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Police corruption widespread in the UK

by Simon Tomlin who wrote the Biggest Gang in Britain

Owen Jones and The Guardian want the Metropolitan Police abolished
Owen Jones and The Guardian want the Metropolitan Police abolished
It is not just the Metropolitan Police that is “institutionally corrupt” and my own experience with Derbyshire Police over the last 24 years is proof-positive of an organised criminal gang at work masquerading as a police ‘service’.
Of course it comes as no surprise that in the first instance the Metropolitan Police Special Branch and Derbyshire Police Special Branch were involved in the cover-up of my attempted murder to protect their covert sources inside the British Movement.
Those two criminal gangs, and there is no other way to describe them because they are NOT police ‘services’, are now working together again to cover-up their original cover-up. They are the very ugly public face of police corruption and they have no intention of carrying out ‘reform’.
Both DCI Jim Allen and PC Reynolds are now being ‘investigated’ by the IPCC but that organisation’s history of dealing with police corruption is appalling at best and downright corrupt at worst.
Derbyshire Police saw it as a golden opportunity to silence me permanently and no doubt I would have been framed again in their institutionally corrupt legal system and my anti-corruption campaign buried forever. They failed because I am far too smart for dimwitted police officers and their infantile tricks.
Derbyshire Police acting in league with the Metropolitan Police allowed the man who ordered my murder to escape prosecution and to this day British Movement leader Danny Tolan has never had to worry about being arrested. Nothing has changed for the better and in fact the police are now more corrupt than at any time before.
The response of Derbyshire Police ‘Professional’ Standards Department best demonstrates the fact that nothing has changed. My complaint to the IPCC on 2 December 2013 was dismissed immediately by Detective Superintendent Rachel Walker on the grounds I was a ‘vexatious complainant’. This was a stunning response given the fact I had not made a complaint against a Derbyshire Police officer before because I did not know until July 2013 exactly who was responsible for the cover-up. But salient facts of this nature are of no concern to the organised criminal gang and I appealed to the IPCC immediately.
Derbyshire Police lied about the existence of DC 1111 Frank Bailey of Special Branch for 23 years, then did a spectacular u-turn once I released his artist’s impression drawn by Major Maryann Martinek. But I was offered no apology of any description by the contemptuous organised criminal gang and I got the clear impression they wished I had died on that dreadful night in hell in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.
The police are not just corrupt, the problem is far more severe than that, they are riddled with hate, vengefulness and pure evil and the fact they have protected dozens of neo-Nazis proves they are pure evil.
Detective Constable 1111 Frank Bailey - Artist's Impression - Special Branch
Detective Constable 1111 Frank Bailey – Artist’s Impression – Special Branch
The family of Stephen Lawrence had no chance of securing any form of ‘justice’ from the corrupt Metropolitan Police that was protecting evil Danny Tolan and his British Movement gangsters from arrest. Tolan was a hardcore neo-Nazi with a penchant for extreme violence, younger women, Harley Davidson motorbikes and of course illegal firearms. He lived a charmed life in south London, just miles from where Stephen Lawrence was murdered, in the knowledge he would never be arrested for my attempted murder.
Just last week news broke that institutionally corrupt HM Government had handed immunity from prosecution letters to dozens of IRA killers and they will never be brought to any form of justice. This evil regime is now on a collision course with massive civil disturbances if sweeping reform is not carried out rapidly.
I would pose the question, who do they think they are kidding with this protecting the public nonsense? IRA killers and twisted neo-Nazis given immunity from prosecution and hundreds of lives wrecked in the process and it is condoned by the organisation supposed to protect the public from these monsters. But instead the corrupt State is in league with these murdering animals but we have now reached the point of no return!

Neil Jackson: "It cuts to the heart when you criticise my mates in Derbyshire Police."
FAKE left-wing political activist Neil Jackson: “It cuts to the heart when you criticise my mates in Derbyshire Police.”
If the system will not reform or cannot be reformed and threatens anti-corruption campaigners with the use of force, then force must be met with force, not just for reform but for personal survival.
In common with their IRA, neo-Nazi and criminal proxies, the police have developed an untouchable mentality in which the belief they can get away with anything flourishes, of course until it is stopped either by sweeping reform or direct confrontation on the streets. 
The police should play no role whatsoever in the investigation of their own corruption and the police complaints authority should investigate the complaints in their entirety from start to finish. If the police refuse to cooperate, then other police units, a dedicated anti-corruption unit, should arrest the offending officers on the grounds of conspiring to pervert the course of justice. Naturally, the current organised criminal gang is terrified of a system of this nature because the cancer of corruption would be wiped-out in short order and prevented from being allowed to flourish again.
Likewise, membership of the Freemasons should be proscribed and the same is true of any secret organisation. Common Purpose must be stopped from training or brainwashing senior police officers and the entire police service should be depoliticised and play no part whatsoever in the political process. Reform will come with the abolition of  ACPO and the creation of a truly independent police service with only one objective, to uphold the law in the public interest.
A sweeping reform programme could be carried out in the space of five years and within this time our police service could become truly professional and trusted again by the public.
I don’t want to destroy the police or abolish them, I want them reformed in the public interest by peaceful means.


  1. Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) should put forward an initial inquiry, and have it recommended in Parliament.

  2. Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) should put forward an initial inquiry, and have it recommended in Parliament.

  3. Check out the breaking scandal of why the Sussex cheif constable Martin Richards really retired early.

  4. Think it's a sad day when you have to go to soca. The police get paid to serve the public but break the law and cover up all wrong doings it's not right it's a crime

  5. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the police in Britain are fundamentally corrupt, not to mention racist. The evidence is plain for anyone to see.

  6. As 'Brighton Scandal' shows it is not police corruption alone as this is often covered up by the various police complaints authority's.

  7. I possess records which show why the Police are prevented from upholding the written law which protects the Public. I am not saying that all officers are exempt from blame. The main cause is something else which offers the Police a easy way out of complicated work which they ought to be doing. How can you be in touch to see what I have got? You would have to say where and when because my name is known and my material intercepted constantly. I never see anyone alone.

  8. I recently wrote to Chesterfield leader 'John Burrows' enquiring about rumors that Chesterfield councilors have accepted bribes from certain South Yorkshire businessmen for Chesterfield to become a part of Sheffield in the recent devolution plan. I reminded him that 94% of Chesterfield wanted to remain a part of Derbyshire. At this point Councillor John Burrows became very abusive and aggressive by e-mail and was racially, personally abusive. I wrote back telling him that I don't want another conversation. He responded saying "my police friends will use you e-mail in a GPS tracking and will hurt me"... this is the leader of the Chesterfield council, possibly threatening me by using his police friends... now terrified, I have blocked him (civilian has blocked councilor out of fear) and am worried that rogue police officers will actually kidnap me or kill me... should I be worried and how can I bring John Burrows to justice

    1. We have taken some advice on this. Our view is you should document everything and keep copies in several different places. Once these people target you it is best to move if you can. Let us know if we can help because we will if possible


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