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After decades of total cover-up Governments in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom are being forced to look again at Child Abuse and the Paedophile Ring which  they  allowed to  grow Pan National.

With the advance of the Internet  it has become more and more difficult to sweep child abuse under the carpet.   Government's  who spent decades involved in the cover-up are being forced to make a display of doing something. This is usually an inquiry where the Police investigate the Police and  the odd patsy may be thrown  to the lions  but the Inquiry finds no real fault.  Then the  Judiciary investigate the Judiciary and find no fault at all that is because every Judge is a paragon of virtue and discernment, or so they would have us all believe.

Only this time  it may be a lot more difficult to cover-up the decades of past abuse and the current abuse because we all know how they operate.



Below are the inquiries and investigations  recently begun by the United Kingdom Government into the decades of  Child Abuse into the Cover-up of that abuse.
  1. Operation Yewtree: Scotland Yard criminal investigation into claims that Jimmy Savile sexually abused young people
  2. BBC investigation into management failures over the dropping of a Newsnight report into the Savile allegations
  3. BBC investigation into culture and practices during Savile's career and current policies
  4. BBC investigation into handling of past sexual harassment claims
  5. Department of Health investigation into Savile's appointment to Broadmoor "taskforce" and his activities at Broadmoor, Stoke Mandeville Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary
  6. Director of Public Prosecutions review into decisions not to prosecute Savile in 2009
  7. North Wales abuse inquiry by National Crime Agency head into abuse claims from 70s and 80s, fresh claims, and police handling of the claims
  8. Mrs Justice Macur appointed by PM to review the 2000 Waterhouse review which looked into the north Wales abuse


chid abuse inquiry
SYDNEY - Agence France-Presse

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday announced a national inquiry into institutional responses to child sex abuse after a series of scandals involving pedophile priests.

Gillard made the announcement following claims by a senior policeman that the Catholic Church in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales destroyed evidence and silenced investigations. “There have been too many revelations of adults who have averted their eyes from this evil,” she said. “I believe in these circumstances that it is appropriate for there to be a national response through a royal commission.” Gillard had been under growing pressure to establish a national inquiry after the recent allegations as well as an ongoing inquiry in Victoria state, but said the probe would be broader than just the Catholic Church. “This is not a royal commission targeting any one church,” she said. While the terms of reference have yet to be decided, the commission will cover all religious organizations.

A police investigator last week alleged that the Church had covered up sexual abuse of children in the Hunter Valley, to protect pedophiles and its own reputation. New South Wales also announced an investigation into the allegations after Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox claimed the church hindered police, alerted offenders and destroyed evidence.


Report for the

Costs for an inquiry into historical institutional child abuse in Northern Ireland could reach £19 million, the Assembly has been told.
Ulster Unionist MLA Mike Nesbitt, who chairs Stormont's OFMDFM committee, said MLAs had been informed, in September, that predicted costs had doubled from initial estimates.
The Strangford MLA added: "On the estimated costs of the inquiry the committee sought clarification from the department whether the figures in the financial and explanatory memorandum of between £7.5 million and £9 million remained accurate. Officials advised the committee that the estimated costs had been revised upwards - doubled in fact to £15-£19 million to take into account the complexities of the inquiry and the associated legal costs."
Mr Nesbitt said he was assured the necessary funds would be made available from the OFMDFM budget.
Last September, the Executive announced there would be an investigation and inquiry into historical institutional abuse.
Former High Court Judge Sir Anthony Hart was appointed to head the panel to examine whether there were systemic failings by care homes, children's homes, borstals or the state in their duties towards children.
Initially, the inquiry was to look at cases between 1945 and 1995 but MLAs have since agreed to extend it back to 1922.
The probe comes after the Ryan Report uncovered decades of endemic abuse in some religious institutions in the Republic of Ireland.
Details of the Historical Institutional Abuse Bill - the legislation which determines the remit of the inquiry - were debated in the Assembly this afternoon.

There are decent and honest men and women in the Police  and the Judiciary and in the Criminal Injustice System and in other Agencies who are not paedophiles and do not want to be told to cover-up for paedophiles or something nasty will happen to them. 

Truth eventually surfaces and not everyone will be conveniently dead

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