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Dr David Kelly another target for the cover-up squad

Dr David Kelly by Robert Lewis - Dark Actors: The Life and Death of Dr David Kelly is fantasy fiction in an effort to cover-up the truth. It concludes that Dr Kelly did commit suicide  because  of the circumstances  of his life "This could well have put Kelly in a position where he would have been facing the loss of his job, his reputation and even jail time – something he may have decided was too much to put his family through."
This is the hypothetical reason Lewis claims is behind Dr Kelly's suicide.

This could well have put Kelly in a position where he would have been facing the loss of his job, his reputation and even jail time – something he may have decided was too much to put his family through.”  politrixgames  comments:- 
So Dr Kelly thought “suiciding” himself, without a note of explanation, (yet dies of “heart failure”) would be less traumatic for his family…than losing his Job and having the respect of the nation for standing against Govt. warmongering spin …really? A lame and disingenuous conclusion that would only appease Govt./MI6 and Guardian apologists, me thinks.
Someone who’s a world renowned expert on, and has access to, lethal biochem materials, decides he’ll make use of “26″ painkillers which would have resulted in a slow and incredibly painful death, possibly, by kidney failure, if the strength was sufficient, not heart failure. The autopsy, if carried out professionally, would have evidenced kidney failure, which it didn’t, as he died before this process had sufficient time to run it’s course (up to days for many suicide cases)… and so he cuts a minor artery crossways, as opposed to along the length, that no one has ever died from and left a paltry amount of blood spilled before it coagulated, a spill later reported by paramedics to be added to, post mortem, at the scene of death.
This official story describes a man who knows exactly what can kill a person, instantly, has full access to the labs in which such lethal compounds are created and stored, leaves the family home “To go for a walk” to a known masonic ritual meeting place, apparently is planning to kill himself by the “evidence” of taking along a pack of painkillers and a tiny pocket fruit knife, is fully aware that a suicide without explanatory note will leave the world asking questions, and stymying closure for his family, has recently stated to a friend his sense that there are “Dark Actors” out there …..and so saves his family from distress (from the outside chance of temporary incarceration) by topping himself?.
This book is Satire, an insult to inquisitive intelligence, and for every reason on earth, grounds for a fresh & full public enquiry. You’ve wasted the price you paid for Lewis’ apologetic gloss of the Dr Kelly story and again your conclusion of the motive for his alleged suicide is uncharacteristically lame. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that this book is the only report you have ever read re. Dr Kelly along with recent MSM stories that prepares for the 10 year anniversary of this case. It’s not just about “did he or didn’t he kill himself” but the subsequent failure of the medical inquiry and Govt. inquiry to address the anomalies that contradict the official story. The astonishingly poor whitewash of an inquiry over the extremely controversial circumstances around his death is what has created a ten year long furore that remains to this day. This book offers nothing to appease the unresolved issues , I sincerely wish it had.
This is not some lightweight topic to pick up and play with. We now have available ten years of research into this matter, that any rational and reasonably intelligent individual could see requires a complete independent inquiry.The recent Guardian articles and Lewis’ book is clearly damage control as July 17th draws near. Your “piece” doesn’t serve you or the case Tom and this is no slur upon yourself whatsoever. There are far more important matters at stake. History will question this case along with those who were involved, including the players who sought to cover up the obvious. 


  1. The Lewis conclusion of suicide was based on leaked secret evidence of a psychologist engaged by the police but whose investigation was kept secret from the Hutton Inquiry. This psychologist, Gisli Gudjonsson, claimed that Kelly had had his security clearance revoked and this was the reason for Kelly to commit suicide, his career was over and there were other repercussions.

    Top MoD officials at the Hutton Inquiry denied Kelly's security clearance had ever been under threat and this was confirmed in a recent Freedom of Information Response.

    Kelly's Security Clearance covered him for access to UK and US intelligence, so the other authority that may have threatened his security clearance were the US security services.

    According the Mr A at the Hutton inquiry (Rod Godfrey) he said that Kelly had given up on continuing in his line of expertise after his impending retirement (only a few months from his time of death) so his security clearance was of no great prize to him, removal of his security clearance, at worst, would mean an earlier retirement.

    But why would the US threaten his Security Clearance? Well Kelly had been briefing journalis against fake US intelligence and following Bush going on TV and saying that proof had been found of Iraq's WMD in the form of mobile bio labs, Kelly spoke to his friend and journalist, Judith Miller and told her that Bush was talking out of his arse and what had been found were hydrogen generation plants for weather balloons, exactly what the Iraqi's had said they were.

    Miller ran the story quoting Kelly anonymously, this made Bush look more stupid that normal.

    Terrence Taylor another friend and colleague of Kelly told the Hutton inquiry that Kelly had fallen out with the “consultants” in the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) and that their relationship would never be the same again. The ISG was a CIA run group.

    Yes the US may have revoked Kelly's Security Clearance but that would have made him more dangerous to the US that he was already but until Gudjonsson lets the public know why he came to the conclusion he did we have to assume he got it wrong. Kelly didn't need his clearance, he was looking forward to retirement tending his garden.

    I haven't read the Lewis book bar for a couple of chapters that were leaked onto the internet but from what I can tell it offers nothing new on the cause of Kelly's death and nothing on the cover up conducted by the Police, Hutton and Dominic Grieve.

    If the blog host is happy I shall post more about the cover up in detail from before the body was discovered. The police knew Kelly was dead before the body was found according to Andrew Gilligan and the director of news at the BBC, Richard Sambrook knew in the morning that packs of painkillers would be discovered at the scene before they were discovered by the forensic team in the afternoon. Only two volunteer search team members and dog were called on by police from a team available of a dozen or more and a few dog. The police had determined six sites where they thought Kelly might be found but only called on two members to search a single specific area. Luckily the volunteer search team were sent to the precise spot where Kelly's body was sitting against a tree / lying on its back a “significant distance” from a tree. The cover up began before the body was found; after it was found it turned into a farce.

  2. Well luckilyfor him, he didn't end up by killing himself by getting stuck in a hold-all in the bath! Or they could have just used directed energy weapons on him instead, which is their preferred method these days.


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