Sunday, 13 January 2013


 Tom Watson MP  revealed  that A powerful paedophile network may have operated in Britain protected by its connections to Parliament and Downing Street, a senior Labour politician suggested yesterday.

Speaking from the back benches of the House of Commons, Tom Watson, the deputy chairman of the Labour Party, called on the Metropolitan Police to reopen a closed criminal inquiry into paedophilia.
Indicating his anxiety that there had been an establishment cover-up, Mr Watson referred to the case of Peter Righton, who was convicted in 1992 of importing and possessing illegal homosexual pornographic material.
Righton, a former consultant  to the National Children’s Bureau and lecturer at the National Institute for Social Work in London, admitted two illegal importation charges and one charge of possessing obscene material. He was fined £900.

He was a member of PIE  a magazine the Paedophile INformation Exchange which was at one time published in the Home Office.

  See the revealing documentary
BBC Documentary about Peter Righton


  1. When a polititian mentions in the House of Commons about a child abuse conspiracy it's taken seriously but when David Icke made the same allegations 15 years ago nobody in power took any action. Strange that isn't it?

  2. Having just now watched for the 1st time the documentary about Peter Righton, I have come to the conclusion that in order for a network of paedophile rings to exist, there must, of necessity, be an overlap between them. In other words there must be those who are members of more than 1 circle who would be the links between the various rings. This might well seem like an obvious statement, but it strikes me as odd that nobody seems to have thought of trying to establish such overlaps, as this would reduce the amount of work needed to be done to investigate the rings, as only a few participants would be in the position to belong to more than 1 group simultaneously. Just a thought.

    1. Exactly what I am trying to find. Alas, all reports go nowhere. They pretty much repeat the same stuff. I signed up and suggested on a blog only today (spotlight) that they might do this, in particular mentioning that a diagram would be super useful in getting the message that they claim to be wishing to get across, clear. May as well say same here - can someone put a diagram together? A flow-chart? A tree diagram to see who and what charities and institutions were involved? Someone?

    2. Ps, you'd think it would be obvious yes, but I haven't seen anything yet.

  3. The worrying thing is that this person was a lecturer, and used his position inside the education system to promote his permissive views.
    Also the press reporting on it ignored the fact that he is homosexual.


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