Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Privy Council protect one of their own, Keith Vaz the Cocain supplying, rent-boy loving MP

Disgraced MP Keith Vaz, who is currently being investigated for supplying cocaine to rent boys and helping a rent-boy brothel owner escape justice, was made a member of the powerful Parliamentary Justice Select Committee.  Vaz who is infamous for his decades of support for prolific pedophile Sir Greville Janner QC. who like Vaz was a Barrister and counted  Appeal Court Judges as friends.  Vaz was groomed for high places and was tipped to be the Speaker of the House   Even the telegraph is saying the appointment of Vaz "makes parliament look like a cosy club" 

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Of Course the Privy Council which has 108 UK Appeal Court Judges on it would, you expect, be interested in the integrity of the Justice system.   The Privy Council has some interesting people on it first and foremost the pedophile, rent boy and cocaine loving reprobate himself Keith Vaz MP. Then Lord Chief Justice Simon who refused Andrea Davison leave to appeal against being set-up by pedophile rent-boy loving elite.  Dame Elish Angiolini former Lord Advocate of Scotland involved in Holly Grieg cover-up . Lady Bulter-Sloss who covered up child abuse in Cleveland and elsewhere and whose Attorney General brother was also a pedophile. Lady Justice Macur who covered up for elite pedophiles in the Macur Review.  In fact the Privy Council is awash with elite pedophiles and Legal professionals who cover-up for their elite pedophile colleagues 

24 members of the exclusive top notch elite Privy Council voted in support of  Keith Vaz so he could take up a position on the Parliamentary Justice Select Committee.

12 of the MP’s who voted for Vaz had been appointed to the Privy Council within the last 4 years,  and half of those (6) had only been appointed in 2016. (a ploy to protect the old pedophile members from exposing themselves and a bribe of prestige and extra dosh for those who are willing to sell their souls) 

Of the 24 PRIVY COUNCILORS who voted for corrupt pedophile Keith Vaz 11 are either  CURRENT GOVERNMENT MINISTERS  OR SECRETARIES OF STATE  and 3 are Government  CHIEF WHIPS plus one ex chief whip. The remaining ‘do anything for money and protection from prosecution’ consist of  3 ex ministers.

What does all this tell you?   It tells you the names of all those actively usurping Justice in the United Kingdom.  What does this mean for Mr and Mrs Average? It means they are ruled by a gang of criminals who sit on the benches of Parliament and sit on UK Court Benches. From these highest seats in the land  they protect the utterly corrupt and criminal members of their elite group and destroy the lives of the people forced to pay their organized crime syndicates running costs via taxation.

When this elite group of Ministers, State Secretaries, Whips  and Appeal Court Judges got together to save, one of their own Keith Vaz MP,they somewhat gave the game away.  They have now NAMED THEMSELVES as being members of a criminal cabal which is usurping justice in the United Kingdom. 

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"This decision to appoint a crook to the Justice committee is one of parliament’s most shameful acts in recent years – and the Tories are the ones responsible…"

The privy council meets in full once a month and is presided over by the Queen  each Councillor takes an oath   "You will keep secret all Matters committed unto you".   It acts like an exclusive elite club for the rich and the privileged, hardly surprising  they feel deprived children are fair game for their perversions.  The oath has similarities to Masonic oaths and many are also Masons. 

Whenever the Government or the Palace need a white-wash inquiry they call upon members of the Privy Council to do the dirty job for them

Below you will find a full list of the members of this exclusive criminal gang:-
Lord President of the Council   
Chris Grayling    fraudster protected by the State
Clerk of the Council
Richard Tilbrook spook head of honours appointments 

