Monday, 12 November 2012

Open letter to Miliband From the SLOG Blog

We don’t want an emergency debate about the the BBC. We want a proper debate about the shameful treatment of Steven Messham.

Dear Ed
Just a few minutes ago, as yet unconfirmed news arrived to say that the Bryn Estyn whistleblower and long-term fighter for justice against institutional sex abuse Steven Messham has been found safe and well.
It’s a relief. But let me give you just a glimmer of what this man has had to suffer – for the nth time – at the hands of tabloid hacks, justice-perverting smears, and neolithic views about mental health problems over the last 36 hours.
A disingenuously patronising piece in the Mail on Sunday by Lord McAlpine. A foul piece of smear journalism from two Mail hacks with a sorry track-record of pro-institutional, anti-accuser mistakes. And being referred to as “a weirdo” by the truly appalling David Mellor.
Do I give a monkey’s about Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, or the McAlpine family? Not really. Do I give a toss about blamestorming the BBC? No, not even slightly.
Here’s why, Edward, Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition.
Mostly what I care about is horribly blighted lives, frightened and confused kids, and the vermin who satiated their delusional lusts upon them at the most vulnerable period of their growing-up process.
A blight that caused Mr Messham to humiliatingly soil himself out of anxiety last night, and thus need a bath afterwards….and a long, lonely walk to recover. A blight that caused many women of my acquaintance to flee Britain in order to find sanctuary and justice elsewhere. A blight that still leaves men and women across Britain leading isolated lives, during which misplaced guilt and lack of trust has frosted what they might have been.
A system that was supposed to mend them, Ed, broke them for eternity.
Next, what I care about is your Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader who, between them, broke every promise they made when Ministers for children and women respectively in the previous Administration. Specifically, they failed to end the disgrace of the Secret Family Courts, and did zilch to reform a social care system that is, at best, sexually dysfunctional.
Next, I care about the chance all this horror has given to Newscorp. I am justifiably suspicious of Rupert Murdoch’s motives in yet again attempting to demolish the BBC when more important social issues are in play. Lest we forget, this is the same, unreformed Newscorp that threatened your MPs, lied copiously to Leveson, and hacked the dead body of a paedophile victim…but still prefers to knock the BBC, rather than right grave injustices done to other victims of gross sexual perversion and insitutional corruption.
When you became Leader, you told the oppressed in our country that you would be their ‘friend in tough times’. For the last forty years – pretty much non-stop – a tiny but powerful group of paedophiles in the social care, teaching, local government and Westminster political arena have ensured their innocent victims are without any friends at all; in fact, all they have faced is enemies….in the Judiciary, police, legal profession, media and politics.
These are people already rendered afraid of every shadow by the nightmares of their youth. Yet those who have tried to help them continue to face threats, injunctions, castigation, and of course…yet more smears.
These people – the careworn and the carers – do not need another enquiry into the BBC, any more than they want Jimmy Savile’s headstone removed. They don’t care about Sky’s ambitions, or Jeremy Hunt’s puerile plurality ideas, or points you can score at the Dispatch Box this Wednesday.
They want justice. They want repeal. They want a decent level of retribution. And above all, they want their precious human dignity back – that shining light so callously snuffed out by fat sex-maniacs, tabloid media, uncaring politicians, corrupt judges, gagging orders, Secret Family Courts, and all the rest of the apparatus so wickedly assembled over time by the carnally depraved.
If your Party – and indeed at least some of those in the two Parties opposite – can’t do this much for the British citizen, then it is over for all of you.
For you are all implicated. Let us stop playing dumb here. Ministers bankrolled by rich men with paedophile site connections. Former Ministers who left discreetly for Europe. Deputy Labour Mayors in the East Midlands. Rich Tory supporters in Wales. Ambitious police constables in the South West. Crooked psychiatrists in Stafford. These people seem to wield astonishing influence….and as most of their MP sympathisers studied law, draconian injunctions do not seem to be a problem.
So this is my appeal to you, Ed: for once, listen to Tom Watson, and don’t leave him outside the stockade as the Lone Wolf yet again – like you did on Hackgate. Dump the BBC emergency debate posturing, and demand instead a combination of off-turf-no-holds-barred enquiry and Special Team police action to clean up – at last, and once and for all – these havens for sexual psychopaths.
Show some bloody balls. And above all, pay your respects to those who have suffered enough.
The Slog.
If anyone has a painless means of getting this in front of Tom, I’d be grateful for your help

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