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EX Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell from the disgraced Metropolitan Police, was  'a safe pair of hands' placed in charge of the disastrous investigation into the murder of Jill Dando.
These are the people who cynically cover-up murders and child abuse. The spend protected lives and make fortunes from the Tax Payers. With out these evil men who pervert the course of justice and set-up innocents to protect murderers Britain would be a safe place to live.  TIME THEY WERE ARRESTED THEMSELVES FOR PERVERTING THE COURSE OF JUSTICE

Even the most bumbling of detectives would have realised that Jill had been killed in a contract-style hit.
She was pushed to the floor and shot in the head.
The gun used had been fitted with a silencer.
The hitman was well-dressed and was liaising, via mobile phones, with the driver of a metallic blue Range Rover.
The hitman had expert knowledge of ballistics and forensic evidence.
Jill Dando was allegedly investigating claims of a vile paedophile ring linked to Jimmy Savile, the BBC and beyond.
Her high-profile death may have been a warning to other journalists to keep quiet.
Hamish Campbell ignored all of these blindingly obvious clues and did something stupid.
He arrested a vulnerable loner called Barry George.
Barry George, the victim of a police and State contrived media witch-hunt  was eventually imprisoned for eight years.  The Police regularly briefed the media about how innocent Barry  was the man.
Eventually  after 8 long years in Prison and the destruction of his life and loss of all his property Barry George was released on appeal and cleared of the murder. Did Hamish Campbell apologize no he and the State  continued to pursue their victim  and deny him  compensation for 8 years  wrongful imprisonment. 
Was Hamish Campbell reprimanded for his stupidity in getting the wrong man ?
Not at all.
Hamish Campbell has risen through police ranks.
Hamish Campbell was placed in charge  of  the 'review' of the  Madaline Mc Cann disaster.
Despite his monumental cock-ups Hamish Campbell  was also placed in charge of Operation Yewtree  which is allegedly investigating child-abuse allegations relating to none other than Jimmy Savile, the BBC and beyond. He was also once in charge of Operation Fernbridge. 
This beggars belief.
Hamish Campbell  56  has now moved  to Jamaica  following his retirement of full police pension from the Met  to  head an inquiry into why at least one person a day is shot by police.  Police claim they are criminals. The people claim the police shoot anyone who might interfere with their own criminal enterprises. Well the Gvt of Jamaica chose the right man for the Job he is used to heading cover-up's
After 40 people were killed in October last year, Mr Campbell¿s watchdog held a press conference to express concerns about the wave of shootings, which only merited three paragraphs in a leading local newspaper
Is there something we should know about DSC Hamish Campbell? 
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  1. [Remember Roger Gleaves running an agency called Mephistopheles Debt Collection?]–6-may-1994-1419645.html
    Independent – 01 June 1994
    Law Report: Order against litigant affects partners: Mephistopheles Debt Collection Service (a firm) v Lotay: Court of Appeal (Lord Justice Nourse and Mr Justice Wall) – 6 May 1994

    The Court of Appeal allowed an appeal by the defendant, Gurdip Kaur Lotay, reversed the decision of Judge Platt sitting in Edmonton County Court on 10 June 1993, and restored the decision of District Judge Rose on 6 April 1993, staying proceedings against Mrs Lotay.

    The proceedings were begun by David James Butler, trading as Butler the Builder, who sued Mrs Lotay over unpaid bills. He then assigned his debt to the four partners of the Mephistopheles Debt Collection Service, whose name was perhaps explained by a legend at the foot of their printed stationery: ‘It’s no use dying to avoid us – we pursue debtors to the gates of Hell if necessary in order to recover our clients’ money]’

    The four partners were: Roger Charles Gleaves, his two sons Floyd and Graeme, and Terence Patrick Ewing…

    [Well, he's got another debt collection agency and look who his partner is!!!!]
    Registered Address: 102 Percy Road, London, W12 9QB

    Current Members
    Mr James Shackleton 27-11-2012
    Mr Roger Charles Gleaves 09-09-2007
    102 Percy Road, Ground Floor Flat, London, W12 9QB

    Short name Roger Gleaves
    Year of Birth: 1932
    Director ID: 914227425
    102 Percy Road, London, England, W12 9QB

    Short name James Shackleton
    Year of Birth: 1956
    Director ID: 917397314
    James D Shackleton
    Age Guide: 55-59
    Shepherd’s Bush

    Sunday Mirror (London, England) – May 30, 1999

    THIS is the gay funeral director who was arrested in the Jill Dando murder inquiry.