Abernethy, Lord, 2005 Supreme Court Judge  ruled sex without consent is NOT rape 
Adonis, Lord, 2009
Aikens, Sir Richard, 2008  Top Judge refused to extradite pedophile to USA 
Ainsworth, Robert, 2005
Aldous, Sir William, 1995
Alebua, Ezekiel, 1988
Alexander, Danny, 2010
Alexander, Douglas, 2005
Amos, Baroness, 2003
Ancram, Michael, 1996
Anderson of Swansea, Lord, 2000
Anelay of St Johns, Baroness, 2009
Angiolini, Elish, 2006  Lord Advocate of Scotland who has prevented investigation into Pedophile ring
Anthony, John Douglas, 1971
Arbuthnot of Edrom, Lord
Armstrong of Hill Top, Baroness, 1999
Arden, Dame Mary, 2000
Arthur, Owen, 1995
Ashcroft, Lord, 2012
Ashdown of Norton-sub-Hamdon, Lord, 1989
Ashton of Upholland, Baroness, 2006
Astor of Hever, Lord, 2015
Atkins, Sir Robert, 1995
Auld, Sir Robin, 1995
Baker of Dorking, Lord, 1984
Baker, Norman, 2014
Baker, Sir Thomas, 2002
Baldry, Sir Tony, 2013
Balls, Ed, 2007
Barker of Battle, Lord, 2012
Barron, Sir Kevin, 2001
Barrow, Dean, 2016
Bassam of Brighton, Lord, 2009
Bates, Lord, 2015
Battle, John, 2002
Bean, Sir David, 2014
Beatson, Sir Jack, 2013
Beckett, Margaret, 1993
Beith, Lord, 1992
Beldam, Sir Roy, 1989
Benn, Hilary, 2003
Bercow, John, 2009
Birch, Sir William, 1992
Black, Dame Jill, 2011
Blackstone, Baroness, 2001
Blair, Anthony, 1994 Prime Minister covered up for VIP pedophiles 
Blanchard, Peter, 1998
Blears, Hazel, 2005  Fraudster  who escaped jail 
Blencathra, Lord, 2001
Blunkett, Lord, 1997
Bolger, James, 1991
Bonomy, Lord, 2010
Boothroyd, Baroness, 1992
Bottomley of Nettlestone, Baroness, 1992 Pedophile of Scallywag Mag fame 
Boyd of Duncansby, Lord, 2000
Brabazon of Tara, Lord, 2013
Bracadale, Lord, 2013
Bradley, Lord, 2001
Bradley Karen 2016 SECRETARY OF STATE for Culture Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Bradshaw, Ben, 2009
Brake, Thomas, 2011
Brathwaite, Sir Nicholas, 1991
Briggs, Sir Michael, 2013
Brodie, Lord, 2013
Brokenshire, James, 2015 MINISTER  NI Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee  and wrote piss off letters  to Andrea Davison 
Brooke, Annette, 2014
Brooke, Sir Henry, 1996
Brooke of Sutton Mandeville, Lord, 1988
Brown, Gordon, 1996
Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood, Lord, 1992
Brown, Nicholas, 1997 EX CHIEF WHIP Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Brown, Sir Stephen, 1983
Browne of Ladyton, Lord, 2005
Browne-Wilkinson, Lord, 1983
Bruce, Lord, 2006
Burnett, Sir Ian, 2014
Burnham, Andy, 2007
Burns, Simon, 2011
Burnton, Stanley Jeffrey, 2008
Burstow, Paul, 2012
Burt, Alistair, 2013
Butler of Brockwell, Lord, 2004
Butler-Sloss, Baroness, 1988  Judge Child Abuse cover-up merchant 1st chair chosen for 2014 UK CSA Inquiry 
Buxton, Sir Richard, 1997
Byers, Stephen, 1998
Byrne, Liam, 2008
Byron, Sir Dennis, 2004
Cable, Sir Vince, 2010
Caborn, Richard, 1999
Caithness, Earl of, 1990
Cameron, David, 2005 Prime Minister ,cover-up merchant, fraudster with offshore accounts
Cameron of Lochbroom, Lord, 1984
Camoys, Lord, 1997
Campbell, Alan, 2014
Campbell of Pittenweem, Lord, 1999
Campbell, Sir William Anthony, 1999
Carey of Clifton, Lord, 1991
Carloway, Lord, 2008
Carmichael, Alistair, 2010
Carnwath, Sir Robert, 2002
Carrington, Lord, 1959
Carswell, Lord, 1993
Chadwick, Sir John, 1997
Chalfont, Lord, 1964
Chalker of Wallasey, Baroness, 1987
Chan, Sir Julius, 1981
Chartres, Rt. Rev. Richard, The Bishop of London, 1995
Chilcot, Sir John, 2004 Judge  Iraq WMD Cover-up merchant
Christie, Perry, 2004
Clark, Greg, 2010
Clark, Helen, 1990
Clark of Calton, Lady, 2013
Clark of Windermere, Lord, 1997
Clarke, Lord, 2008
Clarke, Sir Anthony, 1998
Clarke, Charles, 2001
Clarke, Sir Christopher, 2013
Clarke, Kenneth, 1984 former Home Secretary covered up Child abuse 
Clarke, Thomas, 1997
Clegg, Nicholas, 2008  ex Deputy Prime Minister sop and cover-up merchant 
Clinton-Davis, Lord, 1998 Lord Clinton-Davis of Hackney
Clwyd, Ann, 2004
Coghlin, Sir Patrick, 2009
Collins of Mapesbury, Lord, 2007
Cooper, Yvette, 2007
Cope of Berkeley, Lord, 1988
Corbyn, Jeremy, 2015
Corston, Baroness, 2003
Cosgrove, Lady, 2003
