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A Customs Officer, Cabinet Minister, Elm Guest House, child trafficking, child porn trade and the Official Secrets Act

The Government is  abusing the Official Secrets Act to silence a Customs Officer preventing him naming publicly a former cabinet Minister involved in child sex abuse.  They  are also using the same lame excuse to stop the Officer giving further details of the  politicians involvement.   The officer seized child sex video's and child porn  on the 6th of August 1982  from notorious paedophile Russel Howard Tricker.  The Government then buried this evidence and  seem to have  classified the child pornography as secret.  In any event the  cover-up continues and the Official Secrets Act is being used to protect elite paedophiles and criminals involved in child sex trafficking and the child porn trade.

Thatchers cabinet 1983 Morrison, Brittan, Whitelaw  all known paedophiles 

Exaronews revealed  today they had received information from a customs officer named as Maganlal Solanki.  The Officer had seized a  child sex video at Dover back in 1982 involving a cabinet minister. Leon Brittan  was at that time Chief Secretary of the treasury. He became Home Secretary in June 1983. In November 1983 Geoffrey Dickens MP presented the first Dossier on the child sex trade to Home Secretary Leon Brittan. It has since  allegedly 'dissapeared', The last known copies were stolen by Mathew Pike of  Holyhead and Robert Ostler of St Albans in 2012 from Andrea Davison who formerly worked  with Customs.  The thieves stole the documents  on behalf of corrupt Yorkshire Police Officer  and CPS Prosecutors who now hold them.

The seized  child sex video along with other child sex abuse material was in the possession of notorious paedophile Russel  Howard Tricker.  All this  child sex evidence was handed by customs to M15 who immediately buried it.  Tricker was not prosecuted and no further action was taken.   A victim of child sex in Amsterdam is familar with the tapes and says one  showed british children who could ordered by clients for sex abuse.  The video  showcased 34 boys who had been smuggled from Care Homes in the UK to Amsterdam and were for sale to rich paedophiles.  No doubt  like the Dickens Dossiers these videos  will have been lost!!

Tricker admits he was a friend of Peter Glencross the manager of Spartacus International. Spartacus was a pedophile publishing organisation linked to Elm Guest House and snuff videos.  Tricker also admitted being a long time associate of Warwick Spinks another notorious paedophile. Police in Amsterdam  secretly taped Spinks offering to supply a snuff video where a 10 year old boy was murdered. Nothing was done. Spinks had been running a successful mail order child porn illegal business in Brighton before he moved to Amsterdam  where  he extended his business to trafficing in boys  as young as 10 at first from London.  With friends John Gay and Lee Tucker they sold Welsh boys into clubs on Spuistraat and then used the profits to invest in making child porn and snuff videos.  Alan Williams was also an integral member of the group. Spinks was released early from prison in the UK last May  and returned to his lucrative business. No proceeds of crime order for these criminals who make fortunes from the sexual abuse of innocent children.  All these men are involved with Russell Howard Tricker who in turn is also associated with Glencross and John Rowe  Known by elements within the Met to have been prime movers in the change of usage of Elm Guest House from a gay to a paedophile brothel.  All five men were members of PIE – the Paedophile Information Exchange .

Tricker's role was to traffic  children for the child sex trade for English paedophiles going to the Netherlands.  British children  sometimes runaways from  abusive children's homes were trafficked   by coach to Holland  where the laws were liberal.  Holland also became the home of the Paedophile Information Exchange when it became more difficult  to run PIE in the UK after questions  were raised by Geoffrey Dickens MP.



Tricker has been protected ever since and regularly returned to the UK where he entertained  families by playing a German Spy  in "War Weekends"  held at the Bluebell Tailway Borehamwood

Russell Tricker, a former private school teacher who was
convicted of child sex offences in the UK, used his job as a
coach driver to ferry suitable boys from London”.

Nick Davies of the Guardian wrote that:- 
After speaking to paedophiles and their victims and to police
and social workers in Britain, Holland and Germany, we have
uncovered the inner workings of an international paedophile
ring. Its roots spring from Amsterdam, where, in the late
1980s, a group of exiled British paedophiles set up a colony.
Taking advantage of Dutch tolerance towards sexual behaviour,
they exploited the freedom of the gay community in the city as
cover to enact their fantasies and to make money from them.
One of the first to do so was Alan Williams, the ‘Welsh Witch’,
who already had a vicious history of abusing boys in south Wales.

“It was the British who formed the hard core of the new
industry: Stephen Smith, who had helped to found the
Paedophile Information Exchange, fled there to avoid
imprisonment in England; Russell Tricker, now aged 58,
a former private school teacher who was convicted of
child-sex offences in the UK, moved to Amsterdam, where
he used his job as a coach-driver to ferry suitable boys
from London; Tricker’s friend, John Broomhall, opened a porn
shop on Spuistraat and was caught with more than a thousand
copies of videos of under-aged boys; Mark Enfield, now aged 41,
sold a video of himself abusing a drugged boy; Andrew Prichodsky,
now aged 50, jumped bail in England on the eve of his third trial for
child sex offences”.

