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Angus James Wilson   the co-founder of Scallywag Magazine, together with his half brother Simon Regan.   Angus  later became the editor of Scallywags successor Spiked magazine  which  continued where Scallwag left off  pursuing  the paedophiles linked to the Tory Government.
That  Angus James Wilson died in Cyprus in a car crash in September 1996.    The following revealing  letter, written by Simon Regan assists  in the  investigation. This letter details  a meeting between Angus and Asil Nadir and the mysterious disappearance of compromising photographs of the then Minister of Defence  Michael Portillo (with under age boys).  (Portillo became Defence Secretary July 1995)

"Search for the Killer of Angus James Wilson

The family of Angus Wilson, founding co-editor of Scallywag
in 1992, is anxious to trace the man who killed him, Simon
Stander, who is presently working for a University in
Northern Cyprus.

The circumstances of his death aged only 31 are fully covered
in earlier editions of Scallywag Magazine, on the web at URL:

Angus, Stander, and two girls, Alison Thompson and Shona
Andrews - all employed on Angus's new magazine Spiked - had
gone to Northern Cyprus for an assignation with Asil Nadir.
Only Stander, Nadir and Nadir's henchman Peter Diamond know
what actually happened at the meeting.
It is known that Nadir
wanted to recruit anyone who he thought might help him get
back to England without facing prosecution. Part of the
reasons for the visit was therefore to tell his side of the
story of the Polly Peck heist. 

I was with Angus on the Friday before the visit in a pub in
Primrose Hill, north London, when all four were in holiday
mood. He told me that he had been supplied with compromising
pictures of the then Minister of Defence, Michael Portillo,
who lost his seat by a narrow margin in the last general
election. He had the prints but wanted to raise money for the
negatives and he was going to get Nadir involved. Peter
Diamond had intimated that Nadir would indeed be very
interested in seeing the pictures, and perhaps using them to
put pressure on the British Government.

The next morning all four embarked on the fateful journey. On
the following Thursday, 6th September, Angus called my
Mother, Valerie Wilson, to tell her the meeting with Diamond
and Nadir had gone "brilliantly" and that he was in
possession of a "substantial" cheque believed to be tens of
thousands of pounds.

On Friday, the next day, there was a further meeting with
Diamond to finalise details and the four then went to eat at
a local restaurant and then a casino where they had some wine
and brandies. Until then Stander had been behaving rationally
but at the casino he went off and gambled on his own while

the three others played roulette. At about 2am on the
Saturday morning the four decided to get back to their rented
villa. Stander had for some time had a shine on Shona Andrews
which had remained unrequited. He demanded that Shona sat in
the front seat with him, which she refused to do. Instead, to
try and quieten things down Angus took the front seat.
Stander drove off at breakneck speed in a screaming temper.
According to the girls' evidence at the subsequent coroner's
hearing, he was completely demented, swearing foully at
everyone, and threaten to kill everyone including himself. He
swerved the wheel from side to side causing the car, at huge
speed, to career across the road and eventually it hit a curb
and turned over several times.

Stander sustained superficial injuries. The two girls were
severely traumatised, but basically unhurt as people in the
village pulled them from the wreck and called an ambulance.
Angus had sustained massive head injuries, which later that
day resulted in his death.

Stander was retained in hospital while the two girls were
released and got back, heavily shocked, to the villa where
they called Diamond who quickly came up to the house. He told
them he would "fix" everything and that they should leave the
country immediately.
In effect, this removed the only two
witnesses who could attest at any court proceedings as to
just what happened. He rushed them by cab to the airport and
put them on the next flight out. He took all Angus's
possessions into his own custody, presumably with the cheque
and with the photographs. The car was quickly "disappeared"

presumably to a breaker's yard.

Valerie Wilson was contacted by the Foreign Office and told
to deposit four thousand pounds with them to get Angus's body
back for a funeral. Diamond made one call to Mrs Wilson, my
mother, to assure her that he would "look after everything".
Stander made one call to my mother after his release from
hospital to say he did not know what had happened.
The girls
arrived in London in a very traumatised state. None of
Angus's possessions have been returned to the UK. Stander
simply disappeared. He never once contacted any member of the
family to show even the slightest resemblance of contrition.
Diamond remained unapproachable. No one could get through his
secretary in the private hotel suite owned by Nadir. He has
made no contact since.