    James Shackleton, the self-styled Earl of Kensington, has been on a murder charge before and quizzed over the Wimbledon Common stabbing of Rachel Nickell and a series of gay killings. Last night he said: “I suppose I must have one of those guilty faces.

    “I had nothing to do with any of them, especially Jill Dando’s. I suppose once you’ve been accused of murder the police look you up just to rule you out.

    “They have a job to do, I don’t bear them any grudges. The people I feel sorry for is my parents.

    “What must they think to keep seeing their son pulled in by the police for questioning about murders?”

    Shackleton has also called himself the Duke of Salisbury and Lord James Shackleton. In fact he runs the family undertaking business, founded in 1703, from his home in ****Shepherds Bush****, west London.

    He said: “I’ve been to lots of society events at Hampton Court and Lambeth Palace.

    “I’ve never actually met the Queen but she was at some of these functions. So was Princess Margaret and her son, Viscount Linley.

    “I’ve dined out on the title at The Ivy restaurant in London several times.”

    Shackleton, 43, spent two days with police this week. He was released without charge on Friday night on two weeks’ bail.

    He says he was near the murder scene in Fulham, west London, collecting wood to make coffins on the day Jill Dando was shot dead on her doorstep five weeks ago.

    Police were tipped off that he could have been the man seen sweating at a bus stop.

    “I was really sweaty and dressed in a suit,” he said. “I was the police’s number one suspect, now that’s been ruled out they haven’t got anything.”

    *****A former rent boy*****, Shackleton was accused of stabbing a gay man in the neck with a broken bottle in 1986. Last-minute DNA evidence cleared him. He once tried to con his way into a prison job so that he could talk to mass murderer Jeremy Bamber.

    *****He has also had his flat raided by police because of alleged involvement with child pornography.*****

    A former colleague, Richard Gibbs who now lives in Lincoln, said: “James lives in a fantasy world. When I heard he’d been arrested for the Dando killing I thought he was trying to get attention.”

    Can you help?

    ANYONE with information on who killed Jill Dando should call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or the Kensington police incident room on 0181 246 0732

    The People (London, England) – May 30, 1999

    THE man arrested over the brutal murder of TV presenter Jill Dando admitted yesterday that he had also been quizzed about the Wimbledon Common murder of blonde mum Rachel Nickell.

    Undertaker James Shackleton, 43, revealed it was the FOURTH time he has been held by police in connection with high-profile killings.

    ARREST No 1 concerned the stabbing of a man with a broken bottle 15 years ago. Mr Shackleton stood trial for murder but walked free after an Old Bailey jury threw out the case.

    ARREST No 2 followed the death of Rachel Nickell in 1992, which is still unsolved.

    ARREST No 3 was over London’s gay serial killings six years ago. Ex-soldier Colin Ireland, 44, was later convicted of the five stranglings.

    ARREST No 4 was last Thursday morning after police were tipped off that he might be the man seen sweating heavily at a bus stop yards from where Jill, 37, was shot dead five weeks ago.

    But after 36 hours loner Shackleton was freed and eliminated from the inquiry after he told cops he had been in the area collecting wood for coffins.

    He said he had broken into a sweat because he had run to escape from a man he thought wanted to have sex with him. Yesterday Mr Shackleton, who lives alone in a flat in Shepherds Bush, West London, stressed: “I might have walked down Jill Dando’s road but I did not kill her.”

    He added: “I am not a murderer. I’ve nothing to be ashamed of. A jury has acquitted me of one murder and I have been eliminated from two other murder inquiries.

    “I know police have had anonymous tip-offs pointing the finger at me but I have never killed anyone.

    “They are satisfied I didn’t kill Jill but it’s a horrible thing to be accused of.”

    Meanwhile, police are to trace the owners of every blue Range Rover – about 3,000 of them – in Britain.

    A blue Range Rover was seen speeding away from the scene minutes after Jill was shot dead on the doorstep of her home in Fulham, West London.

    The Range Rover driver still hasn’t come forward – and efforts to enhance a video image of the vehicle have failed to reveal its number plate.

    The latest step, which will take months to complete and take thousands of manpower hours, comes as police admit they are still baffled by her murder.

