Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Child Sex Industry in the North West Netted Millions for Paedophiles where is the money?

 The Child Sex Industry was privileged  and profitable  when  Allen moved into it in  1969  buying  his first children's home Bryn Alyn nr Wreham, North Wales.   

His company  quickly expanded  fuelled by the payments from Council which even then was  £15,000 per  child  per year. equivalent to  £45,000 per child now.

 Not only was Allen making a huge profit courtesy of the Tax Payer  but  he also sold the children to VIP Paedophiles  and procurers like Jimmy Savile.   Jimmy Savile made a fortune from selling children to the Rich and Famous.  

Then their was the Child Porn Trade a multi billions pound industry  with top prices being paid for snuff video's where the child was actually murdered through sexual abuse.

Allen  ran up to 50 Children's homes in North Wales, Cheshire and ­Shropshire allegedly providing specialist care for ­troubled ­children.

In the 13 years up to 1990, his ­empire had a turnover of more than £28million and, in the mid-1980s, the annual turnover was about £2.6million – which would be valued today at £6.8million.

Allen’s salary in 1988 was £204,894, equivalent to £470,000 now, and he had a yacht and properties in the Costwolds and France.  

Position of trust: Allen (centre) with boys in his care

In 1995, Allen was jailed for six years after being convicted of six offences of indecent assault between 1972 and 1983. He was ­cleared of four other charges.

More damning and ­wide- spread claims of sex abuse were made against him ­during the ­Waterhouse Inquiry and they were detailed in 2000’s Lost in Care ­report.

The ­report said 28 ex- ­residents had ­alleged they were sexually abused by Allen and they gave ­disturbing accounts off their ordeals, including serious sexual assaults.

A report in 1996 suggested Allen had ­connections with senior ­establishment figures and was hiring out children as rent boys.

At the Waterhouse Inquiry, Allen denied being a ­paedophile and claimed a prominent politician was a child sex abuser.

Two brothers who had been ­victims of Allen died in ­mysterious circumstances. Adrian Johns had tried to blackmail Allen in 1992. Months later he was killed in an arson attack in Brighton. His ­brother ­Leander ­survived.

Leander and another brother Chris, who believes he escaped abuse because he was too old, gave evidence against Allen. Chris claimed he had under-age sex with a high court judge and was raped by another official.

Allen absconded and was missing for five days during which time Leander, 34, was found dead in his flat. The coroner concluded he died of a drug overdose but it is known he was murdered.

Following the report, police launched another inquiry which ­resulted in 36 new charges. But Allen’s lawyers argued he would not face a fair trial so he walked free. Another  Court  protecting  a serious  and dangerous criminal. The Court  had no compassion  for   Allen's  Innocent child  victims. 

John  Allen although guilty of child sex abuse on a massive scale, selling  children entrusted to his care  into  the sex trade and  murdering witnesses was until recently  working for Premier Inns.  What happened to the money?

The Criminal Justice System has failed every child Allen abused  and murdered  by allowing a monster total  freedom.  The same Justice system regularly jailed and jails traumatised  abuse victims for petty crimes not to mention anyone who might dare to expose the abuse or ask for compensation.

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