Coulsfield, Lord, 2000
Crabb, Stephen, 2014
Crawford and Balcarres, Earl of, 1972
Creech, Wyatt, 1999
Crickhowell, Lord, 1979
Cullen of Whitekirk, Hon Lord, 1997 Judge covered up Dunblane Massacre 
Cunningham of Felling, Lord, 1993
Curry, David, 1996
Darling of Roulanish, Lord, 1997
Darzi of Denham, 2009
Davey, Sir Edward, 2012
Davies, Denzil, 1978
Davies, Ronald, 1997
Davies of Oldham, Lord, 2006
Davis, David, 1997
Davis, Sir Nigel, 2011
Davis, Terence, 1999
Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde, Baroness, 1998
Deben of Winston, Lord, 1985
De La Bastide, Michael, 2004
Denham, Lord, 1981
Denham, John Yorke, 2000
De Silva, Sir Desmond, 2011
Dholakia, Lord, 2010
Dixon, Lord, 1996
Dobson, Frank, 1997
Dodds, Nigel, 2010
Donaldson, Jeffrey Mark, 2007 Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Dorrell, Stephen, 1994
Dorrian, Lady, 2013
Douglas, Dr Denzil, 2011
Drayson, Lord, 2008
Drummond Young, Lord, 2013
D’Souza, Baroness, 2009
Du Cann, Sir Edward, 1964
Duncan, Alan, 2010
Duncan Smith, Iain, 2001
Dyson, Sir John Anthony, 2001
Eassie, Lord, 2006
East, Paul, 1998
Eden of Winton, Lord, 1972
Edinburgh, HRH Duke of, 1951
Edward, Sir David, 2005
Eggar, Timothy, 1995
Eichelbaum, Sir Thomas, 1989
Elias, Dame Sian, 1999
Elias, Sir Patrick, 2009
Elis-Thomas, Lord, 2004
Emslie, Lord, 2011
Esquivel, Manuel, 1986
Etherton, Sir Terence, 2008 Sales, Sir Philip, 2014 Judge who betrayed democracy and usurped the will of the people and the gvt
Evans, Sir Anthony, 1992
Evennett, David, 2015
Falconer of Thoroton, Lord, 2003 Barrister Lord Chancellor Pedophile Lover
Fallon, Michael, 2012
Feldman of Elstree, Lord, 2015
Fellowes, Lord, 1990
Fergusson, Alexander, 2010
Field, Frank, 1997
Field, Mark, 2015
Flint, Caroline, 2008
Floyd, Sir Christopher, 2013
Forsyth of Drumlean, Lord, 1995
Foster of Bath, Lord, 2010
Foster of Bishop Auckland, Lord, 1993
Foulkes of Cumnock, Lord, 2002
Fowler, Lord, 1979
Fox, Liam, 2010
Francois, Mark, 2010
Featherstone, Lady, 2014
Freedman, Sir Lawrence, 2009
Freeman, Lord, 1993
Freud, Lord, 2015
Gage, Sir William, 2004
Garden of Frognal, Baroness, 2015
Garel-Jones, Lord, 1992
Garnier, Sir Edward, 2015
Gauke,  David  2016 TREASURY SECRETARY Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Geidt, Christopher, 2007
George, Bruce, 2000
Gibson, Sir Peter, 1993
Gill, Lord, 2002
Gillan, Cheryl, 2010
Gillen, Sir John, 2014
Girvan, Sir (Frederick) Paul, 2007
Glidewell, Sir Iain, 1985
Gloster, Dame Elizabeth, 2013
Goff of Chieveley, Lord, 1982
Goldring, Sir John, 2008
Goldsmith, Lord, 2002
Goodlad, Lord, 1992
Gove, Michael, 2010
Gowrie, Earl of, 1984
Graham of Edmonton, Lord, 1998
Graham, Sir Douglas, 1998
Grayling, Chris, 2010
Green, Damian, 2012
Greening, Justine, 2011
Grieve, Dominic, 2010
Grocott, Lord, 2002
Gross, Lord Justice, 2011 Top Judge reduced pedophiles sentence 
Habgood, Rt Rev Lord, 1983
Hague of Richmond, Lord, 1995
Hailsham of Kettlethorpe, Lord, 1992
Hain, Lord, 2001
Hale of Richmond, Baroness, 1999
Halfon, Robert, 2015
Hallett, Dame Heather, 2005
Hamilton of Epsom, Lord, 1991 PPS to Thatcher covered up Child Abuse 
Hamilton, Lord, 2002
Hammond, Philip, 2010
Hancock, Matthew, 2014
Hands, Gregory, 2014  SECRETARY TREASURY Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Hanley, Sir Jeremy, 1994
Hanson, David, 2007  EX MINISTER FOR  JUSTICE +MINISTER FOR SECURITY , Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Hardie, Lord, 1997
Hardie Boys, Sir Michael, 1989
Harman, Harriet, 1997 Barrister QC MP supported the Pedophile Information Exchange 
Harper, Mark, 2015  GOVERNMENT CHIEF WHIP Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Haselhurst, Sir Alan, 1999
Hattersley, Lord, 1975
Hayes, John, 2013
Hayman, Baroness, 2000
Healey, John, 2008 EX MINISTER, Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Heald Sir Oliver  2016  MINISTER FOR JUSTICE Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Heath, David, 2015
Heathcoat-Amory, David, 1996
Hendry, Charles, 2015
Henley, Lord, 2013
Henry, John, 1996
Herbert, Nick, 2010
Heseltine, Lord, 1979 Westlands Scandal, Arms to Iraq Scandal, pedophile cover-up merchant