    Officers say the investigation will now broaden to look at every aspect of what remains the only real clue to her killer.

    A police source said: “The only way to do this is to copy the French inquiry into the death of Princess Diana.

    “They eliminated the white Fiat Uno from their inquiry by tracing everybody who owned one in France.”

    The source added: “It will take a long time to check – but the public will not tolerate any stone being left unturned in the search for her killer.”

    The Mirror (London, England) – May 29, 1999
    I LOOK LIKE THE E-FIT BUT I DIDN’T KILL JILL; Arrested Suspect Denies Murder

    THE man arrested in the Jill Dando murder inquiry said last night that pals told him he looked like the police E-fit of the prime suspect.

    But funeral director James Shackleton declared: “I did not kill her. I want it known that I have nothing to do with it.”

    He was released without charge and police confirmed he was not a main suspect.

    They had been tipped off that Shackleton, 43, might have been the man witnesses saw sweating heavily at a bus stop near the murder scene in Fulham, west London.

    He accepted he was in the area at the time – collecting wood to use for coffins.

    And he said he might have been sweating “because I was running away from a man who I thought wanted to have sex with me”

    Shackleton, who lives alone in west London, was arrested on Thursday and held overnight for questioning.

    He told The Mirror: “I have never met Jill Dando. I have only seen her on television, I definitely didn’t stalk her or anything like that.”

    Shackleton, who specialises in low-cost funerals for the poor, described his activities on the day almost five weeks ago that the TV presenter was shot on her doorstep.

    He said: “I could have been just streets away from her house. I may well have walked quickly down her road.

    “And I might have been sweating because I was running away from a man who I thought wanted to have sex with me.

    “My hearse was parked up nearby, because I was collecting wood to build coffins with.

    “I needed to go to the toilet so I went to the nearby park, Bishop’s Park.

    “A man in there acted very threateningly towards me so I ran away to escape from him.”

    Shackleton, who uses a private ambulance as a hearse, added: “People have joked with me at work that I look like the guy in the E-fit.

    “But I never thought anyone would take it so seriously.”

    Shackleton, who has a pet mongrel Cato, said police had taken away a substantial amount of his possessions.

    His fax machine, phone book, some clothes, his building society book, private letters and tapes and bank statements had all been confiscated.


    “A vile paedophile ring is perverting youngsters under the smokescreen of a sham religious order. …

    Their so-called ‘archbishop,’ Frederick Linale, is serving a ten-year prison sentence for sexually abusing two under-age boys. While he is inside the sect is run by ‘primate’ John Simmons, 52, who lists his home address as Bishop’s House, Singleton, near Ashford, Kent. In fact he lives with a 22-year-old former rent boy in Bucksford Lane, at a modest three-bedroom home on a housing estate. His ‘church’ is actually the garage. And the ‘clergy’ include evil Roger Gleaves, a monster with a record of child sex offences stretching back nearly 40 years and once described by a judge as ‘a cruel and wicked man.’ Gleaves, 64, who used to call himself Bishop of Medway, has been jailed twice for assaults on children. …

    Simmons has connections with several notorious convicted paedophiles. One of them, Richard Becker, 50, was on the verge of being ordained as a priest by Simmons but then threatened with excommunication after they fell out over Crump. Becker, who calls himself Father Richard, met Crump while he was a rent boy and took him as a lover. He introduced the lad to Simmons and was furious when Crump decided to move in with him instead. Becker ~ also known as David Bradburn ~ is a paedophile with a criminal record for assaults on boys as young as 12. He lives alone in a squalid council flat in Leyton, East London, and is a dangerous menace to vulnerable kids. One of his former paedophile pals is Sidney Cooke, 68, jailed in 1989 for the brutal murder of run-away Hackney schoolboy Jason Swift in a homosexual orgy. Becker’s latest target is another 14-year-old Hackney schoolboy whose mother unwittingly allows him to spend weekends with the pervert. The boy is also educationally subnormal and attends a special school. …

    Another of Simmons’ friends is James Shackleton, 40, a former Soho rent boy and an undertaker by profession. … He lives in a dingy attic flat near Notting Hill Gate and has prison convictions for theft and deception. The flat has been raided twice by police because of Shackleton’s involvement with child pornography.”

    (News of the World, 23 February 1997)


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