Sunday, 13 January 2013


Child sex horror must end

ALARMING new figures from Barnardo’s show a shocking rise in the sex trafficking of children in this country.
The charity’s Cut Them Free campaign, now in its third year, reveals that the number of sexually exploited children known to Barnardo’s has soared by 37 per cent in that time. The figure rose by 22 per cent – to 1,452 – in the past year alone.
Even more worrying is the extent to which those poor youngsters are passed around the country, from abuser to abuser.
Just looking at the child victims who Barnardo’s worked with last September, they found that the proportion of them who had been trafficked within this country rose by 84 per cent compared to a similar group last year.
Barnardo’s chief executive Anne Marie Carrie told us: “Nobody currently knows the full extent of these crimes because of their hidden nature. But what we do know is that every time we open a new service for victims, it quickly becomes fully-subscribed.
“If we are to save children from suffering for years at the hands of their abusers, more must be done by the authorities to identify victims of child sexual exploitation who are being trafficked and to stop this activity early on.”
Barnardo’s is calling on the Department for Education and the Home Office to do more to protect young people from sex trafficking, and we fully support them in their campaign.

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