Heseltine, Sir William, 1986
Hesketh, Lord, 1991
Hewitt, Patricia, 2001
Higgins, Lord, 1979
Higgins, Sir Malachy (Joseph), 2007
Hill, Keith, 2003
Hill of Oareford, Lord, 2013
Hodge, Lord, 2013
Hodge, Margaret, 2003 ex Children's Minister involved  Child Abuse cover-up supported PIE whilst in  NCCL 
Hoffmann, Lord, 1992
Hollis of Heigham, Baroness, 1999
Hoon, Geoffrey, 1999
Hooper, Sir Anthony, 2004
Hope of Craighead, Lord, 1989
Hope of Thornes, Lord, 1991
Hordern, Sir Peter, 1993
Howard of Lympne, Lord, Michael, 1990 ex Home Secretary covered up child abuse 
Howarth of Newport, Lord, 2000
Howarth, George, 2005
Howe, Earl, 2013 
Howell of Guildford, Lord, 1979
Howells, Kim, 2009  MP chairman of intelligence and security committee covered-up child abuse in Wales 
Hoyle, Lindsay, 2013
Hughes, Sir Anthony, 2006
Hughes, Simon, 2010
Hughes of Stretford, Baroness, 2004
Hunt, Jeremy, 2010 SECRETARY OF STATE for health Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Hunt, Jonathon, 1989
Hunt of Kings Heath, Lord, 2009
Hunt of Wirral, Lord, 1980
Hurd of Westwell, Lord, 1982
Hutchison, Sir Michael, 1995
Hutton, Lord, 1988 Top Judge covered-up for murderers of  David Kelly 
Hutton of Furness, Lord, 2001
Inge, Lord, 2004
Ingraham, Hubert, 1993
Ingram, Adam Paterson, 1999
Irvine of Lairg, Lord, 1997
Jack, Michael, 1997
Jackson, Sir Rupert, 2008
Jacob, Lord, 2004
Jacobs, Francis, 2005
Janvrin, Sir Robin, 1998
Javid, Sajid, 2014
Jay of Paddington, Baroness, 1998
Jenkin of Roding, Lord, 1973
Johnson, Alan, 2003
Jones, Carwyn, 2010
Jones, David, 2012 SECRETARY OF STATE for Wales Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Jones, Lord, 1999
Jopling, Lord, 1979
Jowell, Baroness, 1998
Judge of Draycote, Lord, 1996
Jugnauth, Sir Anerood, 1987
Kakkar, Lord, 2014
Kaufman, Sir Gerald, 1978
Kay, Sir Maurice, 2004
Keene, Sir David, 2000
Keith, Sir Kenneth, 1998
Kelly, Ruth, 2004
Kenilorea, Sir Peter, 1979
Kennedy, Jane, 2003
Kennedy, Sir Paul, 1992
Kerr of Tonaghmore, Lord, 2003
Khan, Sadiq, 2009
King of Bridgwater, Lord, 1979
King, Dame Eleanor, 2014
Kingarth, Lord, 2006
Kinnock, Lord, 1983
Kirkwood, Lord, 2000
Kitchin, Sir David, 2011
Knight, Gregory, 1995
Knight of Weymouth, Lord, 2008
Kramer, Baroness, 2014
Lamb, Norman, 2014
Laming, Lord, 2014
Lammy, David, 2008
Lamont of Lerwick, Lord, 1986
Lang of Monkton, Lord, 1990
Lansley, Lord, 2010
Latasi, Kamuta, 1996
Latham, Sir David, 2000
Laws, David, 2010
Laws, Sir John Grant McKenzie, 1999
Lawson of Blaby, Lord, 1981
Leadsome Andrea 2016 SECRETARY OF SATE for environment Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Leggatt, Sir Andrew, 1990
Letwin, Oliver, 2002
Leveson, Sir Brian, 2006
Lewis, Dr Julian, 2015  Named by Scallywag and helped close down the magazine child abuse cover-up Dolphin Square  member Le Cercle 
Lewis Brandon 2016 MINISTER FOR POLICE  Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Lewison, Sir Kim, 2011
Liddell of Coatdyke, Baroness, 1998
Lidington, David, 2010 LEADER OF HOUSE OF COMMONS,  Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Lilley, Peter, 1990 Pedophile named by Scallywag , Cover-up Dolphin Square  
Llewellyn, Edward, 2015
Lloyd of Berwick, Lord, 1984
Lloyd, Sir Peter, 1994
Lloyd, Sir Timothy, 2005
Lloyd Jones, Sir David, 2012
Llwyd, Elfyn, 2011
Longmore, Sir Andrew Centlivres, 2001
Luce, Lord, 1986
Lyne, Sir Roderic, 2009
MacDermott, Sir John, 1987
Macdonald of Tradeston, Lord, 1999
MacGregor of Pulham Market, Lord, 1985
Mackay, Andrew, 1998
Mackay of Clashfern, Lord, 1979
Mackay of Drumadoon, Lord, 1996
Maclean, Lord, 2001
Maclennan of Rogart, Lord, 1997
Mactaggart, Fiona, 2015
Macur, Dame Julia, 2013 covered up for elite pedophiles in the North Wales Macur Review 
Major, Sir John, 1987 Prime Minister who closed Scallywag down by lying to the Court that he was not having an affair. Child Abuse cover-up Merchant
Malcolm, Lord, 2015
Malloch-Brown, Lord, 2007
Mance, Lord, 1999
Mandelson, Lord, 1998 Pedophile Child Abuse cover-up Lambeth and                                    Westminster
Marnoch, Lord, 2001