“Dutch police estimated there were 250 paedophiles involved
in the production of child pornography in Amsterdam with an
unknown floating population of child sex tourists from all over
the world - and it was the British who formed the hard core

“ (In) Amsterdam Tricker was part of the English group
of organised paedophiles which included Warwick Spinks.
In this group was Derek Brown, who had spoken about a
snuff movie made about the sexual abuse and murder of
14 year old Jason Swift in 1985, for which a Small number
of the group was convicted. Brown was convicted in the
Netherlands in 1989 for making child porn videos using Dutch
and Moroccan children, and his friends Mark Enfield, who
was also an accomplice in the murder of Jason Swift, but
has never been questioned”.

It was a friend of Trickers  John Rowe  who suggested the use of Spartacus Magazine  to advertise Elm Guest House.  Rowe also organised trips to Holland for the Monday Club, Rowe  and Tricker trafficked boys to Holland for the sex trade. 


The same sick  story emerges at every turn. The evidence against politicians , police officers, judges, senior civil servants is always seized by MI5. the Police or Special Branch and buried.  Then anyone who knows about it has to wait at least 30 years to talk about it or risk prosecution under the Official Secrets Act.   Now Camerons government, with all their 'Camouflage Inquiries' into child sex exploitation. have gone that step further and are using the Official Secrets Act to prevent  embarrassing disclosures about the child sex trade from officials.

This on-going cover-up is wearing a bit thin. We all know what your doing, we all know your involved. We no-longer trust  the stooges you put at the head of your inquires like Macur  and Francis Oldham and Waterhouse.   We no-longer trust discredited Police forces to investigate  the abuse of children  in children's homes and their  use for the child sex and porn trade.  We no-longer trust politicians of any party to care about vulnerable British children,  they only care for their own vain glory and fraudulent expenses claims

What we need is Customs Officers like  Maganlal Solanki and Police officers like Lenny Harper and Politicians  like Tom Watson and Stuart Syvret to take charge of all these inquiries and investigations.  We need the whistle-blowers to  head investigations into the child sex trade  only then will we get to the truth.


    Glasgow Herald – 20 March 1981
    Dickens MP reveals the skeleton in his cupboard

    Subsequent police investigation revealed a correspondence of an obscene nature between Sir Peter and a number of other persons.

    Altogether seven men and two women were named by the police as possible defendants in their report to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

    This correspondence showed that the two involved shared an obsession about the systematic killing by sexual torture of young people and children and, in view of the extreme nature of the material they had sent each other, the DPP decided to prosecute them for sending obscene material through the post under the 1953 act.
    Glasgow Herald – 19 March 1981
    A pillar of the establishment falls in shame
    By James McKillop

    Sir Peter’s overseas connections also led to him being appointed as a member of the overseas committee of the Save the Children fund from 1970 to 1974. He is also a member of the Traveller’s Club in London.

    An official at the club in Pall Mall said yesterday: “Unfortunately, I have to tell you he is still a member. We went through all this with the Anthony Blunt case, you know.”
    Glasgow Herald – 18 March 1981
    MP tells why he must name ex-diplomat
    By James McKillop

    An official at the Department of Public Prosecutions confirmed that they received papers from the police concerning a senior diplomat and another person in 1978.

    Were the papers, concerning “another person,” the DPP received from the police in 1978, from Anthony Blunt, who was a member with Hayman at the Traveller's Club in Pall Mall as mentioned in previous McKillop article, and who was exposed 14 November 1979 as a spy for the Russians caught in 1964? Is that the reason the Establishment was forced to publicly out Blunt’s spying activities?

    Sydney Morning Herald – 24 June 1984
    Minister accused

    LONDON: A Thatcher Government Cabinet minister may have committed sex acts with boys at least twice, Britain’s Morning Star newspaper claims. The Communist daily kept the sex scandal rumours alive by claiming reports indicated the first offence by an unnamed minister occurred before he was a minister. But the second was said to have been more recent and involved a boy at school. Downing Street is continuing to dismiss the rumours as “ridiculous.”

    The Morning Star said Whitehall had made urgent approaches to officials asking them not to mention the name of the minister.


