how he:
-POSES as a Dutch property consultant, using the name Wilhelm Pavel;
-SHAVED off his moustache in a bid to alter his appearance and rarely ventures far without minders;
-HIDES away in a flat in one of the smarter suburbs of Prague, a magnet for perverts because the age of consent for gay sex is only 15;
-USES e-mail and hidden websites to keep his tours secret from the authorities;
-PLOTS to make Prague as popular as Thailand for paedophiles. The city’s police have heard of kiddies as young as eight selling their bodies.
-TAUNTED Scotland Yard detectives who long to put him back behind bars and protectchildren.
Spinks, who claims to speak eight languages, boasted: “I know all the right boys. They’re all bisexual in this country. Any boy is available at the right price.
“I already have a lot of clients from Holland, Germany and Belgium. In June I have 20 arriving here. They are all spoilt b******s with lots of money.
“Amsterdam is played out now and all my old friends have moved here as well. The beauty of this place is that, like the Dutch, they have no hang-ups about sex.
“The boys are as cheap as in Thailand but are just two hours away from London by plane. The average wage here is only pounds 200 a month.
“I provide apartments because you will have a problem taking a boy back to a hotel room. There are security men on every floor and they will not allow visitors no matter how much you have paid.”
Spinks, who had his gay lover Jakob, 22, in tow, said: “Between us we have eight apartments with access to another 68.
“My apartments will give you the freedom to do what you like when you like. They are all nicely furnished and in the right locations for nightlife. I use clubs like Pinocchio’s or Escape where you get lads on the run from conscription into the army. Some of them are stunning.”
Spinks, from Greenwich, South London, proudly explained how he contacts the scum who use his services. He said: “I don’t need to advertise but have a website run by a friend in Budapest.
“Most business is by word of mouth. I have a lot of regulars who know they can trust me. The boys are also trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about them stealing from you.”
Spinks then explained how he looks after the needs of his pervert punters.
He said: “We can pick them up by car from the airport or organise a minibus if it is a large group. We will drop them off at apartments and take them out for personalised tours of all the best places.”
Spinks tries to meet any needs of his clients – down to a supply of Diet Coke in the fridge.
He said: “They all want boys. We will be flat out pampering them. Most of our business is repeat business and clients won’t come back if we don’t look after them properly.”
Spinks was convicted in 1995 of abducting the 14-year-old.

He drugged the lad, who had run away from a children’s home, and sold him as a rent boy in Holland. British and Dutch police launched an investigation after the boy fled to the British Embassy.

Spinks got seven years, cut to five years on appeal. Officers from Scotland Yard’s PaedophileSquad were furious when he got parole in 1997 after 30 months. He ignored conditions that he be supervised by probation officers and sign the Sex Offenders Register and fled – sending cops a taunting postcard from Holland.

International businessmen, lawyers and politicians were among Spinks’s clients when he ran the notorious Why Not boy brothel in Amsterdam before his arrest.

Cops in Amsterdam secretly taped Spinks offering to supply a video in which a 10-year-old boy was killed. He also said an associate had seen a boy die in the making of a film.
Spinks told our investigators at a meeting in Prague’s Wenceslas Square: “Scotland Yard would love to get their hands on me because they wasted pounds 2million investigating me.” Two minders watched from a nearby car as Spinks added: “I am well protected here.”

When one minder rumbled our photographer, Spinks started ranting and had to be calmed by passing policemen

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Irish Human Rights Journalist who recieved death threat from UK military group allowed temporary asylum in Russia

By Brian Clarke All Voices

An Irish Human Rights activist and journalist ( the name is being kept quiet for his security) covering the internment of Martin Corey in Northern Ireland,  is seeking Political Asylum in Russia, after he received a threat, relayed by agents aligned with Britain's secret services.

The journalist who wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons, has been told that he will be whacked or assassinated by a British paramilitary unit called Group 13, whose sole purpose is deniable assassination, operating in a world of shadows. Little is known about them, because they and their activities are exceptionally difficult to document. The Group is also suspected of being involved in the assassination of the Princess of Wales.


Author of “Enemies of the State,” Gary Murray, who researched Group 13 for a book but was prevented from writing it. During his research, he was dragged into the back of a van, and had a gun stuck to his mouth. He was told, it would be unwise to continue after which he decided to abandon writing the book.