Martin of Springburn, Lord, 2000
Marwick, Tricia, 2012
Mates, Michael, 2004
Maude of Horsham, Lord, 1992
Mawhinney, Lord, 1994
May, Sir Anthony, 1998
May, Theresa, 2003  Home Secretary who appointed fellow Privy Councillor Butler-Sloss to head National Child Abuse cover-up 
Mayhew of Twysden, Lord, 1986
McAvoy of Rutherglen, Lord, 2003
McCartney, Ian, 1999
McCollum, Sir Liam, 1997
McCombe, Sir Richard, 2012
McConnell of Glenscorrodale, Lord, 2001
McFadden, Patrick, 2008
McFall of Alcluith, Lord, 2004
McFarlane, Sir Andrew, 2011
McGuire, Anne, 2008
McKinnon, Donald, 1992
McLeish, Henry, 2000
McLoughlin, Patrick, 2005
McMullin, Sir Duncan, 1980
McNally, Lord, 2005
McNulty, Anthony, 2007
McVey, Esther, 2014
Mellor, David, 1990 Pedophile lover and defender of pedophiles 
Menzies, Lord, 2012
Michael, Alun, 1998
Milburn, Alan, 1998 Minister child abuse cover-up 
Miliband, David, 2005
Miliband, Ed, 2007
Miller, Maria, 2012  EX MINISTER Fraudster who did not go to jail for defrauding public purse, Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Millett, Lord, 1994
Milton, Anne, 2015
Mitchell, Andrew, 2010
Mitchell, Sir James, 1985
Mitchell, Dr Keith, 2004
Moore of Lower Marsh, Lord, 1986
Moore, Michael, 1990
Moore, Michael, 2010
Moore-Bick, Sir Martin, 2005
Morgan, Sir Declan, 2009
Morgan, Nicky, 2014
Morgan, Rhodri, 2000
Morris of Aberavon, Lord, 1970
Morris of Yardley, Baroness, 1999
Morritt, Sir Robert, 1994
Moses, Sir Alan, 2005
Moyle, Roland, 1978
Mulholland, Frank, 2011
Mummery, Sir John, 1996
Munby, Sir James Lawrence, 2009
Mundell, David, 2010
Murphy, James, 2008
Murphy of Torfaen, Lord, 1999
Murray, Lord, 1974
Murray, Sir Donald, 1989
Musa, Wilbert, 2005
Namaliu, Sir Rabbie, 1989
Naseby, Lord, 1994
Needham, Sir Richard, 1994
Neill, Sir Brian, 1985
Neuberger of Abbotsbury, Lord, 2004
Neville-Jones, Baroness, 2010
Newby, Lord, 2014
Nicholls of Birkenhead, Lord, 1995
Nicholson, Sir Michael, 1995
Nimmo Smith, Lord, 2005
Northover, Baroness, 2015
Nott, Sir John, 1979
Nourse, Sir Martin, 1985
O’Brien, Mike, 2009
O’Brien, Stephen, 2013
O’Donnell, Turlough, 1979
Oppenheim-Barnes, Baroness, 1979
Osborne, George, 2010
Osborne, Lord, 2001
Otton, Sir Philip, 1995
Ottaway, Sir Richard, 2013
Owen, Lord, 1976
Paeniu, Bikenibeu, 1991
Paice, James, 2010
Palmer, Sir Geoffrey, 1986
Paraskeva, Dame Janet, 2010
Parker, Sir Jonathan, 2000
Patel, Priti, 2015
Paterson, Owen, 2010
Paton, Lady, 2007
Patten Chris of Barnes, Lord, 1989 cover-up child abuse Westminster Pedophile Ring 
Patten, Lord, 1990 
Patten, Sir Nicholas, 2009
Patterson, Percival, 1993
Paul, Lord, 2009
Pattie, Sir Geoffrey, 1987
Peel, Lord, 2006
Pendry, Lord, 2000
Penning, Mike, 2014
Penrose, Lord, 2001
Peters, Winston, 1998
Philip, Lord, 2005
Phillips of Worth Matravers, Lord, 1995
Pickles, Eric, 2010
Pitchford, Sir Christopher, 2010
Pill, Sir Malcolm, 1995
Portillo, Michael, 1992 Pedophile named by Scallywag and Spiked child abuse cover-up, named in book The Last Godfather.
Potter, Sir Mark, 1996
Prashar, Baroness, 2009
Primarolo, Baroness, 2002
Prior, Lord, 1970 ex Minister Norther Ireland Child Abuse cover-up Kincora 
Purnell, James, 2007
Puapau, Sir Tomasi, 1982
Quin, Baroness, 1998
Radice, Lord, 1999
Rafferty, Dame Anne, 2011
Ramsden, James, 1963
Randall, John, 2010
Raynsford, Nick, 2001
Redwood, John, 1993
Reed, Lord, 2008
Reid, George, 2004
Reid, of Cardowan Dr, Lord, 1998
Renton of Mount Harry, Lord, 1989
Richard, Lord, 1993
Richards, Sir Stephen, 2005 arrested for sex assaults cleared by fellow Privy C and back on the bench paid for by public pure
Riddell, Peter, 2010
Rifkind, Sir Malcolm, 1986 ex Minister Bilderberger child abuse cover-up, Arms to Iraq cover-up 
Rimer, Sir Colin, 2007
Rix, Sir Bernard, 2000
Robathan, Andrew, 2010
Robertson, Angus, 2015
Robertson, Hugh, 2012
Robertson of Port Ellen, Lord, 1997
Robinson, Peter David, 2007
Roch, Sir John, 1993
Rodgers of Quarry Bank, Lord, 1975
Rooker, Lord, 1999
Rose, Sir Christopher, 1992
Ross, Lord, 1985
Royall of Blaisdon, Baroness, 2008
Rudd, Amber, 2015  MINISTER HOME SECRETARY  Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 

