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 British Police have turned the UK into a Police State. They can do anything they want lie, cheat and steal, be involved in organised crime   and not be brought to account.  They can even  engage in a conspiracy to plot the downfall of a Chief  Whip of the House of commons.

Regardless of what you think of the House of Commons it is the peoples parliament. The inmates should not be chosen by the Metropolitan Police. 
How did the Police gain so much power?  They have done it by knowing where all the skeletons are buried. They have become consummate blackmailers.  The UK Police have become the new untouchables who belong to an Organised Crime Group called The Police.  read more

Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, was asked by the Prime Minister to investigate after Mr Mitchell was accused of calling police officers "f---ing plebs" in a row outside Downing Street.
Mr Mitchell later stepped down as Conservative Chief Whip, even though he denied using the language attributed to him by officers.
It later emerged that the member of the public who claimed to witness the dispute was actually a police officer, sparking accusations of a "stitch-up" to undermine a Cabinet minister.
Sir Jeremy told the Public Administration Committee that he was suspicious about the circumstances of the incident but decided not to act.
"We accepted there were unanswered questions including the possibility of a gigantic conspiracy, or a small conspiracy, but we decided on balance to leave things as they were," he told MPs.


This is what the BBC  wrote

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has said he has an "open mind" regarding the conduct of officers in the Andrew Mitchell "plebgate" row.
Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said it had "yet to be proven" whether a police log of an argument between the ex-chief whip and officers outside No 10 was true.
If officers were found to have lied or made up evidence, it would be "very serious", he told MPs.
Mr Mitchell resigned over the row but denies calling officers "plebs".
He was alleged to have used the word during an altercation with police from the Diplomatic Protection Group (DPG) outside Downing Street in September, when they asked him to use the pedestrian gate rather than the main gate.


The former chief whip, who resigned from the cabinet five weeks later, has always maintained that he "did not use the words attributed" to him and insisted references to them in the police logbook of the incident were incorrect.
The Met has assigned 30 officers to investigate how details of police records of the argument ended up being published by two national newspapers.
'Lack of instinct' A constable from the DPG, who was not on duty at the time, was arrested last month on suspicion of misconduct in a public office. The officer's claim, made to his local MP, that he independently witnessed the row is being investigated.
Appearing before the Home Affairs Select Committee, Sir Bernard said he was "sorry" if comments he made last year had given the impression he had a fixed view about the incident.
He admitted he had not seen the police log of the incident when he gave a BBC radio interview on 21 November in which he backed the officers involved and had merely seen a report about what the officers had seen.
He also said he should have taken more care with his answers in an interview with LBC several weeks later in which he again backed the officers' account.
But Labour MP Keith Vaz accused the commissioner of showing a lack of "basic policing instinct" over his handling of the affair and said he "seemed to have no regret for anything that has happened".
The commissioner said Scotland Yard's inquiry had still not determined who had leaked the story to the papers, nor whether a police log of the incident which appeared in the Daily Telegraph was genuine.
He also disclosed that he had asked another police force to independently review the Met's investigation into the affair.
Sir Bernard said he had checked at various times during the inquiry with "various people" whether they were content for the Met to carry out the investigation and they were.
In response to questions about the Metropolitan Federation's call for Mr Mitchell to resign, he said it was not for police officers or for the Police Federation - which represents most officers - to demand the resignation of a member of the government,


  1. Hampshire police admitted in writing that they look and behave like the Gestapo when dealing with victims of rape and sexual assault.

    The same officer who took my complaint, DI Kath Barnes was quoted in The Mail with regard to the suicide of Sarah Clark 18 who had been raped and undoubtedly bullied by them a few months after they committed criminal offences against me

  2. How could calling a cop a fucking Pleb be a resigning matter? They were just some people who were given uniforms doing a security guards duty. It was thier job to be polite to their political masters not the other way round.

    Of course if it had been a member of the public they are supposed to serve the poor person would have been arrested and convicted of some made up charge.

    The Police really are an organised crime syndicate they protect themselves and their operations, have system of omerta, and take down anyone who stands in thier way.

  3. Police men should be given a good kicking.


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