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Edward Heath PIE, Savile and the 114 disappered files

Edward Heath with Jimmy Savile
For some years allegations had circulated that the late Tory prime minister Edward Heath had been involved with the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). Yesterday the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) announced that it would be investigating a possible cover-up by Wiltshire Police re complaints made against the former prime minster of sexual abuse. Today it was reported that a man alleged he was raped by Mr Heath when he was 12 years old. It is known as fact that Heath visited the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland, the subject of ongoing investigation into child sex abuse (involving MI5, Ulster Unionist paramilitaries, etc). There was also the scandal involving a boys home on the Channel Islands – again a home that Heath regularly visited, together with Jimmy Savile, the entertainer who has been recognised as a serial paedophile offender. Now it has emerged that four separate police forces are investigating the allegations made against Heath: in addition to Wiltshire Constabulary, Kent Police (Operation Hydrant), Jersey Police (Operation Whistle) and the Metropolitan Police (Operation Midland) have each announced investigations. Meanwhile, UndercoverInfo can confirm the name and serial number of the file regarding Mr Heath and his interest/queries re PIE and which was included in the infamous 114 ‘missing files’, believed to have been part of a dossier originally handed to the Home Office by Geoffrey Dickens and subsequently ‘lost’ by the Sir Leon Brittan, the former Home Secretary (and alleged paedophile).
Update: Hampshire Constabulary has announced it has opened a fifth line of inquiry (no further details at this stage).
A. The Heath file
The file that names Heath and his interest/queries re PIE is codenamed CRI 85 0472/0007/001 (see image below). There is no indication what the file on PIE covers; whether it is about questions or whether it has evidence, or why it is associated with Mr Heath.
This file was eventually passed to the Government’s records office on 5 March 1990 and included in the ‘114 files’ that were either destroyed or went missing as part of what appears, in retrospect, to have been a concerted cover-up.
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B. The cover-up
The ‘Westminster paedophile ring’ was first looked into as a result of a dossier presented by the late Labour cabinet minster (later, Social Democrat MEP), Baroness Barbara Castle. Ms. Castle said she had been given copies of classified documents from the Home Office, proving that there was a secret investigation underway into child sex abusers in Parliament. Castle apparently claimed that Heath was one of those implicated.
After Ms. Castle had collated the dossier, she handed it to Don Hale, the respected editor of her local newspaper, the Bury Messenger. Mr Hale later claimed that a “heavy mob” of Special Branch officers raided his office and confiscated the dossier a day after paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith had visited him to demand he bury the story. Labour MP Geoffrey Dickens then presented the Castle dossier (see ‘Appendix E’) to Sir Leon Brittan.
Some years later Leon Brittan claimed to have lost over 114 files that were alleged to have been about child sex abuse at Dolphin Square and Elm Guest House and PIE. (Brittan was named as an attendee at Elm Guest House by its late owner – Brittan’s Elm Guest House nickname was ‘Roger’.) These missing files were ‘disappeared’ or destroyed but may have been included in a larger list that were identified in a Government internal file that shows over 2000 files as being recorded ‘disappeared’ or missing.
However, a 23 page archived Government document includes details of all the 114 ‘missing’ files and lists the many MPs who raised questions about child sex abuse scandals.
Note: Scotland Yard is also reported to have handed to Leon Brittan a dossier naming 15 members of a notorious paedophile group. This file is still unaccounted for (it is not the same file given to Brittan by Geoffrey Dickens) – see here. It’s possible that this file is the same one labelled as “Edward Heath… Re. PIE”.
Yesterday the IPCC issued a statement re Mr Heath. It said:
“This is an investigation into allegations that Wiltshire Police did not pursue a criminal prosecution when a person threatened to expose that Sir Edward Heath may have been involved in offences concerning children. In addition to this allegation, the IPCC will examine whether Wiltshire Police subsequently took any steps to investigate these claims. The allegations were referred to the IPCC by Wiltshire Police following allegations made by a retired senior officer.”
Superintendent Sean Memory of Wiltshire Police, who is leading the investigation for the force, later added: “The allegation is that a trial was due to take place in the 1990’s and information was received in that trial that Sir Ted Heath was involved in the abuse of children, and the allegation is from the result of that information that the trial never took place. A retired senior police officer has come forward towards the end of 2014 indicating that they were aware of this information. So between then and March this year, we have worked tirelessly to establish the facts of that allegation to a point where in March this year, we have made a mandatory referral to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is leading the investigation into whether we did in fact mishandle that case in the 1990’s.”
D. Allegations
1. Jersey
Jersey Police has also said that it was investigating Mr Heath. In a statement it said: “Sir Edward Heath does feature as part of ‘Operation Whistle’, currently investigating historical allegations of abuse in Jersey.” This follows the Jersey care inquiry, which had been looking into allegations of abuse in the island’s care homes, including the Haut de la Garenne children’s home.
Sir Edward Heath visited Haute de la Garenne many times and reportedly would take young boys sometimes supplied by Jimmy Savile (another regular visitor to the home) for trips with him on his yacht, ‘Morning Cloud’.
From September 2007, Jersey police took 1,776 statements from 192 alleged victims, identifying 151 alleged abusers relating to the home, though only seven people have been successfully prosecuted.
The police investigation also examined allegations that children were murdered. In the course of the investigation a total of 65 teeth and around 100 charred fragments of bones were discovered. Most of the dental remains discovered have been identified as children’s milk teeth. Among more than 100 bone fragments found is a tibia from a child’s leg and what police believe is an “intact” adenoid bone from the ear of an infant. These were all retrieved from a fingertip search of the four cellars in the Home’s east wing. Shackles were also found in what was believed to have been a torture chamber.
2. Kent
Kent Police said that it had also received, today, an allegation of sexual assault by Heath in the 1960’s.
3.  Westminster
According to Exaro, a sexually abused survivor, ‘Nick’, has alleged that one of the perpetrators of abuse of which he was victim was the late Sir Edward Heath.
Operation Midland (via the Met Police) is looking at several allegations.
4. N. Ireland
Heath was also a visitor to the notorious Kincora boys’ home in Northern Ireland, where child sex abuse was rife and was allegedly used as a blackmail tool by MI5.
Read the 114 missing files

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