Ruddock, Joan, 2010
Ryan, Joan, 2007
Ryder of Wensum, Lord, 1990
Ryder, Sir Ernest, 2013
Sainsbury, Sir Timothy, 1992
Sales, Sir Philip, 2014 Judge who betrayed democracy and usurped the will of the people and the gvt
Sandiford, Sir Lloyd Erskine, 1989
Salisbury, Marquess of, 1994
Salmond, Alex, 2007
Sawyer, Dame Joan Augusta, 2004
Saville of Newdigate, Lord, 1994
Schiemann, Sir Konrad, 1995
Scotland of Asthal, Baroness, 2001
Scott of Foscote, Lord, 1991 Judge who presided over the Scott Inquiry and covered up  for Gvt
Seaga, Edward, 1981
Sedley, Sir Stephen John, 1999
Selkirk of Douglas, Lord, 1996
Sentamu, The Most Revd John, the Lord Archbishop of York, 2005
Shapps, Grant, 2010
Sharp, Dame Victoria, 2013
Sheldon, Lord, 1977
Shephard of Northwold, Baroness, 1992
Shiel, Sir John, 2005
Shipley, Jennifer, 1998
Short, Clare, 1997
Shutt of Greetland, Lord, 2009
Simmonds, Kennedy, 1984
Simmonds, Mark, 2014
Simon, Sir Peregrine, 2015  Top Judge. Defrauded Whistle-blower Andrea Davison of everything she owned  to keep  VIP pedophile evidence from surfacing
Simpson, Keith, 2015
Sinclair, Ian, 1977
Slade, Sir Christopher, 1982
Smith, Andrew, 1997
Smith, Lady, 2013
Smith, of Basildon, Baroness, 2009
Smith of Finsbury, Lord, 1997
Smith, Jacqueline, 2003
Smith, Dame Janet Hilary, 2002 Covered up for the BBC and Savile her reposrt was called an expensive white-wash
Soames, Sir Nicholas, 2011 ex Defence Secretary Prince Charles Equarry, terrifed Princess Diana and cover-up child abuse 
Somare, Sir Michael, 1977
Soubry, Anna, 2015
Spellar, John, 2001 EX GOVERNMENT WHIP Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee
Spelman, Caroline, 2010
Spicer, Lord, 2013
Stanley, Sir John, 1984
Steel of Aikwood, Lord, 1977 ex Liberal leader Pedophile named in Scallywag 
Stephen, Sir Ninian, 1979
Stewart Ian, Lord, 1989  EX TREASURY SECRETARY Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee
Steyn, Lord, 1992
Stowell of Beeston, Baroness, 2014
Strang, Gavin, 1997
Strathclyde, Lord, 1995
Straw, Jack, 1997 ex Home Secretary, deputy to Hodge in Islington and long term child abuse cover-up merchant 
Stuart, Freundel, 2013
Stuart, Gisela, 2015 Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee
Stuart-Smith, Sir Murray, 1988
Stunell, Lord, 2012
Sturgeon, Nicola, 2014
Sullivan, Sir Jeremy, 2009
Sumption, Jonathan, 2011
Sutherland, Lord, 2000
Swayne, Desmond, 2011 EX TREASURY LORD AND PPS TO PM  Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Swire, Hugo, 2010  MINISTER FO Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Symons of Vernham Dean, Baroness, 2001
Tapsell, Sir Peter, 2011
Taylor of Bolton, Baroness, 1997
Taylor of Holbeach, Lord, 2014
Tebbit, Lord, 1981
Thomas, Edmund, 1996
Thomas, Sir Roger John Laugharne, 2003 Judge who betrayed democracy and usurped the will of the people and the gvt

