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Of all the Police Officers  the £40m investigations into phone hacking and corruption of public officials  could have prosecuted they chose to prosecute the one who was a whistel-blower.

 Detective Chief Inspector April Casburn, 53, was found guilty  yesterday of misconduct in public office by a  jury at Southwark crown court. The Judge told her  she would have a custodial sentence.  Her fellow officers  at the anti terrorist section, all of them men, whooped for joy. Not one colleague  defended this lady.


What is not widely known is that the Courts and the  Police have started Jury Rigging.  The information and surveillance age  has enabled them to choose juries. They  choose them by investigating potential jurors to get their psychological profile habits and beliefs.  This way they may sure that cases they really  do not want to loose  have no chance of going wrong for them because of an impartial Jury.

Whistle-blower DCI April Cashurn


April  had risen in the ranks, not many women do  but she was kept out of the loop. Terrorist operations are actually run by the police themselves so putting an outsider in the anti terrorist branch is a bit of a risk.   She detailed to the jury how she had suffered two years of bullying within the counter-terrorism unit, and as the only woman within her department had not been given a desk.

April Casburn, who was manager of the national financial investigation unit with counter-terrorism, insisted that she had never asked for money when she telephoned the News of the World on 11 September 2010. She said she made the call because she was concerned that resources from counter-terrorism, and from her unit, were to be diverted into a new phone-hacking investigation.

She said she had attended a meeting with colleagues the day before in which it was revealed that John Yates, the then assistant commissioner, was to reopen the phone-hacking investigation. She said her colleagues were joking about the inquiry, and were palpably excited about who would get to interview Sienna Miller. She said she made the call because she was angry that counter-terrorist resources were to be used in the investigation.

"I felt very strongly that we shouldn't be doing hacking. Our function was to prevent terrorist attacks and I was particularly worried that the behaviour of my colleagues was such that they thought it was a bit of a jolly. It made me really angry."

She said she regretted making the telephone call but defended ringing a newspaper because she said she was not an influential member of the counter-terrorism team and would not be listened to if she raised concerns. She said she had been bullied for two years. "I think in some circumstances it is right to go to the press, because they do expose wrongdoing and they expose poor decisions,"
Mr Justice Fulford warned her that she faced an immediate custodial sentence and the Metropolitan police said she had "betrayed the service and let down her colleagues".

April Casburn is being used as a scapegoat

Casburn was found guilty of criminal misconduct for what the Crown said was offering to sell information about the phone-hacking investigation in a telephone call to the News of the World in September 2010.

Detective Chief Superintendent Gordon Briggs, who oversees Operations Weeting, Elvedon and Tuleta – the linked investigations into phone hacking and corrupting public officials, said: "It is a great disappointment that a detective chief inspector in the counter-terrorism command should have abused her position in this way.

"There's no place for corrupt officers or staff in the Metropolitan police service. We hope that the prosecution demonstrates that leaking or in this case trying to sell confidential information to journalists for personal gain will not be tolerated.

April Casburn had   a flawless disciplinary record within the Met police.  she is the mother of two adult children, she left school after O-levels. She joined the Met in 1993 and served in the child protection unit before moving onto counter-terrorism.

 April  Cashburn was an honest police officer in a very corrupt Police Force   and has paid the price. 

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