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Leon Brittan QC child rapist, who like Savile was protected all his life by Police, Mi5 and UK PLC is dead

Leon Brittan long known by investigators and survivors and journalists to be a serial child abuser and torturer died  last week. Few grieve his passing, but some co-conspirators like William Hauge breathed a sigh of relief.   It is the survivors of child rape and torture who have now lost the chance for justice

by Simple Simon

The Press felt free to publish the stories they were prevented from doing so  becase of legal restrictions.  Stories emerged  about the former home secretary being involved in the cover-up of a secret Westminster paedophile ring that operated   from the 1970's
Days after Brittan's death, Labour MP Tom Watson said he spoke to several people who allege they were raped by the late politician. One male victim was a child when he was allegedly raped by Brittan.  Survivors also say children were murdered and the police are investigating this.
"Many have urged me over the past two years to reveal allegations against Brittan using parliamentary privilege," Watson told the Mirror. "This allows MPs to say things that are not subject to libel laws. Some will ask why I’ve waited until his death to speak out. The reason is simple. I didn't want to prejudice any jury trial he might one day face."
Brittan's death also underlines how slowly and ineffectually the British police are moving in their investigation of the Westminster child-abuse ring. The prime suspects are literally dying. Former MP Cyril Smith — another accused child abuser — died in 2010. Peter Hayman, the former deputy director of MI6 who was convicted of gross indecency, died in 1992.
In December, a man who says he was raped as a boy at a child sex party in London said he saw a Conservative member of cabinet strangle a boy to death in front of him in the 1980s. Although Brittan was part of the Thatcher cabinet at that time it is not clear whether he is the same person. Three child deaths have been linked to the Westminster ring.
Scotland Yard has been handed a document that contains names of 22 high-profile figures, including three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords, alleged to be involved in the suspected Westminster paedophile ring during the 1970s and 1980s, The Daily Telegraph reports.
In the Mirror, Watson compared Brittan's case to that of Jimmy Savile, in which similar claims of sexual abuse became known only after the BBC television personality died. 
Watson told the Mirror:
Today, one survivor said to me that Brittan "showed me no kindness or warmth." That Brittan was "as close to evil as a human being could get in my view."
This survivor said that Brittan and the others "took my childhood, they took the very essence of who I was and finally he's taken away my right to see justice done."
Brittan remains the subject of an investigation into the disappearance of a 40-page dossier naming eight senior civil servants and politicians who were allegedly involved in a secret paedophile ring. 
In 1983, Brittan was handed a dossier written by conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens while serving as home secretary in Margaret Thatcher's government. Dickens died in 1995. In July last year, Brittan was surrounded by allegations that he failed to properly investigate the claims. Brittan maintained that he handled the documents correctly. 
Last year, he told the Daily Mail that he gave the names to the Director of Public Prosecutions. 
He remembered the events like this:
As I recall, [Mr Dickens] came to my room at the Home Office with a substantial bundle of papers. As is normal practice, my private secretary would have been present at the meeting.
I told Mr Dickens that I would ensure that the papers were looked at carefully by the Home Office and acted on as necessary. Following the meeting, I asked my officials to look carefully at the material contained in the papers provided and report back to me if they considered that any action needed to be taken by the Home Office.
In addition, I asked my officials to consider a referral to another government department, such as the Attorney General’s department, if that was appropriate. This was the normal procedure for handling material presented to the Home Secretary. I do not recall being contacted further about these matters by Home Office officials or by Mr Dickens or by anyone else.’
Labour MP Simon Danczuk says Brittan's death is a blow to the investigation of the child-abuse ring. He told The Guardian: "Sir Leon is someone who should have faced questions and been compelled to give evidence to the inquiry over his role as home secretary in the 1980s when a dossier containing allegations of establishment child abuse was handed to him."
Don Hale the well known investigative journalist wrote that the legendary Barbara Castle MP told him Leon Britain used Special Branch Police unit as his own personal Gestapo.  Many whistel-blowers  have died or been jailed. Jill Dando the BBC presenter of crime Watch tied to expose Jimmy Savile and the BBC pedophile ring but was executed by a single close range shot to the head outside her home. Buli Forsythe a social worker from Lambeth was about to expose the Westminster Pedophile ring when he was beaten to death.  Willie McCray MP was murdered  after he said he had the evidence against VIP pedophiles.  In all these cases, as with Daniel Morgan, the murderers are never found. That is because the murderers are Police Officers from Special Branch or Government contract Killers ex forces.

Leon Brittan should not be allowed to rest in peace and there are calls for his assets to be frozen, as was done with Jimmy Savile's fortune.  

Friday, 23 January 2015

Anonymous OpDeathEaters target the Westminster pedophiles and the Global child sex trade

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They are best known for hacking government and corporate websites, but in the wake of the Westminster child abuse scandal and allegations of establishment cover-ups, the Anonymous internet collective has a new target: exposing international paedophile networks.

Named “Operation Death Eaters” after the evil acolytes of Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, the group has issued a call for a global effort on social media to build a grassroots database of paedophile cases that it says will shine light into the darkest corner of the worldwide web.

The new Anonymous campaign comes  is spreading on Facebook, Twitter and other social media using the tag ‘OpDeathEaters’

Heather Marsh, an online activist who is helping to co-ordinate the operation and describes herself as an “old friend” of Anonymous, said that ‘OpDeathEaters’ was aimed at exposing the extent of the explosion of child abuse material on the internet.

Tens of millions of images of child abuse are now believed to be circulating online, many showing the abuse of infants and toddlers so horrific that mainstream media outlets and the public at large are turning a blind eye to the problem, experts warned this week.

