Monday, 14 January 2013

Mary Moss and NAYPIC Petition for Support for Victims of Sexual Abuse

Support Mary Moss and  the New NAYPIC

The Government Should meet with the Organization New National Association of Young People In Care/ Youth Parliament

The Press have been chasing Mary Moss as well as a secret operation police force Fairbank because they are all actively seeking information about the death of one of Mary's cases when she worked for National Association of Young People In Care. The case was of a mother Carol Cazier who was separated from her children and in exposing why she is believed to have been killed by the police. Leon Britain and Ted Heath were named at her inquest as being involved in child abuse. The organization asked to meet with the Prime Minister about the matter and were told by letter he was busy but that the Home Office would respond. The Home Office today responded and said simply to meet with the police. Ignoring all the issues raised about witness protection. This ignored the fact that NN/YP's officer Mary Moss was Carol Cazier's case worker at the time of her death in 1991. NN/YP want Government reassurances funding that has been withdrawn for 20 years because of this very issue and witness protection in order to hand over the information containing the names of 25 police officers involved at the time. Please ask David Cameron to meet with the orgainization with their protection in mind and the protection of all those young people who they will be actively gathering information on, as being victims at the time too. We are all still in danger unless we have reassurances that the police are not doing this secret operation as a cover up! The abusers have the right to legal protection, the victims none!!!

Mary Moss was raidied by the Police under a search Warrent on the 7th of January 2013 and all the   evidence and documents and computers were seized by the Police.


  1. To share- loving your blog.

  2. I hope she took copies before they were seized

  3. Her computer was returned, presumably with the HD and all data files intact. If the police erased them, that would be staggeringly crass, and she could go straight to the IPCC.

    Secret police operations are difficult to do at local level. Police are accountable for the use of their time. Has anyone taken this up with the local Police Authority or the Council members who sit on the relevant Council committee? If not, why not? Are they in on the grand conspiracy, too?

    If the Press, including the local Press, or any freelance journalist worth his/her salt took this case seriously, they'd be on the case like a bloodhound after a scent, pursuing the scoop of the century to secure their place in history.

  4. ya know I take the case seriously.. you implication of her veracity are rude.. I don't doubt for one minute rich men abused poor kids.. rich people have been abusing the poor for centuries.. it's a fact.. bless her and prayers for her


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