On 22 July 1997 there was a coroner's court convened in St.
Pancras, London. The coroner, Stephen Chan, heard all the
available evidence including sworn testimony from Shona
Andrews and a sworn deposition from Allison Thompson who had
returned to New Zealand on the death of her mother.

A short statement from Stander was read out to the court. He
had given a post office number but no other details. Chan
said the statement was "worse than useless" and that his
court had been dreadfully frustrated by a complete lack of
co-operation from any official in northern Cyprus. On the
evidence he did have he ruled that had the accident have
happened in the UK, Stander would be facing charges of death
by dangerous driving. Because of the lack of proper detail he
said he could not rule out the "probability of unlawful
killing." He ruled that Angus had died exclusively from the
head injuries and had otherwise been exceptionally fit. He
gave an "open verdict" meaning the case can be opened at any
time in the future.

It is my intention to persuade Simon Stander to come back to
London to face the coroner's court. But first of all we must
find him and I am appealing on behalf of my family for any
academic in northern Cyprus to help us do so and to make the
academic community in Cyprus aware of these circumstances.

Stander had previously been a lecturer in economics at the
London School of Economics and he had also lectured
previously in northern Cyprus.
On the fateful trip he had
pointed out the university where he had worked but at the
time the girls did not take much notice. They believed it was
an American university. All we know from Stander's own
family, who have closed ranks to protect him, is that he is
working as a lecturer and is presumably enjoying the
patronage of Asil Nadir.

Is Asil Nadir worried about what Stander might say to a
British court about that fateful last meeting? Where are the
photographs? Where's the cheque? What actually caused the
brainstorm that killed Angus Wilson?
Is Stander ever capable
of at least saying sorry to Angus's family? He owes it to
Angus who employed him even though he was virtually
unemployable, to clear these matters up once and for all.

All we have is a PO box number but if we locate him there are
several options should he refuse to return to face the
coroner, including a private prosecution in northern Cyprus.
I am reserving all options until there is some form of proper

I would be grateful to anyone on the Internet, in or out of
northern Cyprus, who can help my family and I on this matter.

Simon Regan
48 Stanhope Street
London NW1 3EX
United Kingdom

Simon Regan -

48 Stanhope Street, London, NW1 3EX

Anyone with more information  about the death of Angus James Wilson please comment. Or  anyone who  has an idea who may have  the negatives of the compromising photographs of Michael Portillo.

Simon Stander who was involved in the car crash is last known to be  teaching in  a University in Costa Rica

Angus James Wilson died in 1996 and Simon Regan died around 2000 journalist Pete Sawyer and researcher Andrea Davison who wrote for Scallywag and Spiked are still alive.


  1. The Scallywag site you link to has got a squatter

  2. Thank you Jailhouselawyer I will remove the link



  4. Wondering if Kenneth Noye could have had anything to do with it? He had a timeshare out in Famagusta, Northern Cyprus, and had at least twice been out to have meetings with Asil Nadir who wanted him to work for him. He met Asil in April 1996 in Cyprus and went on the run a month later from Britain after he murdered Stephen Cameron in the road rage incident.

  5. Simon Stander went on to work as a professor for the United Nations, University for Peace in Costa Rica

    He is now an author

    2009 – Present (5 years)
    I have completed Why War: capitalism and the nation-state for Bloomsbury Academic to be published April 2014.
    I am now working on On War:intellectualizing war.

    Not too late to be questioned or prosecuted for dangerous driving.

  6. Unsure of connection of Portillo to Asil Nadir who was fitted up by abuse of process and police perjury along with Barry Beardall via HMRC.


    A wirter for Bloomsbury, nonetheless.Funny how these evil people worm their way in to positions of power.

  8. The truth will out!!!!! The fox is sighted. Let the hunt begin.

  9. I worked with these fellas for a summer at spiked magazine. Angus was a good guy. at the time he was a good friend to me. Simon was a not so recovered alcoholic who thought the world owed him something. his son worked there on and off as well. as we couldn't get distributers for the magazines we would drive around London, leaving the magazines with shops on "sell or return" basis. not sure they ever sold any, but that wasn't what it was about.


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