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Who killed Peaches Geldof?

Mystery looms around the death of Peaches Geldof. Did her ties with the Satanic MI5 linked cult the OTO and the BBC Paedophile Ring cause her untimely death? Police found "no evidence of hard drugs, no visible signs of injury and no suicide note" at Peaches Kent home.

Last year Peaches Geldof elected to join a group of MI5 linked Black Magicians Known as the OTO. Or Ordo Templi Orientis or Order of Eastern Templars a shadowy cult linked to the iluminati, dark sex magic and child sacrifice.

The OTO has a history stretching back to the Bavarian illuminati and the dark cult operating inside the Knights Templers which eventually brought them down. This dark lodge also inhabits the Freemasons of today

Like the Freemasons, the OTO has many levels and it is unfortunate for Peaches that she came to know a secret that proved very dangerous for her. The dark lodge and the secret group inside this secret organisation used Ritual Abuse and child sacrifice as part of their satanic attempts to keep and gain occult power.

To be fair on the OTO and their secret power these occult groups run the banks, the intelligence and security services, Parliament and most importantly they run the Police and the Courts.

It is not for nothing that the High Court in London is called The Temple. It was the Templars and the Star Chamber who created the system of law which now keeps ordinary people in chains and allows the Elite to steal and rape our children, steal the money we earn through taxes and usury. Throw us in jail for real or imagined transgressions against their every gowning number of oppressive laws.

The murderers of Peaches Geldof are experts at propaganda, as the BBC testifies daily. They are consummate liars and deceivers and they have almost the entire justice and parliamentary system under their control. From the humblest Police constable to the highest judge in the land. From the lowest social worker to top bankers and politicians. Everything neat squared and 'Ordered'

Not that there aren't innocents who have no idea who they work for or what the real agenda is. Provided they keep quiet they will be allowed to slave for the System which destroys their neighbours. But if they become whistle-blowers they will be ruthlessly eliminated by any means. Discredited, arrested and harassed, set-up, driven insane and sectioned under the mental health act and if urgent or well known murdered.

I learned about these people at my mother's knee because she was an occultist, worked for SIS and knew Crowley. In 1972 I was sent to Leon Barchinsky to join the OTO in London. Unlike what is being lauded they do not take anyone, in fact, they are extremely fussy about accepting only people with great proven psychic ability. Getting an interview is only possible by recommendation.

There are of course periphery groups who worship the great beast Crowley and study Crowley's books. Such books as the 'Book of Law' a masterpiece in deception which tells the truth then twists it. eg "Love is the law" and the twist "Love under will" They worship the Whore Babylon and eagerly await her return. They are out and out Lucifarians with a veneer of intellectualism. Clever manipulators the leaders draw in unwary acolytes whom they want only to suck their energy. Crowley’s texts also contain several thinly veiled allusions to human ritual sacrifice to attain magical potency.

Peaches was never admitted to the OTO inner sanctum but she was I hear in a periphery group This was a young woman who would not have watched a baby or young boy being sacrificed on an alter whilst the adults drunk the child's blood from a golden cup and then had sex. All in the name of gaining ultimate power and keeping every man woman, child and creature in perpetual slavery.

But Peaches found out enough to spell her death sentence. She was involved in exposing paedophiles. The police even threatened her for exposing the women who gave up their babies to evil paedophile Ian Watkins from Lost Prophets and started an investigation against her!.

The Attorney General said a possible criminal offence had been committed. What! The power mad people at it again!

Peaches was a loose cannon she could not and would not keep quiet about the sexual abuse and murder of babies and children. Expect they will come up with some twaddle to explain her death.

Celebrities dabble with the occult and keep secret knowledge about the dark occult groups who control the world at their peril because celebrities are listened to. They should tell no-one at all or tell everyone immediately.

Better tell what you suspect and what you know Bob.

In memory of Peaches Geldof, Princess Diana, Jill Dando, Gareth WIlliams and all the whistle blowers dead and alive.

Crowley's Background as a Spy from the book 'Agent 666'

As a young man Crowley belonged to a right-wing, semi-secret society called the Primrose League that spied on the perceived enemies of the Conservative Party. He also supported the Jacobite cause and was involved in plans for an abortive coup to restore the Bourbon royal dynasty in Spain. 
      Spence claims that Crowley was involved in spying missions to the court of the Russian Tsar and may have only joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to investigate the shadowy political activities of its leader, Samuel ‘McGregor’ Mathers.
      In the 1900s Crowley had a homosexual affair with the poet Victor Neuberg. The couple decamped to North Africa to practise sex magic rituals using Dr. John Dee’s Enochian system to summon up demons. While they were staying in Algeria, Crowley and Neuberg were being closely watched by the local French colonial police. They believed the Great Beast was on a secret mission in North Africa to gather information for British Intelligence, using his magical operations as a cover.
      In 1910 Crowley met a German occultist called Karl Theodor Reuss, the head of an occult secret society called the (OTO). Reuss was a Freemason, an Illuminati and a Rosicrucian who had worked for the Prussian secret police in the 1880s. On their orders he had travelled to London and infiltrated the Socialist League, an extreme left-wing group led by the daughter of Karl Marx. 

