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Simon Tomlin author of 'Terror Gang'  has waged a war for 24 years for justice against police corruption in Derby, and Nottingham.  Last week he was arrested by the Nottingham police for harassment of Police Officers.

The inherently corrupt Derby and Nottingham Police seems to have a special relationship with Special Branch and M15 for whom they carry out raids on 'dissidents'  and seize evidence of corruption against Police and Politicians. 

Good people are targeted whilst criminals involved in organized crime are protected by Derby Police chief Mick Creedon on orders 'from above' .
Public Enemies: DCC Alan Goodwin and CC Mick Creedon
By Simon Tomlin  website
The ‘reputation’ of Derbyshire Police will never recover whilst haunted by the ghost of collusion with British Movement leader Danny Tolan and his evil neo-Nazi footsoldiers.
Their collusion continues to this day as Chief Constable Mick Creedon plays the game of burying his head in the sand but the truth is out and the police cover-up has FAILED. They raided me 10 days after I had dropped the final payload in the public domain.
24 years of lies, smears and threats has amounted only to crushing defeat for Derbyshire Police. The current calamity could have been avoided if CC Creedon had ordered the truth revealed, issued a public apology and paid me compensation but instead he elected to cause yet another war.
Of course it was not CC Creedon’s decision alone to provoke a war, he was aided and abetted by the Home Office, his ACPO accomplices, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and of course the incurably corrupt Special Branch.
E-FIT of Danny Tolan between 1990-1994
It takes a particularly sick person to protect an evil gangster like Danny Tolan but that is precisely what the Metropolitan Police and Derbyshire Police have done since before my attempted murder in January 1990.
To this day Calamity Creedon protects the British Movement gangsters who left me for dead with serious head and facial injuries. Their attitude is that I should have died that night and the corrupt police and neo-Nazis still want me dead but they’d need a professional for that job, cowardly amateurs will fail.
I must remind readers at this point that I am the victim, not one of the aggressors but the malefactors are treated like saints. Whereas the treatment handed out to me by the police since 1990 is tantamount to that of an abused stray dog. Do any of these evil bastards think that I will ever forgive them?
There will be no peace treaty with the forces of corruption and pure evil. The malefactors have all escaped justice because the legal system is run by gangsters who wouldn’t know the truth if they tripped over it.
So I want to assure the enemy that this war never ends until justice is done and there will be no walking away from the battle under duress of threats and fabricated allegations of ‘harassment’, which is their latest malicious fantasy.
I told Officer 0625965 – known only by a code number, with a West Yorkshire accent – on 13 March at a police station in Nottingham that I would not allow the malefactors to escape justice. I do NOT care about their lives, I care about as much for their feelings as they care about mine, nothing.
In 24 years I have not had a credible explanation from the police, not a word of sympathy, no apology, just threats, smears, abuse and more threats. I am NOT backing down to this organised criminal gang, they will have to kill me to stop this anti-corruption campaign.
But one vitally important aspect of my arrest came when I was being released on police bail. Officer 0625965 said I had a “photographic memory” and with this admission is the fact he agrees that what I told him in interview is true.
The two-hour interview was conducted in the presence of my solicitor Reema Alan and I was completely honest on a wide range of relevant issues, particularly the IP’s string of relationships with senior neo-Nazis but exposing this fact constitutes ‘harassment’ in her warped, politicised imagination.
Officer 0625965 admitted I have a “photographic memory” and that means he cannot turn around now and say I was lying. Total recall means just that and the “Nazi ground sheet” has no credibility whatsoever as a witness.
Happily, before the interview commenced, Officer 0625965 admitted my arrest was ordered “from the top” and that the investigating officers would be known by code numbers only to prevent their names becoming public property. All very Stalinist or entirely in keeping with similar practices in Nazi Germany.
There is no doubt CC Creedon played an instrumental role in my arrest and his subordinate DCI Jim Allen had already tried and failed to lure me into an ambush in August 2013. But obviously I’m not as dim as the police.
There is no doubt also that the IPCC will conduct another whitewash into the two complaints because this cover-up now has official backing from the Home Office.
Theresa May of course hates the fact that I exposed Tories funding the British National Party and Alan Clark’s monthly dinners with former BNP leader John Tyndall. My enemies are terrified of the truth, they are the original hate gang and I will NEVER back down to them.
Quite apart from which fact, HM Government is now funding and supporting neo-Nazi proxies in Ukraine. Collusion with pure evil is now official Government policy.
Backing the Russian position against the corrupt, degenerate, bankrupt West is the best decision I have ever made because only President Putin is leading the fight against neo-Nazism and their sinister puppet masters.
I feel privileged to be part of this battle, now assuming historic proportions.
Former Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark had monthly dinners with former BNP leader John Tyndall in London. This fact was covered repeatedly in Spearhead Magazine in the early 1990s.
Former Tory Defence Minister Alan Clark had monthly dinners with former BNP leader John Tyndall in London. This fact was covered repeatedly in Spearhead Magazine in the early 1990

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