Wednesday, 7 November 2012


North Wales child abuse inquiry failed to hear important witness after gagging the media

The impression that the origional Waterhouse Inquiry was flawed is strengthened by the Rebecca website:
In 1997 journalists working for the HTV current affairs programme 'Wales This Week' were given a stark warning by the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal. 
If they broadcast newly discovered allegations of child abuse dating back nearly twenty years they risked being held in contempt of the Tribunal. 
The broadcasters removed the allegations. But having gagged the media, the Tribunal didn’t go on to interview the witness and never heard his testimony. 
The story of how the Tribunal suppressed an important piece of evidence has never been told.
Until now...

I am not able to embed the videos, but you can watch  Part 1  and   part 2  of a film about this missing witness on Youtube. The end of part 2 is particularly interesting.

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This video from Rebecca is about Freemasons in the North Wales Police

The evidence of cover-up grows and grows. Why Waterhouse failed to take the Accountant  Mr Frost's evidence is unclear it does not even seem particulary damaging  except to the Police.

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