 When Reuss was exposed, he returned to Germany and, posing as a journalist, visited the Balkans and the Middle East as a spy for German Intelligence. In 1912 Reuss initiated Crowley into the OTO and made him the head of the Order in Britain and later America.
      Around the same time as he joined the OTO, it is alleged that Crowley was using his connection with Reuss to spy on the German government. However, when World War I began in 1914 Crowley was living in the United States. There he posed as an Irish revolutionary to infiltrate pro-German groups and engage in black propaganda on behalf of Britain’s SIS (Secret Intelligence Service or MI6) or the NID (Naval Intelligence Department). 
      Crowley’s cover story was assisted by stories planted in British newspapers denouncing him as a pro-German traitor and the police raided his magical temple in London.
      In World War II Crowley allegedly offered his services again to the NID. In the 1930s he became friendly with Maxwell Knight, the assistant director of the Security Service (MI5), Ian Fleming, the assistant-director of Naval Intelligence who later penned the James Bond spy novels, and Dennis Wheatley, the occult thriller writer who served on Winston Churchill’s top-secret planning committee for total warfare. 
          When war broke out in 1939, Spence says that Crowley was interviewed by the NID and in his diary he recorded that the meeting went “as satisfactory as could be expected.” 
          When a combined NID/SIS sting operation managed to lure the top Nazi Rudolf Hess to Britain on his ill-fated ‘peace mission’ in 1941, Commander Ian Fleming of NID suggested to his superiors that he should be interviewed by Crowley. It is claimed in this book that Crowley did in fact interview Hess several times at a secret MI5 interrogation centre at Ham Common in south London. 
      Coincidentally this was not far from where Crowley was living at the time in Kew after leaving Central London to escape the Blitz.
      In writing this book Richard Spence found it difficult to get official confirmation of Crowley’s career as a secret agent and spy. He made enquiries to MI5 and MI6 and was met with denials. 
      At first MI5 said they had no files on Crowley until Spence found a reference to the Great Beast in a document from the 1930s in the Public Records Office. When he told MI5 of the discovery they apologised for misleading him and admitted they did once have a file, but it had been destroyed in the 1950s. 
      Subsequently Spence found evidence of a second MI5 file dating from 1943 and was told that too had been destroyed “some years ago.” Allegedly, there was also a Scotland Yard file on Crowley and three files exist in the Foreign Office relating to his activities from 1906 to 1919.
      Although the FBI denied having any information, several files mentioning Crowley were disclosed to Spence under the auspices of the US Freedom of Information Act. Also both US Military Intelligence and the Justice Department were aware of Crowley’s status as a British agent in World War I. 
      In fact Crowley was investigated and it was noted that his pro-German propaganda work was known to and had been approved by the British government. Crowley, in his role as a British intelligence officer, had also passed information on the activities of Theodor Reuss of the OTO to the deputy attorney general of the State of New York.
      Richard Spence’s book is a well-researched and fascinating account of the clandestine links between occultists and the secret intelligence services of Britain, Europe and the United States. 
      Crowley was not the only occult personality of his era to be recruited as a secret agent. However, his long and varied career serving Britain in that role and the extensive links he had with other occultists and the members of secret societies and magical groups makes him totally unique in this respect.
      Secret Agent 666 is highly recommended to anyone seriously interested in the tangled web of connections between the occult, parapolitics and the secret world of espionage. It exposes a shadowy underworld that is generally hidden from the public eye, where political conspiracies, intrigue and occultism are mixed together in an unholy alliance.

This article is inaccurate but highlights  the propaganda


    The Mirror - Saturday 23 September 1922
    Perpetrated By An Alleged "Do As You Please" Religion.
    Wild Riot of Debauched Doctrines— the Wiles of the "Priestess" And Her So-Called "Priests" - Sensational Story From America.

    The courts in Detroit, Michigan, USA, have just unexpectedly stripped bare the ambitious plans of a little coterie of men of evil reputation to establish a new religion based upon this astonishing doctrine:
    "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."

    The wicked results of preaching any such doctrine are not hard to see. It is not surprising that those who joined this new religion soon found themselves in difficulties of one kind or another.

    Wives who went through the secret ceremonials of the order were soon thrown out by their husbands, and husbands who joined the cult did not escape long from the divorce courts. But the particular case which brought out all the unholy details was a suit against Albert W. Ryerson, the managing director of the Universal Book Stores Company, in Detroit. This was a well established, respectable and prosperous concern just off the exclusive Washington Boulevard in the heart of the city.

    Ryerson owned the Ryerson Building and was highly regarded in business circles. He joined the new religionists, lost his personal reputation, his business prosperity, is facing endless litigation and his wife has divorced him.

    THE O.T.O.
    The new mystic "Do-anything-you-want-to" religion was known as the "O.T.O." These letters represent the words "Ordo Templi Orientis" (Order of the Temple of the Orient or Oriental Templars), but they had a secret meaning for those who were behind the scenes.

    The new religious order is international and is said to have existing branches in every civilized country in the world. The startling discovery was made that plans were on foot to build a gorgeous "Love Temple" like the notorious sun temples of the ancient Chaldeans. The "Love Temple" was to be furnished with exotic Oriental splendor. There were to be fountains spraying jets of perfumed water amid burning jars of incense, and silken divans behind convenient curtains for the faithful to "worship and recline on."