Thomas, Baron Thomas of Cwmgiedd 2003 refused bail to Marine Big Al although CPS did not object 
Thomas, Sir Swinton, 1994
Thorpe, Sir Matthew, 1995
Thurso, Viscount, 2014
Timms, Stephen, 2006
Tipping, Andrew, 1998
Tomlinson, Lord Justice, 2011
Touhig, Lord, 2006
Toulson, Sir Roger, 2007
Treacy, Sir Colman, 2012
Trefgarne, Lord, 1989
Trimble, Lord, 1997
Trumpington, Baroness, 1992
Truss, Elizabeth, 2014
Tuckey, Sir Simon, 1998
Tyler, Lord, 2014
Tyrie, Andrew, 2015
Ullswater, Viscount, 1994
Underhill, Sir Nicholas, 2013
Upton, Simon, 1999
Vadera, Baroness, 2009
Vaz, Keith, 2006 Solicitor who covered up Islington child abuse scandal, drug supplying pedophile  into rent boys 
Vaizey 2016 MINISTER CULTURE 2016 Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Villiers, Theresa, 2010
Vos, Sir Geoffrey, 2013
Waddington, Lord, 1987
Waite, Sir John, 1993
Wakeham, Lord, 1983
Waldegrave of North Hill, Lord, 1990
Walker of Gestingthorpe, Lord, 1997
Wales, HRH Prince of, 1977 Friend and confident of Pedophile and child trafficker Sir Jimmy Savile 
Wall, Lord, 2004
Wallace of Saltaire, Lord, 2012
Wallace of Tankerness, Lord, 2000
Waller, Sir Mark, 1996
Ward, Sir Alan, 1995
Warner, Lord, 2006
Warsi, Baroness, 2010
Weatherup, Sir Ronald, 2016
Webb, Steve, 2014
Weir, Sir Reginald, 2016
Welby, The Most Revd Justin, the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, 2013
West of Spithead, Lord, 2010
Wheatley, Lord, 2007
Wheeler, Sir John, 1993
Whittingdale, John, 2015
Whitty, Lord, 2005
Widdecombe, Ann, 1997
Wigley, Lord, 1997
Willetts, Lord, 2010
Williams of Crosby, Baroness, 1974
Williams of Elvel, Lord, 2013
Williams of Oystermouth, Lord, 2002
Williamson, Gavin, 2015 GOVERNMENT CHIEF WHIP AND SEC TO TREASURY Voted for Keith Vaz to be a member of the Justice Committee 
Willott, Jennifer, 2014
Wills, Lord, 2008
Wilson, Brian, 2003
Wilson, Sir Nicholas, 2005
Winterton, Dame Rosie, 2006
Wingti, Paias, 1987
Woodward, Shaun, 2007
Wool, Lord, 1986
Wright, Jeremy, 2014
Young of Cookham, Lord