Group 13 evolved from SAS soldiers and British Secret Service operatives, who were given hands on experience in the counter insurgency political laboratory of British Occupied Ireland, from the late nineteen seventies onward. Starting with Fredrick Holroyd, a Captain in British Army Intelligence, who focused on developing informers and human intelligence sources, connected with the IRA. Resulting viscous turf wars between MI5 and MI6, to control the highly lucrative“patch” of British Occupied Ireland complicated matters considerably.

Holroyd shed considerable light on Britain's dirty war and “Shoot to Kill” policies in Occupied Ireland, which resulted in the dysfunctional investigation of senior police officer, John Stalker. This was also covered in the feature film Hidden Agenda.To cover deployment in this politically sensitive area, they disguised themselves as “training teams,” with cover names like, the Royal Engineers, the Four Field Survey Troop, the Military Reconnaissance Force (MRF), and the 14th Intelligence unit.

All were SAS undercover units stationed principally at Castiledillon, Armagh. Right wing groups operating in the shadows of power, planned a right wing coup. These groups some based in Mid- Ulster, were given unofficial political cover for British State Terrorism, by the Tory Government of Margaret Thatcher, others named GB75, organised by David Sterling, founder of the SAS were operating alongside other groups who have close contact with British Secret Services, from which they still receive some unofficial cover.

Another mysterious group called Resistance and Psychological Operations Committee RPOC was based on material researched, during the torture of Martin Corey and his comrades, when tortured during Long Kesh internment in British Occupied Ireland. RPOC was a reflection of the Special Operations Executive SOE, a dirty tricks operation. RPOC have a clandestine underground movement, operating on a nod and a wink of the Conservative government, with forged close links to British Secret Services and also close links with the SAS. Little is known of the Tory SAS’s secret intelligence network, other than being tasked, with protecting the SAS, who’s lives may be under threat, as a result of their activities. The Irish journalist believes a contract has been put out on him, after this SAS secretive group had mopped on another freelance assassination team sent to kill other Irish human rights activists. “Mopping up” meaning killing members of the original assassination squad.

Elements within this group also evolved to become Group 13. Highly unofficial but desirable to players within the Tory government. Responsible for British political assassinations in Occupied Ireland and worldwide they have right wing agenda. The best known being the SAS in a “wet operation” murder of an unarmed IRA unit in Gibraltar, which led to the TV documentary Death on the Rock, based on eye-witnesses who testified, that the three members were gunned down in cold blood, which in the context of what was happening in Ireland during this period, was part of a shoot-to-kill-policy. meant to 'sanitize' the republican movement, prior to negotiations proper. Gene “Chip” Tatum a former CIA operative and former member of the international assassination team Pegasus, targeting influential international politicians and financiers, alleges that the British assassins, operated during the mid-eighties onward, under the direction of a high ranking British government official, who in turn answered only to Thatcher.

Connections between Group Thirteen and the United States intelligence community during the alleged assassination of Vincent Foster, associate and legal adviser to President Clinton, existed around a highly secret US assassination team, operating out of the National Security Agency NSA. This unit is called “I-3,” with the information on this unit, provided by a “former CIA agent with the CIA’s highest security clearance.” The NSA unit just happens to share a common name with “Group 13” and just happens to be in the same business?


Despite all the smoke and mirrors surrounding Group 13, significant information came to light after the Scott Enquiry into arms to Iraq. Gerald James a leading British munitions manufacturer has written of group 13 in his book In the Public Interest, blowing the lid off the British government's arming of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. James believes his removal from the Board of Astra, was orchestrated by non-executive director Stephan Kock, a self acknowledged former Security and Intelligence officer in the employ of Midland Bank.

In written evidence presented to the House of Commons Trade and Industry Committee, James stated that he was told, that Kock was “… a former head of ‘Group 13.’ The organisation is a hit or contract squad for the Foreign Office and Secret Services.” The Foreign Office draws Group 13 operatives from the SAS and private security firms,” and “It’s duties involve ‘service to the nation.’” Polite language for British State terrorism. Kock had exceptionally senior level contacts inside British intelligence including ready access to the highest levels of the British government, including the British Prime Minister.

Dr. Gerald Bull - designer of the Supergun , who was shot outside his apartment in Brussels, a few months before his assassination, writing to a colleague, stated he was “advised in a letter of an imminent accident.” He identified the origin of the threat as being the British Foreign Office. This then is the background of the application to Russia for political asylum by the Irish journalist.