    Similar temples were to be erected in other parts of the country as the new religion grew in membership. These were to be hidden retreats, termed in the ritual of the order "Secret Fortresses" or "Profess Houses." A book of ritual was prepared called "The Equinox," and the abominable doctrines and suggestions set forth in this book brought about the destruction of the Detroit enterprise.

    The. official ritual as preached in "The 'Equinox" teaches the doctrine of yielding to impulse and urge — of licentiousness and immorality. The whole thing is based on carnal impulses, and unrestrained emotions.

    For two years the "O.T.O." made converts in Detroit, and it is not to be wondered at that in its wake has come the trail of wrecked lives, broken homes and business disaster. At the beginning it ensnared men of prominence in its organization. One was a leading clergyman, another a well-known doctor, still another a distinguished attorney.

    "Two years ago came to Detroit one who called himself Aleister Crowley. Crowley had been reputed to be interested in what was called "Devil Worshippers."

    "I am Bahomet XI of the 'O.T.O.'," he told those that he took into his confidence. "In me you see the Supreme and Holy King of Ireland, Iona, and all the Britains that are in the sanctuary of the Gnosis'— whatever that meant.

    And following Crowley came Charles Stanfield Jones, whom Crowley, ''The Great Baphomet," introduced as his "field organizer."

    At that time Albert W. Ryerson was the directing head of the successful Universal Book Stores Company, Inc., as already said. Ryerson became interested and published Crowley's shocking book of ritual, "The Equinox." This was the book which according to Assistant United States District Attorney Francis Murphy is "the most lascivious and libidinous book that has ever been published in the United States."

    Ryerson, according to admissions, made In the proceedings in bankruptcy court, where he was examined, told of the "first meeting'' of the "few that were at first interested" in the exclusive Detroit Athletic Club. But Crowley did not at that time, it appears, unfold his full plan.

    "The aims," Crowley explained, "of the 'O.T.O.' may be said to teach Hermetic Science or Occult Knowledge, the Pure and Holy Magic of Light, the Secrets of Mystic Attainment, Yoga, of all forms, Gnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Bhakta Yoga and Hatha Yoga, and all other branches of the secret Wisdom of the Ancients,"

    There was a pause, say those present, and Crowley said impressively:

    "The names of women members are never divulged."

    Ryerson, by his own admissions, is a professed spiritualist. But it soon developed that Crowley dealt only in "spiritism." But while others dropped away, Ryerson still sponsored Crowley.

    There came tales of the secret meetings at "secret fortresses," where the members clothed only in a single covering sat about on the floor while they received their "lessons" in the cult whose motto was "Do what thou wilt!"

    And at these meetings was always recited the "Hymn to Pan," which appears on the opening pages of Crowley's book, "The Equinox." It begins :

    "Thrill with lissome lust of the light, .
    O man! My man!
    Come careening out of the night ?
    To me, to me,
    Come with Apollo in bridal dress" — I
    The rest is unprintable.

    Twice during the year the "O.T.O." has loomed up in Detroit count proceedings when shocked wives appealed for divorce because their husbands had become affiliated with this order that taught the doctrine of "do anything you want to."

    And then the Universal Book Stores Company, Inc., crashed in failure and the stockholders met and threw Albert W. Ryerson out of control. They engaged Grover L. Morden, an attorney in the Murphy Building, to attempt to salvage upwards of £6,000 which the stockholders swore in their affidavits had been misapplied by Ryerson in furthering the ritual of the "O.T.O."

    Lawyer Morden has read most of "The Equinox" into the bankruptcy proceedings. The Federal Government has linked forces with him and the books still undelivered to the "faithful" have been seized.

    Crowley is said to be in Ceselu, a little town in Sicily, where he has set up the "headquarters" of the "O.T.O.," while "Organiser" and "Field Secretary" address is declared to be "somewhere in Chicago" organising "a local branch there."

    "At a meeting in the Detroit Athletic Club," Ryerson told on the witness stand, "held in November, 1919, seven men, the original charter members of the 'O.T.O.,' planned to make Detroit the headquarters of the order in this country. And they were led in this work by Stanfield Jones.

    "At a later meeting in the D.A.C. a supreme grand council was elected. I was not invited to any of these meetings. The organisers were some of the leading men of this city. I will not divulge their names."

    And then came Lady Jean Hooper, titled English gentlewoman, now a resident of Detroit, living in the exclusive section of Second boulevard, to throw another ray of light upon the "O.T.O." and its preachment of free and unbridled lust and love.

    "I knew Mr. Ryerson," she said, "before he came under the mystic spell of Crowley. A finer or more intelligent man would be hard to find. It was at the suggestion of some members of a fraternal order to which Mr. Ryerson belonged that I went to live at his home at No. 381 West Grand boulevard. Ryerson then had not been divorced. His first wife was Miss Vida F. Marsh, a most cultured and charming woman."

    And then came Crowley, and soon he was a changed man and his wife divorced him. Mrs. Ryerson's bill of complain reads partly as follows:

    'The defendant (Albert W. Ryerson) by his acts and declarations appears to be possessed of a religious conviction that he is not bound longer to recognise any of the conventions or formalities of society, but insists that he is free to conduct himself according to the dictates of his own
    conscience, and in pursuance of such convictions and in following such dictations, he has on numerous occasions subjected plaintiff (Mrs. Ryerson) to great embarrassment, and the greatest humiliation by his unseemly conduct in his protestations of love for various and sundry women who profess the same ideals and ideas. Defendant's conduct in this became so objectionable and unbearable that in the month of October, 1917, plaintiff determined that she would never forgive defendant and they separated for several months. Defendant admitted that he loved other women and told plaintiff that 'she could go to hell and get a divorce'."

