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People in positions of power Politicians, famous entertainers, senior police officers, Judges, Barristers for decades preyed upon the most disadvantaged children in society. Children who came from troubled backgrounds and who were sent to Children’s Homes or Approved Schools or Hostels.  Children without parents or from dysfunctional families, some  poor children were even stolen from their parents because they were beautiful.  All the children abused in State regulated establishments would have fared far better left with their parents and all of them deserve compensation for their ruined childhood.

A Police investigation into the Paedophile ring is ordered  see  video Link to details about new investigation into the abuse in North Wales

Bryn Estyn Children's Prison  and Duncroft Home Office Approved Children's Prison

Over the past week the injured feelings of  one wealthy elite man Lord McAlpine who was undoubtedly  involved in the cover-up, if not an abuser,  has caused the resignation of the head of the BBC and apologies  and grovelling all round plus a £185,000 payout from the  TV licence payers. At the same time one of the former abused children Steven Messham has been vilified and abused all over again  in the press and a former disgraced cabinet minister David Mellor felt confident to call  him a “weirdo” 

 Former Disgraced Tory Minister David Mellor exposed for his affair and use of prostitutes

Lord Alistarir McAlpine wrote in his book  The New Machiavelli: The Art of Politics in Business  his advise for  dealing with the media?   "Spread false defeat to gain public sympathy; or false accusation and then arrange for it to be exposed as such – so the accuser will forever be treated with suspicion.’   And that is exactly what this devious and selfserving weathy man did !

The truth just flew out of the window as the people  were directed to  revert back to feudal times and touch their forelock to the nobel Lords  of Westminster.  This conspiracy of silence  and abuse of power by the elite and those they adopt into their circle such as entertainer Jimmy Saville has kept the people of Britain in invisible chains for centuries.

But it is the people who allow the Police and the Courts to punish the innocent, the feckless and the injured whilst protecting the elite and the powerful.   Whilst the Establishment honours those they know to be utterly devoid of moral integrity such as Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Jimmy Savile.   Senior Police officers, Crown Persecution Service Barristers and M15 all knew about Sir Jimmy and Sir Cyril and countless others not yet nameD but thoughtlessly protected them and still do.

The criminal justice system is not designed to protect   the public it is designed to keep the ‘common people’ in chains and protect the elite from exposure.  The press and the media play a vital part in this illusion and without their co-operation it could not continue. That is why it is essential for the elite to silence  anyone in the press and the media who might be willing to expose  the truth.

Take the Waterhouse inquiry into North Wales Child Abuse which cost 13.5 million pounds of the 'common people's'  taxes. The Judge and the Barristers and the Lawyers were all paid handsome fees and ensured of a lucrative job for years. The abused children were dragged into a public court to recite their ordeals and only given expences if they brought in their bus tickets.   Not one of the accused elite abusers were prosecuted  by the CPS on the contrary all the elite abusers were protected by the inquiry and the judge made it contempt of Court to mention their names.

Not one accused elite abuser was arrested or questioned by the police on the contrary the police lost evidence or the Court ordered evidence against them to be destroyed.  Such evidence as the photograph of the abusers provided to the Police by Steven Messham. Photographs  said to  show either Lord McAlpine or His Cousin Jimmy McAlpine. Neither was arrested or questioned although Lord McAlpine hired a barrister to keep a watching brief on the inquiry at £3000 per day.  Without any doubt  if  Mr average were accused by one or more victims of child rape or molestation he  would at least be arrested and questioned by the police.!

The Waterhouse  Inquiry was not fatally flawed by accident it was carefully construed by  the Government to appear to be doing something to  stop the 'common people'  from causing them trouble by complaining about their children being sexually abused  by the elite. And the Waterhouse Inquiry will be defended we can be certain of that. The Government will do everything it can to protect the paedophile ring which would implicate the elite.  Watch the testemony of the Secretary who  covered the Inquiry

So what are the Government offering the people  now!  well another Inquiry into the first Inquiry and more Inquiries and investigations.   More Judges and Lawyers getting fat fees, more police officers loosing the evidence 

Its a good idea  to stop believing in the fantasy the corrupt elite foster to retain power. Its a good idea to  open our eyes and take back the power to make decisions about our children’s future. 

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