    E-Gold Claims Process

    Case 1:11-cv-01530-ELH Filed 06/22/12 07/05/12

    Supplemental Declaration of Roy Dotson

    1. I am a Special Agent ("SA") assigned to the Asset Forfeiture Division of the United States Secret Service ("USSS"). In particular, I have been assigned to the investigation of two companies - e-gold, Ltd. ("EGL") and Gold & Silver Reserve ("GSR") - that were engaged in the business of exchanging traditional forms of currency for precious metals held in electronic form... filed on June 3, 2011
    The E-Gold Investigation
    18. In or around May 2005, your Affiant initiated a criminal investigation of EGL as a result of information obtained from the Secret Service's investigation of Shadowcrew, an international criminal organization, whose members utilized e-gold accounts to conduct and conceal the movement of their criminal proceedings.
    21. On April 24, 2007, EGL, GSR, Dr. Douglas Jackson, Barry Downey and Reid Jackson were indicted in the District of Columbia on a four-count indictment ...
    E-Gold's Evidence of Criminal Activity
    32. ... For an example, Mr. Trotter said EGL utilized external sources of information, such as subpoenas from law enforcement agencies or alerts from organizations like the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to identify e-gold accounts used by child pornography buyers and sellers... EGL identified patterns of payment, such as set sale prices of $39.99 per month for an online subscription to a child pornography site of forum, or common "memo" lines such as "Lolita."
    40. EGL identified an additional 6,344 accounts as being linked to sellers and buyers of child pornography...
    1252551 e-gold Russell Howard-Tricker

  4. "GB10" may be Golden Boys #10 from a company called Gero Gay Video
    At a local film and art festival, Bleisch was asked by the Minister of Culture if he would like to be in charge of a video club at the Frieden School in Schwerin. Bleisch accepted the offer. Since the media video was something new and exciting during the early '90's in the poor, eastern part of the recently reunificated Germany, his video club became hugely popular among the students. In the beginning, they made arty films and documentaries. Some students also brought porn flicks from home. Their parents had pornos, but no VCR, so they went to Bleisch to watch the tapes. This inspired three of the club members, who asked three of their mates to join them, to start making spontaneous videos, without any plot, about eroticism and naked bodies. They filmed themselves or were filmed by Bleisch,...

    Bleisch compiled a tape containing the erotic home video material he had made with the students and sent it to GERO in Düsseldorf (the largest gay video distributor in Europe). They were very enthusiastic and really liked what they saw, and the head of the company himself, Georg G., flew in his private plane to meet Bleisch. GERO offered Bleisch 7000 DM per 60 min. video and 12,000 DM per 120 min. one (plus 1000 DM extra for box cover photos). Each film had to feature five new performers aged 16 or above... He agreed to produce a new video for GERO once a month from now on.

    In 1991, Bleisch's first commercial porn video, Die Knabenburg (The Boy Castle), was released. From the early '90's until 1996, he made about 60 videos featuring approx. 160 models (about 18 of them were females). Bleisch paid his performers 100 DM for wanking, 150 for blowing and 200 DM for shagging in front of the camera. Most of the films were shot in Schwerin and in its surroundings - like for example in Bleisch's house in Wasserstraße 3 in Görries, in old Russian barracks in Ludwigslust, in the Wiligrad Chateau in Lübsdorf, in the harbour in Wismar, in the Lankow Mountains, at an abandoned airport in Techentin and on the Schwerin Lake. A few videos were also filmed in Berlin and Hamburg...

    In 1996, Bleisch's film making career came to an abrupt end. Parents in Schwerin had become suspicious about their sons' activities with the director and the police started an investigation. In September 16, Bleisch was arrested when filming five boys being intimate in a hangar in Ludwigslust. ... In May 20, 1997, Bleisch was eventually sentenced to 2 and half years in prison for sexual solicitation of minors. He evaded conviction on more serious charges, however,...

    While in jail, Bleisch wrote a novel titled Porno, about a kinky millionaire who enjoys risking the lives of young rent boys while sleeping with them. For example, he has to almost strangle them in order to cum. The inspiration for this character is, according to press reports, former GERO boss George G. It's doubtful whether the book ever will be released since no publisher has shown any interest in printing it.

    Bleisch has also directed 9 volumes in the series New Golden Boys.

  5. Ignore the post about Sebastian Speich and Gero Gay Video. I got the dates ALL wrong.

    I still believe GB means Golden Boys. Most likely it refers to this
    IPT Journal No. 4 - 1992
    The Trade in Child Pornography
    Jan Schuijer and Benjamin Rossen

    According to the United Nations report, the value of trade in child pornography in 1977 was estimated at $500 million. Such estimates are not based on any kind of empirical evidence, and are easy to refute. If these claims were true then the allegedly intercepted slides and films would have had a value of thousands of dollars each.39 In reality, these films were sold for much less, which can be checked with reference to the advertisement brochures of Deltaboek, publisher of homosexual pornography and literature. From here it is apparent that the Golden Boys film series, produced by COQ in Denmark, cost 85 guilders each, which is about $35.

