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North Wales Police Chief Gordon Anglesea convicted of child sexual abuse after decades of protection

GORDON ANGLESEA was today convicted of historic child abuse at Mold Crown Court.
The jury of six men and five woman unanimously found him guilty on four counts of indecent assault.
He was found not guilty of one charge of buggery.
Two men had claimed the retired North Wales Police superintendent abused them when they were teenagers in the 1980s.
The end of the case means Rebecca can reveal dramatic new developments in the case.
In 1997 a woman made an allegation that she had been indecently assaulted by Gordon Anglesea.
The woman — “ an adult acquaintance: of the family” — reported the matter to the North Wales Police.
GORDON ANGLESEA admitted lying about an indecent assault which took place some time in late 1996 or early 1997. The fact that Anglesea lied under caution has been suppressed by the North Wales Police for nearly two decades … .
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The force submitted a file to the Crown Prosecution Service which decided there was “insufficient evidence” to prosecute.
Lady Justice Macur, the deputy presiding judge of the Court of Appeal, recently re-examined the case.
She had been asked by David Cameron to review the work of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal of 1997-1998.
Lady Justice Macur reveals Anglesea “lied when first questioned under caution” about the alleged offence.
Her report was published in March this year.
She said the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal knew about the case in 1997 but did not obtain the file because North Wales Police claimed it was “not relevant”.
Lady Justice Macur noted that Anglesea “on his own subsequent admission“ lied in his first police statement about what she calls “a relatively minor indecent assault”.
She does not reveal the nature of the lie — or why she considered the indecent assault “relatively minor”.
LADY JUSTICE MACUR, the deputy presiding judge of the Court of Appeal, took more than three years and spent £3 million in her review of the work of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal. She said the Tribunal should have insisted on seeing the police file on the 1997 indecent assault allegation against Gordon Anglesea. It was relevant to the question of Anglesea’s credibility and could have altered the Tribunal’s verdict on the retired superintendent. When Lady Macur published her report in March this year, Anglesea’s name was removed because he was facing a criminal trial …
It is only with today’s verdict that the story can be told.
Rebecca believes the Macur Review contains more redacted material about Gordon Anglesea.
We asked the Ministry of Justice for a copy of the report with all redacted references to the retired superintendent removed.
A spokesman told us they would not do so — even though the Anglesea trial is now over.
Rebecca will take this matter up with MPs in the House of Commons.


IN ANOTHER dramatic development, North Wales Police have confirmed an investigation is under way into an alleged cover-up in the Anglesea case.
In April 2002 detectives interviewed a man in Liverpool’s Walton Prison who gave them information about an alleged abuser with a distinctive birthmark.
The detectives were part of Operation Angel, an investigation into further allegations against already convicted paedophile John Allen.
Officlal records show the prisoner handed detectives a piece of paper with the names of three of the men he said had abused him.
The third name on the list consisted of a Christian name: “Gordon”.
The witness noted that “Gordon” was “prim and proper dressed, birthmark on face …”
nwpolicehq_002 3
NEARLY A quarter of a century ago, officers from North Wales Police turned a blind eye to a serious child abuse allegation against Gordon Anglesea. Now the force — prompted by concerns expressed by detectives from the National Crime Agency — have launched an inquiry into what went wrong. 
Detectives from the National Crime Agency recovered internal North Wales Police emails which reveal senior officers were aware that “Gordon” could well be Anglesea.
One of the emails talked of “keeping quiet”.
A decision was taken not to investigate further.
Rebecca asked North Wales Police to confirm that the original interview was carried out by then Detective Sergeant Peter Challinor and Detective Constable Alun Oldfield.
A spokeswoman would only say “the names you have provided are not entirely correct”.
Peter Challinor reached the rank of Detective Superintendent before retiring.
Alun Oldfield is still a serving Detective Chief Inspector.
In a statement North Wales Police said:
“We can confirm that North Wales Police Professional Standards Department have received a complaint as a result of Operation Pallial that is being investigated.”


A FULL account of the six-week Anglesea trial will be published in the next few days.
Rebecca was the only news organisation with a reporter in court throughout the hearings.
The trial was a bad-tempered affair with prosecution QC Eleanor Laws and Anglesea’s QC Tania Griffiths often sniping at one another.
The jury — who spent most of the trial waiting for legal arguments to finish — threatened a revolt at one point.
On several occasions, the judge lost patience.
He warned the trial was in danger of becoming a “pantomime”.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Dark Forces derailing the Child Abuse Inquiry - we need Michael Mansfield

By Andrea Davison 

The National Child Abuse Inquiry’s only benefit so far has to show exactly how government elite use ,so called, Inquiries to bury the truth.

The Child Abuse Inquiry has lumbered from crisis to crisis in a litany of failure without resolving anything. Whilst at the same time  handing out 20 million pounds of tax payer’s money to legal professional’s judges, barristers and lawyers who have so far achieved zero for the victims.

After appointing three legal professionals, Butler-Sloss a Judge, Wolf a  lawyer and Goddard a Judge all they have achieved in two years is to delay the Inquiry and put off survivors.    The Elite are avoiding the obvious and survivors picked choice Michael Mansfield QC who although coming from a dubious profession is like Corbyn an Honest Man.   

It’s very hard to find an honest man in a profession which means the best obfuscater and liar wins. Judges and Barristers are trained deceivers and the only people they give a dam about are other professional deceivers like themselves.   If there was such a thing as the lauded ‘British Justice’ child abuse survivors would not be battering their heads against a wall of obfuscation, cover-up and failure.  

Horrific systematic State run abuse has been happening to innocent, mostly poor, children for decades. And sadly still is.   The cover-up of this abuse has been overseen by the British Police and MI5 who work closely together and even second officers to each other.

The so called civil police are nothing but tools for a criminal Elite who abuse and even murder children with impunity.   This government does not want to the truth to be told.  This government does not want to stop  Rotherham, Bradford, Birmingham, does not want to save the children who are this very day being raped and photographed and videoed  for the child trafficking and child abuse image lucrative trade. The fact that children are still being trafficked and abused on an industrial scale in the UK tells the whole story. NOTHING HAS CHANGED AND THE COVER_UP CONTINUES 

This is about money not about perversion. In the Elite and the criminal these two dark forces walk hand in hand.  Pedophile Lord Grenville Janner QC was a legal professional, a Lord and a Member of Parliament. He make a fortune from the tax payer who funded his perversions and his criminal lifestyle.  Janner is typical of the protected elite. For decades the police including the current (promotion for the utterly corrupt) Chief Constable of Derby Mick Creedon covered up his serious crimes against children. 

Why did they do this do you wonder?   The elite were happy to throw cabinet minister Chris Huhne into jail for a historic driving offence of no consequence.  So it’s not that he was an MP then.    Was it because he was of great importance. They prosecuted one of their own ex cabinet minister Jonathan Aiken for perjury when he fell on his own sword of truth: so it’s not that he was an important politicians then.   What Janner was involved in was the child trafficking and Child abuse image trade now that makes billions and has some very important Elite involved in it globally. Janner was a member of a criminal cabal.  Mafia like they protect key useful members for self-protection.

So far the Home Office,  which funded and published the Pedophile Information Exchange magazine  PIE from its offices and for decades has run the Police child abuse cover-up,  has chosen all the people who are involved in allegedly exposing the self-same cover-up. Its like asking a drugs gang to choose the judge and jury from their friends for their trial. 

To have any credibility the inquiry  will appoint Michael Mansfield as head and end this legal professional Merry go round  at tax payers  and survivors expense.