Thousands of paedophiles will escape justice, crime chief admits 20 Oct 2014
Many of the cases, like that of Michael Centanni, a prominent US Republican fund-raiser in Washington who pleaded guilty this month to child sex offences after being found with 267 child abuse videos, are glossed over by local media as too disturbing to cover in detail.

Data from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in Washington, which reflects only a fraction of the total, has identified almost 8,000 child victims since 2002 as well as some 3.2m child pornography images, with approximately 40,000 new images being added every week.

The Anonymous project was also prompted in part by allegations of cover-up of the alleged 1980s Westminster paedophile ring and renewed questions over the influence network of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire financier and friend of Prince Andrew who was convicted of sex offences.

The premise behind OpDeathEaters is to expose high level complicity, obstruction of justice and cover-up in the paedo-sadist industry in order to show the need for independent inquiries,” said Miss Marsh.

OpDeathEaters, like a previous Anonymous campaign to highlight the cover-up of ritual murders in the African state of Gabon, is intended to break what it says is a conspiracy of silence among sympathetic politicians, police and mainstream media to downplay the full extent of the online child sex industry.

“The database is not meant to find criminals but to show influence networks and how already known cases are distributed across those networks,” Miss Marsh added. “No one can visualize a beach by being presented with periodic, isolated grains of sand.

The scale of the problem was acknowledged by David Cameron last year when he announced his “We Protect” initiative, including new offences for soliciting pictures from children and a new unit at GCHQ to police the encrypted file-sharing networks abusers use to swap videos and pictures of child abuse.
At an international conference in December Mr Cameron warned of “sickening images” being transferred on the so-called dark web, and warned paedophiles there would be “nowhere to hide” as the intelligence agencies shone a light “on the web's darkest corners”

However Miss Marsh whose book ‘Binding Chaos’ looks at the power of global, grassroots networks to supplant traditional government, said the grassroots not government must own the process.

The high level cover-ups by the UK government would make one question the good faith of any of their initiatives to shut down the industry,” she said.

The Anonymous database, which will be hosted on the GitHub online repository, promises to collate cases from all around the world, cross-referencing connections within sub-groups including the police, armed forces, schoolteachers, politicians, media, academics and religious organisations.

The database’s ultimate purpose has yet to be fully determined, but in the first instance the group says it wants to shut down the child-sex industry by “dismantling the power structure which held it there” and by “educating to create a cultural change”.

By its secretive nature, precise data on the number of child abuse images circulating online is impossible to produce, however police officers, prosecutors and child-sex experts said that the avalanche of new material was easily overwhelming government.

Detective Cecil Arnold, a member of the Texas Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force, said that US law enforcement had estimated there were some seven million identified images of child abuse, only about 40 per cent of which were being specifically tracked.

Even more disturbingly according to Det. Arnold some 60 per cent of new images recently reviewed by ICAC were of pre-pubescent children under 10, infants and toddlers – challenging the often widespread assumption that child pornography involved mainly pubescent or teenage boys and girls.

Paedophiles share the images on ‘peer-to-peer’ file sharing networks that enable two people to swap video files and pictures over an encrypted network that enables sophisticated users to avoid detection.

Many of those arrested, says Det Arnold, are “low hanging fruit” who started out consuming mainstream pornography but found themselves sinking further and further into hard core, and the child pornography.

“They start looking at regular pornography, and then that progresses until they're into bondage, then they're into torture and before they know it they've desensitised the portion of their brain that filters this stuff as being wrong,” he said.

Lawyers, police officers and experts who deal with child abuse cases on a regular basis said that sheer depravity of the material, often involving the rape and sodomy of very young children, mean that mainstream media were unable or unwilling to describe the true nature of the problem.

James Marsh, an internationally recognised lawyer for victims of child pornography who last year took a compensation came for victims to the US Supreme Court, said that government, media and society was simply failing to grasp the problem because no-one wanted to confront the reality.

“It is an unstoppable cesspool of images and exploitation out there and it’s just something that, from a public policy standpoint, a social policy standpoint and a public health standpoint, we haven't even begun to deal with this in a reasonable way,” he said.

The rise of the smartphone, the ubiquity of ‘regular’ pornography and the ability of the internet to network child-abusers together into self-supporting groups has massively accelerated the child porn problem in recent years, according to experts.

Dr Sharon Cooper, one of the world’s leading experts in the impacts of child sex abuse, who has been reviewing child abuse images since 1998 for police investigations, said contemporary images were now noticeably more sadistic than a decade ago.

“In the late 1990s a lot of images were poses, children just solo or perhaps masturbating, but not nearly as horrendous as what we see today, which is child-torture. Sometimes it’s so bad you cannot be sure they will survive it,” she said.
“Many of these child abuse images are also mimicking adult porn which has become much more violent, often contains more than one offender and includes many more homemade images. That is occurring in child sexual abuse images too.”

The high prevalence of white, often middle class establishment professional men among offenders has also contributed to the failure to fully address the problem and the over-arching networks that sustain the child pornography industry, according to Mr Marsh.

Data from the US government’s Sentencing Commission survey confirms that the overwhelming majority – more than 85 per cent - of those convicted of child pornography offenses were white males. Their average age was 43.

“Our biggest challenge is often convincing a court and the world that the white middle class businessmen, with no prior record, was indeed a paedophile - a child rapist and a child molester. That's something that we don't want to accept,” he said.

Studies have also established a clear link between those who possess child pornography and those who engage in real-world sexual abuse, with the a review of 21 studies by Canadian scientists finding that half of convicted child-porn offenders admitted having previously committed a “contact sexual offence”.

Activists pointed to the muted media coverage given to a recent case in Washington DC in which Centanni, a senior Republican fundraiser, was charged with child sex offences after investigators traced transmissions of child pornography to his computers in his basement.