Under Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that "Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution." The United Nations 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees guides national legislation concerning political asylum. Under these agreements, a refugee is a person who is outside their own country's territory owing to fear of persecution on protected grounds. Protected grounds include race, caste, nationality, religion, political opinions and membership and/or participation in any particular social group or social activities. Rendering true victims of persecution to their persecutor is a particularly odious violation of a principle called non-refoulement, part of the customary and trucial Law of Nations.These are the accepted terms and criteria as principles and a fundamental part in the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees non-refoulement order

Unofficially he has been told that it is expected he will be allowed a temporary Russian visa while an asylum application is formally considered. Hopefully,Vladimir Putin will refuse to hand him over to the British.The Irish journalist hopes to make a permanent home in Nicaragua, in South America but the UK has ordered all countries to hand him over to the UK. In order to get asylum, the journalist has to prove a well-founded fear, which in his case means he has at least a 10 percent chance of being murdered by the British, for highlighting the Human Rights Abuse of internment without trial in British Occupied Ireland.

Then he has to give an account of political opinion, race, religion, nationality or group membership. In the case of political opinion, it will in his case be as a human rights activist, in the Police Dictatorship and British State Terrorism of British Occupied Ireland, where political assassination or internment without trial, are regularly used, against all Irish political dissidents of conscience. Several other countries including Spain, Ireland and Ecuador, have said that his asylum requests can’t be processed, because he is presently not in their country currently. However he feels that Group 13 operate openly there anyway. On Friday Daniel Ortega looked like the best option. However currently Russia offer superior quality Human Rights, despite the imprisonment of Pussy Riot. along with having considerably more diplomatic clout than the British, who besides interning Irish political prisoners of conscience, have also kidnapped international whistle blowers of war crimes, such as Julian Assange.

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Has Leon Brittan finally been questioned by police about Elm Guest House and the sexual exploitation of kids from children's homes

Word is out that Leon Brittan has been questioned by the police  about  his paedophilia and Elm Guest House.   But is it just a rumour or  will there be any justice for  raped abused and murdered children?

Will former Home Secretary  Brittan finally remember the Dossiers given to him  by Geoffrey Dickens MP and  will the Derby Police finally be asked why they stole copied pages from the Dickens dossier from Andrea Davison?  Macur Review Statement of Andrea  Davison

Will their finally be an investigation into the snuff video trade in British children?

UPDATE:  Thank you to Charles Firth, investigator and campaigner, for confirmation that Leon Brittan is being questioned by the Police. 

Geoffrey Dickens warned  Gvt 30 years ago about Elm Guest House    Brittan appointed Trade Advisor by Cameron


 Read more     Elm Guest House Paedophile RIng

Curtesy of

 Two children who disappeared in south-west London may be linked to Elm Guest House.

FULL Elm Guest House list

Elm Guest is the boy brothel allegedly used by top people linked to MI5, the police and Margaret Thatcher's cabinet.
The Metropolitan Police say that the boys' disappearances are not being re-investigated.
Police failings put dozens of children at risk from notorious paedophile ring

Martin Allen, a 15-year-old boy, vanished on 5 November, 1979. 

Martin Allen, 15, was last seen by a friend at King's Cross Tube station as he made his way home from school on November 5, 1979. Martin's family lived in a cottage in the grounds of the Australian High Commission in Hyde Park Gate, Kensington.
"A member of the public saw an apprehensive boy fitting his description with a man on a Tube train travelling towards Earl's Court." 
The man was heard to say to the boy: 'Don't try to run.'
Earl's Court is popular with gay Australians.

In 1981, eight-year-old Vishal Mehotra went missing in Putney. 

Vishal Mehotra

"Vishal, from Putney, south-west London, vanished while shopping with his nanny and sister on the day of the marriage of Lady Diana and Prince Charles. 
"The skull and several rib bones of eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra were discovered in 1982 by pigeon shooters in remote marshland at Durford Abbey Farm, at Rogate, close to the Hampshire-West Sussex border." 
Detective Superintendent Dave Gayler, of Sussex Police said: "We would look at similarities with the murders of Jason Swift and Daniel Handley" (who were abducted in London, abused and then dumped in rural areas) 
Jason Swift. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. (Jersey child abuse link to Islington, London) Sidney Cooke, Leslie Bailey, Robert Oliver, and Lennie Smith, were involved in the death of Jason Swift.

"Scores of children might have been protected from kidnap, rape and indecent assault" if the police had properly invetigated "the alleged establishment paedophile ring" operating at Elm Guest House in the 1980s.

