Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Edward Snowden Spoof Twitter account @eJosephSnowden fools thousands

@eJosephSnowden Is Not Edward Snowden—But Who's Behind The Account?

No, people, the PRISM leaker is not tweeting. @eJosephSnowden is the work of an Internet satirist with apparent ties to Anonymous.

The Spoof twitter account  now stands at over twenty five thousand followers and many people have been fooled.  Would be nice if  the account  said somewhere it was a spoof.

@eJosephSnowden Is Not Edward Snowden—But Who's Behind The Account?

 Various influential types in the digital-privacy space have declared @eJosephSnowden a fake—including Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who won Snowden's trust and broke the PRISM story last month. Yet the satirical account has 25,000-plus followers, which suggests it still foolinga lot of good people.   But his tweets are satirical and over the top.

The real Edward Snowden is not in a position to sue the satarist  for defamation being an ansylum seeker in Russia  and the real Edward is taking the parady of himself  with humour.

So who is @EJosephSnowden?

The account is actually controlled by a writer at the Internet Chronicle, a site which mixes the obscene satire like Encyclopedia Dramatica with the fake-news coverage of The Onion to cover topics of interest to hackers and Internet-rights activists.
Going by the name "Ed Snowden," in a blog post last month about the twitter account titled "SNOW JOB: Being Edward Snowden," the account holder writes that he was inspired by the "too-impulsive media environment" in creating the account.
"Too-impulsive media environment" may be the wrong way to describe this Twitter fascination.
"To anyone who understood the implications of Snowden’s claims, the very existence of a Twitter account at all should have seemed impossible and thereby ironic," writes Ed Snowden, who describes the tweets themselves as a "cartoonishly radical caricature of the e-dissident."
A case of people seeing what they want to see? Sure. 

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