The case was not covered by The Washington Post or the New York Times, and was only picked up by a local NBC affiliate state and The Washington Examiner, a small conservative paper in the city.

According to the court filings, Centanni was found in possession of 3,000 images, many apparently filmed in his own bedroom, including one showing a man raping a five year old girl who cries “no” and “mommy” while the man says “good baby” and “stop crying,” according to one filing.
Professor David Corwin, a child psychiatrist at the University of Utah and a regular expert witness who has had to watch graphic videos of child abuse, says the collective desire to turn away among the media and public is understandable, but is keeping society from confronting the truly corrosive nature of child abuse.
“This material is just so far beyond our common ability to even conceive, it’s psychological heroin, you cannot get it out of your head,” he said, “It’s like Medusa: you can’t look at it without it turning you to stone, so how does society deal with problem?”

This destruction of society has been encouraged and is being profited from by an elite group inhabiting the halls of whitehall and the whitehouse. They are untouchable the rape and murder of innocents is to them a  profitable useful sick game.

They are supported by key conspirators withing the Police, the Security and intelligence services and the justice and Court system. 

Evil beyond belief they have perverted and deceived the whole world nder a banner of democracy and justice.  They turn nation against nation to profit from war. They destabilize peaceful democratic societies  by funding terrorist groups. trafficking drugs to create apathy, and encouraging all forms of pornography including the rape and murder of babies for entertainment. 

They make laws to strip the common man of his home and his hard earned cash which they then use to create wars and run their global criminal empire. There is only one way to stop them expose the system they use.

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BBC and MI5 team up to pervert 'Blue Peter' and indoctrinate a new generation of children to use as sex slaves

Children at risk from Blue Peter and MI5! No this is not a joke article and cardboard tubes are not required.

MI5 (the anachronim for the British Security service) has launched a new offensive against children in the UK. Together with its pedophile loving colleague the UK State Propaganda machine the BBC

In a parody of 'Jim'll FIX IT' MI5 have teamed up with the legendary kids series Blue Peter in a charm offensive effort to recruit children as spies and indoctrinate them. All paid for from the Public purse.

The program will not feature the use by MI5 of children from State Care Homes used as sex slaves in order to Blackmail politicians and diplomats.

Both the BBC and MI5 are embroiled in the child sexual abuse scandal they both protected VIP pedophiles for decades. They have worked together since the BBC began its propaganda and psychological warfare work in the 1920's

The BBC is established under a Royal Charter ( there is that word again Royal) and operates under its Agreement with the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport. Its work is funded principally by an annual television licence fee which is charged and extorted from all British households, companies, and organisations using any type of equipment to receive or record live television broadcasts.

Street art outside BBC Wood Lane shows child throwing 'Jim will fix it' badge down the drain
Jim'll Fix It and Blue Peter were Children's TV  programs used to lure children for abuse 
The Torygraph reports that:- 
Security service MI5 is taking on an unlikely ally by teaming up with long-running children's show Blue Peter - on a mission to find viewers with the skills to be spies.

The BBC programme is launching Project Petra which will enable a number of candidates to be put through their paces in a rigorous selection procedure with mental and physical challenges.

Three will be chosen and allowed to tour MI5's HQ in London, Thames House, and their visit will be filmed by the CBBC show - the first time TV cameras have been allowed in to the top secret building.

Bestselling author Anthony Horowitz, who has written the Alex Rider series of books about a teenage agent, is on the selection panel to find CBBC Intelligence Officers.

Viewers of the CBBC programme, aged between eight and 14, will apply through the Blue Peter website and eight will be chosen to attend a "spy school" weekend where their observational and analytical skills will be tested, as well as their physical abilities.

Horowitz - also the writer of ITV's soon-to-end series Foyle's War about the secret service - said "Children are fascinated by the world of spies and secret intelligence and so, for that matter, am I. I'm really thrilled to have been invited to join this top secret panel, it's going to be a real adventure."

The contest, named after one of the show's early pets, will be launched on tonight's edition of Blue Peter with application forms on the website at

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Islington heart of pedophile scandal

Was Islington at the centre of a vast paedophile network?    1980 to 2015 and not one VIP arrested.

Margaret Hodge, leader of Islington Council, 1982-1992 during which time children were being sexually abused in all twelve children's homes in the borough as well as being taken out of the homes for 'parties'. Margaret never noticed even when some lowly social workers brought the situation to her notice. She was later awarded a safe Labour seat and made Minister for Children, a post created for her by her close friend Tony Blair

In 1992, the Evening Standard published allegations about widespread sexual abuse in children’s homes run by Islington council. It said every home contained staff who were paedophiles, pimps, or child pornographers. The leader of Islington council, Margaret Hodge, dismissed the story as “gutter journalism”, and accused Evening Standard journalists of waiting outside homes to bribe children for their stories with £50 notes.This led to a whole series of inquiries, most of which were conducted by Islington council themselves and were not to be taken seriously. The Evening Standard kept the pressure on Islington council, reprinting stories and also making fresh allegations, until an independent, external inquiry was announced, led by Ian White, the head of Cambridgeshire Social Services.

In 1995 the White inquiry published its findings, which proved the Evening Standard right about its allegations. This was despite Islington council’s best efforts to frustrate the inquiry and cover their tracks, including hundreds of vital files going missing. There was one allegation, however, that the White report didn’t support. Social workers had identified 61 children who were thought to be involved in “organised, network abuse”:

Islington police were asked to investigate allegations of a wider paedophile network and report back to the White inquiry, but they concluded “there was insufficient evidence to support the allegation of network abuse at that time”. page 41 of the White report, 1995

This is hardly surprising given the number of files that had disappeared from Islington Council’s archives. It’s also likely that the police weren’t allowed to properly investigate organised paedophile networks. Off the record, the police admitted as much:

The police agree at least three of the men we highlighted belong to child sex rings. But they simply don’t have the resources to investigate. (from Eileen Fairweather article ‘Passport to Perversion‘)

A Sunday Times article from August 1993 said that there was evidence of a wider paedophile ring:

Britain’s biggest police inquiry into organised sexual abuse of children has been launched by Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Squad.

