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Neo Nazi groups and far right and far left run by MI5

Interesting incite into neo nazi groups by SImon Tomlin
SImon was part of the far right movement before uncovering the real agenda  so has first hand experience.
The question is not if MI5 officers have been involved with running neo-Nazi agents but rather how long they’ve been doing it for?
The evidence is clear, British spies have handled Nazis and Fascists since before WWII and this unholy alliance continued through the years of the British Movement and until 1997 with the use of Combat 18 leader Charlie Sargent.
For at least three years, MI5 had control of C18 and its leader Sargent, who gave the spooks tips on planned bombing campaigns designed to provoke a race war.
MI5 agent Charlie Sargent
Sargent and his State pseudo-gang immediately turned their murderous violence on the British National Party. This was the fundamental reason why I quit the BNP in January 1995.
It was impossible to fight a war against the State and run successful counter-infiltration operations with people who wouldn’t have known how to spot a plant if they fell over one. John Tyndall was no exception to this rule and in November 1993, he refused to deal with the undercover SDS officer and Searchlight Agent in situ at the BNP HQ.
It was no surprise that C18 started to behave in exactly the same manner as the British Movement. Gordon Jackson and Danny Tolan waged the same internecine conflict with the British Movement against Blood & Honour until Ian Stuart was killed in September 1993.
Within weeks of Ian Stuart’s shady death on the A52 in Derbyshire, Alistair Bulman emerged as the frontrunner to take over Blood & Honour and almost immediately the internal conflict came to an end, only to be replaced with another threat from Sargent and C18.
Bulman entered the far Right of course through the British Movement tunnel, heavily infiltrated by Special Branch and Searchlight Magazine. It is also unsurprising that Sargent also entered the far Right through the British Movement and served under Tolan in south London.
All of these leading figures entered other far Right groups through the sinister State-run British Movement and the most notorious infiltrator of the lot Ray Hill followed exactly the same route.
The British Movement was not so much a breeding ground for neo-Nazism but rather a fertile swamp for the State to infect other nationalist groups with infiltrators. The ultimate goal of which was to smash all forms of disestablishment political activism.
Sick animal Micky Lane, who led the British Movement after Danny Tolan
Sargent may well have saved countless lives by foiling a C18 bombing campaign but his career before 1994 was largely criminal and when he became an agent for MI5, his career was entirely criminal, resulting in the murder of Chris Castle.
MI5 recruited a criminal and merely helped to criminalise him even further. Sargent’s crime wave was sponsored and tolerated by shadow government and this allowed Sargent to think he was untouchable. He was genuinely stunned when arrested for the murder of Castle.
But Sargent avoided premature death by keeping his mouth shut about MI5. Whereas Jackson bragged about his Special Branch sponsors and died of a drugs overdose on 17 October 1995 at HMP Featherstone.
Hollywood 'Nazi' Alastair John Bulman
Searchlight agent Tim Hepple also entered the BNP and C18 through the British Movement and it has to be argued if that organisation has ever produced a genuine political activist?
The British Movement or BNSM has never achieved anything and its members have spent most of their time fighting other far Right groups – classic disruptive action tactics of the State. The objective is to destroy movements from within by fostering tribal warfare, which weakens anti-establishment organisations.
My own direct experience of the British Movement is one born in a bloodbath on 20 January 1990 when several of its boneheads kicked me to within an inch of my life. Of course none of those ‘heroes’ would fight me then or now in single combat but in a gang they become superheroes.
British Movement activists are among the lowest form of trash in society and therefore no surprise they should be the perfect proxies for MI5 and Special Branch. Evil thrives in its own company.
The crimes committed under the umbrella of State protection are entirely the responsibility of HM Government. If agents working for the State carry out crimes, then the Government is responsible for the crime wave.
It is impossible to give an exact number for crimes committed by neo-Nazi proxies working for the State but thousands of crimes have been carried out, particularly of a violent nature. Sargent went too far with cold-blooded murder but many others have escaped prosecution for GBH and attempted murder.
The State is not protecting anyone with this criminal rampage but the ultimate objective is to keep far Right and far Left groups divided, weakened and ultimately under control and as such no real threat to the status quo.
Criminal trash like Benny Bulman and Micky Lane are perfect examples of State proxies and they don’t seem too bothered about sharing female lovers either – all will be revealed in due course.
My advice to anyone considering joining these groups is don’t do it because they are riddled with State informants and agents, they have never achieved anything, will never succeed and are being used only as useful proxies or idiots.
Events over the last few weeks in Ukraine have shown the amoral depths to which the West is prepared to sink by funding and supporting Right Sector neo-Nazis.

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  1. Spooks run all the terrorists and all the psychopath political movements. It goes a lot deeper than just this. Not many people know that spooks fund Satanist groups (and other cults) so they can harvest the sexually abused and thus traumatized children for roles requiring multiples.


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