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North Wales Child Abuse Whistle-blower in Suspect Car Accident

Whistle-blower who exposed the Welsh children’s home sex abuse scandal has cheated death in a suspect car smash ­after his brakes failed.

Police have seized care boss Malcolm King’s motor to see if it was sabotaged.

The car, a regularly-maintained Volvo S60, careered across a busy A-road and was hit side-on by an Alfa Romeo.

Afterwards Mr King, 68, who suffered a broken leg, found his brake pedal unattached and lying on the car floor.

The outspoken former boss of social services in Clwyd, where much of the abuse took place, told the Daily Star yesterday: “I guess I’ve pissed a lot of people off over the years.

“My friends tell me I’m crazy not to be more suspicious about it, but I can’t live my life being ­paranoid.

“If a man could die from paranoia I’d have been dead a long time ago.”

Labour councillor Mr King blew the whistle on a ­paedophile ring ­operating at north Wales children’s homes in the mid-1980s.

It allegedly ­involved shamed TV star Jimmy Savile and other ­celebrities, politicians, police chiefs and judges.

Mr King, a county councillor and former chair of North Wales ­Police ­Authority, was one of only 12 people given copies of the 1996 Jillings Report, which named ­every abuser.

The married dad-of-two’s brake pedal mysteriously failed on the A525 near Ruthin days ­after the ­scandal blew up again two weeks ago.

Mr King said: “I pushed my foot down hard on what I thought was the brake pedal but nothing happened.

“I’ve no idea whether the pedal was attached at this stage or not.

“The car flew across the junction and a car coming from my right smashed into my side.

“If I’d shot across the junction a split-second sooner I’d be dead because it would have hit where I was sitting rather than the bonnet. It doesn’t bear thinking about. My car, which is a write-off, is now in the hands of the crash investigators.

“It’s a good car and I’ve always maintained and serviced it regularly at the best garage in town.

“The police officer at the scene told me they’d examine it very thoroughly. They said they’d go over it with a fine-tooth comb.’’

The Jillings Report was so explosive insurers ordered it to be pulped but a copy has been found in council archives.

Mr King has renewed his campaign for a fresh probe in the wake of revelations about Savile’s depravity.

“I’m someone who speaks his mind,” he said. “If I know something is happening that I don’t like I will always speak out and try to change things.

“I spent a lot of time when the allegations first surfaced being incredibly paranoid.

“I didn’t know who to trust other than family. It was a terrible time.”

A North Wales Police spokesman confirmed officers are investigating the cause of the crash.

Clwyd County Council leader ­Dennis Parry, 64, said the controversial report should be made public.
Story from Daily Star HERE

This is not the first accident in the North Wales Child abuse scandal.

 A list posted by MP Paul Flynn of respondent witnesses mentioned in the 2002 inquiry report which was meant to be pulped in a cover-up. One copy survived and wound up at the Independent on Sunday:

1: Fell to his death from a railway bridge. Former resident of Bryn Alyn Home.

2: May, 1978, committed suicide aged 16 by taking an overdose of pain killing tablets. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.

3: March 1985, was found dead in a flat in which he was living in poverty, aged 21. Former resident of Little Acton Assessment centre.

4: April 1992, died in a fire aged 32 in premises in which he lived in Sussex. The inquest verdict – unlawful killing. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.

5: June 1992, found dead aged 18 in a bed-sitter. Cause of death, acute respiratory failure due to solvent abuse. Former resident of Bryn Alyn.

6: January, 1994, committed suicide by hanging, aged 27.

7: April, 1994, died aged 27 from alcohol abuse. Allegations that he had been the subject of a serious sexual offence. Former Bryn Estyn resident.

8: July 1994, found dead in a car, aged 18. Former foster child in Clwyd where he allegedly suffered from maltreatment.

9: November, 1994, committed suicide aged 16 by hanging.

10: February, 1995, died from and apparent heroin overdose aged 37. Former resident of Bryn Alyn where it was alleged he had been sexually abused.

11: February, 1995, hanged himself aged 31. Allegations of sexual abuse against care workers.

12: May, 1995, found hanging aged 27. Allegations that he had been sexually abused by a senior care worker. Former resident of Bryn Estyn.

13. Tony Wallis found dead 1996.


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  The paedophiles in the Police, the Judiciary, the Security Services  and the Government  are desperate now to intimidate and discredit the witnesses

They have systematically  attempted to remove  or discredit anyone invloved in the abuse or the exposure.  


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      Thank you for your comment. We rely on many sources who have investigated the systematic abuse of children and perhaps more importantly the cover-up. The main witnessess are of course the children themselves

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