Monday, 25 February 2013

Yorkshire Police who protected Jimmy Savile torture Child Abuse Witness

Clearly the Yorkshire Police who protected and helped Jimmy Savile for decades are intent on making sure survivors of abuse suffer  further tortured in the hope they will just disappear or  kill themselves.

 This Witness was not allowed  what  every vulnerable defendant is allowed an appropriate adult and a solicitor.  Why?

Experience of a survivor of Bryn Alyn Community and Operation Yewtree (Jimmy Savile and Others) and Operation Pallail

As a survivor of Bryn Alyn Community, the trauma’s inflicted upon my mind whilst in Wrexham only served to broaden my existing untreated mental health issues. My last diagnosis, less than 6 months ago, was Manic Deppressive Schizophrenic with Multiple Personalities Disorders. I went undiagnosed and untreated for approximately 27 years.
When the child abuse investigations were re-opened earlier this year, I thought…. finally, my chance to have my say, maybe find a little peace along the way.
So I came forward, and laid out the basic facts of my case to the authorities.
It was decided that my case fell under both Operation Yewtree (Jimmy Savile and Others) and Operation Pallail (2nd attempt at the Waterhouse mess).
Firstly, I was told that my Interview with Yewtree would be sometime this year, and Pallail would probably do their interview some time next year. This was because Yewtree didn’t need to know I had left Bryn Alyn with a newborn baby, despite the fact that Calderdale Social Services were in charge of my case, they held the Care Order in place, and once every 6 weeks they would pay travel and board for my mum to visit. Not good enough was my response to that. I’ve waited 21years to make my statement. It’s a one-time deal, no 2nd takes, no extended head-screwing. So it took a couple of weeks-worth of phone calls, and it was agreed my interviews could be recorded at the same time, to enable a chronological verbal record of my life through the “Care” system.
I rang Halifax Police Station this morning (Tues 18th Dec) to confirm my interview for 12pm Friday, to be informed that, whilst I could have an Appropriate Adult or Legal Counsil present at the station, they would not be allowed in the interview with me. I could, if I needed, call for a break in the interview, and go into the waiting room to speak with my Appropriate Adult, but that was it.
Now I was always under the impression that, in this Country we have the right to have legal representation in direct attendance whenever a legally binding statememnt is made, be it witness, prosecution or defense.
It is also my understanding that Operation Pallial has repeatedly advised that all survivors/victims connected to these investigations be allowed “somebody to hold their hand” during the emotional rollercoaster that is a Police Interview.
The Officer cited three reasons for his/their decision:
1; I was a witness not a suspect.
My reply….so f****** what?! It is a basic constitutional right to have Legal there.
2; It’s not a spectator sport.
My reply….stunned silence.
3; To avoid any undue influence regarding the evidence given.
My reply……my Solicitor who has been my friend and confidante for 18 years, and wants me to get some kind of peace at long last would NEVER do anything that would risk my chances in this or any case. He has seen time and time again over the years the results of the damage that was inflicted upon me. Not to mention the fact that Any solicitor is there purely to protect their client…..and after nearly 2 decades, he can see when my head starts to get “sidetracked” or agitated a lot earlier than most people can.
So I have now made the phone company extremely happy, and my bank manager nervous, as I rack up a phone bill more akin to an LA post code, ringing the Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Victim Support, my Mental Health Support Worker, along with various other agencies to try to get this decision altered.
My last contact with Halifax C.P.T was at 4.30pm today when they rang me to “clarify once and for all, solicitors or appropriate adult in the waiting room only”.
Well they can go * *cough

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