The investigation into networks of paedophiles who have been paying for sex with boys and girls, has uncovered several groups across London and other parts of southern England who link up to swap information and abuse children. For the past five months officers from the squad have secretly liaised with directors of social services in more than half a dozen London boroughs amid fears that organised gangs have targeted vulnerable children in their areas.

Several of the most prominent offenders under surveillance are wealthy businessmen. They have been linked to a sex ring abusing young people living in children’s homes in the London borough of Islington.

The police inquiry has produced evidence that the north London borough has been a magnet for child molesters over the past few years, as a result of the council’s lax control over the young people in its charge.

As far as I’m aware the police investigation didn’t lead to any convictions. If there had been arrests, it would have been covered in the national media. It’s very possible that the investigation was stopped, just as the Peter Righton investigation was stopped a year later. The whole sequence of events is shrouded in secrecy, and only a few key insiders like Michael Hames, then head of Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Squad, could say what really happened. Another person who would know what happened is Michael Howard, the Home Secretary at the time, who had overall responsibility for policing.

Michael Howard
The missing files were very convenient for those in Islington council who wanted the paedophile scandal to go away. In those files lay the only hard evidence showing which could have led to connections with other paedophile rings across the UK.  Michael Howards was well know to be involved with the drugs dealer Hass and Bennet through his Liverpool based cousin

There are several indications that Islington was connected to a wider paedophile network. In 1986 an Islington council social worker, Abraham Jacob, was jailed for his part in a paedophile ring that supplied young boys to the notorious ‘Meat Rack’ in London’s Piccadilly Circus. The arrest was part of a long police investigation called Operation Circus that ended up convicting fifteen men for sexually exploiting children

Abraham Jacob
In November 1985, fourteen year old Jason Swift was murdered by Sidney Cooke and other members of his paedophile ring. Jason was a runaway and had been homeless for around 6 months before he died, so his exact whereabouts were unknown. Years later, the journalist Eileen Fairweather was told by two separate sources that Jason stayed at Islington council’s Conewood Street home. Islington council cannot confirm this as the records showing who stayed at Conewood Street have also gone missing.

Sidney Cooke
Due to the missing files, nobody can check which local authorities Islington sent children to, but some evidence remains in the form of statements from children who were in Islington’s care.

At least one boy was taken to New Barns School, an independent boarding school in Gloucestershire, where paedophile and PIE member Peter Righton was governor, and where Righton’s partner Richard Alston was headmaster. Alston resigned as headmaster after Righton’s 1992 conviction for importing child pornography. A music teacher at New Barns School, Alan Stewart, was convicted of sexually abusing girls in 1994. Despite allegations of widespread sexual abuse at New Barns School, the CPS decided there wasn’t enough evidence to bring charges.

Peter Righton
After Righton’s 1992 conviction, he and his partner Richard Alston were invited to stay at Lord Henniker’s estate in Eye, Suffolk. Righton lived there until his death in 1996. Lord Henniker’s estate was run as a ‘children’s activity centre’, and Islington council had been sending children there for years.

These Peter Righton connections are deeply sinister. Righton had risen to the top of the social work establishment and had powerful connections in residential care homes across the UK. Before the Righton investigation was stopped in 1994, it was described as “one of the biggest child abuse inquiries ever involving police and social services from across the country co-ordinated by Scotland Yard’s Obscene Publications Squad. They ae investigating a network of gay intellectuals who are believed to have run child sex rings for decades through schools and children’s homes.”

One social worker Liz Davies said "In Islington ‘disadvantaged’ children were sent on holidays to a place in Suffolk called Eye. This was called the Islington/Suffolk Project and I became involved in an investigation with police when Peter Righton, already convicted of possessing abusive images of children, was living with his partner on a big country estate where the children were sent. I was told there was a sign outside the estate saying ’28,000 Islington children have had holidays here’.
In Islington, some children made trips to Nick Rabet’s activity centre in Sussex. He was the deputy manager of one of the Islington homes and he also owned this activity centre. Groups of children were taken there. Later he was convicted in Thailand of abuse of 30 boys.

I became aware of other ‘trips’ to areas outside London – Cambridge ,Canvey Island, Blackpool and Brighton were among the destinations. As a senior social worker managing a team, I asked many questions at the time; Who sanctioned the trip? Who paid for it? Did the parents know? Where did they stay? There were clear council protocols for approving holidays and trips for children in care. Once, after I had long left Islington’s employment, I was listening to Talk Radio and heard an Islington survivor speak of being taken to children’s homes all across the country, being sexually exploited and abusive images were taken. This made me very sad as it was what I had strongly suspected was happening but had not been able to prove at the time."

Nick Rabet was deputy supervisor at Islington council’s Grosvenor Avenue home. Rabet was widely suspected to be a paedophile, and despite many allegations, Islington never took the proper steps of having him investigated. Rabet was born in Jersey, and often took children there on unauthorised trips from Islington children’s homes.

After Rabet left Islington he set up a ‘children’s recreational centre’ at a country house near Heathfield, East Sussex. Islington council sent many children there for days out. One of Rabet’s circle, Neil Hocquart, became a ‘volunteer’ at the centre. Hocquart was from Guernsey, and killed himself in 1991 after being raided by police and found with over 100 child-sex videos and 300 photographs of naked boys. One of the boys was a 10 year old in Islington’s care.

