Monday, 20 August 2012

David Ike Calls for the UK Government to stop persecuting Andrea Davison

 Headlines today on David Ikes website  are  The Silencing and Persecuton of Andrea Davison in Fascist Britain.

Andrea is belived to be  seeking Political asylum in Ecuadore  along with Julain Assange.

The Goverment have been persecuting her now for nearly  three years  after  stealing everything she ownes in a swoop in January 2010.   The orchestrated the raid to steal thousands of doucments on arms to Iraq and documents about pedophiles in the Police force and the former Conservative Government.

She was also deprived of the right to pay for legal advise or assistance by a restraint order and struggled without any help.   Three months before her trial she was granted  legal aid and the Court, against her will,  appointed the form of solictors  Garstangs of Strand London.   If she did not accept Garstangs then the Court would not allow her any legal advise and she would have to fund  collecting evidence and witnessess statements herself.

 Court appointed Garstangs worked  well for the corrupt prosecution and helped  to set-up the  client who did not want them but could not refuse them.

Everyone is trying to piece together exactly  what happend to this brave  woman who risked her life to expose  that the Conservative Government were selling arms to Iraq  As I find out more I will blog it.

Fascist Britian indeed where a brave womans human rights can be ignored and she can be persecuted relentllessly by a state with endless resources whilst she is deprived even of legal advise from solictors of her choice.

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