Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Baby escapes, entire family arrested
There has been a disturbing twist to the story I reported here last year of a couple who fled to France to prevent their expected child being seized at birth by social workers. This was threatened because the mother had already had her five older children taken into care after her ex-husband, now out of her life, had been imprisoned for abusing one of them. Although one judge authorised the social workers to travel to France to bring the new baby back to England, another judge in the High Court made legal history by ruling that this had been illegal and that the social workers must return the child to its overjoyed parents in France.
This was quite a reverse for the social workers, but for the family all seemed well until, at five o’clock one morning last week, the children’s semi-invalid maternal grandmother was woken by a loud banging at her door. She was arrested, held in a police cell for nine hours, then questioned for two more on what she regarded as bizarre allegations that she had sexually abused her five older grandchildren – even though they have been in foster care for three years.
She was not charged, but told that she could go home on police bail once several other people had also been questioned. Later, she found that those who had faced similar allegations included her husband (from whom she is separated); their other daughter and her husband – in a state of shock after seeing their two children taken into care that morning; and a friend of the daughter who lives in France, whose six children had also been taken.
When the grandmother, who has been a qualified Victim Support worker, returned home she found that her house had been raided by the police, who had removed 39 items, including her laptop and books on social care. The others’ homes had been similarly searched, with scores of items taken, including mobiles and computers.  READ ARTICLE hing-for-Britain-to-fear.html

Children stolen by the State Read More

The Police, the Crown Persecution Service, the Courts and Social Services  have unlimited funds to persecute innocent  children and their families.  Why?    If  you do not  protest   it could  sadly be your child next

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