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Steven Messham dismissed by Government told complain to North Wales Police who covered up the Child Abuse

Steven Messham twittered  today that  the “North Wales Police knew years before the Waterhouse inquiry and Downing Street tell us to go back to them”

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Twitter claims identify politician in North Wales child abuse case

Following Messham's Steven's tweet and publication of this story Downing street issued a new statement  see update  below

Steven who revealed  on Newsnight  a horrifying catalogue  of physical and sexual abuse  in North Wales Children’s homes  involving  at least one  Senior Politician.  He  made it clear  that there was also   an insidious and comprehensive cover-up by the Police the Courts and the Establishment of the systematic sexual abuse by an elite paedophile ring. 

For David Cameron to suggest Steven Messham  should go back to the North Wales Police is totally dismissive and shows that the Establishment intend to continue the cover-up.  The Tory Government have neatly removed the only real impartial investigator intelligence agent Andrea Davison  and confiscated all the evidence. 

19 Police Officers  from the North Wales Police were named as  being directly  involved in the actual sexual abuse,  100’s of other Officers are involved in the on-going cover-up.  Other Police Forces are littered with paedophiles in senior and minor positions and thousands more are involved in the cover-up. The whole Jimmy Savile saga proves this.

What is needed is a real investigation by a body which is not involved with the police.  As  this matter involves Senior Politicians and  a paedophile ring  at the heart of the Establishment perhaps  the investigation  should be conducted by a section of the Intelligence Services. Not M15 who second officers to and from the Police forces of the United Kingdom but a section which is already aware of the issues and is not involved in them.

Any investigation should be supervised by those journalists  who risked their careers and more to expose the  abuse.  Also heroines like Alison  Taylor the social worker who first blew the whistle  on the abuse  and lost her job because of  this.  Perhaps Alison Taylor  could be brought in to supervise.


Following  Steven Messhams tweet and the publication of this story Downing street made a new statement:-

"The Prime Minister is taking a “close interest” in the allegations relating to an unidentified former figure from the Thatcher era, who allegedly targeted residents at a children’s home in north Wales.
The man, a former leading figure in the party, denies the claims made by Steve Messham, a victim of sexual abuse.
A Downing Street spokesman said the Wales Office and the Home Office were working to ensure that the claims could be “thoroughly” investigated.
The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “It’s something we are looking at actively.
“The Prime Minister has taken a close interest in the reports and allegations that have been made"


tweet from Steven  saying Welsh Secretary has agreed to meet with Steven and the PM's office has been in touch.  Good luck Steven   Follow Steven Messham on twitter

But unless they use  REAL investigators and not government stooges nothing will be revealed.  Or they can order a Waterhouse 2  and again nothing will happen. Arrest the Paedophiles,  they have arrested and persecuted the investigators and the victims now it is time to arrest the Paedophiles.

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