    An example of commercial production is reported in the final report of the Roth Commission.156 The British citizen, Eric Cross, invited two Florida girls of 10 and 11 for a holiday excursion with the knowledge of the parents. In a hotel he made hundreds of naked photographs of them, returned them to their parents, and left for Amsterdam with the exposed films. Some of the photographs were intercepted in a photolab in Amsterdam and handed over to the police. Cross was arrested, found to be wanted in England, and was handed over to the British authorities. He was eventually brought to Florida where he was sentenced to 28 years and after an escape and rearrest, to another 95 years. Apparently not all the photographs were seized, and a number of them were published in three booklets titled Linda and Patty, which according to the title page was produced by Delphi Press in Copenhagen.

    In the case of Cross, the commercial aim was clearly premeditated. This is not so with the majority of the material found in commercial publications. Examples of leakage of private photographs into the commercial trade are easy to find. In the Netherlands between 1983 and 1987, the series which appeared under the title David, contained photographs which came from the collection of a private individual who, apparently, never intended them for publication.157 After his death the photographs fell into the hands of a relative who turned them to profit.

    Almost all other magazines consisted of photographs sent in by individuals. In order to avoid criminal proceedings for indecent assault or sexual abuse of children, some publishers used only photographs made in other countries. The same applies to films. Many films were produced by the firm COQ in Holbaek in Denmark, under the title Golden Boys. The ambiance (clothing, landscape, housing style) of various films we saw suggests that these were made in the United States, possibly in the West.


    COQ International: Gay Erotic Video Index‎
    rc1981, Boy Parties, Golden Boys 9, Collection, General Hardcore. Boy Rituals, Film Short. Boy Scout, Film Short ... Golden Boys film loops, General Hardcore. rc1981, Golden Boys .... the Stripper, Film Short. Sunny Boys (COQ), Film Short.

  7. A day after the notice of seizure about Russell Howard-Tricker was printed in the London Gazette

    Daily Express - 7th August 1982

    The Elm Guest House story broke on 7th August 1982, when the Daily Express reported that “at least three MPs, a member of staff at Buckingham Palace, and leading lawyers, doctors and City businessmen” were questioned as part of inquires relating to “a vice ring” in “a brothel in a smart London suburb”.

    Also on the same day this story broke in the Glasgow Herald,1028972
    The Glasgow Herald - Aug 7, 1982
    Hunt for man who wounded constable

    DETECTIVES hunting the gunman who wounded a policeman in London's West End yesterday believe he may be a video pirate.

    Constable Nicholas Carr was wounded in the groin as he tried to arrest a man who claimed to be a security guard at a video firm's offices in Portman Close.

    Last night, PC Carr was in a "stable" condition after an hour-long operation at the Middlesex Hospital.

    It is thought the gun may have been loaded with blanks.

    However, police emphasised they believe the man to be extremely dangerous. "A man who carries a gun and is prepared to use it can only be called a potential killer," said Detective Superintendent George Ness, who is leading the hunt.

    He added: "He may have been a video pirate as the firm is concerned with video and is in the process of setting up a new venture which is to copy video tapes on a large scale."

    The man was first discovered by a delivery man on a routine call to the offices of Colour Film Services.

    He did not believe the man's story that he was a security guard and when he left the building, told three police officers in a nearby car.

    He tried to run away and as the police struggled with him, Constable Carr collapsed.

    6 August 1982
    Elm Guest House Raided
    Russell Howard-Tricker has child sex pornography seized at Customs
    Detective wounded by man breaking into video-processing company in London

    More info on the company Colour Film Services collected here...

  8. Whether or not GB10 refers to either version of Golden Boys, does LB refer to the contents or the addressee?

    1. LB refers to Sir Leon Brittan QC former Home Secretary and executive of UBS Switzerland, child murderer and child rapist

  9. I understand that the "missing" "Dickens dossiers" have now turned up. These, I believe, have been passed, in the 1st instance, to John Mann, M. P. There are 2, or possibly 3 dossiers; these were provided, I think directly, by Geoffrey Dickens' source. Looking back, it would have been extremely unlike Mr. Dickens to have only had 2 copies, 1 of which he gave to Leon Brittan, and the other he kept for himself. I am not sure, but there may have been at least a further 2 copies, which have, thankfully, surfaced after all this time.

    The 1st dossier is believed to contain 16 names, Leon Brittan's not being among them! It would have been extremely foolish for Mr. Dickens to have given a dossier containing a certain person's name, to the very person named!! Let alone expect it to go somewhere, other than the bin! It is understood that these 16 names were/are the "big, big" names that Mr. Dickens spoke about, when he threatened to reveal them under parliamentary privilege. However, over the course of time, it would appear that they would not now be considered household names, but 1 was of somebody high up in the intelligence services.

    I understand that both/all dossiers have now been passed to the police, and that copies have been provided to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.


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