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 The National Anthem  which shouts out Britons never will be slaves is like Britain dishonoured by the Workfare Programme  as British people are sold as slaves to rich companies with the tax payer footing the Bill.   But who profits ?


The Government scheme does not aid a failing Government


The Scheme clearly fails to provide work  for those on Government Benefits


But it does benefit the shareholders of SERCO  who  make billions from tax payers money and other corrupt organisations involved in the fatally flawed scheme.   Many Rich Tory  shareholders and their families  get richer  and after all that is all they care about.

Flagship scheme finds jobs for just 20 people out 9,500 source Read More

Of 9,500 people moved off disability benefits and on to the flagship Work Programme, just 20 have found a job lasting more than three months

Flagship failure: Iain Duncan Smith
Flagship failure: Iain Duncan Smith
THE “shocking” scale of the Government’s failure to help people into work is revealed in a scathing MPs’ report today.
Young and vulnerable people are being betrayed as firms and charities paid billions of pounds in taxpayers’ cash to find them jobs are cherry-picking those who are easiest to help.
Of 9,500 people moved off disability benefits and on to the flagship Work Programme, just 20 have found a job lasting more than three months.
One organisation failed to find a single post lasting six months for anyone aged under 25 – and none hit their targets, the Commons Public Accounts Committee found.
The MPs said that without action some groups may go bust due to the operational expense of being in the £5billion scheme – even despite the public cash they receive.
Their damning report comes after a separate probe by Whitehall’s spending watchdog, the National Audit Office, found that more people would have got jobs if the initiative had never been launched.
Just 3.6% of people taking part in Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith’s scheme found lasting jobs.
That compared with the 5% who would have done so anyway, according to estimates by his own department.
The Public Accounts Committee chairwoman Margaret Hodge said the Coalition’s flagship scheme had been shown up as “extremely poor”.


If you thought the bankers were bad, the companies implementing workfare through the Work Programme and Community Action Programme will have you raging…   source

A4e: the best example of everything that is wrong with workfare, workfare providers, and the culture of greed that drives the workfare industry. Investigations for fraud were launched in February 2012, not for the first time. Even the Daily Mail is outraged.
Atos: Famous for throwing hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled people off benefits, Atos also won the contract to pilot the six month workfare Community Action Programme. They’re also doing the IT for the olympics.
G4S: Most recently in the headlines for killing Jimmy Mubenga, was awarded its Work Programme contract on the basis of a bid promising to send a field operative to a claimant’s door within two hours if that person was non co-operative.
Ingeus: Owned by fat cat city financiers Deloitte. They have promised six month forced work placements as part of their Work Programme regime. You can contact Ingeus and Deloitte here.
REED in Partnership: Part of the REED recruitment agency: It has told claimants it does not make vacancies it advertises available to the unemployed on the Work Programme as it is a ‘different arm of Reed’. Contact them here.
SERCO: Also runs prison transport and detention centres, and Britains Nuclear Weapons programme, is profiting from the Work Programme contract and using workfare to boost its own staff.
See the full list of Work Programme providers here.
All these multi-million pound companies are subsidised by the taxpayer to the tune of billions. It is they who depend on state handouts. The National Audit Office recently criticised the government for introducing the Work Programme before they had found the evidence to support it. The fact that the evidence is not there is glaringly obvious – for months these companies have been asking for their targets to be lowered and their pay to be increased! If this does not happen, the industry fears the scheme may fail. We can only hope!
Yet the Work Programme hands these unscrupulous companies huge control over people’s lives in what ministers call the “black box approach”. Their regime includes workfare – forced unpaid work for benefits – as this list from just one A4E branch shows. The people placed under their control know the very real risk of sanctions if they challenge their advisors’ whim, as a culture of bullying and fear is cultivated. Worse still, people sent to these organisations are encouraged to blame themselves for not being in employment and for not being positive enough, despite the realities of the current economic crisis.

 Time to stop the gravy train!

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  1. This programme is since many years forced also upon the Swedes where unemployed and handicapped are by force and threat made to work as work-slaves for companies with zero payment.In Sweden they are forced to work as slaves.If they deny their unemployment-benefits and social security is lost.Sweden by large is in fact a large work-camp.


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