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The problem in the British Police with paedophilia in their ranks is  a story that has been bubbling around for quite some time, but the mainstream media and judiciary has buried each and every case that has come to light. The first thing to note is the very careful use of words, the British mainstream media avoid ever linking Police, Celebrities or the powerful with the word “paedophilia”, it is instead called… “Kiddie Porn” or “Child Porn” or various other euphemisms. On the other hand, if an average person is caught with images of child sex abuse they are almost always labelled as a “paedophile”.
A recent case  is most interesting for many reasons. Michael Vause (ex Police Officer) admitted ten counts of making indecent images & made 563 indecent images.
 Kirklees Magistrates’ Court heard how Vause was so ashamed of what he’d done that he couldn’t bring himself to speak about it, so he wrote it down to show to police.
So, let’s be clear here ~ upon being found out, he refused to speak to police at all other than in writing, hiding behind the “right of silence” to hide the full gravity of his paedophiliac crimes… What a charming man, who was working for West Yorkshire Police Force in their Professional Standards Department!
 Vause admitted ten counts of making indecent images and was yesterday sentenced to a three-year community order with sex offender programme and supervision requirements.
He was also put on the sex offenders’ register for five years and must pay £85 costs.
Staggering! If this was an isolated case, then one could rule it out easily enough as a case of one lone nut-job…It is made worse when you consider that a rioter in London was  jailed for 6 months for stealing some bottled water worth £3.50. and 62 year old Andrea Davison  Child Abuse investigator was jailed  for a total of 3 years for an alleged crime where no-one lost any money and no-one was harmed by Judge Niclas Parry who as a solicitor represented paedophiles in the infamous Waterhouse Inquiry.

The Daily Mail  reported ,  50 police officers  have been arrested in child porn raids across the country.  Isn’t what we are seeing here just the tip of a much bigger Paedophilia problem within the British Police force?  All these Police Officers are compromised  how many thousands of others are still being protected?
  1. Adviser to Britain’s police chiefs jailed after downloading child porn
  2. Policeman killed himself after child abuse material found, inquest told
  3. An ex police officer who was a director of the body that runs the Great Yorkshire Show has been jailed for possessing 4,000 images of child abuse.
  4. Police officer accused of child porn offences found stabbed to death in ‘vigilante attack’
  5. A police sergeant who admitted using vile child porn websites after his  fiancee reported him to colleagues was today spared jail.
  6. Police officer on indecent images of children charge
  7. An award-winning police inspector who protected Margaret Thatcher when she was Prime Minister in the 1980s has been jailed for sending child porn to other paedophiles.
  8. Police officer jailed over indecent images of children
  9. Police officer charged with possessing indecent images
  10. Roads Policing officer PC Philip Strolin was charged last night and remanded in custody to appear before Swindon Magistrates’ Court today. The 50-year-old based in Buckinghamshire was arrested on Friday, November 19, and has resigned from the force.
  11. Philip Savidge, 26, of Alexandra Road, Burgess Hill, pleaded guilty at Lewes Crown Court today, Friday 2 September, to 42 offences of making and distribution of 54,323 indecent images of children, including the possession of 1,681 prohibited and extreme images.
Going back to the original story about Michael Vause, what is incredible and truly staggering beyond belief, is that the Wakefield Express article leaves you in the position of feeling sympathy for the abuser. It makes much of the suffering undergone by the Michael Vause as a result of having to resign from his job and seeking out mental health support, given his position in the community. No mention of abuse of power or breach of responsibility.   What is amazing is that any police officer is prosecuted at all  and we are left wondering  just what they did to upset thier bosses? Especially the ones who die is vigilante attacks!

Research and main story   thanks to Jonathan  Blakely


  1. This is by design. If you have a bunch of pedophile policemen do ya think they'll arrest pedophile politicians if they're all together at the same child rape parties? Hell NO! Wake up people! Pedophile police are there by design; it is no accident.

  2. NO National Databases for children in U.K., no national databases in U.S.A----this way effective investigations are stymied and the child rapist, snuff film producers, murderers keep getting away with what they do. It's huge and No National Databases for Missing Children is a BIG PART of this scandal. I bet it is the same in Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Russia, etc. etc.

  3. Freemasons. Lords, MP's, Judges, Police officers, civil servants. That is the answer you are looking for. A nationwide and global network who all protect each other and employ/promote from within their ranks. They also like putting pervs into positions of power as they can be manipulated easily to perfomr ANY task. After all, no one wants to be associated with child abuse in the newspapers, but apparently doing it is fine, if you have the right network. Think about it, how could it be possible otherwise.

    Freemasons are like followers of religion, at the very lowest level they are clueless minions, funding the activities of those above them, as they progress higher up the pyramid they are taken further into the inner circle until one day, they simply become one of them too, of course they are also nicely financially compensated... so blackmailed and bought off, scum.


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