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Suddenly after  decades of fighting to keep the lid on the rampant  paedophile ring  the UK Police and   the Courts are being forced  to do something.  Such as in  the case of murdered Moira Andresen,  Way back in 1957 it was known that Moira was murdered by a  sister  a paedophile ring.  Now 46 years later Police actually look for her body?

Police are reluctantly  forced to act  because of growing publicity about the Paedophile ring which has so much power in the United Kingdom and has until now been able to quash and  investigation.

But do not rest easy they are still strying to keep the cover-up going.  It is up to the media and the press now not not allow the Government, the Courts and the Police to stop them from revealing the truth.

Journalists like David Rose of the Mail working for rouge elements within the Security Services should be banned from spreading their poison.

My father was a paedophile like Jimmy Savile', claims Sandra Brown daughter of man linked to Moira Anderson disappearance.

The Daily Record reports that:- SANDRA Brown believes her late father, convicted paedophile Alexander Gartshore, murdered Moira, 11, and dumped her body in a grave at Old Monkland Cemetery.

Sandra Brown speaks to the media at the scene of the exhumation of the Coatbridge grave.
Sandra Brown speaks to the media at the scene of the exhumation of the Coatbridge grave.

Tony Nicoletti/Daily Record
THE daughter of a man linked to the disappearance of a schoolgirl more than 50 years ago has reportedly told how her father was "every bit as much of a paedophile as Jimmy Savile".
Moira Anderson, 11, went missing from her home in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, in February 1957 while running an errand for her grandmother.
It is widely believed that she was abducted and murdered, but her body has never been found.
The case remains unsolved, but Sandra Brown believes her late father, convicted paedophile Alexander Gartshore, murdered Moira and dumped her body in a grave at Old Monkland Cemetery.
At the graveyard, forensic experts have started exhuming the family plot of Sinclair Upton, said to be an acquaintance of Gartshore, in a bid to find Moira's remains.
Bus driver Gartshore died in 2006.
Mrs Brown told BBC Scotland: "My father was every bit as much of a paedophile as Jimmy Savile ever was.
"My sad conclusion is that Moira is not the only child in the central belt of Scotland who suffered this fate. Whether we find her or not, we know we've looked. I hope to see results in the next few days."
She said it was her belief that there was a "paedophile ring" operating in the area at the time the schoolgirl went missing.
"Given recent events with Mr Savile, people are now realising that this is not a modern phenomenon. It has gone on for a long time," Mrs Brown said.
Mrs Brown previously blamed Gartshore for Moira's murder in her book Where There Is Evil.
The excavation is being led by Professor Sue Black and a team from the forensic anthropology department at Dundee University.
Police believe the burial plot has three layers with up to eight people interred there and experts are exploring the possibility that Moira's body may have been dumped under a coffin in the grave, which was thought to have been open around the time of her disappearance.
The operation comes after a sheriff gave police the go-ahead last month following a petition at Airdrie Sheriff Court from the Moira Anderson Foundation.
The foundation, started in 2000 by Mrs Brown to support children and adults affected by sexual abuse, campaigned for further investigations into Moira's disappearance and last year Scotland's Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland ordered cold case detectives to reopen the case as a murder.
A large section of the cemetery has been cordoned off with police tape, with a large black tent and a series of smaller blue tents erected around the excavation site


  1. I am not sure of the all the details of this case, but it seems to me unbelievable that the police did not question Gartshore, who was on bail!!! for raping a 13 year old and who was the last person to see her as she got on his bus.
    Why would a child get on a bus to go for a local message in 1957, in those days children walked, why would she get on a bus to go "round the corner".
    Where would Gartshore put the body if it was him, his bus would need to be returned to the garage, he would be unlikely to have a car of his own, so would need assistance hence the ring.
    If the police were implicated it would need to be a high ranking officer to stall the investigation.
    This whole case stinks as do most of these cases.

  2. strikes me that the powers that be are either very dim,in which case they should be fired,or very lazy,in which case they should be fired.........all of these cases have one thing in common which is the total disregard of any evidence,no matter how strong.surely the law has as its duty,to investigate once statements made..not just to look to disprove their truth,but to prove it???????or is it misguided of me?faliure to do anything except fob off,or close down legitimate complaints,so much and so often,leads any one to assume their opinion!!!!!!!!


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