Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Geoffrey Dickens gave part of the missing 'Dossier' to Child Abuse investigator Andrea Davison

Geoffrey Dickens was in contact  with child abuse investigator Andrea Davison and copied to  her a number of  pages  from the  missing child abuse dossier.  These pages were seized along with thousands of other documents by the North Wales and Derby Police back in January 2010.

Andrea Davison said off  Geoffrey Dickens  " He was a man of strong views and high principles. I did not know him well but we had a common interest in exposing corruption, particularly police corruption, and child abuse.  Many of  my documents and evidence was stolen by the Police. I am reliably informed that they  were worried in 2009 that because of Jimmy Savile  the VIP Paedophile Ring would be exposed and they made an effort to  as DC Winnard of the Derby police put it "tie up loose ends".