    Lady Jean Hooper gave further details as follows:

    "Crowley used to visit Ryerson's home. He has made a life-time study of things mystic and is very conversant with things Oriental. I know that Crowley knew the method of administering hashish, the opium derivative made from East Indian hemp, and he told me how it helped him to 'control other minds.' This drug, when mixed with another, possesses the property of exciting the passions.

    "In talks with Crowley in Ryerson's home I learned the full purport of the heinous licentious 'religion' he was attempting to promulgate. I left Ryerson's home at once and have kept up an unrelenting fight against this obnoxious 'O.T.O.' cult ever since. It means the ruination of all who practice its alleged 'commandments.' They are unspeakably vile in character and beyond the pale of word expression or relating.

    Mrs. Louise Clarke Pann, of No. 662 Van Dyke avenue, told how "some friends" induced her to attend a meeting at a friend's home on Vinewood avenue, at which John Stanfeild Jones spoke. He announced himself as the "field secretary" of Aleister Crowley and the "O.T.O." religion.

    "I point blank refused to become a member of this Oriental love cult," she declares, "and roundly denounced Jones. Women present had copies of "The Equinox" and attempted to induce me to take a copy home and read and study it. I destroyed the book the following day after reading but a few brief passages."

    Among other portions of the ritual in "The Equinox," introduced in evidence, was this from the "Ceremony of the Opening of the Veil":

    The priest mounts the first step of the altar and says unto the Queen of Space, kissing her lovely brows, and the dew of her light bathing his whole body in a sweet-smelling perfume of sweat.

    THE PRIEST— O circle of stars whereof our father is but the younger brother, marvel beyond imagination, soul of infinite space; before whom time is ashamed, the mind bewildered and the understanding dark, not unto thee may we attain, unless thine image be love. Therefore by seed and root and stem and bud and leaf and flower and fruit do we invoke thee. O Nuit, continuous one of heaven, let it be ever thus; that men speak not of thee as One but as None; and let them speak not of thee at all, since thou art continuous.
    (During this speech the priestess must have divested herself completely of her robe.— See CCXX 1, 62.)


    THE PRIESTESS— But to love me is better than all things; if under the night-stars in the desert thou presently burnest mine incense before me, invoking me with a pure heart, and the serpent flame therein, thou shalt come a little to lie in my bosom. For one kiss wilt thou then be willing to give all; but whoso gives on particle of dust shall lose all in that hour. But always in the love of me, and so shall ye come to my joy. I charge you earnestly to come before me in a single robe, and covered with a rich head-dress. I love you! I yearn to you! Pale or purple, veiled or voluptuous, I who am all pleasure and purple, and drunkenness of the innermost sense, desire you. Put on the wings and arouse the coiled splendour within you; come unto me! To me! Sing the rapturous love-song unto me! Burn to me perfumes! Drink to me, for I love you! I love you, I am the blue-lidded daughter of sunset; I am the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night-sky. To me! To me!|

    (The priest mounts the second step, etc., etc.)

    But Detroit will not see the erection of the great "Love Temple" where the "priest" and the naked "princess" were to do things laid down in the ritual, The little wholesome publicity has smashed all those ambitious plans in Detroit. And if the promoters of the new religion attempt to start business in any city where this page of this newspaper is read the police and the church authorities will be able to understand 'what is going on.

    The Canberra Times - Sunday 11 May 1986
    The devil of a con

    Swindler and self-styled Satanist Derry Mainwaring Knight was jailed for seven years on April 25, after a two-month trial at Maidstone Crown Court in Britain. He was convicted of 19 charges of fraud.
    The full extent of his devilry is outlined below.

    WHOEVER is responsible for Deny Mainwaring Knight, be it God, the Lucifer he claimed as his master, or primeval sludge, he seems to have had a sense of humour.

    The story which has unfolded at Maidstone Crown Court over the last two months, ended with Mr
    Knight's imprisonment for seven years on 19 charges — and those ones specimens of many others — of fraud.

    It was a story told by peers of the realm and prostitutes. Showgirls and dancers followed bishops and car dealers into the witness box.

    More than 100 people gave evidence. They told of demonic possession and satanic rights of lesbianism and operations which could turn prostitutes into virgins. They played to full houses — the public gallery of Court No 6 was packed throughout the trial, and never more so than when Mr Knight himself, the 47-year-old pot-bellied, balding Lothario with a penchant for prostitutes and Rolls-Royces, was in the witness box.

    A roll call of the wealthy Anglican establishment around the East Sussex village of Newick came to court to tell the jury, with varying intensities of embarrassment, how Mr Knight had fleeced them of more than £200,000.

    Mr Knight moved to the village in early 1983, bringing with him mounting debts and a past of petty fraud and an obsession with prostitutes and the occult. Soon he was working through the rector, the Reverend John Baker—a man, the court heard, "generous in spirit but highly gullible".

