Friday, 23 August 2013

American mother wrongly jailed in Holloway to be deported but the UK will keep her poor baby for forced adoption

US MOTHER to be deported whilst her child is kept for adoption

The US mother of a single child is one of some 50 foreign nationals kept in Holloway, whilst their children are in ‘care’.

Her judgement to ‘discharge’ the stay on her deportation is on John Hemming MP’s blog.

This is an extract from John Hemming MP's blog 

 Mother to be deported whilst her child is kept for adoption
This JR judgment (which I have anonymised) is about an American woman:


 She was living here and her child was taken into care. Now she is to be deported and her child kept for adoption. An application was made for judicial review which has failed (this documents the failure).
I am surprised that the US government are comfortable about this (if they know).

It also raises a question for her child in the future. When (as is often the case with adopted people) the child asks what happened to her mother he or she will be told that:
a) We took you off her
b) We locked her up preventing her from properly appealing the decisions
c) Then we deported her ... and
d) No you are not allowed to know the reasons for this.

Incidentally at the moment the people trying to help this mother are trying to get other applications made on her behalf, but she needs to sign them. She is in prison (for immigration reasons) and is not being allowed to sign them.

There were Two ‘reconsiderations’ of the order to deport  and another refusal are before the Court that says a hearing will take place within 8 weeks.

The barrister who submitted the Judicial Review that caused the published judgement wrote that UKBA knows every second that she is being held is illegal. For 14 months are beyond EU rules  and in UK rules it is  ‘excessive’ rather than ‘reasonable’

What can she do? Submit another application. From prison conditions that are made to prevent her from access to justice: no money for phone calls and mail delayed, besides McKenzie Friends not being allowed to take papers in and out. Only solicitors. Two law firms advised her badly. One suggested she should change her non-guilty plea to ‘guilty’ when she is innocent.

Victims Unite commented that:-

"We only know what we’re up against when we’re in it and directly hit and concerned"

So Brazil  can make a strong protest when one of their citizen David Mirander is illegally held for 9 hours by the British Police but the USA make no protest when their citizen is wrongly held for months in an evil womens prison whilst  the British government steal her little child. You can bet the child is pretty,  Come on USA make a protest!

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