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Justice Now  describes themselves as  a   "A community based organisation built by individuals with real experience of obtaining justice for others.  We take on and provide the following services to victims of injustice"

They are no-violent decent people trying to improve society. But they are ranging themselves against the corrupt Rogue  Criminal Organisation which has subverted the Criminal and Civil Justice System to serve their Criminal Organisation.   This is a Mafia type entity ensconced with the  very fabric of our society and existing parasitically within  the Judiciary and judicial system  and the Police Forces and the Security and Intelligence Services.

Unchallenged it has grown exponentially and now is a serious threat to the very concept Justice and Human Rights in  the United Kingdom

The Criminal Organisation has over the last few years told its members  to drop any pretence at administering  justice.   They want  to make you aware that  they control the Judges and the Courts and the Police and they want  you to know that you will not  find justice in the United Kingdom.

 In fact they want you to fear them and roll over. But they are few and we are many.

Michael Doherty trial - kangaroo court Jan 2013 


by ending up in Court Michael Doherty of Justice Now helpts to  demonstrate  how corrupt the Criminal Justice System has become.

Stevenage Magistrates Court January 21 – 23, three day trial. Michael Doherty of Justice Now is a unique man. He has been the victim of two malicious prosecutions by police. First two officers from the Hillingdon police station raided his home without a warrant, kidnapped him and falsely charged him with harassment. Later in court he was completely exonerated by a judge.

Then on August 7, 2012, when attempting to issue a private prosecution at Cambridge Magistrates Court he was obstructed by the Court Advisor, Ms Diane Pinter. He protested and informed her of his constitutional right to access to the court. She continued to deny him that right, called him belligerent and instructed security to eject him. He asked to speak to a manager something Pinter left out of her statement but agreed he had asked her when Mr Doherty questioned under oath.

In her testimony she denied that she called security, but subsequent claims in evidence by security staff could only have come from her as the security officers giving evidence were not on the 2nd floor where the conversation happened. CCTV footage shows some of that conversation, mostly without the benefit of sound, you can see Mr Doherty calmly talking to a clearly agitated Ms Pinter. Ms Pinter’s impatient demeanour was demonstrated in the witness box when cross examined by Mr Doherty.
Security staff false witnesses

First security officer on the stand was Nigel Peter Carder, Security Supervisor at Cambridge Magistrates Court. He gave evidence that he’d been a security officer for 15-years, 6-years as supervisor. He gave evidence under oath that he heard Mr Doherty shouting and being rude to Ms Pinter.
He claimed Mr Doherty shouted at him and “talked down to security staff”. Mr Doherty had asked Ms Pinter if he could speak to a manager and he told Carder this. Carder told the court he didn’t hear him say that. Clearly Carder, like Pinter, was not going to allow Mr Doherty to exercise his constitutional rights.

In cross-examination Mr Doherty expertly questioned Carder about his version of events, getting to state what was said and the tone in which it was said. Then he sprung his surprise, Mr Doherty had recorded much of what went on from when Pinter said to Carder that Doherty wouldn’t accept her advice. The audio proves Carder made up most his testimony, he perjured himself under oath and he has conspired with the other security officers and police to pervert the course of justice.

Outrageous guilty verdict

The Stevenage Magistrates had, I believe, made up their minds to find Mr Doherty guilty, whatever the evidence. They ignored the outrageous lies and obvious collusion between staff at the Cambridge Magistrates Court and delivered a verdict so shameful that they are as guilty of perverting the course of justice as the witnesses. reblogged from and thank you to    
Main Article by Dave Knight

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  1. One the 9th May 2012 fourteen Met officers were on route in a marked carrier, to the opening of Parliament.On route a banter between the supervisors and some PC's started about promotion. Sergeant GD5 used the N word in conversation, no one challenged apart from a black PC sitting near the rear of the carrier.This black officer had 18 years distinguished service, and cried during the challenge.

    There was no challenge from the acting inspector or the other Sergeant sitting next to GD5.

    During his year paid suspension the sergeant managed to get some members of the community to give him a character reference.

    The Sergeant was found guilty in a misconduct hearing, held at ESB on the 11th March 2013.

    The outcome?

    He was given a final written warning.

    See the original media clip (Copy & Paste):

    The Sergeant is still employed on a SNT, see below (Copy & Paste):

    Sorry Identity withheld


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