    During six days in the witness box, the rector told how he was drawn into the role of chief fund raiser for Mr Knight's bogus war with Satan.

    One night in March 1984, by which time Mr Knight had worked his way into residence with the Baker family at the rectory, Mr Knight had appeared before the vicar in, Mr Baker told the court, "a tranced state" due to "demonic spirit infestation".

    Spirits had spoken to the rector through Mr Knight's mouth, saying, "you cannot have him. He belongs to Lucifer".

    Convinced by Mr Knight's performance that night in the rectory, the vicar was ready to believe the story Mr Knight then told him — and repeated in court. How he had been cursed by his lesbian, devil
    worshipping grandmother at birth; how, as a teenager, apparitions of the Devil drew him in to satanism", how he.was initiated into a cult called the Sons of Lucifer at the age of 20; how metal discs had been implanted in his forehead as a young man to heighten his subjugation to Satan; and how God had finally spoken to him when he joined other prisoners in the riot on the roof of Hull prison 10 years ago where he was serving a five-year sentence for raping two prostitutes.

    Mr Knight told the rector that, after his salutary chat with God as his fellow inmates dismantled the roof, he was determined to find a way back to Christ. But it was going to be expensive. He needed money to pay off debts which bound him to the leader of the satanist order in Essex, and cash for satanic regalia which had to be bought before he could free himself from the Devil.

    The rector, who was to remain convinced of Mr Knight's story even until his arrest in March 1985,
    toured round the stately homes and affluent country parts of the county as if possessed himself, pleading for cash for Mr Knight's war with the Devil.

    Mr Gordon Scutt, adviser to a Christian charitable trust, was approached first. He donated £5,000 as a gift and a further £11,000 as a loan. Over a period of six months, Mrs Susan Sainsbury, born-again Christian and wife of supermarket millionaire and Tory MP for Hove, Tim Sainsbury, signed her way
    through £79,895 in cheques. The last two, for £20,000 and £28,000 to buy a satanic throne.


    Viscount Hampden, the Eton educated stockbroker who has al ready had his aristrocratic fingers singed in the Lloyds scandal, contributed two cheques worth £2,250, and a white Rolls-Royce Camargue worth £37,000. The rector had told him that Mr Knight needed the car to impress the rest of the satanic order as part of his plan to take them over to destroy them.

    When Mr Knight himself told his Lordship that he also needed a £2,783 in-car telephone because his home telephone was being tapped, the Viscount agreed to pay for it.

    The Earl of March, owner of Goodwood racecourse, Chancellor of Sussex University, former Church Commissioner and holder of a string of other establishment credentials, got off a little more lightly, parting with a paltry £1,000 before getting suspicious. Mr Michael Warren, local JP, wealthy farmer and former High Sheriff of East Sussex, was less fortunate, paying out a total of £55,000.

    They were, or so they thought, on the side of the angels. The rector's highly successful fund-raising campaign on Mr Knight's behalf won the backing of the Bishop of Lewes, the Right Reverend Peter Ball.

    On first meeting Mr Knight, he told the court, he thought him "a most evil man," but after a second meeting he concluded that he was really "quite nice" and engaged in "a very necessary battle to combat satanism".

    But, as Mr Baker continued to make his way through the Who's Who of East Sussex, his more worldly wise and senior colleague, the Bishop of Chichester grew increasingly suspicious of Mr Knight's mounting demands for more money for yet more satanic impediments which nobody had ever seen. He contacted the police.

    What they found was that the money was not so much going on satanism, as hedonism.

    The proceeds of the rector's extraordinary whip-round had been spent, in its tens of thousands, gratifying Mr Knight's appetite for clothes, jewellery, female companionship on a gargantuan scale and cars. Lots of cars — a string of Rollers to go with the viscount's camargue as well as Porches and a Lotus.

    Most of all, it had been spent on girls — lots of girls. A procession of prostitutes, showgirls and "dancers", some of whom came to court 10 tell the jury how Mr Knight had lavished them with gifts.

    Hayley Leigh related how Mr Knight had sat in the back of one of his Rollers and asked her to be "the first person to christen my car"

    Radio disk jockeys Alan Freeman and David Hamilton and the orchestra conductor, Geoff Love, played bit parts in Mr Knight's extraordinary life.

    They were guests at a £3,000 champagne birthday party aboard a paddle-steamer on the Thames thrown for Angela Morgan, Mr Knight's one-time mistress and the principal beneficiary, after himself, of his generosity with other people's money.

    Mr Knight claimed that he financed his lifestyle from the proceeds of a vice-ring. He earned, he told the jury, up to £12,000 a week running a private clinic which turned prostitutes into "bona fide" virgins for businessmen.

    The police preferred a more prosaic explanation. Mr Knight, they said, was engaged in a highly successful sting, more successful than he could have ever imagined, as the climax of a career which had embraced spells in prison for fraud before.

    He had been married three times, giving two of his wives venereal disease.

    He had been indulged by a grandmother, who was certainly a lesbian, certainly a mischiefmaker, but no devil worshipper. He had grown into petty crime, graduating from shoplifting and stealing as a teenager, to running black markets while on National Service in West Germany.

    In the Reverend Baker and the credulous worthies of East Sussex he had found not the financial backing for a private battle with hell, but a con-man's paradise.