Rabet and Hocquart were “networkers”, involved in the supply of children for pornography and abuse. Hocquart was connected to a powerful Jersey paedophile ring, which included an aristocrat, clerics and a social services chief. A list of members of this paedophile ring was given to Scotland Yard & NCIS on 4th January 1996, but the information was never acted on.

Other than Rabet, at least two other Islington social workers were also from Jersey. It seems unlikely that so many Jersey social workers would end up working in north London by coincidence alone.

When the East Sussex activity centre started attracting attention from the police, Rabet fled to the notorious Pattaya resort in Thailand, where he was eventually charged with abusing local boys, some as young as six years old. He was found dead in May 2006, Thai police said it was suicide but the details of his death sounded suspicious:

A Foreign Office spokesman confirmed that a British citizen had been found dead, adding: “Local police believe the death to be suicide.” He had a plastic bag over his head and his wrists locked to his ankles, according to a report in Thailand’s Nation newspaper.

As leader of Islington Council, Margaret Hodge was responsible for allowing children in Islington council’s care to be preyed on by paedophiles. Unbelievably,

Tony Blair made her Children’s Minister in 2003.

The Islington child abuse scandal came back
to haunt her and she was attacked in the media but refused t
o resign. Watch Hodge grin and lie her way through this 2003
TV interview:

Expect more denials and excuses from Margaret Hodge if 
the Peter Righton file that’s now being investigated proves 
that Islington council was central to a vast paedophile network.

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Prince Andrew, part of evil pedophile family which has abused and murdered poor children for centuries

There is an evil family at the heart of the pedophile empire in the UK with its tentacles around the Globe.    Its the company they keep!.

The Independent reports 'Epstein is accused of forcing a 17-year-old girl to have sex with Prince Andrew, Duke of York – a claim Buckingham Palace has denied.' 

Buckingham Palace is a building!  a building funded by the British tax payer, buildings do not speak for themselves and this building has not  been  accused.  Or did Andrew's mum issue the statement through her employees, also paid for by the tax payer?   Can you imagine being accused of rape and your mums house issues  a statement that you are innocent. This is the sort of games these people play.  We are above you serfs, we do what we please, your children are just toys to us. 

Read here link to  full  disturbing US Court Statement naming Prince Andrew 

Lawyers say of  Epstien "The evidence suggests that for at least four years he was sexually abusing as many as three to four girls a day. But of course Prince Andrew did not notice. LOL

Epstien "He is a sexual addict that focused all his free time on sexually abusing children, and he uses his extraordinary wealth and power to lure in poor, underprivileged little girls and then also uses his wealth to shield himself from prosecution and liability."

Earlier this week it was reported that prosecutors believed that Epstein "pressurised witnesses" to hide the truth about claims that he procured underage girls for sex, according to The Telegraph.
Prince Charles with his close friend child sex procurer Jimmy Savile 

Prince Andrew belongs to a parasitic family which has leached of the British People, the American people, the Australian people, the Canadian people  and the good people of all  the countries it conquered around the globe for centuries.

Prince Phillip  and his old buddy pedophile Jimmy Savile 

They still own every single square inch of land in the UK  this may be a little known fact but  the Queen owns every bit of Land in Britain- the people because of this can own nothing.

Prime Minister Thatcher pedophile  lover with Savile
British people are disenfranchised and without a constitution,  their children are not born free they are the property of the crown and need a birth certificate  very much like a container  arriving at a port.   So when the Royal Family want to rape and murder children and hire  child sex procurers like Jimmy Savile and Epstein they are totally protected in the UK.  The British Parliament are not independent of the Royal Family and the British people do not live in a Democracy.  If a British Person is prosecuted for infringement of a law they are prosecuted by 'THE CROWN'   it is called The Crown Prosecution Service.

Princess  Diana found out what an evil family she had been married into and her sentence for being a decent human being was death.
Diana forced to endure child rapist Savile 
Diana was murdered on the orders of Prince Charles  the very close friend of child sex procurer and serial child rapist Jimmy Savile

The Prime Minister of the UK takes advise from the Queen during  regular visits. The Queen opens parliament and sanctions all new laws.
Prime Minister Ted Heath child murderer and rapist with Savile 
This evil family is at the heart of the corruption and growing oppression in the United Kingdom.  With tentacles around the world they use their power and wealth and hypocrisy to enslave people all over the Globe.  They are secret players behind the World Banks  and major corporations like SERCO.

Savile paid by BBC license payers to rape and murder
 and procure their children for Royals and VIP's 
They have done a great PR Job helped by the pedophile propaganda machine the BBC  but now the facade is slipping and we can all see the evil within.  Time this evil family more Boil than Royal were given the chop.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Powerful and corrupt, evil and depraved megalomaniacs who make our laws whilst they sexualy abuse our children

One day in the not too distant future the systematic abuse of little children by powerful and corrupt men and women supported by the Police and protected by the justice system will be looked upon as we now view the slave trade in the 19th century.  

May 5, 2003 
From the Streets of Little Beirut 
Glen Yeadon 

On January 28, 2003, amid the furor of the impending war with Iraq the British press briefly reported on Operation Ore, the most thorough and comprehensive police investigation of crimes against children before being squashed by the Blair government. Besides implicating Rock guitarist Peter Townsend of the Who, the report claimed that senior members of Tony Blair's government were being investigated for pedophilia and the "enjoyment" of child-sex pornography. With the investigation reaching to senior members of his Government, Blair declared a news blackout on the story. 
Moreover, the British report was not the first such case reported. In fact, it followed on the heels of a report from Portugal. On November 27, 2002, the press reported a scandal of pedophile ring run from a state orphanage. The Guardian reported that the scandal threatened to engulf diplomats, media personalities and senior politicians. Photographs of senior government officials with young boys from Lisbon's Casa Pia orphanage were among the evidence. More shocking however, were the revelations that systematic sexual abuse of children at the home had allegedly been going on for more than 20 years and had been known to police and other authorities for most of that time. 

