Saturday, 18 August 2012


The international diplomatic row over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was escalating as Ecuador  increased its  support  from its  South American neighbours.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has warned UK authorities not to enter the country's embassy in London, saying that to do so would amount to a violation of international law.
Speaking during his weekly address in the Ecuadorian capital Quito, Mr Correa said if UK authorities did enter the Ecuadorian embassy, it would "destroy" all diplomatic ties between the two countries.

In the UK the  Argentina Embassy sent a  selection of cakes, including the national dish empanadas  to their counterpatrts in the Ecuador embassy. A source at the Ecuadorian embassy declined to say whether Julian Assange hadpartaken of the cakes. Argentina and Ecuador look set to lead the Americas in condeming the United Kingdom Government.

Having secured an emergency meeting of the Organisation of American States over what Ecuador says is Britain's threat to invade its embassy in London to arrest Assange, Quito is pushing for similar meetings of the Union of South American Nations, the left-leaning Alba association of Bolivarian states and the UN. On the agenda for the OAS meeting will be both Ecuador's claims that the UK has threatened the principle of "inviolable" status of its embassy in the UK and demands that the UK grant "safe passage" for Assange out of the UK.
The debacle  follows an arrogant  letter from the UK Foreign Office to Ecuadorean authorities, warning it believed it had a legal basis to arrest Assange in the embassy. Thus the UK threatened  to breech International law and diplomatic law.
The US, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago opposed the resolution, but 23 members voted in favour of the meeting. There were five abstentions and three members were absent. OAS secretary general José Miguel Insulza said the meeting would be about "the problem posed by the threat or warning made to Ecuador by the possibility of an intervention into its embassy".
He added: "What is being proposed is that the foreign ministers of our organisation address this subject and not the subject of asylum nor whether it should be granted to Mr Julian Assange. That will be discussed between Great Britain and Ecuador. The issue that concerns us is the inviolability of diplomatic missions of all members of this organisation."
The UK is currently spending around 1 million pounds a day to surround the embassy  outside and place officers inside the  shared parts of the  building. Is the arrest and persecution of one man worth that to the British Authorities and the British Tax Payer?
Is it worth having every British embassy in South  and Central America  loose their diplomatic immunity. Someone thinks it is worth it so what are they trying to hide?
The internet is buzzing with rumours. Some say that the British Government and the Police are really trying to get to  Former British Spy Andrea Davison who is believed to still be in the  Embassy,  What is clear is that no-one  will confirm or deny she is in there.

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