Sunday, 3 June 2018

The good and the bad in the organised crime of child exploitation ex detective Jon Wedger reveals all.

Former Detective Jon Wedger tells the shocking story of Police corruption and cover-ups involving child abuse.  Police officers are bullied into silence if they want to expose organised criminal activities involving child sex exploitation.   Listen to his story. 

Bryan Davis North Wales children's home boss finally convicted by Operation Pallial and jailed for  22 years for a string of offences dating back to the 1970's.   It has taken decades to bring these paedophiles to justice and many who are named in the lists below are still being protected. 

Scallywag magazine decades ago exposed the Westminster paedophile ring and the cover-up continues.   Robert Banks MP hosted child sex parties in Dolphin Square where children from North Wales children's homes were abused by VIP's


John Allen, Superintendent Gordon Anglesea  and Bryan Davis