Tuesday, 6 November 2012

North Wales Child abuse victim abused by Senior Judges , Police Officers and MP's

Keith Gregory survivor of  serial sexual abuse in North Wales Childrens Homes  speaks out.  He  says  children were abused by Members of Parliament, Senior Judges, Senior and junior Police Officers, and businessmen.

Paedophiles  from all over the country he reveals  abused  the children from North Wales Children's Homes. Children were  collected in cars  or taken by staff and trafficked  to an elite paedophile ring.

Councillor A Keith Gregory

Keith Gregory now an Independent  Councillor  on Wrexham Council  survived and prospered  but you can hear the pain in his voice  as he talks about the abused children who did not survive.

Watch this revealing  and harrowing  you tube video of a BBC Radio 2 interview with Keith

When Crown Court Judges,  Senior Police Officers,  Barristers   from  the Crown Prosecution Service  and Senior Politicians are  working together  they can silence  anyone  by  abusing  the Criminal Justice System. The insidious nature  of their control means that the tax payer  and their victims are forced to pay for  Prosecutions.  Conversely  they can protect paedophiles in their ring and members of their 'clubs'  from  Prosecution for their offending.

Judges, Barristers, solicitors and the Police  have for a long time run the Crown Courts like a private club and used  Public Inquiries as a means of  cover-up and the Tax payer and their victims pay the price.  But the tide is turning.

The cover-up is actually more revealing than the abuse itself.

Now is the time to press forward  we can turn  this  stream of truth  into a tsunami


  1. I agree that the cover up is more revealing than the abuse itself. I would also like to say that my personal experience in a North wales care home has left me in little doubt that boys were being abused in the 60s. I also believe that if this was the case then victims must have come forward. Has there been a cover up?

  2. Vanilla thank you so very much for your comment. Those, like yourself, with personal knowledge of this abuse are vital witnesses. We must create an environment where survivors of abuse can come forward. My information also shows the abuse was going on in the 60's and everyone who comes forward with their story will increase our chances of finally exposing the whole truth.

  3. Thank you for your blog. I worry about my brother who was in care at the same time but I don't think I could ever talk to him about it. It caused him severe mental health problems for 15 years after he left care but when he met his girlfriend she seemed to be able to help him. They have been together for 20 years now. I don't think everyone can talk about what happened but those who do are heroes.


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