    The Canberra Times - Sunday 11 May 1986
    Satanic struggle an obsession
    in London

    "You may think," the judge said, meaning the jury should think, "that satanism does exist in this country and that there are satanic orders devoted to its purposes."

    Summing up at the end of Deny Mainwaring Knight's two-month trial, he said, "You may think that plainly there is both good and evil in this world and that if there are powers for good, might there not be powers for evil?"

    That this judicial view is widely shared has been evident throughout the trial, and as soon as it was over the Bishop of Chichester (the only ecclesiastical hero of the story since it was he who called in the police) warned of Christians who were "obsessed by the battle against evil — they tend to see it everywhere and become unbalanced."

    Satan's reality was accepted most notably by Mr Knight's generous donors' committee who gave money to buy satanic "regalia" to defeat the devil. Mrs Susan Sainsbury of the grocery family, the top giver of all, parted with £80,000.

    The Church of England also shares the judge's opinion on Satan. Not just the Reverend John Baker, of Newick, who told the court it was "inconceivable" that Mr Knight could be a confidence trickster, and collected all of £200,000 for Mr Knight, handing most of it in bundles of used £30 notes.

    The local bishop, the Right Reverend Peter Ball, of Lewes, a monk of whom the judge said, "You may think he is a little unwordly," also agrees. "Father Peter," as he is affectionately called, endorsed Mr Baker's fund-raising with a note saying it was "a very necessary battle against Satan".

    The churches have indeed always felt the need to be armed against satanists, pseudo satanists and, well, yes, occasionally, the tempter himself.

    The churches' special task force, the Christian Exorcism Study Group, is about to bring out its latest guidelines, called 'Deliverance', to help teams of priests in almost every diocese. Where the bishop holds avant-garde views, the teams carry the more modern title: "advisors on paranormal theology".

    Nobody would disagree with the judge that for every true satanist there are a hundred cranks. Most are reported to be unimpressive.

    "Some of them would find great difficulty reading the Sun but they come looking for the most esoteric books," said Mrs Bcskin, manageress at the Atlantis occult bookshop in Museum Street, London.

    "They all wear black and bite their nails, as if they really were scared of the devil. They can't pay their rates and have many wives."

    She does admit that "about once a year you get a superior being, a sort of occult National Fronter, who knows what he's on about." But most of the time it's not the real thing — "just Dennis Wheatley-type sex-and-sadism fantasy".

  8. [continued]

    And Derry Mainwaring Knight? Mr Baker insisted that he still cared for him and "longed for him to be freed from the black arts". But Mrs Beskin takes the majority view, "He was no satanist, but, for once, someone really Satanic."

    The deceived clerics and donors can indeed console themselves: Mr Knight's performance had been that of a virtuoso.

    His first rule, it may be recalled for the benefit of students, was to choose the right victims. He chose staunchly Protestant East Sussex.

    Several of the leading donors have been involved in elite fundamentalist groups that count members in many branches of the Establishment. The devil was real for them long before Mr Knight turned up.

    Mr Baker, you may think, "could not be called an unworldly priest" like the monk Bishop of Lewes. He indeed has a first-class degree and is an ex-Army officer. His trouble (you may think) was "a certain intellectual arrogance" with "reliance on prayer taking the place of judgment and commonsense".

    Judge Dennison might have mentioned also that Mr Baker is an active member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and of the British Ring.

    And then Mr Knight, the master con-man, knew how to start small, with alleged satanic debts of a mere £7,000. He knew to perfection that subtle mixture of pathos ("Christians are always suckers for helping other Christians in trouble," said a member of the exorcism group, and intimidation (he threw satanic fits that convinced Mr Baker).

    And yet, in the end, Mr Knight was not above the fatal temptation of pushing his luck. He allowed the Bishop of Chichester to catch Kim out when he claimed he had been ordained by "an unfrocked Cardinal," The Bishop, who is the sleuth of the story, deduced that no such prelate could exist, or he would have heard of him.

    Where does all this leave the real satanists? The exorcism study group lists dozens of organisations in Britain and abroad, from the Ordo Templi Orientis which is apparently run from Golders Green but which Mrs Beskin says is "not satanist", to Hells Angels.

    The report does not mention the Sons of Lucifer to which Mr Knight said he belonged. It points out that since Britain's laws against witchcraft were repealed in 1951, "Ocultists have been able to pursue their beliefs, though not all their practices, without fear of persecution. .. since that time a revival of occultism has taken place in Europe and North America."

    As if to explain the alarm and despondency that Mr Knight was able to spread in East Sussex, the report recalls that while witchcraft was "essentially pre-Christian," satanism took an "anti-Christian position".

    This, of course, makes it relevant and explains what, you may think, became an "obsession, cause" with Mr Baker. The Rector is not alone in his recognition. Canon Dominic Walker, who runs the exorcism group with the psychiatrist Dr David McDonald said "90 per cent of cases we get are in the end psychological." The clear implication was that the other 10 were the work of the devil himself.

    "I believe in Satan," confirmed Mr John Sturgess, the civil servant who acts as secretary to the group. "There are many views in the church on the reality of evil, but clearly evil has a reality in itself. Personally I see Satan as a fallen angel."