On January 14, 2002, Insight Magazine reported the charges leveled by Ben Johnson against his employer Dyncorp, a major defense contractor. Johnson charged that officials and employees of Dyncorp were engaging in perverse, illegal and inhumane behavior and were purchasing illegal weapons, women, forged passports and participating in other immoral acts. Johnson had witnessed his supervisors and fellow employees buying 12- to 15-year-olds as sex slaves. 

While prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, the global sex trade is big business. The impact of illegal immigrant traffic in Canada is estimated at between $120 million to $400 million per year accounting for approximately 8,000 to 16,000 people arriving in Canada per year illegally. The estimate is from Organized Crime Impact Study, prepared for the Solicitor General of Canada. The majority of the illegal immigrants are forced into prostitution and come from Vietnam and China. Once smuggled into Canada the young girls are sold into bondage throughout a North America network. Moreover, Canada is not alone. Young Russians and Ukrainian women that wish to immigrate to Israel are often smuggled into the country destitute and at the mercy of their pimp. 

More disgusting is the role the United States government plays in facilitating this global sex trade. Instead of banning the previously mentioned Dyncorp from further defense contracts, the regime of George W Bush rewards it in granting major contracts for the Iraqi war. Even more shameful is the wink and nod the state department grants the Saudis. The Arabian Peninsula has long been known to be purchasers of slaves. Mostly the slaves came from India or Africa however, with the advent of the oil wealth the Saudis have became more selective and are known as high-end buyers. The Saudi Arabian Government continues to refuse to sign the United Nation’s treaty on slavery and extradition treaties. There have been several incidents in the past where the media has reported a slave of a Saudi prince brought into the United States escaped. The State Department then intervenes and returns the escaped slave to the Saudi prince and the incident forgotten. The State Department exempts the Saudi princes from normal custom procedures. A child slave bought by a Saudi prince can be delivered to his plane and allowed to depart without the required passport for the child. One fortunate victim that became entangled in the Saudi sex ring was the former Miss USA Shannon Marketic. She had been lured to Saudi Arabia by what she believed was legitimate modeling work. Being a high profile case she was returned to the United States and filed suit. The former Miss USA lost her lawsuit as the State department granted immunity to her abductors. 

Many of the pictures of the young children peering out from posters and milk cartons that have disappeared in the United States have fallen victim to this global sex trade. They indeed may have been lucky for there is a much more sinister side to child molestation. In fact, it is undoubtedly the most macabre and hideous aspect to evolve out of the United States use of Nazi scientists, the CIA’s Project MK-ULTRA. This grotesque project of ghastly experiments in mind control evolved out of earlier CIA projects in search for a truth serum. The roots for such a project date back to the wartime OSS search for a truth serum. During the war, the OSS began a search for a truth serum to use on captured U-boat prisoners. The experiments were limited and the only drug they found to produce desirable results was cannabis. According to author Anthony Cave Brown in the Last Hero, the experiments were limited to testing on one person. Additionally Dr. George Estabrooks of Colgate University carried out experiments paralleling the Nazis brain washing methods by drugs and hypnosis. Estabrooks connections with the army, CID, FBI and other agencies are still shrouded in secrecy. However, it seems that the doctor could not help but talk about his experiments occasionally and what is know of 
his work comes from his loose tongue. 

During the war, the allies had captured documents in the Nazis experiments on inmates of Dachau with mescaline and other psychedelics in a search for a truth serum. The doctor in charge of the Dachau experiments was Dr. Hubertus Strughold. Strughold was also involved in barbaric high altitude experiments on inmates of Dachau. Strughold was brought to the United States under the Project Paperclip and became America’s father of space medicine. His use of mind-altering drugs on inmates provided the foundation for the CIA’s research into truth serums and mind control. 

The United States first foray into truth serums started in 1947 as Project CHATTER initiated by the navy. The project was terminated in 1953. In 1949, at the Edgewood Arsenal the CIA began project Bluebird using Nazi scientists to find a truth serum. Project Bluebird evolved into Project Artichoke and eventually into MK-Ultra. MK-UTRA was much larger in focusing on mind control and the means to achieve it was not limited to drugs and psychedelics. MK-ULTRA experiments including using hypnosis, lobotomy, electroshock, sensory deprivation, ESP, and drugs experiments in hypnosis, lobotomy, electroshock, sensory deprivation, ESP, drugs and sexual abuse. 

Ironically, the CIA’s first widespread use of sex came from a program to blackmail United States politicians conducted by Edwin Wilson. The political targets were enticed to live out their sexual fantasies in the flesh. With hidden cameras ready the unsuspecting politician would be filmed, which would later be used to blackmail him into supporting the agency’s projects and views. Wilson's skill in these matters dated back to the early 1950s, when he took over a network of homosexual and pedophile rings from CIA asset and McCarthy Committee counsel Roy Cohn. 

While MK-ULTRA focused primarily on the use of drugs for mind control other CIA projects evolved to use trauma to induce control or the victim’s mind such as Project Monarch. Project Monarch officially began in the early 1960s, although unofficially at a much earlier date. Monarch may have evolved out of MK-SEARCH subprojects such as SPELLBINDER, which was a program to create the Manchurian candidate or sleeper assassins that could be activated with code words. 