Young of Graffham, Lord, 1984

Here are the names of the MPs who voted for Vaz, 159 are Tories:

 Image result for keith vaz and   Janner
Afriyie, Adam
Andrew, Stuart
Ansell, Caroline
Argar, Edward
Ashworth, Jonathan
Atkins, Victoria
Bacon, Mr Richard
Baker, Mr Steve
Baldwin, Harriett
Barwell, Gavin
Bebb, Guto
Benyon, Richard
Berry, James
Betts, Mr Clive
Bingham, Andrew
Blenkinsop, Tom
Bone, Mr Peter
Bradley, rh Karen PRIVY COUNCIL
Brazier, Mr Julian
Brennan, Kevin
Brine, Steve
Brokenshire, rh James PRIVY COUNCIL
Brown, rh Mr Nicholas PRIVY COUNCIL
Bruce, Fiona
Burns, Conor
Cadbury, Ruth
Carmichael, Neil
Cartlidge, James
Caulfield, Maria
Chalk, Alex
Churchill, Jo
Cleverly, James
Coffey, Dr Thérèse
Colvile, Oliver
Courts, Robert
Coyle, Neil
Creagh, Mary
Creasy, Stella
Crouch, Tracey
Cummins, Judith
Dakin, Nic
Danczuk, Simon
David, Wayne
Davies, Byron
Davies, Chris
Davies, Dr James
Davies, Mims
Davis, rh Mr David
Donaldson, rh Sir Jeffrey M. PRIVY COUNCIL
Double, Steve
Doyle-Price, Jackie
Drax, Richard
Dunne, Mr Philip
Ellis, Michael
Ellison, Jane
Ellwood, Mr Tobias
Elmore, Chris
Evans, Chris
Evans, Graham
Foster, Kevin
Fox, rh Dr Liam
Foxcroft, Vicky
Frazer, Lucy
Freer, Mike
Garnier, Mark
Gauke, rh Mr David PRIVY COUNCIL
Gibb, Mr Nick
Goodwill, Mr Robert
Green, Chris
Green, rh Damian
Green, Kate
Greenwood, Lilian
Griffiths, Andrew
Gyimah, Mr Sam
Haigh, Louise
Hall, Luke
Hamilton, Fabian
Hands, rh Greg PRIVY COUNCIL
Hanson, rh Mr David PRIVY COUNCIL
Harper, rh Mr Mark PRIVY COUNCIL
Harris, Rebecca
Hart, Simon
Haselhurst, rh Sir Alan
Heald, rh Sir Oliver PRIVY COUNCIL
Healey, rh John PRIVY COUNCIL
Heappey, James
Hinds, Damian
Hoare, Simon
Hodgson, Mrs Sharon
Hollinrake, Kevin
Howarth, Sir Gerald
Huddleston, Nigel
Hunt, rh Mr Jeremy PRIVY COUNCIL
Hurd, Mr Nick
James, Margot
Jayawardena, Mr Ranil
Jenkyns, Andrea
Jenrick, Robert
Johnson, Joseph
Jones, Andrew
Jones, rh Mr David PRIVY COUNCIL
Jones, Mr Marcus
Kirby, Simon
Latham, Pauline
Leadsom, rh Andrea PRIVY COUNCIL
Lee, Dr Phillip
Lefroy, Jeremy
Lewis, rh Brandon PRIVY COUNCIL
Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian
Lidington, rh Mr David PRIVY COUNCIL
Lopresti, Jack
Mackinlay, Craig
Mackintosh, David
Mak, Mr Alan
Malthouse, Kit
Mann, Scott
Matheson, Christian
Mathias, Dr Tania
Maynard, Paul
McCabe, Steve
Metcalfe, Stephen
Miller, rh Mrs Maria PRIVY COUNCIL
Milling, Amanda
Milton, rh Anne
Moon, Mrs Madeleine
Mordaunt, Penny
Morden, Jessica
Morris, James
Morton, Wendy
Mowat, David
Murray, Mrs Sheryll
Murrison, Dr Andrew
Nokes, Caroline
Norman, Jesse
Offord, Dr Matthew
Onwurah, Chi
Opperman, Guy
Parish, Neil
Percy, Andrew
Perry, Claire
Philp, Chris
Pincher, Christopher
Poulter, Dr Daniel
Pound, Stephen
Pow, Rebecca
Prentis, Victoria
Pursglove, Tom
Quin, Jeremy
Quince, Will
Rees-Mogg, Mr Jacob
Robertson, Mr Laurence
Robinson, Gavin
Robinson, Mary
Rudd, rh Amber PRIVY COUNCIL
Rutley, David
Scully, Paul
Selous, Andrew
Shannon, Jim
Sheerman, Mr Barry
Skidmore, Chris
Smith, Henry
Smith, Jeff
Smith, Julian
Solloway, Amanda
Spellar, rh Mr John PRIVY COUNCIL
Spencer, Mark
Stewart, Bob
Stewart, Rory
Stride, Mel
Stringer, Graham
Stuart, rh Ms Gisela PRIVY COUNCIL
Stuart, Graham
Sunak, Rishi
Swayne, rh Sir Desmond PRIVY COUNCIL
Swire, rh Sir Hugo PRIVY COUNCIL
Syms, Mr Robert
Tami, Mark
Thomas, Derek
Thomas, Mr Gareth
Throup, Maggie
Timpson, Edward
Tolhurst, Kelly
Tomlinson, Justin
Tomlinson, Michael
Tracey, Craig
Vaizey, rh Mr Edward PRIVY COUNCIL
Vara, Mr Shailesh
Vickers, Martin
Walker, Mr Robin
Wallace, Mr Ben
Warman, Matt
Watson, Mr Tom
Wharton, James
Whately, Helen
Wheeler, Heather
Whittaker, Craig
Wiggin, Bill
Williams, Craig
Williamson, rh Gavin PRIVY COUNCIL
Wilson, Phil
Wood, Mike
Zeichner, Daniel

Of Course Keith Vaz like many members of the Privy Council has a long history of corruption in 2001 he was court illegally interfering with passport applications.   But Politicians like Vaz have no shame because they are not like the tax payers  who pay their wages. They are arrogant lawmakers and elite criminals who are protected from prosecution by virtue of their involvement with heinous crimes like child trafficking and CSA image trade for a start.   No they are not like other men they are despicable monsters who parade with their fellow monsters drinking champagne and laughing at the peasents forced to fund their opulant lifestyle and supply them with children to rape,

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[13]  2016 Sept 4 Order Order Bercow Knew Vaz Was Under Police Investigation Keith Vaz has been under police investigation for over year on suspicion of financial corruption and historic allegations of sex with minors. Speaker Bercow was informed of this and fellow MPs demanded – Andrew Bridgen in writing – that he step down from his position on the Home Affair Select Committee. The Speaker protected Vaz… It is widely known around Westminster that Vaz – who owes his career to Greville Janner – was the unidentified MP in this Sun front page from last year.