    It is far from established that he thinks of himself that way. "For all the centuries of shouting down the devil has received, he has never shouted back at his detractors," says the satanic Bible of Anton LeVey, the American Black Pope of the Seventies.

    "He has remained the gentleman at all times, while those he supports rant and rave. He has shown himself to be a model of deportment, but now feels it is time to shout back. He has decided it is finally time to receive his due."

    He has no doubt received a good deal of his due since then and can surely spare the odd Rolls-Royce in East Sussex.
    —The Guardian


    Adelaide News - Wednesday 5 February 1930
    Oxford Authorities Object

    LONDON, February 4.
    A lecture which Mr. Aleister Crowley proposed to give before the Poetry Society on Gilles de Rais (fifteenth century magician and original Bluebeard) has been cancelled. as the authorities objected.

    Mr. Crowley stated that he believed the trouble was due to a report that he was responsible, directly or indirectly, for the death in Sicily of his secretary, Mr. Raoul Loveday, an Oxford undergraduate
    "Perhaps the lecture was banned," he added, "because Rais said that he ritually murdered 800 children and because of a false accusation that I not only killed but had eaten children."

    Mr. Stephenson, a director of the Mandrake Press and a Queensland Rhodes Scholar is publishing the autogiography of Crowley.
    Barrier Miner - Friday 4 March 1949
    Raised Devils Lost £29,982

    London, March 4.—Aleister Crowley, mystic and author of books on black magic, who was once expelled from Italy for practising private rituals and rites, left only £18 in his will, published this week.

    Crowley, who styled himself "The worst man in the world," died in December, 1947, aged 72.

    During his lifetime, Crowley, who inherited £30,000, travelled in the Orient, and ran a "temple" in London, in which he claimed to raise devils in its mirror-lined walls.

    He went bankrupt in 1934 after losing a libel action.

    The Courier-Mail - Friday 5 December 1947
    Claimed To Be"'Invisible Man"

    LONDON, December 4 (Special). — Doctor William Brown Thomson, 68, who used to prescribe morphia tablets for the black magician, Aleister Crowley, has died within 24 hours of his patient.

    Crowley, 72 the "most wicked man in Britain," wore on the third finger of his left hand an emerald and diamond ring to two entwined snakes which, he claimed, was a powerful magic symbol. He was accused of black magic, and of being responsible for the death of a young man he employed as secretary.

    Crowley was born of a Plymouth Brethren family, at Leamington, Warwickshire, and educated at Cambridge where he began studies in magic. He claimed he was able to make himself invisible.

    His Chancery Lane "temple" in London had the walls lined with mirrors. It was here he "raised devils" so that "people passing in the streets fell down in fits.

    Dr. Thomson was Crowley's physician for three years and until three months ago got morphia for Crowley.

    Then the supply was stopped and Crowley put a curse on the doctor— but Scotland Yard is sure that both men died from natural causes.

    Police found Dr. Thomson dead in a bath in his Mayfair flat on Tuesday evening. Crowley died in Hastings on Monday.

  11. Looks like the only comments on here are by the 'author' of this silly mixed up article! Mine certainly wasn't published. Load of rubbish!

    1. Dear Anonymous you comment obviously has been published along with the other comments. Justice Denied

  12. listen here, the enemies of the warmongering western establishment have always been peace-loving, anti establishment artists such as john lennon, jimi hendrix, janis joplin, jim morrison, the list is long.. with a clear mind people shouldn add 1 +1 and realize that the cia killed many of these anti establishment figures, could it be that they targeted the family of one of their enemies as is geldof be it the wife and now the daughter?

    here a list of suspected cia killings of famous anti establishment figures:

    Inejiro Asanuma: assassinated on October 12, 1960.

    Patrice Émery Lumumba: assassinated on January 17, 1961.

    *John Fitzgerald Kennedy: assassinated on November 22, 1963.

    *Lee Harvey Oswald: assassinated on November 24, 1963.

    *Malcom X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz): assassinated on February 21, 1965.

    *Martin Luther King Jr.: assassinated on April 4, 1968.

    *Robert Francis Kennedy: assassinated on June 6, 1968.

    Fred Hampton: assassinated on December 4, 1969.

    *Jimi Hendrix: September 18, 1970 had choked in his own vomit as they “say”

    Jim Morrison: July 3, 1971 he died in the bath of "natural causes".

    Salvador Isabelino Allende Gossens: assassinated on September 11, 1973, some investigations point out that it is unlikely that he commited suicide with a rifle.

    General Carlos Prats González: assassinated on September 30, 1974.

    Marcos Orlando Letelier del Solar: assassinated on September 21, 1976.

    Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Cardenal: assassinated on January 10, 1978.

    Aldo Moro: assassinated on May 9, 1978.

    Georgi Ivanov Markov: assassinated on September 11, 1978.

    *Pope John Paul I: presumably poisoned on September 28, 1978.

    Leo Joseph Ryan Jr.: assassinated on November 18, 1978.

    Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez: assassinated on March 24, 1980.

    *Jon Lennon: assassinated on December 8 1980

    *Nesta Robert ¨Bob¨ Marley:
    In his revealing book, Marley And Me, former Wailers manager Don Taylor notes that an unknown doctor came and gave Bob a still unknown injection in his toe right after the ball game was interrupted. Malignant cancer originating in the same toe, was diagnosed some time after.
    Died on May 11, 1981.