MK-ULTRA still remains classified as top secret. Officially, the CIA refuses to acknowledge it. In the aftermath of Watergate, the CIA released voluminous documents under the Freedom of Information act on MK-ULTRA and other projects. Several good books soon followed the release. Perhaps, the closest admission of the program came in an interview of William Colby by Anton Chaitkin of the New Federalist. When directly asked what about MONARCH, Colby angry replied "We stopped that between the late 1960's and the early 1970's." Knowledge of Project MONARCH comes from its victims. The first to surface was Candy Jones, a model with the birth name of Jessica Wilcox. Jones apparently fit the physiological profile as to be one of the initial experiments of MK-ULTRA. Her story was told in the book The Control of Candy Jones. 

The most publicized case is the story of Cathy O'Brien told in the book TRANCE Formation of America: The True Life Story of a ClA Slave. O'Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor. Like many others, Cathy was introduced to the program by her perverted father. Cathy covers an almost unbelievable array of conspiratorial crime: forced prostitution (white slavery) with those in the upper echelons of world politics, covert assignments as a "drug mule" and courier. Another survivor, Paul Bonaci who survived two decades of torture under Project MONARCH has disclosed strong corroborating evidence of wide-scale crimes and corruption from the municipal/state level all the way up to the White House. He has testified about sexually abused males selected from Boy's Town in Nebraska and taken to nearby Offutt AFB. At Offutt, they were subjected to intense MONARCH programming, directed mainly by Commander Bill Plemmons and former Lt. Col. Michael Aquino. 

Monarch programming involves traumatizing the victim in order to create multiple personalities in the victim. Sexual molestation and the occult are standard tools for the Monarch programmer. There are several levels of Monarch programming. 

Alpha is regarded as general programming within the base personality. 

Beta programming or sexual programming eliminates all learned moral behavior and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. 

Delta is known as killer programming. Subjects are devoid of fear and are very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Self-destruct or suicide instructions are layered in at this level. 

Other levels of programming generally concern some method of self-destruction or evasion if the victim was ever captured after completing their assignment. The initial stages of programming usually begin somewhere in the first six years of the victim’s life. Due to the trauma induced by electro-shock, sexual abuse and other methods the vicitms’ mind splits into alternate personalities to cope with the trauma. Formerly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder, it is presently recognized as Dissociative Identity Disorder and is the basis for MONARCH programming. Further conditioning of the victim's mind is enhanced through hypnotism, double-bind coercion, pleasure-pain reversals, food, water, sleep and sensory deprivation, and with various drugs. 

In order to keep Project ULTRA and its associated projects secret the CIA segmented the research between several universities, hospitals and prisons. The Canadians are still coming to grips with the house of horrors found inside Dr. Cameron’s Montreal labs. Cameron’s research was sponsored by the CIA. In fact Cameron's involvement may be the best documented case of mind control by the CIA due to the civil suit of Orlikow, et al. v. United States. In 1988, the court ordered the U.S. Justice department to pay the plaintif $750,000. In addition the Canadain goverment was assessed $8 million dollars for damages. 

The final stage of programming usually occurs on military bases to insure security. Several bases are implicated with Monarch programming. Two bases have been exposed in the past by incidents Offutt and the Presidio in the 1980s. The Presidio case dates back as far as 1982, when a military doctor warned the army of the danger to children in its day care center. The army failed to follow its own regulations in allowing the children to go on field trips off base without the parents consent. On August14, 1984, the FBI and officers from the army’s criminal investigation division raided the home of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino looking for evidence of child molestation. 

The Presidio case attracted the attention of investigative reporter and radio talk show host, Mae Bruessell. During her investigation of the case, she received several death threats. Her daughter was killed in a car wreck that she attributed as a hit. Before concluding her investigation, Mae was struck with a fast onset of cancer. The reader should note the CIA has developed a fast acting cancer virus. Mae’s death may have been induced rather than from natural causes. 

Linked with both Offutt and the Presidio cases is Lt Colonel Michael Aquino. Aquino founded the Temple of Set, an offshoot of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan. He was attached to the DIA's Psychological Warfare Division and holds a top secret security clearance for his work in military intelligence and on classified psychological warfare. . Aquino is obsessed with Nazi pagan rituals. He officiated at SS black magic ceremonies held at Wewelsburg, the Castle once used by SS chief Heinrich Himmler to create an SS order of Teutonic Knights based on the Knights Templars. His hypnotic manipulation of people made him an ideal candidate for the position of Master Programmer. Aquino along with others was arrested in the Presidio case for child molesting. The evidence was overwhelming of their guilt however, to the dismay of the victim’s parents all charges were dropped. Aquino has developed training tapes on how to create a MONARCH slave and worked as a liaison between Government/Military Intelligence and various criminal organizations and occult groups in the distribution of MONARCH slaves. 

The dismissal of charges is common in such cases. On February 7, 1987, the Washington Post ran an article about a case of possible kidnapping and child abuse. Washington D.C. police had arrest two men after observing them watching over several children that were described as very neglected. The children ran in age from 2 to 7 and were covered with insect bites and extremely dirty. Their subsequent investigation led to the Finders, a cult like commune. The adult males were Michael Houlihan and Douglas Ammerman. They led authorities to an old warehouse. Inside the warehouse police found color slides, photographs and photographic contact sheets. Some photos revealed children participating in blood letting cult rituals involving animals. Other documents described "blood rituals" and sexual orgies involving children, and an unsolved murder in which the Finders might be involved. Additional documents revealed detailed instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes. The instructions included the impregnation of female members of the community, purchasing children, trading and kidnapping. 

Several telex messages were also found in the warehouse. One such telex ordered the purchase of two children in Hong Kong to be arranged through a contact in the Chinese Embassy. There was a file called "Pentagon Break-in," and references to activities in Moscow, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, North Vietnam, North Korea, Africa, London, Germany, "Europe" and the Bahamas. Other documents identified interests in high-tech transfers to the United Kingdom, numerous properties under the control of the Finders, interest in terrorism, explosives, and the evasion of law enforcement. The warehouse also had a video room, apparently used for indoctrination. 

