Thursday, 8 August 2013

New trend towards seeking Political Asylum from persecution by Western Governments

Political Refugees Assange, Davison, and Edward  Snowden have been given  Sanctuary  by  Governments  that  Western Democracies are  openly critical  of for their lack of Human rights and cruelty.  Many South American  Countries offer asylum to whistleblowers
These same Western Government’s persecute whistle blowers  who expose their  criminal  activities  and yet leave  in place anyone   who the whistle blowers expose.
British and  USA Politicians and fat cats who grow rich  on the  fear and  oppression of  the  population are   growing  ever more   fearful  themselves of  exposure   of  their criminal activates.  The Police in their pay  have long since given up the charade that they serve the people and make it clear they  exist   to  protect their own police organisations and their pay masters.  The criminal justice system is a farce.
The people who pursue Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning  Julian Assange and Andrea Davison  are  doing so  petrified that the  oppressed public may turn against their tormentors.
They  spend  fortunes on perusing  a few brave individuals who believe more  in truth than in fear and who are prepared to sacrifice everything  for truth  to liberate their fellow men
These same evil  people masquerading as Whilst  the  Nations these  Western Governments  criticise  such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador,  Argentina and Russia offer sanctuary to the persecuted. 
Russia  and a plethora of  South American Nations have opened their doors and  their populations have opened their hearts to those who’s fight for truth has led them to be   ruthlessly pursued  by the richest Nations in the World.  
David and Goliath is a story  which has throughout history inspired oppressed peoples to  fight against the power and might of  evil empires.  Children’s stories abound  with  brave hero’s and heroines who pit themselves against impossible odds and win.
Deep in the subconscious of  every man woman and child is a hero or heroine  wanting to spread their wings over those few individuals  who take huge risks  to keep the spark of truth alight in a dark world. 
The USA and Britain throw unlimited resources against whistleblowers and  anyone they feel might be  a threat to their criminal conspiracy  to stay in power .
We the People must  help  keep that  spark glowing strongly  by continuing to support those  warriors  whom the evil empire fear.
Support Bradly Manning
Support  Andrea Davison
Support Julian Assange
Support Edward Snowden

Bradley Manning’s so called trial.

The first thing to be said about Bradley Manning’s trial is that the entire exercise was unnecessary. There was no real factual dispute, since Manning admitted he had leaked the documents to WikiLeaks, and he offered guilty pleas that would have allowed a sentence of up to 20 years.

Did the government think 20 years in prison was an insufficient punishment for Manning? Maybe so.
Prosecutors may have hoped to establish the dangerous precedent that leaks to the press could be equated with 'aiding the enemy.'
But the more likely explanation for the government’s refusal of the plea is that it hoped to establish the dangerous precedent that leaks to the press could be equated with “aiding the enemy.” Manning’s acquittal on that charge was a repudiation of the government’s evidence, but not its legal theory, so the government may well take a second bite from that bad apple in a future case.

The government’s theory, in a nutshell, is that posting potentially useful information to the Internet aids the enemy because the enemy has access to the Internet. In its continuing prosecution of the former C.I.A. agent Jeffrey Sterling, accused of
sharing classified information with James Risen of The New York Times, the government offered a variant of this argument. It insisted that leaks to the press were even “more pernicious” than real espionage – selling secrets to enemies – because not just one, but “every foreign adversary stood to benefit from the defendant’s unauthorized disclosure.”

The government’s reasoning couldn’t be clearer or more dangerous: it’s preferable for the American people to remain in the dark if that’s what’s necessary to keep the enemy in the dark. But sometimes information that might be useful to an enemy – such as evidence that the United States tortured prisoners in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere – is also indispensable to the public to ensure democratic accountability and adherence to our nation’s ideals.

Equating whistle-blowers with traitors is not only crude, but also fundamentally antidemocratic. And until our laws fairly distinguish between leaks in the public interest and treason against the nation, we shouldn’t be surprised when our whistle-blowers seek asylum elsewhere.

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