"At least three men listed in documents as visitors to Elm Guest House.... were later convicted of multiple sex offences against children, The Independent can disclose."

In 1983, Sir Leon Brittan (right) a senior minister in Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet was handed Geoffrey Dickens's dossier on top people's child abuse rings. Asked by The Independent what the dossier alleged and what action, he took, Sir Leon replied by email: "I have no recollection of these matters. Sorry!"

Elm Guest House "became a place where men had sex with young prostitutes and later, allegedly, boys and girls from the now-closed Grafton Close children's home in nearby Hounslow. 
"Police raided the property in 1982 and charged its owner, German-born Carole Kasir, with keeping an immoral house but did not arrest any guests."

Childcare professionals claim that there was an establishment cover-up.

Judge Francis Gilbert, left, and Lord Justice Moses, right, sat with Mr Justice Simon at the Court of Appeal to overturn the original sentence passed on Anthony Milsom. dailymail.
Anthony Milsom, a paedophile from Hull, who is alleged to have stayed at Elm Guest House, later moved to Newtown, Powys, where he was convicted of a string of sex offences.
He was jailed indefinitely in 2011, but six months later appeal court judges reduced his sentence to three-and-a-half years. 
Another alleged visitor was Colin Peters, a Foreign Office barrister, who was jailed in 1989 for being part of a child abuse ring "used by highly placed civil servants and well-known public officials".

The most infamous alleged visitor to Elm Guest House was Warwick Spinks.

Warwick Spinks, convicted in 1995 of very violent child sex offences, committed in Hastings in the UK.

Warwick Spinks is linked to snuff movies.

Award-winning journalist Nick Davies wrote about the grim mysteries of snuff movies.

"One boy had simply been shot through the head, Terry said: he had been causing trouble and had been executed in front of several paedophiles.

"Another, he believed, had been thrown into one of the canals.

"But the one about whom he spoke the most was a boy who had been tortured and killed in the most painful fashion in the course of producing a pornographic video."

When sex abuse can lead to murder - The Guardian - 27 November 2000 - Special report: child protection

Amsterdam - linked to the 'Nazi-run' Bilderberg.

Alan Williams, the "Welsh Witch", and Londoner Warwick Spinks managed boy brothels in Amsterdam.

"Williams boasted of the day in south Wales when he had seen a 10-year-old boy on his bike, grabbed him, raped him, and, when he cried, strangled him.

"From Boys Clubs 21, he organised the importing of boys from Cardiff and London, inflicting intense violence on any who defied him.

"Spinks had been running a mail order pornography business from Brighton, before he moved to Amsterdam"

Spinks trafficking boys, as young as 10, from London and eastern Europe.

When sex abuse can lead to murder - The Guardian - 27 November 2000 - Special report: child protection

Reportedly, the Dutch told the UK police that they lacked sufficient evidence to prosecute.

And reportedly sections of the British police said they lacked the money to investigate what was happening in Europe.

Spinks reportedly made snuff movies - films in which children were murdered.

Website for this

Birmingham, UK.

In the UK, it has been alleged that dangerous child abusers held key positions in certain local government authorities, such as Islington in London.

It has been alleged that these dangerous child abusers had links to child abuse on the island of Jersey and beyond.

(aangirfan: Jason Swift; Islington children's home; hundreds of ... /aangirfan: THE ZANDVOORT NETWORK, JERSEY, DUTROUX, PORTUGAL...)

The island of Jersey had a children's home that was run as a boy brothel for the elite.

In The Mail on Sunday, 3 August 2008, Eileen Fairweather, wrote that Birmingham council illegally sent children into care on Jersey, according to a report by John Hemming, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley. 

Geoffrey  Dickens  Dickens life threatened Dickens warned Gvt about ELm Guest House 30 years ago
 Dickens Dossier




Europe concerned as fascist Britain detains journalists and invokes the spectre of Hitlers Germany

Mr  Jagland  Secretary General from the Council of Europe sent the letter below to the UK Home Secretary Theresa May.   The Council of Europe is  concerned  about Britain's breech of European Human Rights and the chilling effect  on freedom of expression.  His letter bemoans  the detention of David Mirander the partner of  Guardian Journalist Glen  Greenwald and the theft by the UK police of  Mirander's  property.
Euorpe ignores  the arrest and jailing of journalists and their families at its peril.  Two world wars which ravaged Europe attest to the danger of allowing a pariah state like the UK  to devolve into a Police State where dissenters are  arrested, interrogated  and jailed.