    Muhammad Anwar El Sadat: assassinated on October 6, 1981.

    * Actress Grace Kelly: Car “accident” & died on September 14, 1982

    Lawrence Patton McDonald: assassinated with 268 people on the Korean Air Lines Flight 007 shootdown on September 1, 1983.

    Benigno Servillano “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.: assassinated on August 21, 1983.

    Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi: assassinated on October 31, 1984.

    Olof Palme: assassinated on February 28, 1986.

    Winston Hubert McIntosh ¨Peter Tosh¨: assassinated on 11 September, 1987.

    Francisco Alves Mendes Filho Cena: assassinated on December 22, 1988.

    Patrick “Pat” Finucane: assassinated on February 12, 1989.

    Huey P. Newton: assassinated on August 22, 1989.

    Rajiv Ratna Gandhi: assassinated on 21 May, 1991.

    Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta: assassinated on March 23, 1994.

    Philip Schneider: assassinated around January 15, 1996.
    *Tupac Amaru Shakur: got shot on September 7 and died on September 13, 1996.

    Yitzhak Rabin: assassinated on November 4, 1995.

    *Christopher Wallace a.k.a Notorious B.I.G: assassinated on March 9, 1997

    *Diana Princess of Wales: died in a car ¨accident¨ on August 31, 1997.

    *John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.:
    During three exclusive interviews with, the ex-operative told us the final classified report specifically said JFK Jr.s plane broke in half just aft of the cabin. The damage was caused by a plastique (C-4) shape charge which was formed along the bottom of the fuselage and up along both sides of the walls. The charge was caused to be set off or exploded with a large spark generated by a barometric switch device triggered by the altitude of the plane. In other words, the assassins chose the altitude for the explosion of the plane–a standard procedure to make the targets murder look like an accident.
    Died on July 16, 1999.

  13. It is worth bearing in mind that "Brother Peter" was removed from his position as Bishop of Lewes for interfering with vulnerable boys.

  14. I was illegally exorcised in the Bishops Diocese. He was not informed. When I told him, he said,
    "Would you like to get naked before God with me?"
    "No thanks", I said.

  15. Fucking pervert jewish monsters! Stop lying! Illuminati and its related organizations ARE NOT SATANIC AT ALL. They are jewish. Adam Weishaupt was a jesuit JEW who founded the illuminati.
    The original freemasonic lodges were pagas in other words satanic. Pagan means satanism. Paganism, true satanism is NOT that the parasitic jews depicted in the media.
    The pagan cultures, every primordial tradition respected Satan (Enki) as the benevolent good creator God. The jews were the first ones who smeared and slandered Satan and teh Demons, our original Gods. The jes wanted to destroy the ancient spiritual knowledge so they destroyed and banned the old pagan religions and killed millions of innocent people.
    Pagan also means gentile. Every non jew is a gentile therefore pagan.

    The jews created christianity and every abrahamic filth in order to dehumanize us and enslave us. They wanted weak and obidient gentile slaves. It is in their talmud, and in their bible too. The whole biblie was written by them and it's a book of jewish witchcraft too! It is full of curses against gentiles!

    The jews knew that the original freemasons were satanists and they wanted to infiltrate these freemasonic groups to controll them. Today almost every freemasonic lodges are jewish and belongs to Illuminati.

    These blogs,groups and websites are all christian. They try to depict the jews and their groups as satanic. The truth is the jews has nothing to do with Satan. In fact they HATE Satan and afraid of him so much. They know well Satan is their enemy. That is why in the hebrew language Satan's name menas adversary and enemy. Since he is the enemy of the jews.

    Peope! Don't buy this bullshit which this blog spreading and the other relted judeo-christian filth! These contains half-truth mixed with serious lies! In fact these chrisitan groups, blogs, websites HELP and DEFEND the jews!

    Please see the truth:

    Please read every writings and sermons in the above forum and WAKE UP!

    Poor Peaches had to die by the jews because she exposed JEWISH PEDOPHILES BASTARD. Don't forget pedophilia is jewish rooted and the churches are full of them too! Peaches was also a member of OTO.
    OTO today is very mixed and possibly controlled by jews.
    In the past OTO started good. If you see you will notice almost anyone who was related to the OTO died or destroyed in other way. Just see that idiot Crowley who was misdirected by jewish bullshit and later died. Now the jews use his name to try to prove the "satanism" of illuminati. Ridiculous.
    Crowley knew well that the jews were parasitic and that they are working with enemy grey aliens. Pity that he was misdirected and mislead later.

    If you see Bob Geldof's family you will notice it is impossible for someone to have so many misfortunes in his life, repeated family tragedies. These stars are often forced on drugs and in the end they will be killed by the drugs (by jewish direction).
    She was a mother and she was clean for 2 years! First the media claimed she hadn't overdose later they said she died because of overdose. Very fishy.
    They say died of a drugs overdose ten times bigger than the one that killed her mother Paula Yates. It is obvious she was forced to die that day.

    Very interesting that why Peaches had to marry with a filthy jew, Tom Cohan who is fishy as heck by the way... Her former boyfreind was also a jew, Eli Roth. When the jews want to controll someone then they try to tie her to themselves in a way. They even made Peaches believe that her grandma or great-grandma was allegedly a jew...


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