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Mick Creedon Derbyshire Police Chief in charge operation Herne turns out to run police officers involved in murder, violence, letter bombs, false arrests, set-ups and smear campaigns

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Police Constable Mick Creedon who has been put in charge of Operation Herne   and set-up  Child abuse whistle blower  Andrea Davison  is discovered to be running  Police Officers involved in Murder and violence and cover-ups.

 When is a whistleblower not a whistleblower? 

The case of former undercover SDS officer Peter Francis provides us with the perfect example because he has not confessed to everything he knows about covert operations.

Francis personifies the State story-teller who is only prepared to go so far with his revelations, either for reasons of self-preservation or just sheer dishonesty.

What motivates Francis to withhold so much vital information about SDS operations, particularly it’s involvement in and organising street violence?

 Special Branch 'whistleblower' Peter Francis

Francis claims SDS officers did not participate in street violence and would have been withdrawn from duty if they had but the truth contradicts his version of events at every stage.
Three examples are the undercover SDS officers inside Class War, Combat 18 and the British National Party in the early 1990s.

In the case of Class War, the SDS officer admitted to former MI5 officer David Shayler that he had participated in and organised violence against the police and right-wing political activists.

From experience, I can confirm that Class War activists were never prepared to mix it with nationalists unless they carried a variety of weapons ranging from axes, hammers, baseball bats and knives. This means the SDS officer most definitely took part in and organised violence to maintain his cover.

In truth, this example proves SDS officers committed criminal offences ranging from carrying concealed weapons, offences against the person and a string of serious public order offences.
Shayler, described by Francis as a “desk wanker” had the undercover SDS officer pulled because apparently he had gone native.

And the lack of natural curiosity on the part of Derbyshire Police regarding Class War whistleblower Marco Radulovic and his claims relating to the murder of Ian Stuart Donaldson, proves Operation Herne is not dedicated to uncovering the truth about covert police operations.

Chief Constable Mick Creedon tasked with spinning another public relations fairy tale
Corrupt Chief Constable Mick Creedon tasked with spinning another public relations fairy tale

Chief Constable Mick Creedon tasked with spinning another public relations fairy tale

The second case relates to the undercover SDS officer inside Combat 18 and this one is far more serious than the Class War example.

To maintain his cover inside C18, the SDS officer would have been expected to take part in and organise serious violence against far Left opponents, primarily on the streets of London before C18 was flipped and launched its all-out war against the BNP.

Activists who were on the frontline can confirm with ease that Peter Francis simply is not telling the whole truth about the SDS and is feeding The Guardian with sanitised public relations material.

Having been flipped by MI5 in 1993, Combat 18 launched all-out war on senior BNP leaders and began a campaign that led to letter bombs being sent to the BNP HQ in Kent and senior BNP leaders being attacked in their own homes.

Before being turned against the BNP, I fought alongside Combat 18 in a street battle with Red Action in the East End of London and the Mancunians got hammered so badly the Met Police riot squad had to save them.

Throw undercover agent alias ‘Stephen Bagan’ into the equation, seconded to target Combat 18 for MI5, and we have a picture of State-sponsored violence against genuine political activists.

The State-sponsored clown Dave Hann can be ignored in this context. The self-proclaimed hero of Red Action claims they sent letter bombs to the BNP HQ but this merely begs the question why he has not been arrested for the offence?

Even State-sponsored Searchlight Magazine does not take Hann seriously and his book ‘No Retreat’ should be dismissed as a typical work of fiction produced by Milo Books and its infotainment machine.

The third example of SDS duplicity comes in the form of the SDS officer I encountered and tried to expose at the BNP HQ in November 1993. It should be noted that this particular specimen had an uncanny knack of avoiding the letter bombs posted to the BNP HQ but no one else did. One such device seriously injured Alf Waite and other dummy devices failed to detonate.

On all occasions, the SDS officer who worked inside the BNP HQ avoided the letter bombs both real and dummy devices. Does this indicate foreknowledge of the devices being sent to the building?

The SDS and MI5 both had undercover operatives inside Combat 18 and at the time in the BNP there was no doubt at all that C18 was behind the violence against the BNP not Dave ‘peter pan’ Hann and Red Action.

Therefore, the sanitised tales of SDS officers targeting women with whom they sired offspring, appalling though it is, represents only half the story and the real meat has been left out of The Guardian’s story-telling.

Of course, the public cannot be allowed to think that the police ‘service’ they fund took part in and routinely organised violence against political activists.

I do not accuse Francis of being a complete liar and what he has disclosed so far is mostly true but his claim SDS officers did not take take part in and organise violence inside left-wing and right-wing groups is pure fiction.

And have the police changed in the slightest since these revelations? Let’s turn to Derbyshire Police tasked with Operation Herne and my attempted murder in 1990 in Derbyshire.

For 23 years, Derbyshire Police lied about the existence of the Special Branch officer who tried to recruit me on 24 January 1990 and organised a vicious smear campaign against me.

But on 26 July 2013, DCI Jim Allen, Staff Officer to the Chief Constable, admitted in writing the existence of DC 1111 Frank Bailey and did not deny the ‘failed attempted recruitment’.
In an instant, the 23-year smear campaign came crashing down in flames but the arrogance of the police is personified by the antics of DCI Allen.

Having made requests to obtain all of the data, which Derbyshire Police claimed did not exist in 2005, DCI Allen wanted to meet me, empty-handed of course, before he had obtained the data.
He suggested the remote village of Little Eaton in Derbyshire, off the CCTV network and claimed this was a “neutral location”. But if the police suggest a location it is not “neutral” it is in fact an arrest ambush…

I responded by inviting DCI Allen to meet me in Pimlico or Belgravia in London but he declined the offer, which made a mockery of his assurance that he would meet me at any location of my choosing.
Of course, police officers lie with the ease with which the rest of us draw breath and DCI Allen’s infantile games are of no real surprise.

The simple truth is that the police have not changed in the slightest and they are still the same deceitful, arrogant, lying, organised criminal gang.

And the public inquiry into Special Branch authorised by the Home Office will be nothing of the sort. It will be another Leveson pantomime but this time held behind closed doors.

I refuse to cooperate with this quasi-inquiry in any respect and will never give it the ‘credibility’ it craves because it will centre of the smear campaign against the Lawrence family and the women targeted by the SDS.

But the real truth, the explosive dirt on the SDS will not be heard at any such ‘inquiry’ and it is therefore stillborn and typically useless.

I have now begun the process of instructing  a firm of solicitors to sue Derbyshire Police for its despicable 23-year smear campaign, which was designed to destroy me but it failed in spectacular fashion.

Trust the police? That must rank as the funniest fairy tale I’ve read since Derbyshire Police solicitor Alison ‘in wonderland’ Clarke issued a string of denials about Special Branch.

I will close this article with the words of Stephen Bagan who confirmed in August 2012 that the Combat 18 ‘plot’ to murder Bernie Grant MP “turned out to be bullshit”.

Bagan also told me, “you’re a lot harder and braver than you’ll ever know” and that was what really worried me because precisely what else did Bagan know?

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