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Nottingham Police protect Drugs dealers and deal in porn and that's just the tip of the iceberg

 Nottingham Police protect Drugs dealers and deal in porn and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Nottingham is next to Derby and they share in a legacy of corrutipon and set-ups. 

 The Daily Agenda reveals that a corrupt police officer turned a blind eye to the criminal activities of a renowned drug dealer in Eastwood for several years in return for information.

 Bonner and Reynolds

  • 13 police officers, 2 PCSOs and 4 civilian support staff at Nottinghamshire Police arrested and suspended
But his colleagues at Eastwood Police Station – including the new Chief Constable of Notts Police – have now closed ranks to protect him.
PC Richard Reynolds was recently ordered by Sgt Andrew Browning to apologise to Joyce Wharton who had been terrorised by the criminals Reynolds allowed to operate with impunity.
Apparently, Notts Police believe a mere apology is enough to excuse institutionalised police corruption, and that the matter should not be investigated further. Certainly, they have nothing to worry about from the IPCC whitewash brigade.
Sgt Browning (demoted from Inspector after a porn scandal under his command) told Joyce Wharton that he would arrest without hesitation any corrupt officer serving under him. So why hasn’t Reynolds been arrested along with several other corrupts cops at Eastwood PS?
Reynolds and his corrupt colleagues have not been arrested and they will NOT not be arrested because Notts Police is committed to concealing its corruption from the wider public, aided and abetted by the Home Office and the IPCC apologists.
Reynolds met the cannabis dealer in a cellar for several years at the man’s former home on Princess Street in Eastwood and turned a blind eye to his drug dealing and a range of other criminal activities in return for information on other ‘criminals’.
There are several witnesses to the illicit liaisons in the cellar and they operated with impunity for several years until Joyce Wharton could tolerate it no more and went to see Sgt Browning at Eastwood Police Station.
Another woman [Bernadette Cooper] living across the road on Princess Street was also targeted by Reynolds who wanted to take her on a date and in return he would help with her wayward young son. I was given chapter and verse on the entire matter in summer 2010. Miss Cooper told me, “he just wanted to get me into bed”.
And there is much more to the story than Reynolds and one drug dealer. Three years ago he targeted a drug user [Kevin Hunt] and tried to blackmail him into giving information about a former drug dealer [Rodney Turnbull] he wanted to arrest for no reason other than to frame him on a drugs charge to improve arrest rate figures. Turnbull was warned about the plot and acted accordingly.
Hunt was threatened with arrest and harassed by Reynolds so he could arrest a man who was trying to clean up his act. It’s all about the ‘clean up’ rate for public consumption.

Police informant Andrew Chrich was protected by several corrupt police officers at Eastwood PS, including his close friend Sgt Browning. Chrich has committed cheque fraud and dealt in stolen goods with the tacit consent of Nottinghamshire ‘Police’.

After being ordered to apologise to Joyce Wharton, whose innocent grandson was subjected to malicious prosecutions on two separate occasions and found not guilty, Reynolds was trapped in a Catch 22 situation of his own making.

He apologised to Wharton and assured her that he would do everything he could to rectify his wrongs but only a docile fool would swallow that contrived nonsense.
And it now transpires that the drug dealer he protected for years has been arrested and charged but the police refuse to say on what grounds, only that “the case will make the newspapers” according to Sgt Reynolds.

But you can be certain Bonner will NOT open his mouth about his dodgy deals with Reynolds because that would prompt a further prosecution for corrupting a police officer. Reyn0lds should be charged with misconduct in a public office and imprisoned.
The term ‘corrupting a police officer’ is a misnomer  because in my vast experience of dealing with police corruption, coppers take very little ‘corrupting’ because they’re on the open market for bribes and information.

There will be no stepping back in the war on police, political and press corruption and I never back down to threats from crooks in uniforms and their underworld cohorts.

In fact, I have been threatened with violence and murder repeatedly for exposing police corruption and criminals but the ‘police’ refuse to take action against anyone involved. That in itself is another act of corruption from a police ‘service’ that has become little better than an organised criminal gang operating behind the transparent veneer of the ‘law’.


There is a long history of corruption at Eastwood Police Station and the local community can have no trust or faith in the corrupt rats who claim to be ‘police officers’. In February this year, their political friends in the Labour Party were annihilated at the Eastwood South election. The people of Eastwood have had enough of corruption.
Over a year go, I tried to persuade The Sun ‘newspaper’ to expose the corruption but the news editor refused and protected the police. This was just weeks before a number of ‘journalists’ at The Sun were arrested in the Bribegate corruption scandal.
And the IPCC is completely useless. What hope do people have of securing justice from a gang that whitewashed 127 corruption allegations against Notts Police officers?
Furthermore, when the most senior police officer in the laughable anti-corruption unit (Supt. Brian Beasley) is protected by the IPCC after fabricating a cover story to protect a junior officer, there is no chance of justice from them.
Supt. Beasley said a PC Parsons had backed the ‘not me guvnor’ story of PC Philip England and the PSD whitewashed my complaint against him. But when I appealed to the IPCC, they said PC Parsons refused to make a statement and did not back PC England.

Lawyer exposes police officers committing criminal perjury

Therefore Supt. Beasley, an anti-corruption officer, fabricated a cover story but the IPCC recommended no action against him. The entire police complaints system is rotten to the core and completely corrupt.
In this war on corruption, you either stand up to be counted or lie down and surrender to the corrupt Establishment and I will NEVER surrender to those vermin.

And the public can expect no action to be taken by the new Police Commissioner Paddy Tipping – Labour has ignored police corruption repeatedly because ‘birds of a feather flock together’.
The war on corruption continues and it will be pursued to its natural conclusion. The corrupt trash can be certain that we are mobilising against them in increasing numbers….
Smithhurst Road
Two Notts Police PCSOs were arrested just days ago on sex offences and misconduct in a public office but the police refuse to name them and the Nottingham Evening Post rag refuses to put a word in print about the development. “Birds of a feather” indeed.
Postscript: Notts Police refused to deal with a corrupt drugs squad Sgt living with his mistress on Mill Road, Eastwood in 1999/2000. From that point onwards, the drugs problem exploded in Eastwood and the town later became known in the media as ‘brown town’ because of widespread heroin abuse.

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  1. Again Eastwood police are trying to fit people up and the courts are allowing it to happen it's descusting that after all that as been said about them you would think that would of cleaned up but no that still at it

  2. Again Eastwood police are trying to fit people up and the courts are allowing it to happen it's descusting that after all that as been said about them you would think that would of cleaned up but no that still at it

  3. I have numerous policeofficers who have used underhanded tactics agents me and its all on statements but no one will touch it as most of the solicitor's are in with it all if that can do this to one man then if that wanted to no one is amun to the length the police will go innocent or not

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    1. Wendy we would be happy to publish your story write to us via the contact form below. Very Best to you

  5. They have there boys on my road,told by one of them(a good one I think),that growing weed and robbing crops is where it's at,at the mo.
    Never mind giving smack dealers free rain.
    We need to get the country back

  6. I have had problems with Sgt Browning at Eastwood too, as he was taking charge of a complaint against another PC there, one Martin Battison. Funnily enough, Browning found Battison had done nothing wrong. How can such a scandalous Sgt be in charge of dealing with complaints of his fellow officers?

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