All the findings by the local police were verified by US. Customs officials. The US Custom officials soon ordered a full investigation and obtained search warrants for various locations. The investigation brought in the FBI as well. Nevertheless, this was as far as the investigation ever got. All law enforcement agencies involved including the local police, the US Custom’s officials and the FBI were ordered to halt their investigations by the Department of Justice on grounds of national security. The matter was turned over to the CIA an "internal security matter," since the "Finders" is and has been a domestic and international covert operation of the Central Intelligence Agency. The investigations were immediately halted, the evidence suppressed and the abused children returned to their handlers, who had been arrested. To date the only media outlet that has published the details behind the halting of the investigation has been US News and World Reports. 

There have been other reports suggestive of a connection between child abuse and top officials. On June 29, 1989, the Washington Times, shook the Bush White House to its very roots with the front page headline "Call Boys Took Midnight Tour of White House.'' The paper reported, ``A homosexual prostitution ring is under investigation by federal and District authorities and includes among its clients key officials of the Reagan and Bush administrations, military officers, congressional aides and U.S. and foreign businessmen with close ties to Washington's political elite.'' 

At the center of the scandal was Craig Spence, a Republican powerbroker known for his lavish ``power cocktail'' parties. Among the rumors circulating was a rumor indicating that over 200 of Washington’s elite had used the call boy service. Spence’s entire mansion was covered with two way mirrors, hidden microphones and cameras. The White House including President Bush refused to answer questions or discuss the incident. At the same time, another story implicating the President in child abuse was breaking in the heart of the country. The story centered on the failure of the Franklin Community Credit Union in Omaha. 

For roughly a decade stories linking Larry King the director of Franklin to child molestation had surfaced in and around the Omaha area. The failure of the Franklin Credit Union began to expose the murky past of King that had been shrouded in fog. Besides being involved in the illegal Iran-Contra scandal, rumors of King’s involvement with child abuse came forth. King was one of the rising stars in the Republican Party. He sung the national anthem at the national convention in Dallas. He was known for the lavish parties he held including the one at the famed South Fork Ranch from the TV series Dallas. King held parties around the country including Washington D.C. Always present at these parties were young children of both sexes from King’s stable of prostitutes. 

For years, rumors had surfaced about child abuse, drugs and King in the Omaha area. King had an ample supply of young boys from Boys Town, others he procured from the streets of Omaha. Police from as far as Kansas City were aware of his activities. Nevertheless, in Omaha King was protected. The chief of police in both Omaha and Des Moines, Iowa were frequent guests at King’s parties in Omaha. King had the backing of Omaha’s elite behind him including the staunchly conservative local paper. Indeed King wielded enough power to even shut down an investigation by the state attorney general under Democratic Governor Exxon. King even had an ally in the FBI officer in charge of the Omaha office. Moreover, there were abundant rumors that one did not want to incur King’s displeasure.Several murders were rumored to have been committed by King to protect his child molestation and drug businesses. In fact, at least fifteen mysterious deaths are connected with the Franklin case. It was clear from the beginning that both the local and federal grand juries were being used as a tool to cover up the child abuse surrounding King and the Franklin case. Likewise, the FBI was part of the cover up. Several of the victims recanted their testimony after being threaten by the FBI. The victims that refused to recant were charged with perjury and sentenced to prison. 

It was only with the failure of Franklin Credit Union that the whole story surrounding Larry King came out due to one man’s dogged determination. John DeCamp, a former senator from the Nebraska unicameral legislator pursued the case relentlessly in the legislator. In fact, DeCamp was sternly warned by his friend, the former CIA director William Colby to give up the case before he met with a death. Shortly after warning DeCamp, Colby was found dead. Although Colby’s death was attributed to accidental drowning it was more likely he was murdered. Instead of giving up his investigation and determination to uncover the truth about King’s pedophile ring DeCamp chose the only remaining option with the blessing of Colby. He wrote a book about the case: The Franklin Cover Up. Once published, DeCamp’s death would only call more attention to the Franklin case. 

In page after page, DeCamp describes the gruesome lives of the victims of King’s pedophile sex ring. Some of the cases preceded the Franklin failure by over a decade. Many of the children described satanic rituals that they were forced to attend, some of which involved sacrificing infants and young children. Children attending these sacrifices were warned that if they ever told anyone they would be the next to be sacrificed. In addition, they told of being flown to locations around the country in King’s private plane to parties where they were expected to take part in any sexual acts demanded of them. 

Why did such a case in the center of America’s heartland prompt such a high level source as the former CIA director to warn his friend? Moreover, why was there so many mysterious deaths connected with the case? While the case made the headlines in regional papers, it never attracted the attention of the national media. Most people have never heard of Larry King. The answer to the questions lies in King’s connection to the top power center of the Republican Party and the Bush administration. Both Bush’s attorney general and secretary of treasure had to be aware that the FBI was involved in a massive cover up in Omaha. Even the flight logs of King’s airplane had disappeared entangling the FAA in the cover up. 

Not only did King’s pedophile ring lead to the top echelons of the Republican Party it also lead to the top of the Bush administration and the Oval Office. Several of the children in Kings prostitution ring recount stories of seeing George Bush at some of King’s Parties. While an outsider would not suspect anything amiss, the children in the ring would know what was taking place. At least one of King’s young prostitutes reported that at one party, she saw George Bush pay King and then depart with a young black man. The President was a pedophile and involved in a pedophile ring, the story had to be squashed at all cost. King is currently serving fifteen years for the failure of the Franklin Credit Union. At least two of his victims have been wrongly imprisoned for refusing to recant their testimony. Meanwhile pedophiles like George Bush are free and able to abuse other children all in the name of national security.